Photo: August rose

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Photo by Steven H. Robinson

Hopefully not the last rose of summer...


The Pink Panther comes to the Senior Center

Shoreline-Lake Forest Park Senior Center and Scarecrow Video’s Silver Cinema Project partner to show some of the most beloved classics for all to enjoy again and again.

In September, The Pink Panther will be shown on Friday, September 6, 2019 from 1:30-3:30pm in the Bridge Room.

The film runs for one hour and 55 minutes.

There is a suggested donation of $2.

The bumbling Inspector Clouseau travels to Rome to catch a notorious jewel thief known as "The Phantom" before he conducts his most daring heist yet: a princess' priceless diamond with one slight imperfection, known as "The Pink Panther".

Enjoy those memorable scenes of the antics of Inspector Clouseau. The costume party was one of them. Remember? If you don't, then you have a treat coming.

Henry Mancini’s music provides the right mood for Peter Sellers, David Niven, Capucine, Claudia Cardinale and Robert Wagner.

The film was selected in 2010 to be preserved by the Library of Congress as part of its National Film Registry, being deemed "culturally, historically, and aesthetically significant."

The Shoreline-Lake Forest Park Senior Center is located in the southern-most building of the Shoreline Senior Center, 18560 1st Ave NE #1, (facing 185th) 206-365-1536.

Such a nice way to spend a Friday afternoon with your sweetie or friends! Come, enjoy!


Washington state's new immunization law: How does it affect you?

Photo courtesy Public Health
Seattle and King County Public Health

Your back to school routine may look a little different this year. 

That’s because Washington State recently passed a law removing personal/ philosophical exemptions for MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella) vaccine. 

The law also requires employees and volunteers at licensed childcare centers to provide immunization records indicating they’ve received the MMR vaccine or have proof of immunity.

Why the change?

2019 has been a record-breaker, with over 1200 measles cases in 30 states – more than any other year since 1992. Washington State earned its place in the headlines, with 85 cases since January, including 12 in King County.

The vast majority of Washington State students are immunized against measles. Yet during this outbreak, 80% of the state’s cases were among unvaccinated children, offering a sobering reminder: when even a subset of the community is unimmunized, vaccine-preventable diseases can quickly gain a foothold.

Is measles really that serious?

Yes. Measles is one of the world’s most contagious diseases. If one person has measles, nine out of 10 people in direct contact with that person who aren’t immune (protected) will also get infected. People can be contagious before they realize they’re sick, and unwittingly spread the disease. Measles can be dangerous — serious cases can lead to brain damage and even death.

In contrast, MMR vaccine is very safe and effective. One dose is about 93% effective at preventing measles, and two doses are 97% effective.


Scene on the Sound: Ferry headed south

Photo by Lien Titus

Lien Titus was surprised to see a Washington state ferry headed south past Richmond Beach.

Jan Hansen says that "Ferries go past north, south, east, west and in circles at various times. Often they are shuttled north and south to augment heavy traffic schedules or to substitute for vessels needing maintenance or repair.  Sea trials put boats through their paces and include circular patterns."

She identified this ferry as the M/V Sealth, which is occasionally moved between the San Juan Island routes and the Fauntleroy/Vashon/Southworth route.


Dahlia show continues Sunday at Sky Nursery

Photo by Martin Král

Continuing on Sunday August 25, 2019 at Sky Nursery, the Dahlia Show gives flower lovers, gardeners, photographers, and community activists a wonderful opportunity to take in the sea of colorful blooms in the natural light of Sky's greenhouse.

This dahlia show attracts competitive dahlia raisers from throughout the Northwest.

The event is free and show hours are 9am - 4pm on Sunday.

Sky Nursery 18528 Aurora Ave, Shoreline 98133


Bubbles, Spanish dancers, and face paint - Frolic at the Lake was a family-friendly event

Children dance through a storm of bubbles

By Diane Hettrick
Photos by Wayne Pridemore

The Echo Lake Neighborhood Association (ELNA) held their second Frolic at the Lake on Thursday, August 22, 2019 in Echo Lake Park.

The Big Red Truck had a full menu

The Big Red Truck sold a full menu of food. I can personally vouch for the Big Kahuna sandwich, but suggest a lot of napkins and a bib to go with it. Appropriately for a kid-friendly event, there were three kinds of macaroni and cheese.

Dennis Terpstra has to decide between brownies and cupcakes

Shoreline's Sweet Pearl Bakery was there with delicious brownies that sold out before the evening was over, cookies, and beautiful cupcakes in pretty pink boxes.

Nicole Sowers of Sweet Pearl Bakery sold cupcakes with
mermaid tails diving into a purple and white sea of frosting

Sweet Pearl has become a staple at the Frolics. Their cupcakes are works of edible art.

The Spanish dance group from Echo Lake Elementary was absolutely charming. They were having such a good time - clearly and justifiably proud of themselves. They ranged in age from rising preschool to Einstein.

Beautiful costumes and spirited dancing

The littlest almost preschooler stood up with the rest, had an attack of shyness and ran to her mom. "She always does that," I was told. "She'll be ready next year." She sat out the performances.

Boys from left: Jayden Landeros, Josuha Toledo-Fischer, Christian Landeros,
In front: Alice Landeros

They did two dance sets, with twirling skirts and stamping feet. They finished with La Macarena with some audience members spontaneously joining in.

River King-Jahnke opted for a rainbow

Aubrye Jacques is an artist with face paint. The kids were lined up all evening for a chance to get some wearable art.

Everyone wanted some wearable art from Aubrye
and were willing to wait for it.
I saw one girl with a beautiful blue and glitter creation and a boy with a spider and web. Aubrye had a demo card so customers could choose their design.

The Bubbleman delighted the children

Then the Bubbleman did his set - full of goofy irreverence and silliness that had children dancing around him through storms of bubbles.

The event was open to the public. The Frolics will be held again next year - watch for them in August - and bring the kids.


Photo: Sharing a beer

Saturday, August 24, 2019

Sharing a beer
Photo by Mike Remarcke

Sharing a beer - although I suspect the human is doing the sharing and this particular creature is doing the drinking.

Never argue with things with stings.


Photos: North City fire station gets vertical

After weeks of demolition and site preparation, the North City fire station construction is getting interesting visually.

Here are some photos taken by Mike Remarcke on August 16, 2019

The station is on N 180th, just west of 15th NE. It serves the entire 15th street corridor.


Lake Forest Park and campaign signs

During campaign season, signs are everywhere
Photo by Steven H. Robinson in 2011
During this campaign season, the City of Lake Forest Park would like to remind the community about the rules for political signs:

Be careful where you place them:
Political signs may be placed on public rights-of-way or on private property with permission of the owner. 
However, they must be situated in such a way as to not create a traffic or safety hazard. 
All political signs must be removed within five days following the election.

Don't steal signs

According to RCW 29A.84.040, “A person who removes or defaces lawfully placed political advertising including yard signs or billboards without authorization is guilty of a misdemeanor punishable to the same extent as a misdemeanor that is punishable under RCW 9A.20.021. The defacement or removal of each item constitutes a separate violation.”

The LFP Police Department patrol officers are aware of these regulations, and are keeping an eye out for violators.


Cartoon by Whitney Potter: Confucius say...

Previous cartoons by Whitney Potter can be found under Features 
in the first column of the front page of the Shoreline Area News


Town Center Vision Open House and Public Comment Sept 12

Town Center Vision Open House and Public Comment – September 12, 2019

The Mayor and City Council of Lake Forest Park invite you to an open house to share your thoughts on the revised Town Center Vision statement, found here.

Town Center Vision Open House and Public Comment
Thursday, September 12, 2019
6:15pm  - 8pm
Lake Forest Park Elementary School 18550 37th Avenue NE
Lake Forest Park 98155

Since 2017, public input has been shaping the Vision. The most recent draft published last spring has been updated with new material based on community comments. 

The Council may take action to formally adopt the Vision as soon as September 26, 2019.

This is a family friendly event. Mark your calendars and save the date! For more information, visit


Book review by Aarene Storms: A Story Like the Wind

A Story Like the Wind by Gill Lewis

In a small boat,
with a small hope,
in a rising wind,
on a rising sea...

The boat isn't really a boat, it's an inflatable pool toy. And yet, there are people on it, strangers, people who have come from a dangerous place, looking for safety.

The boy Rami has only the thing he grabbed as he ran, the thing he could not live without: a violin. He refuses to take food from other passengers, because he has nothing to share with them.

But of course, he does have something to share: a song and a story born out of oppression and resistance and respect and independence and hope.

The story-within-the-story is the traditional Mongolian tale of Suke, a young shepherd boy who raised an orphan foal to be a great strong white stallion. When the Dark Lord brought oppression and poverty to the people, only the boy and his horse stood up and refused to capitulate, and they pay a terrible price.

The old Mongolian story reminds the passengers on the boat why they escaped, it makes them think of what they left behind, and most of all: after hearing the story, they are able to share their hopes for the new land ahead.

Prettily illustrated, this small book would be a good choice to share. Recommended for readers and listeners of all ages.

The events may not have happened; still, the story is true. --R. Silvern

Aarene Storms, youth services librarian
Richmond Beach and Lake Forest Park Libraries, KCLS


Shoreline Rotary packs 200 backpacks at Ridgecrest

Shoreline Rotarians  and their guests stand by their backpack packing results as Shoreline School District PIO Curtis Campbell snaps a picture.

Shoreline Rotarians, including their special guests and exchange students, gathered at Ridgecrest Elementary School in Shoreline early Wednesday morning, August 21, 2019, to pack school supplies into backpacks for kids coming back to school.

The school backpack program was launched nearly eight years ago by a consortium of School District, YMCA and Hopelink staff to give a head start to students in need.

This year, Rotarians packed over 200 of the backpacks with binders, notebook paper, pencils and other necessities. 

In total, backpacks will be given to more than 1000 youngsters.

Shoreline Rotary President Dr. Andrew Thurman (photo, right) keeps the assembly line moving smoothly as Shoreline Rotarians and their guests pack backpacks for kids.


Shoreline and Woodway negotiate an agreement on Point Wells concerns

Courtesy of City of Shoreline
After years of working separately with Snohomish County and BSRE, the City of Shoreline and the Town of Woodway have agreed to unify their approach and work together to evaluate and address the impacts of BSRE’s proposed redevelopment of Point Wells. 

The cities believe there is a realistic way to achieve a successful and sustainable redevelopment of Point Wells that enhances the character of the surrounding communities. 

However, both cities agree that BSRE’s current “Urban Center” proposal does not adequately consider the environmental conditions at the site or the transportation infrastructure that will serve the site.

The cities agree that redevelopment of Point Wells must respect the transportation level of service standards mutually agreed upon by our communities.

A landslide brought down the road from Point Wells
to the Town of Woodway
Photo courtesy Dept of Ecology
Redevelopment must protect Puget Sound views, establish public access to the waterfront, and adequately address the landslide hazard risks associated with the site. Any redevelopment at Point Wells must also provide the infrastructure improvements needed to reduce the impacts of such redevelopment.

The road to Point Wells is a two lane blacktop with a hillside to the east
and a ten foot drop off to the railroad tracks on the west
Photo by Diane K. Hettrick

To achieve this goal, the cities have been working towards incorporating these concepts into an agreement. 

A final agreement will resolve existing areas of conflict between the cities to the benefit of both communities and their taxpayers. The proposed agreement will address traffic and transportation, development standards, annexation, and sewer utility service.

One of BSRE's concept drawings for Point Wells
Shoreline and Woodway recognize the importance of allowing the public to view and comment on any proposed Agreement. 

Accordingly, each city has scheduled a public discussion with their respective city Councils in open public session on Monday, September 23. 

A draft of the agreement will be available on each city’s website in early September for public review.

Although the cities are committed to resolve these issues in a collaborative manner, Point Wells is in unincorporated Snohomish County and BSRE’s Urban Center permit application is being processed by Snohomish County. 

The cities are not in control of the review and approval process. 

We also note that a court recently ruled that BSRE has until mid-December to attempt to correct deficiencies to their Urban Center permit application.


Death Notices for July 1 - 31, 2019

Friday, August 23, 2019

Painting by Chrystine Westphal
Obituaries are condensed biographies of people's lives, written by the people who loved them.

Like a memorial service, they tell us things we may not have known about the person, and may leave us wishing we had known them better

Obituaries extracted from The Seattle Times and other sources

David T. Pogson 1960 - 2019 David was a graduate of O'Dea High School, Shoreline Community College and North Seattle College.

Daniel Kuhn 1981 - 2019 Attended Shoreline Community College.

Steve Thoreson Memorial service held at the Innis Arden Clubhouse.

Judy Van Amburgh 1945 - 2019 Services at St. Mark's in Shoreline. Her professional life was spent at UW Medical Center, Stevens Hospital and Virginia Mason Hospital. She loved her family, friends, and most of all, her animals.

Roger Matthew Bean 1957 - 2019 Roger was raised in Shoreline with his three sisters and graduated from Shoreline High in 1975.

Bruce L. Smith 1938 - 2019 After retirement he spent 15 years assisting in the art department at Shoreline Community College. He was multi-talented in all art forms, with some on display at his church, Bethel Lutheran in Shoreline, where his services were held.

Pamela (Rigney) Pearson 1951 - 2019 She grew up in Shoreline attending St. Mark's, Morgan Jr. High and Shorecrest High School.

Donald John Hopen 1936 - 2019 In 1977 he married Karen Lorentzen and they lived in Shoreline for 42 years. Don served in the Naval Reserve and spent his entire career in the marine industry.

Alasdair Kirby 1961 - 2019 Memorial service at St. Luke for Lake Forest Park resident Kirby. Born in London, he crewed across the Atlantic five times, and was shipwrecked in Nova Scotia "an adventure that provided good stories, like his pierced ear, told over Irish whiskey or a pint."

Rosemary Ellen Guiley 1950 - 2019 Raised in Shoreline and attended Shoreline High School. Guiley was the author of 65 books on the paranormal. She was a frequent speaker, radio guest, and was featured in many television documentaries. She was buried in Acacia in Lake Forest Park.

Marie Louise Malneritch 1930 - 2019 Taught 1st grade at Echo Lake Elementary in Shoreline until her retirement. She was the first President of Kappa Kappa Iota teaching sorority.

Kathryn Lee (Reinbold) Hagstrom 1938 - 2019 Married Richard Hagstrom and raised their three sons in Shoreline.


Photo: Sid grabbed a little shut-eye before venturing forth to crack the next hard nut...

Photo by Gloria Z Nagler

Sid grabbed a little shut-eye before venturing forth to crack the next hard nut...


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To our email subscribers:

Yesterday's edition put all the photos that were centered or right-justified waaaaay off to the right margin.

It was caused by some errant style code that snuck in with the spreadsheet in the elections report.

Carl Dinse has cleaned out the code and today should be fine.

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Diane Hettrick


Northshore Fire Commissioner vacancy

The Northshore Fire Department (King County Fire Protection District No. 16), serving the cities of Lake Forest Park and Kenmore, has a vacancy in Commissioner Position #4. 

The vacancy will be filled by appointment with term lasting through certification of the November 2019 General Election. The position is scheduled for election in the November 2019 General Election.

Commissioners act as the board of directors for the fire department. If you are interested in serving your community as Fire Commissioner, please submit a letter of interest and statement of qualifications to the district’s Board Secretary and Acting Fire Chief no later than 5:00pm on September 5, 2019.

*Note: application deadline extended due to cancellation of the September 4th Board Meeting.*

Kate Hansen, Board Secretary
Eric Magnuson, Acting Fire Chief
7220 NE 181st Street
Kenmore, WA 98028
Phone: 425-354-1780
Fax: 425-354-1781

All qualified candidates will be interviewed by the Board of Fire Commissioners. Candidate interviews are tentatively scheduled for September 11, 2019 at 5:00pm. Applicants will be notified if any changes are made to the tentative schedule. Candidates will be interviewed in the order received.

Requirements: Applicants must be a registered voter residing within the fire district. The fire district boundary is consistent with the city boundaries of Lake Forest Park and Kenmore.

Additional information about the role of a fire commissioner can be found in the Washington State Fire Commissioners ‘Commissioner Handbook’ or by contacting one of the current Northshore Fire Commissioners 

8-23-19 Notice has been updated from original posting
8-24-19  The term of this appointment will only be until the election in November is certified, not until the end of the year.


Cold War veteran to speak at the American Legion Post 227 meeting

The American Legion Post 227 in Shoreline will hold their monthly meeting on Tuesday evening, September 3, 2019. A meet and greet starts at 6:30pm and the program starts at 7:00pm. Both veterans and the public at large are invited and welcome to attend.

The meeting will be held at Post 227, located at 14521 17th Ave NE, Shoreline 98155  [Behind Goodwill @ NE 145th St and 15th Ave NE]

Our guest speaker, Anthony (Tony) Ascanio, will talk about his service in the USAF in the Strategic Air Command under the notorious General Curtis LeMay. He worked on electrical systems of the B-47 bomber and later on the phase-in of the Boeing-built B-52 bomber. His service, from 1955 to 1959, came at a critical time in Cold War relations. There will be the opportunity for questions after the presentation.

A brief intermission for refreshments after the talk will allow visitors to depart. Post 227 members are urged to stay for the post meeting that will follow the intermission. We hope to see you at the meeting.

While you are at the meeting, you can check out the Post Library that includes a large collection of military related books, video tapes and DVDs. Any of these can be checked out, used and returned by post members and community without charge.


Shoreline Walks: King’s Garden and Echo Lake Walk + Dahlia Show - Sunday

Dahlia show at Sky this weekend

King’s Garden and Echo Lake Walk + Dahlia Show

Join walk leader Cheryl on Sunday, August 25, 2019 at 9:30am for an easy morning walk and then visit the Puget Sound Dahlia Show at Sky Nursery. We’ll walk from Sky Nursery through neighborhoods to King’s Garden and then back via the interurban trail. Dahlia Show is Free. 

Walk is 2 miles in length and rated Easy and accessible.

The free group walk is part of the City of Shoreline’s “Shoreline Walks” community walking program helping Shoreline adults stay active, meet new people (or connect with old friends) and feel safer and more confident exploring our city by foot. 

No need to sign up, just show up with your walking shoes! Meet at Sky Nursery, 18528 Aurora Ave N. (Parking lot next to Aurora/Hwy 99)

More information on Shoreline Walks here or call Recreation Specialist Marianne Johnson at 206-801-2638.


Call for Artists: 2019 Holiday Crafts Market

Holiday Crafts Market – Call for Artists - Deadline: September 3, 2019

The City of Shoreline and the Shoreline-Lake Forest Park have partnered this year to bring you the 15th Annual Shoreline Holiday Crafts Market.

For one special day each year, just in time for the holidays, dozens of juried artisans transform two rooms of the Spartan Recreation Center into a festive gallery of handcrafted treasures and treats.

How to apply

Please fill out the application form online completely. You may include up to 5 images of work in all categories you wish to sell, the price range of the items, and a photo of your booth set-up if you have one. Please include a brief description of your work. Color copies, drawings, or whatever best represents your work may be submitted in place of photos. Your work will be judged on this information only.

Submit your application by Tuesday, September 3, 2019.

Selection Process

All items for sale must be handcrafted by the applying artist. No imported, manufactured/kit jewelry, or commercially prepared merchandise will be accepted.

Event Date: Saturday, November 23, 2019 from 9am - 4pm

Both the City of Shoreline, and the Shoreline-Lake Forest Park Arts Council rely on email as the primary means of communication.

Address questions to 206-801-2600, or email

The Shoreline-Lake Forest Park Arts Council is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to cultivate creativity and inspire our community through the arts.


SR 99 Aurora bridge down to one lane in each direction this weekend

Paving the Aurora Bridge

If all goes well, this weekend – Aug. 24-25 – could be the final weekend of lane reductions on the SR 99 Aurora bridge in Seattle. The bridge will be reduced to one lane in each direction starting at 7pm Friday and all lanes will reopen by 5am Monday.

This weekend contractor crews will repave the north end of the northbound lanes.

To finish paving they need dry weather and the concrete deck to be in decent condition. If the deck needs significant repairs, the paving could require additional weekends. Contractor crews have repaved about three-quarters of the bridge and so far the deck repairs have not been extensive.


Jobs: City of Mountlake Terrace

Thursday, August 22, 2019

The City of Mountlake Terrace has an opening for a Finance Coordinator

Under direction of the Finance Director or his/her designee, responsible for general clerical and Accounts Payable processing expertise to the organization, and assists in the preparation of a variety of financial reports.

This is a Union-represented position.

For more information view the attached job description.… Read on

Status Open
Category Full-Time Employment Opportunities
Published Aug 22, 2019



WSDOT has an opening for a Secretary Senior

Closing Date/Time: Thu. 08/29/19 11:59 PM

WSDOT has a great opportunity in Shoreline for an energetic administrative professional. As a Secretary Senior you'll provide a wide variety of complex secretarial and administrative support to internal staff members as well as external stakeholders and will play a pivotal role in the overall success of the office. Reporting to the Engineering Manager, position will also support the Sno-King Design Engineering Manager and two design offices.

View the entire posting and apply: Secretary Senior''


Jobs: City of Shoreline

The City of Shoreline has an opening for:

Engineer I – Surface Water

The Surface Water Utility (SWU) team resides within the Utility and Operations Division of the Public Works Department. SWU team has seven core members who are effective in working both independently and as a team. It is an exciting time to be a part of the SWU team as we are currently rolling out a series of program improvements and expansions based on the 2018 Surface Water Master Plan update.

The ideal candidate will possess knowledge of surface water and storm drainage systems and can lead projects and programs. The position will work closely with SWU staff and other City teams, including, but not limited to, engineering, maintenance, and planning/permitting groups. Regular activities will also include interactions with the general public and staff from other agencies. Skills in communication, organization, initiative, problem-solving, teamwork, and flexibility are highly valued.

Link to review and apply for the job


Keep on Truckin’

Three food trucks to choose from
Photo courtesy RBCA

On Wednesday, August 21, 2019 the Richmond Beach Community Association hosted the popular Food Truck Wednesday event sponsored by Tradewinds Capital Management at the Richmond Beach Saltwater Park.

Good food helps overcome cloudy weather
Photo courtesy RBCA

The weather didn’t keep people away from sampling food from three food trucks: Tabassum, Yummy 8 and Auntie’s Family Kitchen which pitched in at the last minute. Music from the popular steel drum band Toucans helped round out the evening.

If you were unable to attend, don’t worry, you’ll get a second chance next Wednesday, August 28th

The Toucans Steel Drum Band
Photo courtesy RBCA

Come experience three different food trucks while listening to the acoustic string band sounds of The Wiretappers. The trucks will be open for business from 5:00 to 8:00pm and will be in the lower parking lot of the Saltwater Park, 2021 NW 190th Street.

Enjoy your food and join the bands at the upper shelter above the parking lot for a family-friendly beach party!

Corrected: name of band in photo


Shoreline Police offer personal safety and awareness class

Shoreline Police are offering a free, four-part training session for  Personal Safety, Awareness, and Response (PSAR).

The program is designed to raise awareness and get you in the mindset of personal safety/intuition, active shooter incidents and response, and provide you with basic self-defense techniques.

The class is free to the community but spaces are limited. 

The class has four meetings on Wednesday and Thursdays, October 16-24, 2019.

Register with Dahlia Corona 206-801-2719 or email.

Filling out an application does not guarantee registration / participation in the program. You will need to pass a background check to participate.

Light refreshments will be provided.


Possible congestion on the Burke-Gilman Trail, Friday, August 23

The RSVP ride to Canada

One of Cascade Bicycle Club's biggest rides leaves tomorrow at 5:30am - 7:30am from UW's Intramural Sports Field Parking Lot. 

1600 to 2500 cyclists will then head to the Burke-Gilman Trail where it crosses Union Bay Place NE, following the trail through Seattle to Lake Forest Park until the departure onto E Riverside Dr in Bothell.

If your morning commute is along the Burke-Gilman trail during this time, you may encounter congestion. Please use lights and reflectors if commuting early, share the trail, and be aware of extra traffic heading west to east. Read More


August 25th is Sundae Sunday at RBCC

You are invited to join us to "put a cherry on top" of Summer.

Join us for Worship at 10:00am or come around 11:15am and be our guest for Ice Cream Sundaes on the front lawn (inside if the weather doesn't cooperate). Choose your toppings and celebrate the end of Summer with us. 
Cherries on us!

Richmond Beach Congregational Church, 


Op-Ed: Protest child detention Sunday, August 25 from 10:00am to 11:00am

Protest in Lake Forest Park
Photo by Luanne Brown

By Luanne Brown

For the past several weeks, a small group of people have been gathering at the corner of Ballinger Way and Bothell Way NE (SR 522) with signs to protest the separation of children from their families at the U.S. Mexico border.

Participants object not only to the separation and incarceration of asylum-seekers, but to their reported treatment by government-funded private facilities where they are said to be held in squalid conditions without adequate nutrition, hygiene, physical, and emotional safety. 

These neglectful conditions have resulted in the deaths of several children. And the cruelty toward these dependents grows harsher by the day as the Trump administration rips screaming babies from their mothers’ arms, threatens longer detainments, and claims they will not vaccinate detained children in border detention facilities during the coming flu season.

Attendees of last week’s protest included concerned citizens from Lake Forest Park, Shoreline, and Woodinville and surrounding suburbs. 

Charles Anstett, an activist from Lake Forest Park and one of the organizers, said “We are protesting because we think the separating children from their parents and detaining them by locking them in cages is immoral. All Americans of good conscience need to stand up and speak out.”

Another activist, Lael White of Mountlake Terrace said she came because, "I want people to think about how our government is conducting severely inhumane treatment of innocent people at our border, families who are seeking asylum."

Doug Margeson, of Woodinville, brought his American flag to the protest. “I just came to support the cause. It’s not right to separate families,” he said.

Linda Baarslag-Benson of Lake Forest Park, who attended the protest with her husband Ross Baarslag-Benson, said “We have been shocked and sickened by the news of this inhumane treatment of immigrant children at our border and felt a strong call to action ourselves. We set out to do our own weekly vigil in Lake Forest Park. 

"Our goal is to bear witness to this dark time in our country and to highlight this truth, that ALL children are OUR children.”

House guests, of the Baarslag-Bensons,’ Bobbi Crane and Tom Arvidson from Missoula, Montana joined their hosts at the protest. According to Crane, “We don’t get too many opportunities to protest in Montana, so we welcomed the opportunity to support this effort.”

If you believe that it’s wrong to crush young lives with such cruelty, join us next Sunday. Let the world know that the north-end residents have had enough and demand kinder, more compassionate treatment that reunites families, not separates them.

Protests are planned every Sunday for the indefinite future.

10am to 11am
At the corner of Ballinger Way and Bothell Way NE (SR 522)


Official Final Aug. 6 Primary Election results

Official Final Aug. 6 Primary Election results 
Certified Tuesday, August 20, 2019

(#Top two vote getters for each position qualify for the November 5 general election ballot)

Lake Forest Park City Council Position 6
Ballots Counted: 3,980
* Registered Voters: 10,146 39.23%
#Tom French 1,864 49.92%
#Tracy Furutani 1,060 28.39%
Justin Johnson 785 21.02%
Write-in 25 0.67%
City of Shoreline Council Position 4
Ballots Counted 13,238
Registered Voters: 38,427 34.45%
#David Chen 6,276 49.55%
#Doris McConnell 4,119 32.52%
Ginny Scantlebury  2,223 17.55%
Write-in 49 0.39%
Shoreline School District No. 412, Director District 5
Ballots Counted:  17,212
* Registered Voters:  48,516 35.48%
#Sara Betnel 8,606 56.38%
#Joe Cunningham 6,020 39.44%
Mike Dee McMullin 551 3.61%
Write-in 86 0.56%


Ginny Scantlebury endorses Doris McConnell for Shoreline City Council

Ginny Scantlebury
Ginny Scantlebury, who placed third in the August 6 primary for a position on the Shoreline City Council, has endorsed incumbent Councilwoman Doris McConnell over challenger David Chen in the November 5 general election.

Chen led voting in the primary with 49.55 percent to 32.52 percent for McConnell and 17.55 percent for Scantlebury.

Here is Scantlebury’s endorsement letter:

I am endorsing Doris McConnell because she is very approachable and willing to listen to her constituents. She always works to do what is best for everyone in the City of Shoreline and follows through. You can Trust Doris! My passion is to protect all the residents in Shoreline and our way of living.
Doris has an established history of reaching across the aisle when the city council members are trying to reach a difficult decision. She listens to others first and then expresses her own opinion.
Take a look at her opponent’s endorsements. Many of his contributions and endorsements are from outside Shoreline. He also has the support of the Washington Realtors PAC (top 5 contributors: Washington Realtors, Spokane Association of Realtors, Seattle King County Association of Realtors, Kitsap Association of Realtors, National Association of Realtors)
My team and I are partnering with Doris to make Shoreline a better place. Please consider joining me for the greater good of your city.
Ginny Scantlebury

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