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Monday, April 12, 2021

Photo copyright Gloria Z Nagler

(Dark-eyed Junco pivots for a portrait)
--Gloria Z Nagler


Jersey's Great Food and Spirits opens in new location in Shoreline

New location for Jersey's Fine Food
Photo by Steven H. Robinson

To the relief of their many loyal customers, Jersey's Great Food and Spirits was able to find a new location in Shoreline.

Old location on N 175th

Formerly located on N 175th next to City Hall and the Police Station, the new location is at 1125 N 152nd St on the south side of Parkwood Plaza Mall (think JoAnn Fabrics).

Interior of the new location from their Facebook page

They are open at 50% capacity and open for to-go as well. 

We are still awaiting our address change approval from the WSLCB so we can't serve alcohol quite yet.....but great food and a fantastic cozy new space?? ....yep we got that! 


Case updates April 10, 2021

  Vaccine Locations
Vaccine eligibility is open to people in Phase 1B tiers 3 and 4. On April 15, everyone is eligible. Some sites are taking pre-registrations. Numbers are rising in King county and the state.

Case updates April 10, 2021

United States 
  • Total cases 30,965,577 - 68,012 in one day
  • Total deaths 558,843 - 750 in one day

Washington state  - not updated
  • Total cases 376,230 -  new cases in a day  
  • Total hospitalizations 20,961 -  in a day 
  • Total deaths 5,322 -  in a day 

King county 
  • Total cases 91,438 - 384 in a day  
  • Total hospitalizations 5,446 - 7 in a day  
  • Total deaths 1,483 - 0 in a day  

Seattle - population 744,995 (2018) 
  • Total cases 22,501 - 56 in a day
  • Total hospitalizations 1,257 -  1 in a day
  • Total deaths 381 -  -1 in a day

Shoreline - population 56,752 (2018) 
  • Total cases 2,163 -  9 in a day 
  • Total hospitalizations 191 -   -1 in a day
  • Total deaths 92 - no change

Lake Forest Park - 13,569 (2018) 
  • cases 299 - 1 since yesterday
  • hospitalizations 17 - 1 since yesterday
  • deaths 4 - no change


State Senate acts on two of Gov. Jay Inslee’s priority climate bills

Gov. Inslee
The Climate Commitment Act (CCA) would cap greenhouse gas emissions
and invest in clean energy, climate resilience and transportation. 

This legislation would help the state meet goals set by the Legislature last session to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The bill focuses on equity, ensuring an environmental justice analysis for all investments made with the revenue generated from capping emissions. 

The CCA also takes the lessons learned from other state’s programs into consideration, building in ways to further protect the communities who are the most impacted by the climate crisis. 

The bill now goes to the House for further consideration, with a hearing scheduled in the Energy and Environment Committee on Wednesday.

The Senate also passed HB 1091, a clean fuel standard, which would reduce emissions in the state's biggest polluting sector: transportation. 

This legislation would also help to grow clean energy jobs, with new potential biofuel sources and infrastructure investments all across the state. The bill is technology neutral, which means its goals can be met with electricity, biofuels or other emissions-reducing improvements.

Biofuels are already made in Washington, but residents lose out on much of the cleaner energy they provide. That’s because the fuels are transported to places like Oregon, California and British Columbia where there are established clean fuel standards to help drive demand. 

Growing biofuels in Washington will grow jobs in clean energy, and will create new demand for waste products, giving farmers, restaurateurs and others a chance to increase their revenue.

Having previously passed the House, HB 1091 will now go to conference for the House and Senate to work out differences in language.


The Urbanist covers Shoreline Parks Prop 1 in depth

Map of projects to be done in Shoreline Parks Bond 

The Urbanist magazine published an in-depth report on Shoreline Parks Proposition 1 by reporter Shaun Kuo.
If approved, Proposition 1 would replace the expiring $18,795,000 15-year park improvement bond. 
The new bonding measure would specifically allow the issuance of up to $38,500,000 of general obligation bonds maturing within 20 years to finance and refinance park improvement and acquisition projects, and levy annual excess property taxes to repay issued bonds.

The article can be found here


Residential structure fire in Shoreline

Photo by Wayne Pridemore
Shoreline Fire reports that they responded to a residential structure fire at the 14700 block of 26th Ave NE at approximately 12:30am Saturday morning April 10, 2021.

There were not any injuries and the resident evacuated safely. 

Northshore Fire assisted in extinguishing the home.


Ballinger Thriftway owner gives store employees hazard pay

Ballinger Thriftway
Photo by Steven H. Robinson

KOMO news posted a story by Michelle Estaban about the Ballinger Thriftway grocery store in Ballinger Village just east of I-5 on Ballinger Way in Shoreline.

A letter was posted in the employee break room.

It was written by their store owner David Clemmer, and in part read, “You really all should consider yourselves heroic for keeping our neighbor fed during the pandemic. I deeply appreciate everyone’s efforts during this difficult season.”

Then Clemmer put his money where his mouth is.

As they read on, the letter revealed a thank you like no other - a temporary $4 an hour increase in pay, that dated back to January 31, 2021.

The employees will receive an extra, temporary $4 / hour "Heros" pay. The Seattle City Council recently mandated the same for Seattle stores but that does not apply in Shoreline.

Thriftway and Central Market are the only locally owned grocery stores in Shoreline / Lake Forest Park.

Read / view the KOMO story here.


Lake Forest Park City Council unanimously rejects Fires District merger

LFP City Council opposes Ballot Proposition 1
Photo courtesy City of Lake Forest Park

At its regular business meeting on Thursday April 8th, the Lake Forest Park City Council voted unanimously to take a position opposing Ballot Proposition 1, which proposes a merger of Northshore Fire Department into Woodinville Fire and Rescue.

Prior to the Business Meeting, the Council held a Public Hearing featuring presentations from Acting Fire Chief Greg Ahern speaking in favor of the ballot proposition, and Northshore Fire Department Lt. Jeremy Jamerson speaking against the proposition. 

Following the presentations, several members of the public gave comments, including residents of Kenmore, Woodinville and LFP as well as Northshore firefighters who serve the community of Lake Forest Park.

Council members then posed several questions to both Chief Ahern and Lt. Jamerson to understand more about the Ballot Proposition and the explore topics raised by the public comments.

During later discussion prior to their unanimous vote to reject Ballot Proposition 1, council members expressed common concerns including:
  • the wisdom of moving ahead with the ballot measure when the firefighters are opposed,
  • the lack of clear and convincing financial data supporting the merger,
  • the uncertainty of future LFP representation on a combined district Board of Commissioners,
  • the potential of future growth in Woodinville leaving LFP behind, and
  • that the merger proposal as presented is not in line with the values nor in the best interests of the citizens of Lake Forest Park.
Mayor Jeff Johnson concluded the meeting by expressing the city’s appreciation of the service provided by all the firefighters and the Acting Chief and encouraging them to recommit to working together to serve the citizens of Lake Forest Park.

The Public Hearing and Council Meeting are available on video here: AV Capture ALL

Phillippa Kassover, Deputy Mayor
Lake Forest Park


Photography: Poetry - Write on your heart...

Sunday, April 11, 2021

Photo by Wayne Pridemore
Write on your heart
that every day is the
best day in the year.

--Ralph Waldo Emerson


Sen. Salomon’s driver’s license suspension reform bill approved by House

Sen. Jesse Salomon D-32
OLYMPIA – A bill that takes another step toward decriminalizing poverty by removing non-payment of moving violation-based traffic infractions from a list of actions that can lead to criminal enforcement of license suspensions was approved by the House of Representatives on Saturday with a strong bipartisan vote of 80-17.

SB 5226, sponsored by Sen. Jesse Salomon (D-Shoreline), would remove criminal penalties for an inability to pay traffic fines.

“I’m proud to say that we now are on the verge of passing a historic policy that is a better way to enforce traffic safety,” said Salomon. “A way that stops criminalizing poverty, yet strengthens the connection between our traffic infraction policy and public safety.” [Audio clip]

Under current law, a person is guilty of a misdemeanor if they drive while their driver’s license is suspended or revoked in the third degree. The penalty can be up to 90 days in jail, a $1,000 fine, or both. There are a number of ways one can fall into this license suspension status under current law. SB 5226 removes failure to pay an infraction from this list and instead makes any financial collections a civil matter.

The bill more closely ties bad driving to license suspensions. A license would be revoked if a driver has three or more moving violation infractions in a one-year period or four or more infractions in a two-year period. Drivers in these situations would have their license revoked for 60 days and their license placed in probationary status for one year at risk of another 30-day suspension for any moving violation during that time. They would also need to complete a safe driving course to get their license reinstated.

Salomon referenced his 14 years of experience as a public defender dealing with thousands of these types of cases during his Senate floor speech. He argued the state should be more understanding of the hardships many people are experiencing during the ongoing public health crisis and the effects it has had on the ability to find and keep a job.

“Now especially more than ever, we have to be sensitive to people’s need to drive to get back on their feet to go to work, but maybe right now they can’t pay,” said Salomon. “So as long as they follow the rules, respond to the traffic infraction if they get one, talk to the judge about getting on a payment plan, they will no longer and never be suspended for being poor.” [Audio clip]

The bill also directs the Department of Licensing to make efforts to reach out to Washington residents with suspended licenses who would be eligible to have their licenses reinstated. That is estimated to be about 64,000 people. In addition, approximately 46,000 licenses annually would not become suspended in future years if SB 5226 becomes law.

The House added an amendment that will delay implementation of the bill until January 1, 2023. Therefore SB 5226 will return to the Senate for a concurrence vote. A concurrence vote would need to take place before the Legislature adjourns on April 25 for SB 5226 to become law.

View Sen. Salomon’s floor speech in support of SB 5226


Case updates April 9, 2021

Positive cases in King county by date reported

  Vaccine Locations
Vaccine eligibility is open to people in Phase 1B tiers 3 and 4. On April 15, everyone is eligible. Some sites are taking pre-registrations. Numbers are rising in King county and the state.

Case updates April 9, 2021

United States 
  • Total cases 30,897,028 - 81,376 in one day
  • Total deaths 558,028 - 904 in one day

Washington state 
  • Total cases 376,230 - 1,436 new cases in a day  376230
  • Total hospitalizations 20,961 - 20 in a day 
  • Total deaths 5,322 - 0 in a day 

King county 
  • Total cases 91,054 - 473 in a day  
  • Total hospitalizations 5,439 -  -5 in a day  
  • Total deaths 1,483 - 0 in a day  

Seattle - population 744,995 (2018) 
  • Total cases 22,445 - 144 in a day
  • Total hospitalizations 1,256 -  -2 in a day
  • Total deaths 382 -  1 in a day

Shoreline - population 56,752 (2018) 
  • Total cases 2,154 -  3 in a day 
  • Total hospitalizations 192 - 2 in a day
  • Total deaths 92 - no change

Lake Forest Park - 13,569 (2018) 
  • cases 298 - 1 since yesterday
  • hospitalizations 16 -   -1 since yesterday
  • deaths 4 - no change


Correction / Update: Tennis courts and restroom by Hillwood Park are not yet completed

By Diane Hettrick
Einstein tennis courts will be resurfaced in early summer
Photo by Steven H. Robinson

In the article about proposed refurbishment of Hillwood Park I said that the restroom had been replaced and the tennis courts redone.

People who lived nearby corrected me. 

Both these projects are in the works but they are not yet done. 

According to the school district, 

The Restrooms are going to be replaced - the new facility is a modular building and is in process of being ordered. The existing restroom building will be demolished and the new building will be placed in approximately the same location as the existing restroom building. 

The football/soccer field surface “carpet” will be replaced starting in a week or two.

The tennis court will be resurfaced at the same time we are resurfacing the existing Einstein track which will occur in early summer time.

Shoreline Parks Prop 1 is on the April 27th ballot.

The City estimates the annual property tax paid by the owner of a median valued home ($517,000) would be approximately $112 per year, or $9 per month. 

As this is a replacement levy, it would mean an increase of approximately $3 per month from the expiring park improvement bond.


LFP Townhall: A local effort to examine environmental issues confronting us and figure out how to make progress both big and small

Recycling bins
Albertsons has added two new plastic bag recycling bins, one by each entrance. 

The bins accept plastic bags, newspaper bags and dry cleaning bags.

Republic services does not take these items in its recycling collections.

Want to learn more about what Republic takes in its recycling and composting? 

Plan on attending the breakout session in the Zoom Lake Forest Park Town Hall Meeting: Building Climate Resiliency on April 24, 2021.

The town hall is a local effort to examine the issues confronting us and figure out how to make progress both big and small.
  • Panel: Two local presenters will share their knowledge about environmental history and climate science
  • Breakout Rooms: A chance to meet with experts on: E-vehicles, Zero Waste, E-homes, Composting and Recycling, calculating greenhouse gasses
  • Videos: Short Climate Videos
  • Panel: Wise Climate Voices: The Next Generation
  • Planning: Taking the Next Steps: Community Conversations
Register Here



Backyard Birds: Hairy Woodpecker

Photo by David Walton

This Hairy Woodpecker enjoys the early morning sunshine at Hamlin Park.


In a short but intense weather event, graupel pounded the area Saturday morning

Photo by Patricia Hale

As WeatherWatcher Carl Dinse predicted the night before 

A Puget Sound Convergence zone is expected Saturday morning with temperatures cold enough that we could see some snow flakes, graupel or other wintery type mixes in the rain showers early in the morning.

This stuff, which I believe is graupel, came pounding down in an intense but very brief downpour Saturday morning. It woke me up. I looked outside, saw that my deck was covered with little white BBs and went back to sleep.

Fortunately Ridgecrest resident Patty Hale was awake, has a similar deck view, and took this photo before it all melted.

--Diane Hettrick



Aldercrest Field is the staging area for Sound Transit construction

Saturday, April 10, 2021

New entrance road from 25th NE
Photo by Steven H. Robinson

Aldercrest Field on 25th NE in Shoreline has been leased to Sound Transit by Shoreline Schools, the property owner.

Photo by Steven H. Robinson

Sound Transit's construction crews have prepared the soggy field as a staging area for their equipment during construction of the northern half of the Lynnwood Link light rail project through Shoreline and Mountlake Terrace.

Aldercrest Field last August 2020
Photo by Steven H. Robinson

To prepare the staging yard, Sound Transit:
  • Cleared the area of small shrubs and vegetation
  • Created new access roads and strengthened existing roads on the site
  • Built a stormwater retention pond
  • Added fencing around the entire site
Construction materials for the Lynnwood Link
Photo by Steven H. Robinson

What neighbors are seeing there now is equipment for form and falsework. Falsework is the temporary system that supports construction. There is also traffic control equipment.

Temporary fencing around the entire site.
Photo by Steven H. Robinson

The field was originally part of the school grounds for Kellogg Middle School which was severely damaged in an arson fire in 1983. The undamaged parts of the building were used for special programs and then left vacant. The buildings were demolished in 2014.

The Aldercrest Elementary building across the street on NE 200th has been upgraded and is in use.

--Diane Hettrick


WA Secretary of State: Effort to keep Washington State Archives local and accessible is not over

Secretary of State
Kim Wyman
OLYMPIA — In response to the White House Office of Management and Budget’s (OMB) decision to withdraw its approval of the sale of National Archives and Records Administration’s (NARA) Seattle facility, Secretary of State Kim Wyman issued the following statement.

“OMB took a crucial step today in withdrawing approval for the sale of the National Archives in Seattle.

“I applaud the enduring commitment and hard work Washington’s Congressional delegation, tribal communities, historical and cultural groups, and many others have undertaken for over a year to keep our state’s archival treasures accessible and local.

“However, the effort to ensure these records remain local and accessible is not over. I encourage Congress to work with OMB on a permanent solution to keep these records in Washington, as well as with NARA and communities throughout our region on ways we can improve archive storage and preserve our state’s historical records for generations to come. It is imperative these groups are engaged and included in all future discussions.

“Washington State Archives, a division of the Office of the Secretary of State, continues to be a partner with NARA with the common goal to protect and preserve government records. We look forward to furthering our joint collaboration to preserve Pacific Northwest history.”

Washington’s Office of the Secretary of State oversees a number of areas within state government, including managing state elections, registering corporations and charities, and governing the use of the state flag and state seal. 

The office also manages the State Archives and the State Library, documents extraordinary stories in Washington’s history through Legacy Washington, oversees the Combined Fund Drive for charitable giving by state employees, and administers the state’s Address Confidentiality Program to help protect survivors of crime.


Shoreline Rotary to hear about the Fred Hutch work on COVID-19 from Dr. Amitabha "Guppy" Gupta

Dr. Gupta
Join in for a Zoom Rotary Meeting Wednesday morning, April 14, 2021. Our meeting starts at 7:30 am with President Robert Brouillard and Club Secretary and Greeter Clarita Bhat ringing the bell! To join our zoom meeting as a guest, please e-mail for the link.

Dr. Amitabha "Guppy" Gupta earned his Ph. D. in Cellular, Molecular, and Biophysical Studies from Columbia University and completed his post-doctoral fellowship at Fred Hutch. He was formerly a scientist in the Basic Sciences Division at Fred Hutch.

While he was training to go teach at a small liberal arts college, the Hutch convinced him to stay. Guppy currently serves as the Scientific Content Strategist for the Philanthropy department, where he keeps his finger on the pulse of the research going on at the Hutch, and helps translate it to the general public.

Last year, Dr. Gupta gave Shoreline Rotary a professional’s view of the COVID-19 virus, and informed us about the role Fred Hutch has been playing during this pandemic: their epidemiologists and vaccine and infectious disease researchers have been tracking the outbreak, accelerating testing, developing therapeutics and vaccines, and partnering with brilliant scientists and leaders around the world to end this pandemic. 

Now, Dr. Gupta will give us an update on what the Hutch is doing, and perhaps an idea of where we might be headed with regard to controlling this virus.


Help Shoreline recognize residents who volunteer their time and share resources

Who has made a difference in Shoreline? Submit names and brief descriptions of their contributions to Constance Perenyi

Volunteers will be named and thanked on the City's website starting on April 18, 2021, the first day of National Volunteer Appreciation Week.

Nominations will be accepted through April.


Gloria's Birds: I'm a chickadee on a mission, photog

Photo copyright Gloria Z Nagler

Take your shot pronto or I'm outta here!
(Patience is not a virtue of the Chestnut-backed Chickadee, but they sure are lovely little birds!)
--Gloria Z Nagler


Braving the cold Shoreline Parks supporters rally for their cause

It was very cold outside on Friday - windy and chilly - but these supporters of Shoreline Parks Prop 1 didn't let that stop them from encouraging passersby to vote Yes on Prop 1.

The measure is on the ballots just received in Shoreline homes. It is a replacement levy which will provide money to refurbish five parks, acquire land, and accomplish smaller projects in many other Shoreline parks over the next 20 years.


Letter to the Editor: Please vote on Shoreline Parks

To the Editor:

Two weeks ago, I completed eight years of service as a member of the City of Shoreline’s Parks, Recreation, Cultural Services/Tree Board. It has been an honor to serve my community to make Shoreline a more livable place for long-time and new residents, current and future generations, and people of all ages and abilities. Over the past year, a significant work item for the Board was to recommend a package of parks projects to the City Council to replace the expiring 2006 Parks Bond. The Council accepted our recommendation and placed Proposition 1 on the ballot in the upcoming April special election. 

I am hoping that you will join me and vote Yes on Proposition 1 to invest in park improvements, public art, and park land acquisition throughout Shoreline. Specific park projects identified in this funding package will be geographically and equitably distributed across the city to benefit underserved communities and areas not covered in the 2006 park bond measure. Park land acquisition would be targeted in light rail station areas and other parts of the city lacking critical open space. These investments are an important priority considering the anticipated population growth in Shoreline. 

Please VOTE! Due to the incredibly high voter turnout in last November’s election, a significant number of Shoreline voters need to participate in this special election to make it count. Ballots were mailed to Shoreline residents this week and need to be dropped in King County election boxes or mailed by April 27. Get your friends and neighbors to vote as well. It is up to us to make Shoreline an even better place to live than it already is. 

Please vote Yes on Proposition 1 to invest in Shoreline’s parks! 

John Hoey 


Case updates April 8, 2021

  Vaccine Locations
Vaccine eligibility is open to people in Phase 1B tiers 3 and 4. On April 15, everyone is eligible. Some sites are taking pre-registrations. King county may slip back to Phase 2 because of rising case numbers.

Case updates April 8, 2021

United States 
  • Total cases 30,814,955 - 75,956 in one day
  • Total deaths 557,093 - 940 in one day

Washington state 
  • Total cases 374,794 - 1,582 new cases in a day  
  • Total hospitalizations 20,941 - 8 in a day 
  • Total deaths 5,322 - 6 in a day 

King county 
  • Total cases 90,581 - 219 in a day  
  • Total hospitalizations 5,444 - 15 in a day  
  • Total deaths 1,483 - 2 in a day  

Seattle - population 744,995 (2018) 
  • Total cases 22,301 - 37 in a day
  • Total hospitalizations 1,258 - 4 in a day
  • Total deaths 381 -  -1 in a day

Shoreline - population 56,752 (2018) 
  • Total cases 2,151 -  7 in a day 
  • Total hospitalizations 190 -  -1 in a day
  • Total deaths 92 - no change

Lake Forest Park - 13,569 (2018) 
  • cases 297 - 0 since yesterday
  • hospitalizations 17 - 1 since yesterday
  • deaths 4 - no change


Shoreline ballot: Renewal of fire benefit charge

Shoreline Fire Chief Matt Cowan explains the renewal of the fire benefit charge

Shoreline fire has a measure on the ballot which just arrived in Shoreline homes.

It is a renewal of the existing fire benefit charge which was enacted five years ago, in 2016. The fire benefit charge is structured to reflect the costs of fighting fires in different types of buildings, rather than spreading the costs evenly across the district.

Therefore owners of single family homes pay less than owners of commercial structures.

A fire benefit charge is a fee that is determined by the amount of risk that a building poses and by the amount of square footage of a building. It is not assessed on property value. The higher the risk, the larger the fire ­benefit charge.

Fire Chief Matt Cowan posted a 2 minute video, explaining the measure. You can see it here.

This renewal is for ten years, "so we don't have to keep coming back to the voters for renewal."

For the details, here is the original article we published: What does Fire Benefit Charge mean for Shoreline property owners in 2016?



Flags at half staff Saturday for Officer Kurt Enget

Governor Inslee is deeply saddened by the death of Bainbridge Island Police Officer Kurt Enget, 49, and directs that Washington State and United States flags at all state agency facilities be lowered to half-staff in his memory on Saturday, April 10, 2021. 

Officer Enget died in the line of duty on Friday, April 10, 2020.

The Governor's Office has no objection to agencies lowering the flags at the close of business on Friday, April 9, 2021. Flags should remain at half-staff until close of business or sunset on Saturday, April 10, 2021, or first thing Monday morning, April 12.

Other government entities, citizens and businesses are encouraged to join this recognition.

A memorial service will be held at Gateway Fellowship in the city of Poulsbo on Saturday, April 10, 2021.

Please call (360) 902-0383 if you have any questions about this flag lowering.


Correction to fire merger article:

Roger Collins, Commission / Board Chair of Woodinville Fire and Rescue has sent a correction to our article on the proposed Northshore fire department merger with Woodinville.

The article says that each board was split on the approval of the merger 3-2.  That is not true, the Northshore Board was split 3-2 with the two firefighter commissioners voting against. 

The Woodinville Board voted 4-0 in favor with one abstention, that abstention coming from a commissioner who is currently a Northshore firefighter. 

The 4 yes votes came from myself and another private citizen board member and two other board members who are firefighters.

I think it is important to note that the only opposition on either board is from current or retired firefighters, while all five board members who are not affiliated with the fire service, as well as two current and retired firefighters are in support of the merger.

The original (corrected) article is here


Home sales in Shoreline March 2021

The following are properties that sold in Shoreline during the month of March 2021. Data compiled for the Shoreline Area News by the Shoreline Windermere office.


Cartoon by Whitney Potter: The Bite

Previous cartoons by Whitney Potter here


Special insurance enrollment period for uninsured individuals

Washington Healthplanfinder is extending its current special enrollment period from May 15 to August 15, 2021.

This allows currently uninsured individuals, and people both on and off the Exchange, the opportunity to benefit from new savings. 

Customers seeking coverage can contact an Exchange certified Broker, Navigator, enrollment center or the Customer Support Center between 7:30am and 5:30pm Monday -Friday at 1-855-923-4633; TTY: 855-627-9604. 


Jobs: City of Shoreline seeks Equity and Social Justice Community Consultants

The City of Shoreline is forming an Equity and Social Justice (ESJ) Community Workgroup and will be hiring several Equity and Social Justice (ESJ) Community Consultants to support Shoreline City Council Resolution 467 Declaring the City’s Commitment to Building an Anti-Racist Community, adopted in November 2020. Deadline to apply is Friday, April 16, 11:59pm.

ESJ Community Consultants will work with City staff on the ESJ Workgroup to plan multiple Community Listening Sessions, to hear from Shoreline community members what an anti-racist community looks like (vision). The Listening sessions will also help identify the types of activities and outcomes the City should support and prioritize.

ESJ Community Consultants will have strong connections to Shoreline residents, groups, and partners who reflect diverse backgrounds and perspectives, especially Black, Indigenous, Asian, Hispanic/Latinx, and other people of color; recent immigrant/refugee; LGBTQIA+; People with Disabilities; youth; and other groups.

  • ESJ Community Consultants will support the values in the Anti-Racism Resolution; encourage partnerships for positive change; and will be asked to review materials before meetings to prepare. Individuals must meet the following requirements to apply:
  • At least 16 years old
  • Live or work in Shoreline
  • Have connections and knowledge of Shoreline organizations and/or resident groups
  • Commit to attending ESJ Workgroup planning meetings. An estimated 3 planning sessions for 2-3 hours each will be scheduled (dates/times in May to be determined). All sessions will be held online.
  • Support resident participation in Community Listening Sessions (dates/times in June – summer, to be determined).

ESJ Community Consultants will be paid for their time and must complete a W-9 to receive payment. If you have any concerns about completing a W-9, please contact Suni Tolton at to discuss options.

To learn more, visit the City’s Equity and Social Justice Community Workgroup webpage. To apply, applicants may:
The deadline to apply is Friday, April 16, 11:59


Shorecrest girls varsity tennis vs Kamiak 4-9-21


Girls tennis season begins for the Shorecrest high school Scots with an away game at Kamiak High School in Mukilteo.


Lake Forest Park's Expedia Cruises is still afloat - start with a virtual river cruise

While our Lake Forest Park office is currently closed, our agents continue to work remotely to support our clients and their vacation plans. 

With travel beginning to ramp up, it’s a great time to plan for what was missed in 2020 – the family vacation or reunion, an anniversary or retirement celebration. 

Or, tick something off of your Bucket List – transiting the Panama Canal, exploring the Galapagos, an expedition cruise to Antarctica or maybe that World Cruise you’ve been thinking about.

We have a series of Virtual Events planned over the next few months – starting with Legendary Rivers on Thursday, April 15, 2021 at 3pm PDT. 

River cruising is gaining popularity as an alternative to ocean cruising. With fewer passengers, more ‘all inclusive’ opportunities and variety of Specialty Cruises – Wellness, Nature and Garden (Floriade in 2022), Food and Wine, Golf, Christmas Markets and more, a river cruise can be a most memorable vacation.

If you’d like to join us for our Legendary Rivers Virtual Event, please send an email to and the registration link will be sent to you.


WeatherWatcher: Convergence Zone to strike again, frost, then summer

Marginal snowfall in Shoreline.
Photo by Carl Dinse.

A Puget Sound Convergence zone is expected Saturday morning with temperatures cold enough that we could see some snow flakes, graupel or other wintery type mixes in the rain showers early in the morning. Don't be surprised if some of it sticks to lawns and other areas, but it'll be short lived. We should warm up towards Saturday afternoon with clearing skies.

Next, we have a freeze coming Saturday night into Sunday morning. Clear skies will allow for widespread frost and temperatures into the upper 20's to low 30's. You may want to protect any of your frost sensitive plants Saturday evening.

Sunday through the end of next week a switch is flipped and we skip spring and go straight into summer. We are looking at sunny skies all week, with high temperatures near or into the low 70's, especially Wednesday through Friday. Low temperatures are still expected to be chilly, between the upper 30's and low 40's most nights.

For current weather conditions visit


Scene on the Sound: Yearling bald eagles at Richmond Beach

Friday, April 9, 2021


Photo by Bill Schnall

Not quite sure if "yearling" is the right word, but they are definitely too big for "fledgling." These two are enjoying the sunshine by the Sound.


Reminder: Dinner Friday at the Senior Center

Support the Shoreline/Lake Forest Park Senior Center by purchasing your dinner Friday night at the Senior Center.

This is a drive through and pick up event. $10 includes Janet’s famous meatloaf, mashed potatoes, braised carrots and a brownie.

We will be having social distancing procedures in place.  It will be on a first come, first serve basis starting at 5:00 pm and we will only be accepting Cash or Checks. 

18560 1st Ave NE - entrance on NE 185th


Home sales in Lake Forest Park during March 2021

The following are properties that sold in Lake Forest Park during the month of March 2021. Data compiled for the Shoreline Area News by the Shoreline Windermere office.

Facebook: Shoreline Area News
Twitter: @ShorelineArea
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