Lamont Thomas to speak at Shoreline’s Million Step Challenge closing event

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Lamont Thomas to speak at closing event
of the Million Step Challenge
The City of Shoreline is excited to announce Lamont Thomas, Shoreline’s “Running Man”, will be giving a brief talk at the closing event of Shoreline’s Million Step Challenge on Saturday, June 2.

The free public event is a potluck and awards presentation to celebrate the accomplishments of the community as it ends the month long Million Step Challenge walking competition.

It will take place at 6:30pm at Paramount School Park, 15300 8th Ave NE.

Lamont Thomas has served as a beacon of inspiration for years. Most recently, he co-authored an autobiography with Ashley M. Graham.

The book chronicles the childhood car accident that left him partially paralyzed and his journey to rehabilitate himself back to walking and eventually running 80 miles per week. Lamont will join participants and their family members to share his incredible story of determination and perhaps lend a little strength to others who need it as well.

More information about Shoreline’s Million Step Challenge and the closing event HERE or contact Recreation Specialist Marianne Johnson at 206-801-2638 or

Closing Community Potluck and Awards 
*Special Guest: Lamont Thomas*
Saturday, June 2nd, 2018 
6:30pm, Paramount School Park Picnic Shelter 

The whole community is invited to a potluck in celebration of Million Step Challenge. Special guest Lamont Thomas will be at the event to share his inspirational story about overcoming physical disability and becoming Shoreline's most popular runner. He recently published a book about his journey and accomplishment.

Prizes will be awarded for participants and our winners. Bring a potluck dish to share. Beverages, plates and utensils provided.


Better Cell Phone Photography - Tuesday at LFP Library

Chris Leavitt
Better Cell Phone Photography, Tuesday May 22, 2018 from 7-8:30pm at the Lake Forest Park Library, lower level Town Center by the escalator.

Intersection of Ballinger and Bothell Way NE.

Millions of cell phone pictures are taken each month and while the content may be great, the quality is not.

Join Chris Leavitt, who has been creating portrait art for a long time, as he reveals the secrets of taking your cell phone images from ugly to art!

Sponsored by the Friends of the Lake Forest Park Library.


Conservation Cluster Housing on the agenda again for LFP Council Thursday

City of Lake Forest Park City Council regular meeting, Thursday, May 24, 2018, 7:00pm, City Hall Council Chambers, 17425 Ballinger Way NE.

Agenda highlights: Council Discussion or Action

1. State Legislative Session Report – Gordon Thomas Honeywell-Governmental Affairs

2. Federal Legislative Session Report – The Johnston Group Report

3. Ordinance 1174/Amending or Repealing Section 18.54.042 of the Lake Forest Park Municipal Code Relating to Conservation Cluster Housing


Rampathon: Ashworth Homes builds ramp for 12 year old girl

Monday, May 21, 2018

Ashworth crew with new ramp

On May 19, 2018 the Master Builders Association of King and Snohomish Counties (MBAKS) celebrated 25 years of Rampathon, an inspiring community event where volunteers build free wheelchair access ramps to improve mobility for families throughout King and Snohomish counties. Since 1993, more than 450 ramps have been built and over 30,000 of volunteer hours donated by local builders. This year, MBAKS and its member volunteers constructed a whopping 48 ramps, built by 39 teams.

Ashworth Homes of Shoreline was honored to build this year’s Spotlight Ramp for 12-year-old Camille Jefferson.

Camille is joyful about her new freedome

Camille has a rare genetic disorder called Angelman syndrome that affects her ability to walk and talk. She also requires 24-hour care. Angelman syndrome causes severe seizures and an obsession with water. The latter provides Camille sensory input and the ability to move around more freely. As Camille has grown, however, it has become more difficult for her parents to carry her safely into the on-site therapy pool, the only place she feels secure to move around without getting hurt and the only place where the family can spend time together. Simply put, building a free ramp gives Camille and her family access to the place they find joy.

Camille cuts the ribbon

The ribbon-cutting ceremony featuring Camille and family happened on Thursday, May 17. Speakers included MBAKS Director of Programs and Products Aaron Adelstein, Dunn Lumber’s Kathryn Coshow, MBAKS Executive Director Kathleen Sims, Ashworth Homes President Erich Armbruster, and Camille’s dad, Jody Jefferson. King County Councilman Rod Dembowski was on hand to celebrate the ramp build.

Speakers at the ceremony included representatives from partner organizations

Ashworth Homes is a Shoreline-based Built Green homebuilder owned by MBAKS’ board president Erich Armbruster. This year’s Ramp Captain was Don Morrell, backed up by the full Ashworth team. Materials to build the ramps are donated by Dunn Lumber, and Ashworth was fortunate to have skirting donated by Marquis, making the ramp not only functional, but beautiful.

New set of stairs to therapy pool

In addition to being a premier residential builder in the Puget Sound region, Ashworth Homes is also an adamant supporter of community building activities. For more than 15 years, Ashworth Homes has supported local foundations, schools, and community celebrations and clean up events. This is the 6th year Ashworth Homes has constructed a ramp in concert with MBAKS.


Shorecrest and Shorewood ranked among the best high schools in the United States

U.S. News and World Report has again recognized Shorecrest and Shorewood High Schools for student achievement in their annual ranking of the nation’s best high schools. Both schools have been awarded a silver medal for the news magazine’s 2018 Best High Schools list.

Shorewood is ranked 22nd out of 509 high schools in Washington that were considered and 1,476th out of more than 20,500 high schools in the United States. Shorecrest ranked 23rd in the state and 1,479th in the country.

“This is a wonderful recognition of the incredible work Shoreline students, staff and community engage in every day to support high levels of success for every student,” said Shorewood Principal Bill Dunbar.
“Having both of our high schools earn this prestigious designation is a reflection of our commitment to increasing access to rigorous, college preparatory curriculum for all students. We can and will continue to close gaps by having high expectations and supports for every student we serve,” added Shorecrest Principal Lisa Gonzalez.

Best High Schools ranking information for Shorewood

Best High Schools ranking information for Shorecrest

“Top-ranked schools succeed in three main areas: exceeding expectations on state proficiency tests, offering challenging coursework and graduating their students,” said Anita Narayan, managing editor of Education at U.S. News and World Report.

To create the 2018 Best High Schools rankings, U.S. News worked with RTI International, a North Carolina-based research firm. High schools were evaluated in four stages:
  • Evaluation of student performance on state-required reading and math tests
  • Comparison of scores of underserved students to state averages
  • The school must have a graduation rate of 80 percent or more
  • Schools that fulfilled these steps were then ranked on performance in Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate exams
The ranking methodology is also based on the following principles:
  • A high-ranking high school will serve all of its students well regardless of whether they are college bound
  • A high-ranking school must be able to provide "measurable academic outcomes" across a variety of performance indicators to demonstrate it is successfully educating its students 
To learn more about U.S. News and World Report's methodology, click here.


A Simple Gesture provides food for food banks

President Elect Kae Peterson with Janiece HoggattPhoto courtesy LFP Rotary

The Rotary Club of Lake Forest Park heard from Janiece Hoggatt at their May 16, 2018 meeting.

Janiece introduced the club to A Simple Gesture. This new organization supplies green bags to a community of volunteers. In their weekly jaunt to the grocery store, people can pick up a few extra non-perishable items until the bags are filled, then give them to the food bank for distribution to those in need.

A lot of hungry people can be helped by a simple gesture.


Happy ending - Stolen goat returned to owner

Rescued kid
Photo by Jens Melin
At 5am Monday, Seattle resident Jens Melin found a baby goat tied to a pole at a school near where he lives.

"It was shaking and terrified." He said the rope was long enough that it could graze but since the owner reported that it hadn't yet been weaned, that probably wasn't helpful.

Jens took it home, put it on his deck, and started asking friends on Facebook what he should do with a goat.

It didn't take long to discover our story.

Jens tried to call the number provided but it was blocked. So he and the goat got in the car.

"We only had the cross streets. When we got out to start knocking on doors the goat started yelling. The owner heard him and there was a satisfying reunion."


Memorial Day & the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW)

Memorial Day is designated for remembering the military men and women who died while serving in the country’s Armed Forces (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and Coast Guard).

Blackburn-Aurora VFW Post 3348 of Shoreline will be accepting donations for Buddy Poppies in the greater Shoreline area on Fri-Sat, May 25-26; the “Buddy” Poppy has become the true symbol honoring all those veterans who have given their lives in our nation’s wars.

All the donations collected by VFW Post 3348 for Buddy Poppies are used to help veterans. One of the places they donate to is the Shoreline Veterans Center, Compass Housing Alliance. The other donations go to local veteran support organizations in the greater Shoreline/Seattle area.

All male and female veterans who are VFW eligible are invited to review the Post website to check us out. All VFW eligible veterans who served in combat areas, particularly those veterans who served in Iraq or Afghanistan, are most welcome.

Female veterans looking for a place to talk to their fellow veterans and who may be interested in getting more involved with other VFW members, in helping less fortunate veterans, will find it rewarding to join us.

Blackburn-Aurora VFW Post 3348 meets monthly in a meeting room at Acacia Memorial Park, located in Lake Forest Park. We welcome all eligible veterans, be they male or female, all sizes, all races, abled or disabled.

If you see a VFW Post 3348 member on May 25th or 26th at the Fred Meyer store in Shoreline, Lake City, or Thrasher’s Corner, stop by to say hello and pick up your Buddy Poppy along with an American Flag.  


Wild creatures among us: Hip hop little bunny

Text and photos by Wayne Pridemore

A pair of Cottontail rabbits have taken up residency across the street from us. This is a first for us. In the 28 years that we have lived in this home we have seen all kinds of wildlife on our street but never rabbits. What's up Doc?

Since there are a pair of the little bunnies I decided to research the internet to find out about the rabbits. They are herbivores so they eat grasses, sedges, sprouts, and tree bark. Cottontails also eat succulent annuals, weeds, and an occasional garden vegetable.

They are speedy little buggers and can reach speeds up to 18 miles per hour. Cottontails have a life span of 3 years. These rabbits mature early, generally young rabbits can mate at 2 to 3 months of age, and an average litter is 3 to 4 babies.

There are two photos of each of the pair. Can you see the difference?


Rampathon: Irons Brothers builds free ramp for Shoreline resident

Irons Brothers' staff, trade partners, colleagues, friends, and family
built this ramp for a Shoreline resident to get into her back yard
Photo courtesy Irons Brother

On May 19, the Master Builders Association of King and Snohomish Counties (MBAKS) celebrated 25 years of Rampathon, an inspiring community event where volunteers build free wheelchair access ramps to improve mobility for families throughout King and Snohomish counties.

This year, MBAKS and its member volunteers constructed 50 ramps, which would be the most ever built during a single Rampathon event.

Materials to build the ramps are donated by Dunn Lumber. Since 1993, more than 450 ramps have been built with over 30,000 of volunteer hours donated by local builders.

Ramp Captain Joseph Irons, President of Irons Brothers Construction and Past-President of the Master Builders Association of King and Snohomish Counties (MBA), along with his entire team of employees and skilled volunteers designed and constructed a free wheelchair access-ramp for a local Richmond Highlands resident on Saturday, May 19, 2018.

The homeowner was unable to safely access her back yard
Photo courtesy Irons Brothers

Lynn, who suffers from a genetic condition which affects all the bones in her body and causes her joints to disintegrate over time, cannot currently go outside safely. When traveling away from her home she uses a scooter for mobility. Her home doorways are too narrow for the electric scooter to maneuver so she utilizes crutches to navigate from room to room. Lynn has adapted her master suite to accommodate her abilities but is unable to pass through the bedroom door into the backyard as there was currently no safe access.

The Irons Brothers team designed her ramp to exceed simple backyard access. A 5’x 8’ landing off of her bedroom door includes a 27” high handrail that is lower than the typical code railing height but has been calculated for a safe height for her to use.

The ramp allows the resident to access her back yard.
She can enjoy her outdoor space, water her garden and
watch her two playful Pomeranians
Photo courtesy Irons Brothers

Additionally, the landing area will be bordered on either side by a 8’ long ramp to the west and five 18” stair treads to the east side. The ramp team will also connect to her existing west concrete patio with a new concrete walkway. All of this not only creates safe access to her back yard, but it allows for her to enjoy her outdoor space, water her garden and watch her two playful Pomeranians.

Lynn maintains a joyful and positive spirit and is very appreciative of the work that Irons Brothers Construction has agreed to do on her behalf. With this new access, Lynn is looking forward enjoying her home and an improved way of life. This free wheel-chair ramp is being built as part of the Master Builders Association’s 25th anniversary philanthropic project, Rampathon.

This project was constructed out of easy to maintain and eye-pleasing materials and is just one small way that the local craftsman and volunteers from Irons Brothers' staff, trade partners, colleagues, friends, and family helped to change a local resident’s daily life.

Irons Brothers Construction maintains the highest commitment to philanthropy and giving back to the local community. At the end of the day, the reward is that Lynn can safely use her crutches to be outdoors.

Joseph and Melissa Irons, along with an army of staff and volunteers are passionate about helping others in their community. With over a decade of involvement in Rampathon®, as well as other events sponsored by the Master Builders Association, Irons Brothers Construction is a wonderful example of dedicated builders giving back to the neighborhoods they serve.

Special recognition to donors for this recipient’s ramp include:
  • Irons Brothers Construction, Inc. for volunteer labor and materials
  • Dunn Lumber for lumber and concrete material donations


Author of My Oh My: The Dave Niehaus Story, at Third Place Books May 23

This year is the 10th anniversary of Dave Niehaus’ induction into the National Baseball Hall of Fame and local singer/songwriter Billy Mac has chronicled Niehaus’ life and career in his book, My Oh My: The Dave Niehaus Story.

Mac will read from and sign his biography of Dave Niehaus, one of the most revered sports figures in Pacific NW history, on Wednesday, May 23 at 7pm at Third Place Books in Lake Forest Park, upper level Town Center, intersection of Ballinger and Bothell Way. 

Edited by columnist, radio host and sports historian J Michael Kenyon, with forewards by Rick Rizzs and Kevin Cremin, the book tells Niehaus’ life story in nine innings, each representing a chapter in his life. Filled with anecdotes from Dave’s friends, family and colleagues, “My Oh My” contains over 140 pictures, many provided by Dave’s wife, Marilyn.

My Oh My: The Dave Niehaus Story takes the reader through Dave’s years as a young boy in Princeton, Indiana, listening to baseball games on an old Zenith radio; his college years and early broadcasting career at Indiana University; stints with Armed Forces Radio and Television Services, the California Angels and Seattle Mariners; to his induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame and his passing in 2010.

Billy Mac, through your writing, research and knowing the man like you did ... you took us along on David’s journey … reminded us why he was one of the greatest broadcasters of all time … Dave Niehaus was a great storyteller. Billy Mac … thank you for telling his story.My Oh My! — Rick Rizzs, Seattle Mariner Broadcaster, Dave Niehaus’ partner and Keith Jackson Award winner
“My Oh My: The Dave Niehaus Story” will forever be treasured by me, my children and my grandchildren. This book is a wonderful collection of stories to remember David by… a man who was the best husband, father and grandfather one could ever hope for. Thank you Billy for giving us all this gift.— Marilyn Niehaus, Dave’s wife and mother of their three children

Billy Mac
Billy Mac, a friend of Dave Niehaus, grew up in New Orleans and was graduated from Tulane University. He is a life-long singer/songwriter.

As a season-ticket holder for two decades, he was privileged to have been acquainted through the years with many Mariner coaches, players, front office personnel, and baseball writers and broadcasters.

He is a member of the Seattle Mariners RBI Club, a group of civic and business leaders who have supported the team tirelessly since 1979.

Billy and his wife, Grammy®-nominated singer Merrilee Rush, live on a small farm east of Seattle.


SIFF films start Friday at Shoreline Community College - Fri-Sun schedule

SIFF at the Shoreline Community College Theatre

Shoreline Community College's remodeled and upgraded theater is a venue for the prestigious Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF). Showings in Shoreline run from this Friday, May 25 through Saturday, June 2.

Following is the schedule for this weekend, Friday May 25 through Sunday May 27, 2018.

The theater is located at 16101 Greenwood Ave N, Shoreline 98133.

On Chesil Beach
Friday, May 25, 2018 | Shoreline | 7:30 PM

Three-time Academy Award®-nominated actress Saoirse Ronan and rising star Billy Howle play young newlyweds whose honeymoon becomes a comedy of sexual errors in this funny and heartbreaking period drama about the fragility of human relationships.

Bee Nation
Saturday, May 26, 2018 | Shoreline| 1:00 PM

Like an indigenous version of Spellbound, this empowering documentary showcases the determination of six young participants in Canada's inaugural First Nations Provincial Spelling Bee who, with the full support and encouragement of their community, dream of competing in the national championships in Toronto.

Cake General
Saturday, May 26, 2018 | Shoreline | 3:15 PM

Based on a true story, the directorial debut of popular Swedish personalities Filip and Fredrik is an outrageous, unconventional comedy set in the 1980s about an eccentric resident of "the most boring town in Sweden" who decides to put his sleepy hamlet on the map by assembling the world's longest layer cake.

After the War
Saturday, May 26, 2018| Shoreline | 5:45 PM

An Italian insurgent living with his teenaged daughter in France discovers that he no longer has political asylum, and the family he left behind in Italy are forced to answer for his past sins, in this captivating drama illustrating the unintended fallout that can come from radical idealism.

Hot Mess
Saturday, May 26, 2018 | Shoreline | 8:00 PM

In this laugh-a-minute mumblecore slacker comedy out of Australia, budding playwright, college dropout, and complete screw-up Loz (comedian Sarah Gaul) sets her sights on a sweet-seeming divorcé, hoping that an upswing in her dating life will translate to a boost to everything else she's failing at.

Afghan Cycles
Sunday, May 27, 3018 | Shoreline| 1:00 PM

Meet the inspiring women who have come together to fight for their rights - to bicycle. Based in the mountainous province of Bamiyan, the National Cycling Team is Afghanistan's first women's racing league, even though the very act of riding is still considered a "morality crime."

The Captain
Sunday, May 27, 2018 | Shoreline | 3:30 PM

As Germany convulses in the Third Reich's death throes, a young Wehrmacht deserter steals a captain's uniform to avoid execution. The uniform transforms Private Willi Herold into "Hauptmann Herold," who readily embraces the brutality of the Nazi war machine.

Village Rockstars
Sunday, May 27, 2018 | Shoreline | 6:15 PM

A willful 10-year-old girl in rural India decides to form a band, despite the limitations of her impoverished lifestyle, in this observational portrait of self-actualization and the joys and challenges of growing up.

Mademoiselle Paradis
Sunday, May 27, 2018 | Shoreline | 8:30 PM

The true story of a blind 18th century Viennese pianist and composer Maria Theresia von Paradis (Maria Dragus, Graduation) and the remarkable physician who worked to restore her sight despite medical conventions, made with exquisite period detail.


Book Review by Aarene Storms: Once and For All

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Once and For All by Sarah Dessen

Louna is a high school senior set to graduate in a few weeks. Her summer job is (as always) helping with her mom's wedding planning business. Her college plans are set, her best friend is in place, and there is no romance for Louna on the horizon -- which is just as well. She has survived being in love with the perfect boy, but recovering from that wasn't easy and she's not eager to do it again.

Then Louna meets Ambrose: trouble-making brother of the bride, always late, always fidgeting, always irreverent, always flirting with every girl he meets. Louna wants nothing to do with Ambrose.

Because this is a Sarah Dessen novel, readers totally know where the story is going and where all the characters will end up. The journey is familiar and relatively predictable, but it's still kinda fun. Behind-the-scenes details of wedding planning are amusing, the banter between characters is catchy and cute. There are some poignant details scattered gently into the story, but this is essentially a rom-com that should have starred Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks when they were both 17 years old.

Gold star for the appropriate mention of a condom, but no body parts on the page.

The events may not have happened; still, the story is true.  --R. Silvern

Aarene Storms, youth services librarian
Richmond Beach and Lake Forest Park Libraries, KCLS


Choose to Reuse in Lake Forest Park

Choose to Reuse - June 9, 2018!

Lake Forest Park residents - start clearing the closets now. You are invited to Choose to Reuse! Where unwanted household items you thought about taking to the dump may now find a new home.

This event is designed to divert goods from the waste stream and make them available to neighbors and non-profits who can use them.

Heard the saying, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure!? Not only can you bring down unwanted household items, but you can pick up items to reuse or re-purpose. You do not have to drop something off to pick something up.

To drop items off, bring your Choose to Reuse postcard or proof of LFP residency. Cutoff for dropping items off is 1:00pm.

ANYONE, from any city, can take items home.

17425 Ballinger Way NE, Lake Forest Park 98155 - City Hall parking lot

Review the list (located here) for acceptable items you can bring to the event. All items must be in good working order. If the item is accepted, someone will then have the opportunity to bring it home to reuse or re purpose.

This event is not a swap meet. Choose to Reuse is hosted by the City to facilitate the exchange of usable items to reduce waste and encourage reuse and re-purpose.

Choose to Reuse Event Facebook Page


Crime in Shoreline week ending 4-30-18 Stealing from the Poor Box

Selected items from the Shoreline Police blotter week ending April 30, 2018

Trending this week: Suicide threats - 5; Mental issues leading to involuntary commitment for evaluation - 6

04-19  Suspect Trespassed from St. Mark's after trying to steal money from the donation box.
04-22  Person passed out in vehicle in Costco parking lot after heroin overdose.
04-23  Person in District court arrested on warrants was in possession of narcotics.
04-23  Flag stolen from flagpole at home of 97 year old resident.
04-23  Male arrested and Trespassed from neighbor's back yard.
04-24  195xx 25th NE apartment door kicked in, keys taken and car stolen.
04-24  Chain saw stolen from CRT truck.
04-24  Residential burglary at Ballinger Commons through unlocked slider.
04-25  Person at Ballinger Homes was in possession of a illegal butterfly knife with metal knuckles.
04-25  Car door bungeed to side mirror and one rain guard taken from vehicle at Hamlin Park.
04-25  While following up on one suspect, police found two other people with outstanding warrants.
04-26  Unknown subject withdraws cash from Shoreline Chase Bank (and other Chase Banks) from accounts of New Jersey residents.
04-28  Male walks into residence and tells them he is Jesus Christ. Found later by police in School District parking lot. He appeared disoriented and was barefoot in the rain.
04-28  Process server chased away by homeowner with machete.


Goat stolen from owners' back yard in middle of night

This beautiful little kid was stolen from a home at NE 145th and 6th Ave NE around 3am Sunday morning.

The owners heard him screaming and looked out the window to see him being carried to a car by what might have been a girl, wearing a hoodie.

He is likely crying from not only being alone but also because he was not yet weaned from his mother.

If you see him or have any information or if you notice that one of your neighbors suddenly has a goat, please call 206-483-5439. There is a $1,000 reward for his safe return.


Structure fire 18300 block of 9th NE - avoid the area

Shoreline Fire reports they are working a residential structure fire in the 18300 block of 9th Ave NE.

Avoid the area.

Update: Fire department reported that they had the fire out 12 minutes after arrival. No report of injuries.


Runners in jammies raise money for Children's Hospital

Photos by Mike Remarcke

If you were up early enough on Saturday, you would have seen an unusual sight in Lake Forest Park.

Most competitive!

Over a hundred men, women, and children in their pajamas.

It was the Sheridan Guild's PJ Fun Run Get Up and Go 5k fundraiser to benefit uncompensated care and research at Seattle Children’s Hospital.

Best outfits!
Dad and daughter

It was definitely a family affair, with many matching outfits.

Best style!

Participants started at 9am outside of Lake Forest Park City Hall and ran or walked the 5k route (with a 1k option)

Best breakfast!

It ended back at City Hall with a pancake breakfast.

Some flew in to the finish
Some wore their best unicorn running shoes

Have fun - do good.


Sunday is a great day to purchase Garden Tour Tickets

As you shop at the Lake Forest Park Farmers Market, you can purchase your ticket to the Secret Gardens of Lake Forest Park Garden Tour and Market of June 16, 2018.

Tickets for this year’s fabulous tour are available at the Farmers Market, Wildbirds Unlimited, the Town Center Hardware store and Sky Nursery — so whatever your Sunday chores include, add the purchase of a tour ticket.

The ticket for the June 16 Garden Tour allows you to visit six local garden treasures. Your ticket will get entrance to gardens that feature:

-a living wall
-bee friendly habitat
-perennial gardens
-streams that have sea otters, eagles, salmon, king fishers and more
-pathways that flow and encourage meandering
-shelter and nesting places for birds
-rain gardens
-child friendly gardens
-ground cover and pavers

…and so much more

Tickets are also available online.


May Is “Music4Life Month” in King & Snohomish Counties

May is “Music4Life Month” say County Executives Dow Constantine and Dave Somers, as well as the mayors and city councils of several cities in King and Snohomish Counties.

Music4Life™ is the Seattle-based non-profit that acquires “lovingly used” musical instruments from adults who no longer need them, gets them repaired and then provides them to participating public school districts for use by elementary-aged students of low income families.

Besides Seattle Public Schools, Music4Life also operates programs supporting Bremerton, Edmonds, Everett, Highline, Mukilteo, Northshore and Shoreline Public Schools. The program acquires used instruments from adults who understand that their highest and best use is to put them back into play. With adequate resources, Music4Life also buys new musical instruments for school districts.

“Summer is when we have to focus on getting used musical instruments repaired and ready-to-play so that students this fall can start to use them as soon as they are enrolled in school,” says David Endicott, co-founder and president of Music4Life™. 
“We’re very grateful to Dow Constantine, Dave Somers and the mayors of our participating communities for their support in drawing attention to this critical educational need.”

Proclamations declaring city support for the Music4Life initiative have been enacted by Burien, Des Moines, Shoreline, and Lake Forest Park in King County and by Edmonds, Everett and Mill Creek in Snohomish County. Endicott expressed thanks to the mayors and city councils of those communities for supporting the initiative.

“The reason this is so important is because research shows that students who participate in instrumental music programs tend to do better in math, science, history, literature, computer science, international languages, reading, writing and other academic disciplines,” Endicott says. 
“This is in addition to what they learn in terms of teamwork and self-discipline.
“All this is true, unless their parents can’t afford to get them a musical instrument in the first place. And in today’s economy, many parents can’t afford to rent a musical instrument. To this extent, Music4Life is just as much an ‘education program’ as it is a ‘music program.’”

One recent national report found that half of all public school students are from income-eligible families that qualify for participation in the Free-and-Reduced-Lunch program. The Puget Sound area is no exception.

“Our hope is that adults who know of Music4Life will donate their musical instruments to us now so we can get them repaired over the summertime,” Endicott says. “An instrument Donor Form that must accompany the instrument is available for downloading on our website.”

Music4Life enjoys the support of notable music advocates and other community leaders. Gerard Schwarz, world-renowned conductor laureate of the Seattle Symphony Orchestra, has endorsed the program, saying,

 “This wonderful program begins with children in elementary school at a time when, if they’re interested and talented in any way, they have the greatest chance of success. Many people tell me of the impact that direct knowledge of instrumental music has had on their lives. We intend to give this advantage to all our children.”

Music4Life™ is supported in part by grants from the Hazel Miller Foundation, First Choice Health; 4Culture (formerly the Seattle-King County Arts Commission); the Knossos Foundation; various local Rotary, Lions and Kiwanis clubs; the Highline and Northshore Schools Foundations; as well as by the law firm of Garvey Schubert Barer; Seattle Symphony Orchestra, Cascade Symphony Orchestra, the Edmonds Center for the Arts, Kennelly Keys Music stores, Ted Brown Music, Hammond Ashley Violins in Issaquah, the Guitar Center stores and others.

For more information or to donate an instrument to Music4Life, contact , call 206-409-3275 or go to the website.


Statewide communications drill included local HAM radio operators

HAM radio operator
NEMCo volunteers
On Saturday March 31, 2018 Northshore Emergency Management Coalition (NEMCo) volunteers participated in a statewide communications drill.

The functional exercise began at 8:00am with a Request to Report issued via NEMCo’s Alert Northshore notification system.

Nineteen amateur radio operators checked into a resource net and were assigned to report to a specific post for the drill.

Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Services (RACES) volunteers opened the radio rooms at Lake Forest Park, Northshore Utility District and the EOC at Fire Station 51.

Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)volunteers passed sample damage assessment information to each location and RACES members requested equipment from neighboring cities via HAM radio.

During the drill, NEMCo RACES contacted 26 other agencies, including the State of Washington at Camp Murray, Puget Sound Energy, and dozens of cities.

After a disaster, HAM radio would be the only reliable communication tool.

Emergency Preparedness Seminar June 2

The Northshore Emergency Management Coalition (NEMCo) is planning an emergency preparedness seminar on June 2, 2018, from 9am-1pm. Once again this year, the seminar will be held at the Northshore Fire Department in Kenmore (7220 NE 181st Street Kenmore 98028).

Topics include: Fire extinguisher use and safety, utility shut-off, food preparedness, emergency kits, etc. Reserve a spot by contacting Carl Lunak at or 425-354-1744.


Home improvement vendor fair Tuesday

Informal and informative vendors' fair
at Shoreline City Hall Tuesday
Photo courtesy City of Shoreline

Home Improvement Vendor Fair and Workshop, Tuesday, May 22, 6 - 8 pm, at Shoreline City Hall, 17500 Midvale Avenue North

Do you have a home improvement project in mind, but need some guidance to get it started?

Knowledgable local vendors will be on hand Tuesday to answer your questions, from construction to finances to rebates!

  • Soak It Up Rebate program (Shoreline Public Works)
  • Fosmore Construction
  • Irons Brothers Construction
  • NW Electric and Solar
  • Dunn Lumber
  • Seattle Metropolitan Credit Union
  • Signature Surveying and Mapping
  • H2D Architecture
  • Home Depot
  • Master Gardener program
  • CNL Design
  • Renewals by Anderson
  • Green Home Solutions 

For more information contact Jarrod Lewis 206-801-2521.


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