Candidate for Shoreline School Board Position #4: Hazim Ghanim

Monday, July 10, 2023

Hazim Ghanim,
School Board Candidate
Candidate for Shoreline School Board Position #4: Hazim Ghanim

  • Question: Funding is based on the student population. Considering that current conditions have resulted in reduced student numbers, do you think it’s possible to increase the student population in the short-term? What would be your suggestions to increase enrollment? 

While increasing the student population in the short-term may be challenging, it is achievable. To boost enrollment, I suggest implementing targeted outreach campaigns to highlight the unique strengths and opportunities our schools offer. 

We will need to collaborate with local community organizations, host open houses to attract potential students, and explore partnerships with nearby school districts. 

Offering specialized programs such as vocational training, arts programs, or STEM initiatives can attract students seeking unique educational opportunities. 

Adapting to changing educational needs, promoting a safe and inclusive environment, and enhancing extracurricular offerings are essential to attract new students and ensure their long-term success.

  • Question: What is your understanding of and experience with school budgets? 

With my experience as the treasurer of our school’s PTSA, I have developed a strong understanding of school budgets. In my role, I have been intimately involved in reviewing and creating the annual budget. I have also taken responsibility for closely monitoring and comprehending the cash flow. 

In my professional experience as a manager, I have gained experience in maintaining and proposing budgets for my team, navigating the fluctuations and changes that come with it. This firsthand involvement has provided me with practical knowledge of budgeting processes and the significance of financial management in both educational and professional contexts.

  • Question: If programs need to be reduced or cut, what are your priorities for programs to retain? Be as specific as possible. 

When faced with program reductions or cuts, my priorities for retention would be core academic programs, special education and support services, advanced placement and honors courses, career and technical education programs, extracurricular activities promoting student engagement, and social-emotional learning initiatives, including mental health support. These programs ensure a well-rounded education, address diverse student needs, and foster academic, social, and emotional growth.

  • Question: How would you as a member of the Board best share information with the community? 

As a board member I would leverage utilizing an array of communication channels. This includes regular updates and newsletters, community meetings, social media platforms, and the district website. 

Additionally, I would establish open lines of communication with PTA leadership across our community, collaborating closely with them to disseminate important information to parents and engage in two-way communication. By creating a network of communication, we can ensure transparent and timely sharing of information with the community, fostering trust and active involvement.

  • Question: How important is gathering information and feedback from the community? Why? And how would you go about that? 

Gathering information and feedback from the community is one of the most critical aspects of serving as a school board member. It is essential because the board's purpose is to represent and address the needs and desires of the community. By actively seeking input, we can ensure that decisions align with community expectations, enhancing transparency and accountability.

To gather community information and feedback, there are several approaches. This includes hosting regular town hall meetings where community members can voice their concerns and ideas. 

Establishing open lines of communication through surveys, online platforms, and dedicated email addresses to facilitate ongoing feedback. Collaborating closely with PTAs and other community organizations would also be valuable, as they can serve as conduits for collecting input and disseminating information. 

By actively engaging with the community through these channels, I would ensure that their voices are heard, fostering a collaborative and inclusive approach to decision-making.


Anonymous,  July 11, 2023 at 8:13 AM  

Nice goals. The problem with our current model for board/family communication is that the board doesn’t respond in the moment to questions and doesn’t respond in subsequent meetings. Thus, it’s a one-way street and families are essentially silenced. How will you change this?

Anonymous,  July 24, 2023 at 10:09 PM  

With respect to communications, intentional - and consistent - efforts from the school board to engage in meaningful two-way dialogue are what many constituents want. The format of our school board meetings (for example, public comments) do not satisfy that. I know that the school board prefers to tackle issues as a collective. But there is no reason for a director to withhold from a coffee meeting or a townhall with the voters who reside in their director district in an effort to understand issues at hand.

Anonymous,  July 31, 2023 at 12:55 PM  

I support school choice - I believe it's the future. In the meantime, we need to focus on core studies. Reading, math, science, history, etc. NOT the insanity of CRT, gender theory. Equality or equity. Meritocracy over mediocrity. And YES, making parents heard & being transparent. Thanks for running

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