Backyard Birds: "I beg your pardon! I AM wearing a mask."

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Photo by Bruce Hill

"I just pulled it down while I was eating!"

Canadian goose at Bitter Lake.


Shoreline Police: Drugged driving is impaired driving

Around 6:00pm on Thursday evening, September 16, 2021, King County Sheriff's Office deputies in Shoreline observed the driver of this Lincoln SUV slumped behind the wheel near the 15200 block of Aurora Ave N.

That man gave deputies several false names before he was identified using a mobile fingerprint scanner. 

With that information they learned he was wanted on an outstanding felony warrant.
The driver admitted to smoking fentanyl and was arrested for DUI. 

When he was searched, over $2400 in cash and two bags of pills were recovered. The Lincoln was impounded.

Shoreline medics transported the suspect to a nearby hospital so he could be medically cleared. It was there that deputies obtained a search warrant for his blood.

It will take many weeks before toxicology reports tell us what drugs may have contributed to this incident. He was booked into the SCORE jail for DUI.

This incident is a reminder that drug driving is no different than drunk driving. Washington's laws are clear. 

Driving under the influence of 'intoxicating liquor, marijuana or any drug' is DUI. Visit this link to read the statute for yourself.

--King County Sheriff's Office


Business: Heather Scearce joins Shoreline Edward Jones office

Financial Advisor Heather Scearce
Edward Jones Financial Advisor Desiree Hajek announced that Financial Advisor Heather Scearce joined her office in Shoreline on September 13, 2021.

"I am really looking forward to working with Desiree," said Heather. "I’ll have all the advantages of working with an experienced investment professional while getting to know local investors."

Hajek said, 
"I’m very impressed with Heather, and I’m sure my clients will be, too. Edward Jones prides itself on providing the best service possible to those investors who choose to do business with us. 
Heather will help provide the high level of service investors in Shoreline have come to expect from us as well as extend our services to new investors."

Heather and her family live in the Broadview neighborhood. The Shoreline Edward Jones branch office is located at 18336 Aurora Ave N, Suite 101C. The telephone number is 206−801−7322.

Heather Scearce points to her name on the door

Edward Jones, a Fortune 500 company headquartered in St. Louis, provides financial services in the U.S. and, through its affiliate, in Canada. Every aspect of the firm’s business, from the investments its financial advisors offer to the location of branch offices, caters to individual investors. The firm’s nearly 19,000 financial advisors serve more than 7 million clients with a total of $1.7 trillion in assets under care. Visit or the recruiting website at careers. Member SIPC.


Adventures of an Icebreaker: Smooth seas never made a skilled sailor!

U.S. Coast Guard photos by Chief Petty Officer Matt Masaschi.

Coast Guard Cutter Healy’s crew felt the effects from remnants of Hurricane Larry as the storm began affecting Baffin Bay off the western coast of Greenland where Healy was operating. 

U.S. Coast Guard photos by Chief Petty Officer Matt Masaschi.

Traversing through 15 feet high seas was quite a stark contrast from breaking through the dense four foot thick Arctic ice seen transiting through the Northwest Passage!


Gloria's Birds: What's that you want, photog? My credit card number?

Photo copyright Gloria Z Nagler

No way! You promised this portrait session was on the house.
(Just can't fool a Dark-eyed Junco!)

--Gloria Z Nagler


Case updates September 19, 2021 - Starting Oct 25, proof of vaccination required for many activities

Case updates September 19, 2021 - 
no Washington updates on weekends and holidays; otherwise "Total" figures are cumulative and "new" numbers represent one day's results

Starting October 25th, you will need proof of vaccination for many activities in King County, Washington - Government, both indoors and outdoors. 

Got questions? Check out the FAQ for general information about vaccine verification and where it will be required. Visit

United States 
  • Total cases  42,031,103 - 28,741 new
  • Total deaths 672,738 - 225 new

Washington state 
  • Total confirmed cases 560,224 - 6,898 new  
  • Total hospitalizations 35,216 - 395 new 
  • Total deaths 7,271 - 70 new 

King county 
  • Total confirmed cases 138,626 - 1,149 new 
  • Total hospitalizations 7,865 - 55 new 
  • Total deaths 1,840 -  5 new

  • Total confirmed cases 34,017  - 269 new 
  • Total hospitalizations 1,695  -  11 new 
  • Total deaths 460 -  2 new

  • Total confirmed cases 3,065 - 14 new
  • Total hospitalizations 233 -   -1 new
  • Total deaths 107 - 0 new

Lake Forest Park 
  • Total confirmed cases 451 - 6 new 
  • Total hospitalizations 21 -    0 new
  • Total deaths 5  - 0 new


Shorewood cancer survivor gives back with "icing" fundraiser

Mercy Haub, a senior at Shorewood, recently finished up treatment for lymphoma. As a teen blood cancer survivor, September, or Pediatric Cancer and Blood Cancer Awareness Month, means a lot to her. 

Mercy Haub today, six months after the end of her cancer treatments

Freeze Cancer in Its Tracks! 

Mercy, along with the SW Interact club, is hosting this fundraiser with 100% of profits going to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Interact is a high school service club associated with Rotary.

Mercy Haub six months ago during treatment for cancer

To try and improve the fact that only 3.8% of government funding for cancer goes to pediatric cancer, as well as to invest in the fact that the majority of discoveries with blood cancer are applicable to solid tumor cancer, she, along with Shorewood High School Interact Club, is running a fundraiser.

There are five representatives from each class plus five teachers who are will to be iced at the Shorewood football game on Friday, September 24, 2021. 

But only one from each class and one teacher will actually have the honor!

Voting will be with money and the nominees who get the most donations in their names will get the ice!

It’s really easy to participate and every dollar counts.
Please spread the word and donate so we can all help kick cancer’s butt together! We can’t wait to see who is getting iced!


Shorewood boys varsity tennis in first place in WesCo South after matches with Arlington and Archbishop Murphy

Shorewood Thunderbirds boys tennis team improved their overall record to 6-0 and is in first place in WesCo South 3-0.

Shorewood swept Arlington, at Arlington, winning 7-0. Shorewood T-Birds were led by number one singles, freshman JD Drake who won in a long two hour match, over his senior Arlington opponent, 7-5, 4-6, (11-9).

September 16, 2021
Shorewood 7 Arlington 0

@ Arlington

Coach Arnie Moreno

  1. JD Drake SW def. Ty Rusko ARL 7-5, 4-6, (11-9)
  2. Murray Falkin SW def. Braden Dahlgren ARL 6-0, 6-0
  3. David Lin SW def. Max Morzelewski ARL 6-3, 6-0
  4. Blake Gettmann SW def. Kiah Klein ARL 6-0, 6-0
  1. Ethan Farley / Tate Nelson SW def. Dawson Ford / Eli Weber ARL 6-3, 6-0
  2. Julian Watson / Jack Buma SW def. Isaiah Christofferson / Aaron Nichols ARL 6-0, 6-0
  3. Connor Vana /  Henry Sheffield SW def.  Ryan Morzelewski /  Grant Cramer  ARL 6-0, 6-1

Shorewood hosted Archbishop Murphy and defeated Archbishop Murphy to continue its match win streak and stay undefeated. JD Drake at number one singles and Ethan Farley and Blake Gettmann at number one doubles led the way with strong wins.

Shorewood plays in-district rival Shorecrest at Shorecrest on Wednesday 9/22/21 at 3:30pm.

September 20, 2021
Shorewood 5 Archbishop Murphy 2

@ Shorewood
Coach Arnie Moreno

  1. JD Drake SW def. Cole Balen ABM 6-3, 6-0
  2. Sean Balen ABM def. Murray FDalkin SW 6-3, 7-5
  3. Ethan Welter ABM def. David Lin SW 3-6, 6-4, (10-5)
  4. Tate Nelson SW dewf. Zach Cuda ABM 6-3, 6-0
  1. Ethan Farley / Blake Gettmann SW def. Andrew Davenp[ort / Patrick Kenny ABM 6-0, 6-0
  2. Julian Walston / Sam Borgida SW def. Lochlan Shevlin ABM 6-1, 6-2
  3. Connor Vana /  Henry Sheffield SW def.  Henry Beyer /  Max Chhin  ABM  6-0, 6-1


Shorecrest boys varsity tennis vs Edmonds-Woodway 9-20-21

Calvin Rice photo by Rob Mann
Shorecrest Varsity Boys Tennis
Date: 9/20/21 
Opponent: Edmonds-Woodway  
Location: EWHS

Score: SC: 1  Opponent: SC  6  
Overall Record: 1:4
Coach Rob Mann  


#1 SC: Zaid Khan (12) 4-6, 6-2, 2-10 L
EW: Russell Anderson (11)

#2 SC: Calvin Rice (12) 1-6, 3-6 L
EW: Steven Anderson (9)

#3 SC: Owen Pierce (12) 0-6, 1-6 L
EW: Grant Oliver (11)

#4 SC: Indigo Vining (9) 1-6, 0-6 L
EW: Sam Browne (12)


#1 SC: Connor Wakefield (12)/Matthew Gardiner (12) 6-1, 4-6, 6-4 W
EW: Ben Hanson (11)/Drew Warner (11)

#2 SC: Sohum Vohra (10)/Spencer Berry (10) 1-6, 1-6 L
EW: Cooper McCarthy (12)/Tomas Mahoney (10)

#3 SC: Thomas Linville (10)/Parker Mina (11) 3-6, 1-6 L
EW: Jude Wilcox (10)/ Peyson Smith (11)


A Concert in Weather

Monday, September 20, 2021

Photo by Jan Hansen

Yes, we had movements of thunder and rain. Then came the finale.
--Jan Hansen

Photo by Jan Hansen


Backyard Birds: Pelicans white and pelicans brown

White pelicans at Deer Lagoon on Whidbey Island
Photo by Alan Estep

By Cynthia Sheridan

Maybe you’re one of the lucky ones, who has spotted an American white pelican in or around Edmonds in the past few years.

There is a reason for this. Since 2016 residents on nearby Whidbey Island have been enjoying the presence of a growing number of white pelicans. 

According to local biologist/physician David Whelton, The Deer Lagoon flock on Whidbey is not a breeding population, at least not yet. However, duck hunting has been banned and the 379 acres has been declared an “Important Bird Area” by the Audubon Society… an ideal area for these young birds. 

This is the fifth year White Pelicans have visited Deer Lagoon and it takes up to four years for pelicans to mature and begin mating.

White pelican on Whidbey Island
Photo by Alan Estep

Look for these white winged beauties in flight, which is much easier than seeing them in the water. They are hard to miss (usually during the summer months) and maintain a ten foot wingspan when flying. 

They can soar up to 10,000 feet or fly low over the waves and also forage up to 100 miles a day. American White Pelicans are social animals. They cooperate to herd and scoop up minnows, salamanders and water bugs while also taking in lots of water in their pouches.

You will probably not spot any brown pelicans, which number seven to ten thousand in Washington's outer coastal waters, mainly from late April through October (Wahl 2005).

Brown pelicans at Ecola Creek in Cannon Beach
Photo by Alan Estep

Brown pelicans gather in communal roosts on sandy islands, exposed shoals, and a few artificial structures in the Columbia River, Grays Harbor, and Willapa Bay estuaries, and rocky islands off the coast of the Olympic Peninsula.

Brown pelican in flight at Ecola Creek in Cannon Beach
Photo by Alan Estep

Small numbers occur in the Straits of Juan de Fuca and Puget Sound. Brown Pelicans are a common sight along the Oregon coast, hunting crustaceans in the estuary or roosting on rocky outcrops. They form neat, V-shaped formations as they cruise over the surf searching for schools of fish.

Fortunately, at this time neither species is endangered.

Photographer Alan Estep is a long time Shoreline resident now retired in Mt. Vernon

Correction: the white pelicans are on Whidbey Island


Lake Forest Park resident on chess Team WA as it wins the national championship

By Breck Haining

Team WA successfully defended their title as national champions this evening, defeating Team VA in the second annual master’s level States Chess Cup, an online master’s level team chess tournament between the states.

Playing for Team WA were Ryan Porter on board 1, Kyle Haining on board 2, Derek Zhang on board 3, and Alec Beck on board 4. Kyle, a Lake Forest Park resident, also played for the championship team in the inaugural tournament last year.

Lineup for games

The format of this tournament was that each state that chose to compete in the tournament would have four representatives play four games against the competing state’s team, so each player on a team played against each player on the other team.

One point was awarded for a win, half a point for a draw, and no points for a loss. The winner of the match was the team with the most points. Games were played under a rapid time control. Each player had 15 minutes to make all of his or her moves. 2 seconds were awarded to a player after making a move. A player who ran out of time would lose.

Team WA got off to a rough start this season, losing their first two matches. The coach made lineup changes, and the team was able to turn things around. Going into the final round, Team VA looked to be the favorite, as they had not lost a game all season.

Team WA defeated Team VA in the finals 10-6, which sounds like a blow out, but the match was much closer than the score would make it seem. Many games were on a knife’s edge and could have gone either way.

Spectators could watch the games being played online. The tactics and strategy employed by the players was really quite phenomenal, especially as time ticked away. The players showed why they are masters and experts at chess.
A video of the finals can be seen at


Shortage of school bus drivers results in crowded school buses

By Diane Hettrick

A national shortage of school bus drivers is also a local problem. Parents of students in Shoreline Schools have vented their frustrations on social media as on some routes buses arrive late.

After the enormous precautions taken to protect children from COVID-19 in the schools, some buses were full with children sitting two to a seat.

The school district sent an apology to families:

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we continue to address some of the transportation challenges we have faced as the school year has gotten underway. While we have been able to avoid long delays, many routes are running full buses due to a lack of drivers. We are actively recruiting, hiring and training drivers to add additional routes.

Several causes have been suggested for the shortage of drivers. One is that older drivers are choosing to retire, rather than risking virus exposure. The other is that in order to observe COVID protocols and space the students out on the buses, the number of buses needs to be increased.

Districts in other states have resorted to paying parents to transport children to and from school.

Shoreline Schools is advertising for bus drivers and published the following: 
If you or anyone you know might be interested in learning more about becoming a school bus driver, we encourage you to apply at  Click the “Fast Track” link and then “View Current Job Openings” and look for “Bus Driver Applicant Pools.”
We offer paid driver training. Full-time positions are available, as well as part-time with a minimum of four hours per day. Substitute positions are also available. Driver rates begin at $25.44 per hour and rise to $28.86 per hour after the first 60 days. Benefits are available to all drivers.


Ribbon cutting for new Shoreline Historical Museum collections building

Photos by Steven H. Robinson

The Shoreline Historical Museum held a ribbon cutting ceremony for their new Collections and Research Facility this Saturday September 18, 2021.

The new building rises behind the original buildings

The collections building is a two-story 5,000 square foot building, built like a fortress! Spaces are clean and bright. Cabinets and cupboards provide storage space. Ceilings are high.

Museum board president Edie Loyer-Nelson opened the ceremonies, welcoming guests.

Kenneth Doutt and Vicki Stiles
At the ceremony, Vicki Stiles, who has been director of the museum for 29 years, formally announced that she has retired. Kenneth Doutt has accepted the position as the new executive director.

l-r Edie Loyer Nelson, Kenneth Doutt, Rod Dembowski, Vicki Stiles, Jeff Johnson, Keith Scully.

Mayor Jeff Johnson of Lake Forest Park was there, as was Deputy Mayor of Shoreline, Keith Scully.

The honor of wielding the scissors went to King County Councilmember Rod Demboski (third from left, waving scissors)

And now, for a look inside the building...
Wonder how long it will take to unpack all the boxes? 


Remand Hearing for Naval Hospital Chapel Boundary - September 23, 2021

Naval Chapel at Fircrest photo by Janet Way

It will be a “Redo!” According to King County Preservation Board, the “Motion for Reconsideration” on the Landmark “boundary decision” will recommence at a Remand Hearing next Thursday, September 23, 2021 at 4pm. But the property and Chapel that was preserved by the Shoreline Landmarks Commission will stand.

The dispute arose when DSHS (Management at Fircrest) challenged the original decision borders and requested a Motion for Reconsideration on the property boundaries. They were requesting a section of the forest, which was landmarked around the Historic Chapel, for use as a parking lot.

But interestingly, according to the Historic Property Inventory Form and determinations made prior to 2001, the entire Fircrest Campus is actually eligible for the National Register of Historic Places! So, it is even more significant than previously known.

The Shoreline City Council Remanded the case back to the Landmarks Commission because of an error in the original Legal Notice.

So, if you are someone who cares about this historic World War II site, where thousands of injured sailors were cared for and healed, and that this Chapel was built as a place for spiritual support and healing within a beautiful forest, then please send a comment to The King County Landmarks Commission c/o Sarah Steen, And/or, please tune in to the hearing and comment if you wish on Zoom.

Zoom Conference Access Link:

If you have any questions, contact Shoreline Preservation Society via Janet Way at 206-734-5545 or


In the Garden Now: ‘Sweet Summer’ Hydrangea

Sunday, September 19, 2021

Story and photo by Victoria Gilleland

‘Sweet Summer’ Hydrangea has been blooming for months. When first in bloom the flowers were bright white. Over summer blossoms have taken on a delicate pinkish blush glow.

Like most paniculata hydrangeas this plant was unfazed by our extremely hot temperatures the end of June.

For a drought tolerant hydrangea choose a paniculata variety such as this gorgeous plant


Cartoon by Whitney Potter: Talk Like a Pirate

Sunday is Talk Like a Pirate Day

The origin story is very charming and includes a couple of buddies in Oregon and the humorist Dave Berry. See the whole story HERE


Lake Forest Park Police select a new patch for 2021

Incorporated in 1961 (60 years ago!), Lake Forest Park Police Department has had the honor of wearing several patches over those years. 

Beginning in 1961 (when the city became incorporated), the first LFP Police Patch was introduced, and it was followed up with two more patches. The 1964 patch lasted for 11 years, and in 1975 a new design was made. Fourteen years later in 1989, another patch came out and this one has been used for the last 32 years!

For 2021, one of our officers requested a new patch design. After working through an initial design phase and then all of the police staff working on a final product, the new patch design was approved.

The new patch represents an updated look from the 1989 patch. Mt. Rainer, Lake Washington, and our beautiful tree canopy surrounding the town center and Lake Forest Park homes. Thank you to Ofc. Walker for working on this project, and hope the patch lasts for many years to come!

--Lake Forest Park Police


Shoreline Police: Are two energy drinks worth a burglary charge? Apparently, for this man, the answer is yes

Are two energy drinks worth a burglary charge? Apparently, for this man, the answer is yes.

On Monday, September 6, 2021 at 3:47am, King County dispatchers received a call from a gas station located in the 600 block of Richmond Beach Road in Shoreline. 

The caller told dispatch that 20 minutes prior, a male threw a rock through the store’s window and entered the business. The caller was an employee and was notified by an app on his phone.
Surveillance video captured the burglar pacing back and forth in the store, searching the area, before finally exiting with what appeared to be two canned energy drinks.
The suspect is a white male in his 20s with long-ish, curly brown hair. He was wearing a white shirt with a faded, square logo on the back, gray cargo pants and gray tennis shoes.
Deputies searched the immediate area for the suspect but were unable to locate him.

If you recognize this individual, please contact our 24-hour non-emergency number at 206-296-3311 and reference case #C21028010.

--King County Sheriff's Office


Case updates September 17, 2021

Required for entry
Case updates September 17, 2021 - 
no Washington updates on weekends and holidays; otherwise "Total" figures are cumulative and "new" numbers represent one day's results

As of September 13, 2021 24.9% of state residents are not vaccinated.

King County to require proof of vaccination or negative test for many outdoor and indoor events and establishments to address COVID-19 spread. More here

United States 
  • Total cases  41,915,285 - 154,513 new
  • Total deaths 670,565 - 2,087 new


Shoreline Severe Weather Shelter will operate at St. Dunstan's again this winter

St. Dunstan's houses the Severe Winter Shelter

For the third winter season, the City of Shoreline is working in partnership with the North Urban Human Services Alliance (NUHSA) to operate an emergency severe weather shelter. 

Rev. David Marshall and the generous congregation at St. Dunstan’s Church have once again offered space to house this important program at their parish, located at 722 N 145th St, Shoreline.

To make the shelter successful, volunteers are needed to help staff it during activation. Compassionate and fully vaccinated volunteers must be over 18 years old and be able to commit to being on-call for a certain number of nights each month between November 1, 2021 and March 30, 2022.

Shelter guests are warm, dry, and fed for the night

The threshold for activation will be a prediction of four-plus hours of temperatures at or below 33 degrees overnight or snow accumulation (or expected accumulation) of 2 or more inches. When activated, the shelter will be open from 8:30pm to 7:30am.

Volunteers will be provided with training and then will be responsible for welcoming guests and supervising the shelter overnight (partial shifts can be arranged). Volunteers will be paired with another person during shelter activation.

If you would like to volunteer, email or call 206-550-5626.

For more information about the emergency severe weather shelter, contact Community Services Manager Bethany Wolbrecht-Dunn at or 206-801-2251.


Shore to Shore Climate March Friday, September 24, 2021

Saturday, September 18, 2021

In the 2019 march people paused on Bothell Way to wave signs at passing cars.
Photo by s cho

By Diane Hettrick

A climate strike/march is planned for Friday, September 24, 2021 starting at Log Boom Park in Kenmore at 8am and ending at Richmond Beach Saltwater Park at noon.

The march is described as "an international movement of ordinary people working to end the age of fossil fuels and build a world of community-led renewable energy for all."

From the 2019 march. Photo by s cho

The march is youth-led, reflecting how seriously young people are taking climate issues and what it means for their futures.

They see their future and they don't like it.

However, the rest of us are paying a lot more attention than we were two years ago, when the first student-led climate march took place here.

"Think or Swim" Photo by s cho

This march, like the 2019 march, has been organized by Marieka Staheli, who is a sophomore at Shorewood High School. The march route passes by several schools where students, parents, and other supporters can join.

Note that it is a school day, and students need parental permission to be out of school. Parents need to call the school to report that their student will be absent from class.

The march is one of many across the globe. The "Fridays for Future” map that has all of the registered strikes for this day, including this one. Global Fridays for Future map of strikes registered for September 24th:

This map shows the route and approximate times that marchers will arrive at locations along the way. Map of route for the march:

Participants can join the strike at any point on the route by looking at these times / destinations (some students may join when marchers pass by their schools). 

They have created an Instagram page for the Shoreline Climate Strike which has all of the information about the event.


Shoreline School Board meeting Tuesday

The Shoreline School Board will hold a Regular Board Meeting on Tuesday, September 21, 2021 at 6:00pm in the Shoreline Room, Shoreline Center 18560 1st Ave. NE. This meeting is also available via Zoom using the log-in information below. 

Topics for this meeting include an overview of 2020 census results and planning for potential school board redistricting, as well as a first reading of a new policy focused on school safety and security program services.

Please note that due to updated guidance from the Department of Health, all in-person attendees must wear masks and there will be six-foot distancing between those in attendance.

If you would like to provide written public comment for the regular meeting, you can do so by filling out this online form by 12:00pm on Tuesday, September 21 and it will be provided to the Board. There will also be a live public comment period during the in-person meeting.

Link to Agenda:

Attending the September 21 School Board Regular Meeting Online:

Meeting Link:
Passcode: 127830
Webinar ID: 852 1917 8235
Dial-In Phone Numbers: 1-253-215-8782 or 1-669-900-6833


Lummi Artist Raya Friday and Team Will Create Glass Art Designed by Shoreline Residents

Lummi Artist Raya Friday and Team Will Create Glass Art Designed by Shoreline Residents Saturday, October 16, 2021 from 1-7pm at Café Aroma 509 NE 165th St, Shoreline, WA 98155

As part of Refract: The Seattle Glass Experience, a multi-day glass festival celebrating the Northwest's reputation as a glass mecca, Shoreline is proud to sponsor Raya Friday and glassblowing team at Café Aroma, 506 NE 165th Street on Saturday October 16, 1-7pm. Friday, a member of the Lummi tribe, is joined by Tim Charles (Cowichin) and Shoreline emerging glass artist Alex Cain. Free tickets with timed entry every 45 minutes (pandemic safety precautions) are available at

Friday’s team will also create glass art from designs submitted by Shoreline residents. Free to enter; Deadline October 5 at noon. 

Selected artistic designs will be awarded $100 and be credited in any future exhibitions as well as publicized on Shoreline Public Art Facebook and the City’s Public Art Webpage, and other media. The artworks will become part of the City’s Permanent Collection. (Prizes are payable with an invoice and W-9 showing Shoreline address; up to 4 awards given.)

Open to all ages, up to three colors, can be functional, abstract, or symbolic shape, a vase or drinking glass, and/or more sculptural art (up to 1 hour of time to create). Maximum size for the furnace is about 15” and the artists will scale down any larger suggestions. 

Final selection is determined by the artist and public art coordinator, with a guided Q/A salon session for design review on Tuesday Sept. 28 at 7pm on zoom (zoom link released on Shoreline Public Art Facebook on Tuesday morning,

Finished work is destined for accession into the City’s Portable Works Collection and as a donation to ShoreLake Arts for fundraising at a future auction. Clear glass, transparent preferred 1-3 colors otherwise
modifications to design are likely necessary to execute the object in the time allotted.
  • General times: goblet, cup, bowl, vase, vessel: ½ hour – 1 hour; sculptural object: up to 2 hours;
  • Stretch your imagination into unexpected realms like pop culture, politics, or Shoreline lore
  • pumpkins, Xmas ornaments, etc. discouraged
  • Example: Drawing of the sphere that has blue and green symbolizing we need to come together for cleaner water for all. 
  • Still not sure? Attend the design help session on Sept. 28 Zoom, as detailed above.

Submit ideas online to with subject line, “Shoreliners Design Glass.” Include a sketch with any colors (submitted as jpg. file) along with a description of the idea and your contact information. You can also drop hard copies at Café Aroma in the Collection Box (starting Sunday Sept. 19). Deadline October 5 at noon. Final selections announced by October 8.

About Raya Friday: Raya Friday began her career in glass in 1996 in Seattle where she was born and raised. She worked in and around the Seattle area for seven years before attending Alfred University (New York) where she graduated with a BFA. The source and purpose of Friday’s current work is to explore the influence of the modern world on the Native American aesthetic. She mixes traditional elements and ideas with metal and glass to re-imagine her culture and its traditions through the lens of the world she grew up in. Follow on Instagram

Funding provided by a generous Creative Economy Grant from Port of Seattle through the efforts of the Shoreline Office of Economic Development.


Case updates September 16, 2021 - proof of vaccination to be required for many events and establishments

Case updates September 16, 2021 - 
no Washington updates on weekends and holidays; otherwise "Total" figures are cumulative and "new" numbers represent one day's results

As of September 13, 2021 24.9% of state residents are not vaccinated.

King County to require proof of vaccination or negative test for many outdoor and indoor events and establishments to address COVID-19 spread. More here

United States 
  • Total cases  41,754,903 - 147,581 new
  • Total deaths 668,442 - 1,823 new

Washington state 
  • Total confirmed cases 553,326 - 3,233 new  
  • Total hospitalizations 34,821 - 192 new  
  • Total deaths 7,201 - 56 new  

King county 
  • Total confirmed cases 137,477 - 603 new 
  • Total hospitalizations 7,810 - 24 new 
  • Total deaths 1,836 -  6 new

  • Total confirmed cases 33,748  - 131 new 
  • Total hospitalizations 1,684  -  7 new 
  • Total deaths 458 -  0 new

  • Total confirmed cases 3,051 - 6 new
  • Total hospitalizations 234 -   0 new
  • Total deaths 107 - 0 new

Lake Forest Park 
  • Total confirmed cases 445 - 0 new 
  • Total hospitalizations 21 -    0 new
  • Total deaths 5  - 0 new


Flags at half-staff Saturday

Flag Lowering - 9/18/21 (Officer Goodrich and Lieutenant Traber)

The attached directive includes two flag lowerings for Saturday, September 18, 2021.

Governor Inslee is deeply saddened by the death of Spokane County Fire Lieutenant and Paramedic Cody Traber, 41, and directs that Washington State and United States flags at all state agency facilities be lowered to half-staff in his memory on Saturday, September 18, 2021. Lieutenant Traber died in the line of duty on Thursday, August 26, 2021.

The Governor’s Office has no objection to agencies lowering the flags at the close of business on Friday, September 17, 2021. Flags should remain at half-staff until close of business or sunset on Saturday, September 18, 2021, or first thing Monday morning, September 20th.

A memorial service will take place on September 18th at Calvary Spokane at 1:00pm

Governor Inslee is deeply saddened by the death of Stafford Creek Correctional Officer Darryl “Scout” Goodrich, Jr., 49, and directs hat Washington State and United States flags at all state agency facilities be lowered to half-staff in his memory on Saturday, September 18, 2021. Officer Goodrich died in the line of duty on Friday, August 20, 2021.

The Governor’s Office has no objection to agencies lowering the flags at the close of business on Friday, September 17, 2021. Flags should remain at half-staff until close of business or sunset on Saturday, September 18, 2021, or first thing Monday morning, September 20th.

A private memorial service will take place on September 18th.

Please call (360) 902-0383 if you have any questions about these flag lowerings.


2021 Northwest Orchid Society Fall Show and Sale October 2-3 at Center for Urban Horticulture

2021 Northwest Orchid Society Fall Show and Sale October 2-3
Volunteer Park Conservatory, 1400 East Galer Street, Seattle, WA 98112
Saturday, Oct. 2 (10am to 4pm) and Sunday, Oct. 3 (10am to 4pm)

Admission, included with admission to the Conservatory:
Adult $4, Youth (13-17) $2, Child (0-12) free.

The Northwest Orchid Society presents its 2021 Fall Orchid Show and Sale, located in the Seattle Parks Department historic Volunteer Park Conservatory. This regional show features breathtaking orchid displays by orchid societies from throughout the Pacific Northwest and orchid vendors in attendance. 

Superior orchid specimens will be competing for coveted awards issued by accredited judges from the American Orchid Society.

Members of the public are encouraged to bring orchids from home for a repotting service and/or advice for struggling orchids. Knowledgeable volunteers from the Northwest Orchid Society will be available to answer questions for show attendees.

Several vendors, both local and visiting from out of state, will have a fine selection of orchids available for purchase. The plants for sale range from excellent quality beginner level plants for the home to rare collectable specimens.

A complete list of vendors and additional show information is posted on the society’s website:

The NWOS is a regional non-profit organization focusing on orchid education and conservation, with members throughout the Puget Sound area. It meets the second Monday of every month at 7pm from September through June at the Center for Urban Horticulture 3501 NE 41st St., Seattle, near University Village. Membership is $30/year. Meetings are free and open to the general public.

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