In the Garden Now: ‘Cleopatra’ Canna Lily is an exotic beauty

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Story and photo by Victoria Gilleland

‘Cleopatra’ Canna Lily is an exotic beauty. She’s one of a kind… just like that femme fatale of antiquity, Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt.
Her striking flowers are red, butter yellow, and cream freckled in shades of red with an occasional red stripe. Leaves are a rich green with swaths of dark purple.

Picasso could have had a hand in putting together this fabulous color palette!


North Seattle student graduates from Pacific University

FOREST GROVE, Ore. (July 22, 2021)

Kirsten Nicole Ma of Seattle graduated from Pacific University in Oregon in May 2021 with a Doctor of Optometry from the College of Optometry.

Founded in 1849, Pacific University is a comprehensive university offering undergraduate, graduate and professional programs in the liberal arts and sciences, business, education, health professions and optometry. 

Pacific is the No. 1 private research university in the Pacific Northwest and serves nearly 4,000 students in a diverse and sustainable community dedicated to discovery and excellence in teaching, scholarship and practice.


Local Resident named to Pacific University Dean's List

FOREST GROVE, Ore. (July 22, 2021)

Zane French of Shoreline was named to the dean's list for the Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 terms at Pacific University in Forest Grove, Oregon.

Founded in 1849, Pacific University is a comprehensive university offering undergraduate, graduate and professional programs in the liberal arts and sciences, business, education, health professions and optometry. 

Pacific is the No. 1 private research university in the Pacific Northwest and serves nearly 4,000 students in a diverse and sustainable community dedicated to discovery and excellence in teaching, scholarship and practice.


Chamber of Commerce to hear from new schools superintendent at August 11 meeting

Dr. Susana Reyes
Dr. Susana Reyes, our new Superintendent of Shoreline Schools, will be the featured speaker at the free Zoom meeting of the Shoreline Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday, August 11, 2021 from 11:30am - 1pm, open to the public.

This will give the community a chance to hear directly from Dr. Reyes in advance of school starting.

Here is the link to register: Shoreline Chamber of Commerce - August ZOOM Luncheon Networking Event Featuring Shoreline Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Susana Reyes


North City Tech Meetup August 2, 2021: The Science Behind Smell and the Marketing of Fragrance

North City Tech Meetup August 2nd Presentation
The Science Behind Smell and the Marketing of Fragrance

By Reitha Weeks, PhD; Scientist, Educator, Volunteer

Monday, August 2, 2021, 7 to 9pm
Online Zoom Meeting

Free and open to everyone

The Science Behind Smell and the Marketing of Fragrance

Presentation description:

Our noses are amazing molecular detectors but how much do we really know about our sense of smell? How do we detect and perceive smells? What smells are associated with certain diseases? How effective is aromatherapy? Come explore the sense of smell - from the biology that makes it possible to the chemistry behind fragrances and essential oils.

Our detection of smells relies on anatomy, but our perception of smells is influenced by psychology - the power of suggestion and association. We may find it hard to describe fragrances, but we are surrounded by fragrances in everyday products. Fragrance labels and the regulations for those labels are varied. 

Whether fragrance molecules come from essential oils or laboratory synthesis, smell is an important part of our lives that we don’t appreciate until we lose it.

Reitha Weeks, PhD.
Bio: Reitha Weeks, PhD; Scientist, Educator, Volunteer

Dr. Weeks received her BS in Home Economics, Foods and Nutrition from Oregon State University and PhD in Genetics from the University of Washington. 

She worked for 13 years in the biotech industry at multiple large and small drug development companies in Seattle. 

Her career took her from bench scientist to company director which meant involvement in business and regulatory decisions as well as discovery science. 

She was Program Manager for Science Outreach at Northwest Association for Biomedical Research (NWABR) for nine years.

Currently she is Program Coordinator for Shoreline Community College’s biotech summer camps for high school students ( She also teaches classes at Edmonds Community College Creative Retirement Institute.

She is an active member in Association for Women in Science (AWIS), Organization for Regulatory and Clinical Associates (ORCA), Northwest Science Writers Assn (NSWA) and American Association of University Women (AAUW).

Meeting details

No RSVP required, but appreciated, on our page for this event:

Zoom Meeting Information
  • Topic: North City Tech Meetup: The Science Behind Smell and the Marketing of Fragrance
  • Time: Aug 2, 2021 07:00 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 837 5645 6206
Passcode: 450105

The North City Tech Meetup

The North City Tech Meetup is a free meetup, usually the first Monday of each month at one of our local libraries: Lake Forest Park, Shoreline or Kenmore. People of all levels of interest and experience are encouraged to attend. There is always time for introductions and discussions. Skip the traffic and join with your fellow north-enders once a month for interesting presentations and discussions.

Group site:

For the time being all North City Tech Meetups will be online using Zoom.


Book review by Aarene Storms: A Fire Story

A Fire Story by Brian Fies
(graphic novel/memoir)

October 7, 2017 was the beginning of the Tubbs Fire. It was, at the time, the most destructive and deadliest wildfire in California state history (since then, the Camp Fire has taken that dubious honor). 

Tubbs burned more than 36,000 acres and killed at least 22 people. 

Author/illustrator Brian Fies and his wife Karen woke up, loaded their pets and a few possessions into the back of a car and escaped. Their home -- and the houses of most of their neighbors in Santa Rosa -- burned to the ground.

The vast destruction of the Tubbs Fire is difficult to grasp, but the thousands of tiny losses experienced by the Fies family and others is relatable. Although the narrative begins with the immediate danger of fire, it continues on to describe the aftermath: staying with family, finding a temporary apartment, discovering that their "comprehensive homeowners insurance" was not even partly comprehensive.

At one point, the author tries to remember if he owns a wristwatch. His wife asks, "did you put one on, the night we left home?" He hadn't. 

And so, we understand, if he ever owned a wristwatch, he didn't own one anymore.

The narrative covers the escape from immediate danger, and also the traumatic aftermath. The loss of keepsakes and treasures was difficult enough for survivors. 

Their experience was made worse by unscrupulous insurance agencies, builders, and other carpetbaggers who swarmed and attempted to exploit victims of the fire.

The Tubbs Fire taught crisis managers a lot of processes and skills that have been used in years since. 

We have not yet learned enough. This timely true story is highly recommended for ages 14 to adult.

Some cussing (can you blame them?) and scary images.

Aarene Storms is a librarian who reads and reviews books for all ages. She can be reached at


Cartoon by Whitney Potter: Nuts??


Previous cartoons by Whitney Potter HERE


StreamKeepers joins Stewardship Foundation

Jim Halliday and volunteer perform BIBI testing. Photo courtesy LFPSF

From the Lake Forest Park Stewardship Foundation (LFPSF)

For decades, a dedicated group of volunteers has been monitoring water quality in our local streams. Maybe you've seen them with their testing kits and hip waders in area streams. This group has a lot of fun while doing important work.

Lake Forest Park StreamKeepers was founded by Bill Bennett and other members of the city’s (now-defunct) Environmental Quality Commission in the 1990’s.

An ambitious monthly stream monitoring schedule was established – testing water quality at 11 locations on McAleer and Lyon Creeks and their tributaries in the city. Parameters tested were dissolved oxygen, pH, turbidity and temperature. This testing has been supported by the City of LFP.

The Stewardship Foundation and StreamKeepers have always been closely aligned, sharing key volunteers and resources.

Officially joining efforts will beneficial to the continued caretaking and citizen science providing vital information about the health of our watershed.

A succession of volunteer leaders, including former City Councilmember Don Fiene and Stewardship Advisory Board member Jim Halliday, have kept up the monitoring over the years. Mark Phillips who is leaving his Council position this year, has been StreamKeepers co-chair since 2000.

BIBI (biotic index of benthic integrity) was added to the StrreamKeepers monitoring in 2005, and continued through 2018, using the protocol established at the UW. Macroinvertebrate samples were collected from the streambed at four locations and delivered to an aquatic entomologist for analysis to give a general rating of stream health.

Several stream improvement projects were also undertaken, including large tree planting on Lyon Creek along SR 522, a re-channeling project on Lyon Creek and silt removal on Brookside Creek along the Brookside School parking lot.

Streamkeepers aligned in 2015 with the newly formed Sno-King WaterWatchers , a network of volunteers monitoring water quality primarily in streams flowing into north Lake Washington. Upgraded water testing protocols were also added at that time using procedures and testing equipment developed by Global Water Watch based at Auburn University. The new protocols added alkalinity, hardness and bacteria levels to the monthly testing, and improved the testing for dissolved oxygen, pH and turbidity.

Test results are shared with the city, posted on the StreamKeepers website, on the Puget Sound Stream Benthos website, and, since 2015, as part of the Global Water Watch database.

Over the years StreamKeepers has sponsored high school students volunteering for community service credits, an Eagle Scout project that removed invasive plants from 75 yards of upper McAleer Creek, and a high school senior project consisting of a study of dissolved oxygen levels along McAleer Creek. 

StreamKeepers at the LFP Town Center rain garden dedication.
Photo courtesy LFPSF

In 2017, Streamkeepers contracted with Snohomish Conservation District to construct a demonstration rain garden that infiltrates storm runoff from a portion of the Town Center parking lot near city hall. That project was funded by a grant from King County Councilmember Rod Dembowski. (See previous article)

Current Stewardship Foundation Board member Brian Saunders, a lifelong resident of LFP, will be stepping up to a leadership role for StreamKeepers. Brian's father was one of the early StreamKeepers in the 1990s, and childhood memories of seeing salmon in our streams have influenced Brian's career in science and teaching. 

Brian says, "It is my wish that the vision and actions started by the StreamKeepers continues, and that an understanding of the fragile health of our watershed will be accessible to a greater portion of our population. I hope to recruit more citizens and students to be involved monitoring our stream health."

Stream testing is a great activity for anyone interested in the health of our streams. You don’t have to live in Lake Forest Park or have any science background to join us. Students can receive community service hours doing enjoyable and meaningful work.

For more information or sign up to help, see the StreamKeepers website


SCC Continuing Education: Wine Tasting Event at Vinbero

Join wine educator Reggie Daigneault for an in-person summer wine tasting event at Vinbero

While this event is open to Continuing Education students who have previously enrolled in a wine education course at Shoreline Community College, it is also available for community members who are 21 years or older to attend. 

Space is limited, but this is a wonderful opportunity to engage with a wine professional and enjoy tastings and small bites at one of Edmonds' newest restaurants! 

Reggie Daigneault, a wine educator for more than 20+ years, is certified with the Master Court of Sommeliers and the Wine and Spirit Education Trust.

The fee for this event is $35 to be paid directly to the venue upon arrival and will include wine and small bites.

You must be 21 or older to attend this event.
Fee: $35
Dates: Sunday, August 8, 2021
Time: 6:00 - 8:00pm
Snag your seat here or you can contact Continuing Education at for more information.


Case updates July 26, 2021 - Urgency to mask up again grows as delta variant spreads

With area public health agencies and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention again urging people to wear masks in public indoor spaces, the assistant director of UW Medicine Clinical Virology Laboratory says proof exists that masks can slow COVID-19 variants and thereby save lives.

"It's helpful to reduce the spread of the virus," says Dr. Alex Greninger. "We've shown that before and we'll continue to show it.”

While the renewed effort aims to slow the now-dominant delta variant in both Washington state and nationally, wearing a mask will have the added benefit of staving off other viruses that circulate among populations, Greninger says.

"COVID is sort of like the front man for all the other respiratory viruses going on right now."

Case updates July 26, 2021

United States 
  • Total cases  34,548,847  - 53,772 new cases
  • Total deaths 609,012 - 286 new deaths

Washington state - not updated on weekends
  • Total confirmed cases 430,103 - 766 new
  • Probable (additional) cases 40,230 - 259 new
  • Total hospitalizations 26,566- 68 new
  • Total deaths 6,097- 8 new 

King county - not updated on weekends
  • Total confirmed cases 111,112 - 98 new
  • Total hospitalizations 6,647 -   -4 new
  • Total deaths 1,682 - 0  new 

Seattle - not updated on weekends
  • Total confirmed cases 26,512 - 27 new
  • Total hospitalizations 1,468 - 0 new
  • Total deaths 425 - 0 new 

Shoreline - not updated on weekends
  • Total confirmed cases 2,552 -   -2 new
  • Total hospitalizations 212 - 0 new
  • Total deaths 101 - 0 new

Lake Forest Park - not updated on weekends
  • Total confirmed cases 345 -   -1 new
  • Total hospitalizations 19 -  1 new
  • Total deaths 4 - 0 new


County Council approves more than $389 million for courts backlog, community supports, rental assistance, and more in latest round of emergency COVID funding

Top right: Rod Dembowski represents north King county

The King County Council on Tuesday approved its latest round of emergency COVID-19 funding, a supplemental budget totaling more than $389 million.

This, the eighth round of COVID funding since last March, brings King County’s total emergency funding for the pandemic to more than $1.4 billion.

“Facing historic backlogs and delays in the courts due to the coronavirus pandemic, this eighth COVID budget allocates the resources to ensure access to justice -- that crime victims, such as survivors of physical and sexual assault and domestic violence, may still seek resolution, that citizens may utilize civil legal aid and the courts to resolve disputes, and that individuals accused of a crime may still access a speedy trial,” said Councilmember Kohl-Welles. 
The funding covers a variety of programs and operations that address both direct and indirect impacts of the pandemic, including health, housing, economic impacts, legal system backlogs and more.

The following is a breakdown of spending in the approved budget.

It appropriates $67 million of the remaining $70 million of the county’s Coronavirus Local Fiscal Recovery Fund (included in American Rescue Plan Act—ARPA-- funding) allocation for the following:

  • Legal System Backlog $42.5 million
  • Public Health Response to the pandemic $14.6 million
  • Community Supports, including Civil Legal Aid and Tiny House Villages $3.7 million
  • Economic Recovery / Workforce Development $5.6 million
  • County Operations in response to the pandemic $0.9 million

The approved budget also appropriates an additional $321 million, funded by various federal and state grants (most of which are also supported by ARPA) and the county’s General Fund for the following:
  • Community Supports (Community Development Block Grants, HOME Grants, Eviction Prevention and Rental Assistance Program, Immigrant Community Supports) $279.6 million
  • Vaccination Efforts (Jail Health, Mass Vaccination Program, Partner Agencies) $27.7 million
  • Public Health Response to the pandemic $11.3 million
  • County Operations in response to the pandemic $2.4 million

Councilmember Rod Dembowski stated, 
 “This eighth COVID-19 response budget prioritizes fundamental human and community needs. It brings our total rental support appropriations during the pandemic emergency to approximately $350 million. It helps ensure access to justice. And it continues to prioritize our public health response to the pandemic and its impacts.”


Shoreline Police: Watch for stolen bicycles - one with a pink bell - and bicycle thief

Thieves these days will steal anything, even if it is nailed down, or in this case, locked.

Deputies are looking for this guy, seen riding one of two stolen bikes in the city of Shoreline, a contract partner of the King County Sheriff's Office.

On July 17, 2021, at 3:33pm, a deputy was dispatched to a bicycle theft report at the 17200 block of 11th Ave NE. The victim explained she'd locked her two bikes up, secured to a rack, in front of her home. The following morning she discovered the locks had been cut and the bikes were gone.

A neighbor saw someone riding one of the neighbor's stolen bikes and provided these photos of our suspect.

The victim positively identified one of her bicycles in the photos since it has a distinctive pink bell on the handlebars.

If you can recognize the male in the photo or have any information on these bicycles, please call our non-emergency number at 206-296-3311 reference case #C21022280.

--King County Sheriff's Office


Flowers: Pink flowers

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Photo by Lee Lageschulte

Lee ran into this lovely pink creature on one of her daily walks. Lee doesn't know what it is and neither do I. If you do, please let us know and we will label accordingly. 

Otherwise, breath deeply and remember your blood pressure.


Scene on the Sound: Aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt

Photo by Barb Sullivan

The Theodore Roosevelt sailed majestically by Shoreline on Thursday, July 22, 2021.

According to the Kitsap Sun,

BREMERTON — The USS Theodore Roosevelt arrived in Sinclair Inlet Thursday night, the culmination of a journey to bring the Nimitz-class aircraft carrier to the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard for extensive work in dry dock. 

It's the first time the Roosevelt, whose flight deck was topped with the cars of its sailors, has been to Puget Sound since its 1986 commissioning. 

The warship, part of the fleet of the biggest ships the Navy has ever built, will join the USS Nimitz at the shipyard. The Roosevelt, nicknamed "Big Stick," includes a crew of 3,000 sailors and about 1,000 families that have relocated to Puget Sound. 

Read the entire article here


Case updates July 25: Vaccination numbers are up but so are case numbers

King county cases and hospitalizations are trending upwards - again

With the rise in COVID-19 cases in King County,
 Public Health – Seattle and King County now recommends that all residents five years of age and older, regardless of vaccination status, wear face coverings in indoor public settings.

"This extra layer of protection will help us all stay safer, including those who are unvaccinated, such as the 300,000 children in King County who aren’t able to get vaccinated yet, and the many thousands of people who have immune systems that are weakened or suppressed."

More information here:

Case updates July 25, 2021

United States  - partially updated
  • Total cases  - 11,949 new cases
  • Total deaths 608,528 - 45 new deaths

Washington state - not updated on weekends
  • Total confirmed cases 429,337 - 2,537 new
  • Probable (additional) cases 39,971- 536 new
  • Total hospitalizations 26,498 - 140 new
  • Total deaths 6,089 - 11 new 

King county - not updated on weekends
  • Total confirmed cases 111,014 - 650 new
  • Total hospitalizations 6,661 - 21 new
  • Total deaths 1,682 - 0  new 

Seattle - not updated on weekends
  • Total confirmed cases 26,485 - 236 new
  • Total hospitalizations 1,468 - 2 new
  • Total deaths 425 - 0 new 

Shoreline - not updated on weekends
  • Total confirmed cases 2,554 - 14 new
  • Total hospitalizations 212 - 1 new
  • Total deaths 101 - 0 new

Lake Forest Park - not updated on weekends
  • Total confirmed cases 346 - 4 new
  • Total hospitalizations 18 -  1 new
  • Total deaths 4 - 0 new


Sustainable Shoreline “Choose to Reuse” Challenge

Sustainable Shoreline “Choose to Reuse” Challenge
Dates: now through 8/2/21

Help end plastic pollution and earn a prize! From July 20 – August 2, 2021 the City of Shoreline invites you to participate in the “Choose to Reuse” Challenge! 

Complete an action to reduce single-use plastic and submit a photo to receive a prize! 

Actions can be as simple as bringing your own water bottle, using a reusable grocery bag, or bringing reusable utensils to your next picnic or when getting take out. 

Prizes include an insulated coffee thermos, a reusable metal straw and a ChicoBag tote bag. 

Submit a photo of your plastic-reducing action to by August 2.


COVID testing is still a thing

COVID testing is still a thing.
Visit the Testing Locations web page to find a testing site near you or contact your healthcare provider. 

Choose the option that works best for you. 

If you have questions about testing sites, call 2-1-1. 


Eight county health officers say: Everyone, regardless of vaccination status, should wear a mask in indoor, public spaces

Top local health officials from across the Puget Sound region are joining together to send a message: 

Everyone, regardless of vaccination status, should wear a mask in indoor, public spaces. This unified recommendation comes as case counts in our region are rising again, driven largely by the spread of the highly contagious Delta variant of COVID-19.

“The health officers of Clallam, Grays Harbor, Jefferson, King, Kitsap, Pierce, San Juan, and Snohomish counties have joined together to pass on their best public health advice to protect you, your family, and our communities,” says a joint statement from the region’s county health officers.
“We recommend all residents wear facial coverings when in indoor public settings where the vaccination status of those around you is unknown. This step will help reduce the risk of COVID-19 to the public, including customers and workers, help stem the increase in COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations in many parts of the state, and decrease the spread of the highly contagious Delta variant.”

Getting vaccinated is still our best defense against COVID-19. But with disease levels rising, the health officers strongly recommend adding an extra layer of protection by wearing a well-made, well-fitted face mask.

We know it can be confusing and, sometimes, frustrating to have to reinstate protective measures that many had hoped they were finished with. But unfortunately, COVID-19 has not gone away, and people’s lives are still at stake. We have to stay flexible as conditions change and as the impact in our communities continues to shift.

For now, our best public health advice is to get vaccinated AND wear a mask.

More information here


Annual dahlia webinar Thursday with Dr. Dahlia (John Hibbs)

Dr. John Hibbs will discuss summer dahlia care on Thursday

Shoreline Lake Forest Park Senior Center is delighted to announce Dr. John Hibbs is inviting you to his Annual Dahlia Webinar scheduled on Zoom

Topic: Summer Dahlia Care Webinar with JHibbs
Time: Thursday, July 29, 2021 01:00 PM Pacific Daylight Time (US and Canada)

Dr Hibbs (Dr. Dahlia) will be talk about tying, thinning and pruning, disbudding, watering, insects, fertilizer, cutting flowers and bouquet care, and more.

Plan to join in the Dahlia fun!

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 821 6677 2505
Passcode: 600227

Join by Skype for Business


Gloria's Insects: Cary the Cardinal Meadowhawk ("Don't forget the HAWK part, photog", growled Cary)

Photo copyright Gloria Z Nagler

Cary perches high, wings at the ready, scanning for bite-size bugs.

--Gloria Z Nagler


Shoreline Trees: Established trees and housing can co-exist

Forest Villa

By Claudia Turner, Shoreline resident 
Tree Preservation Code Team

Established trees and housing can co-exist.

It is possible to build housing around existing trees and two examples are here in Shoreline.

Forest Villa is a 6-acre condominium complex at Linden Ave N and N 160th, built in the late ‘70s. It is surrounded by tall, mature trees. 

I appreciate that 40 years after it was built, the numerous trees preserved now create a beautiful homage to the Pacific Northwest. Today there are many Significant sized conifers, mostly Douglas fir and Western red cedar, in addition to a variety of maples and other deciduous trees. This is a lovely sight, especially if viewed from Linden Ave N.

Ballinger Commons is a larger, 30+ year apartment complex off N 205th and Meridian Ave N. Public trails weave through woods containing mature conifers. (Trail access is at Meridian Ave N and N 200th). 

Driving through this 77-acre complex, I noticed that some of the original grassy areas have filled in with a variety of conifer and deciduous trees. I heard many birds and watched a Cooper’s Hawk feed its young amongst the branches of a Douglas fir tree. As it is literally across from Lake Ballinger, there are also wetland areas. The number of trees in Ballinger Commons contributing to our urban canopy is quite impressive!

Before Shoreline was incorporated, housing development in the ’70s and ’80s reflected King County codes that allowed for apartments and mature trees to co-exist. Both Forest Villa and Ballinger Commons are excellent examples of what we now call “environmentally conscious planning”. Not only are these treed complexes pleasing but retained trees provide cooling shade and wildlife habitat, cleansing the air of carbon and preventing soil erosion.

The City of Shoreline’s tree protection codes should be revised to preserve our mature trees while fulfilling multi-family housing goals.


Northshore Fire: Vape pens and electronic cigarettes cause fires

Photo courtesy Northshore Fire
Vape Pens and Electronic Cigarettes cause fires and injuries each year in the US. 

62% of the incidents of explosion and fire involving an electronic cigarette or its battery occurred when the device was either in a pocket/purse or actively in use. 

The photo shows a fire Northshore Fire crews responded to in Kenmore that started from a vape pen that was in a purse and either overheated or was turned on accidentally.

For more information and tips to avoid a battery explosion please visit:

Tips to Help Avoid "Vape" Battery Explosions


Adventures of an icebreaker: The Healy sets sail for the Arctic

US Coast Guard Cutter Healy departs Puget Sound
Photo courtesy USCG

SEATTLE — The Coast Guard Cutter Healy (WAGB 20) departed Seattle on Saturday, July 10, 2021 for a months-long Arctic deployment and circumnavigation of North America.

The crew aboard Healy, a 420’ medium icebreaker, will provide U.S. surface presence in the Arctic, conduct high latitude science and research missions, engage in exercises and professional exchanges with foreign navies and patrols, and conduct other operations as directed throughout the deployment.

Healy is scheduled to circumnavigate North America via the Northwest Passage and the Panama Canal. Healy’s deployment supports the Coast Guard’s Arctic Strategy while providing critical training opportunities for Polar sailors and future operations in the Arctic.

The crew will promote U.S. interests along the U.S. and Russia maritime boundary line.

“Healy’s deployment provides opportunities to deepen the Coast Guard’s cooperation and commitment with our Arctic allies and partners and to support scientific exploration to increase understanding of the changing Arctic environment and associated impacts,” said Coast Guard Pacific Area Commander Vice Adm. Michael McAllister.

The Healy deploys annually to the Arctic to support multiple science missions and Operation Arctic Shield, the service’s annual operation to execute U.S. Coast Guard missions, enhance maritime domain awareness, strengthen partnerships, and build preparedness, prevention, and response capabilities across the Arctic domain.

Commissioned in 1999, Healy is one of two active Polar icebreakers in the Coast Guard’s fleet. The Seattle-based Coast Guard Cutter Polar Star (WAGB 10) is a heavy Polar icebreaker commissioned in 1976.

The U.S. Coast Guard is recapitalizing its Polar icebreaker fleet to ensure continued access to the polar regions and to protect the country's economic, commercial, environmental, and national security interests. 

The Polar Security Cutter is still in the design phase, and Halter Marine is working toward completing the necessary work to begin construction on this incredibly complex, state-of-the-art icebreaker. The contract delivery date for the first Polar Security Cutter is 2024.


Free Concert in the Park Wednesday

Monday, July 26, 2021

Free Concert in the Park

Presented by ShoreLake Arts
Wednesday, July 28, 6:30pm

Join the community for a free concert in the park this Wednesday, July 28 at Pfingst Animal Acres Park in Lake Forest Park. This is a walk-up event, no ticket reservations required. 

We look forward to supporting our local musicians again and having a fun night out with friends, family, and the community!

Wednesday, July 28 Lineup
Pfingst Animal Acres Park

  • 6:30pm - Marina and the Dreamboats | Rock
  • 7:30pm - Jeannie Rak | Pop
  • 8pm - The Mercy Ray | Alternative Rock

Bring your low chairs, blankets, and picnic supplies. Sunscreen and sunglasses may also be a good move. If you bring a high backed chair, please try to sit further back so you don’t obstruct your neighbors' view.

Parking. There will be plenty of street parking near Pfingst Animal Acres Park on NE 178th St. There’s also parking on 37th Ave NE near Brookside Elementary.

ShoreLake Arts is proud to present this event with major support from Aegis Living of Shoreline and Callahan House, City of Lake Forest Park, City of Shoreline, Kruckeberg Botanic Garden, and individual donors, like you.

ShoreLake Arts COVID-19 Requirements and Guidelines:
  • We will be adhering to all CDC and Washington State guidelines during the events.

Questions can be emailed to Terri at

ShoreLake Arts is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to cultivate creativity and inspire our community through the arts. Established in 1989.


Flowers: Lovely Lily, Laughing Lily

Photo by Wayne Pridemore

Lovely Lily, pink and white,

Laughing Lily,pure and bright,

Lilting Lily, dancing with might,

Luminous Lily, yearning for light.

by Geeta Menon


Local students graduate from University of Wisconsin - Madison

MADISON, Wis. (July 23, 221) - Just over 7,600 students received degrees from the University of Wisconsin-Madison on May 8, 2021 including students from our area.

There were two live ceremonies at Camp Randall, one for undergraduates and one for all graduate degree candidates. 

Graduating were 5,493 undergraduate students, 1,266 master's degree students and 871 doctoral candidates.

Here are the degree recipients from our area:


Lake Forest Park, WA

  • Yifu Chen, College of Engineering, Doctor of Philosophy, Chemical Engineering, 

Seattle, WA

  • Thomas Hasle, Law School, Doctor of Law (Juris Doctor), Law
  • Jiawei Liu, College of Letters and Science, Bachelor of Science, Computer Sciences

For more information about UW-Madison, visit


COVID-related changes for Sam Scott's Annual Studio Sale

Sam Scott's Studio Sale is now by appointment

Shoreline ceramic artist Sam Scott will not be having his usual two day Annual Summer Studio Opening with COVID 19 still lingering.

Make an appointment to check out Sam's work

He has decided to set aside the week of Friday July 30th through Friday Aug 6th, to set up hour appointments with people who would like to come over to check out the work he has been creating. 

Lots to choose from

Please contact him at 206-542 1944 or email at  to set up an appointment. Check out more information at on the news page.

There will be lots of functional and decorative ceramic pieces.

-Photos courtesy Sam Scott


Helicopter circling central Shoreline Saturday morning was looking for a burglary suspect

File photo Guardian One
Shoreline residents in the vicinity of N 185th and Aurora were awakened after midnight on Saturday, July 24, 2021 by a low-flying helicopter circling the area.

Police cars were parked on 185th with their lights flashing.

Shoreline deputies and the Guardian One helicopter were conducting a search for suspects in a commercial burglary near the 18400 Block of Aurora Ave N.

They were unsuccessful and terminated the search after about 45 minutes. The suspects are still outstanding. 

Case #C21023000


Windermere Northlake (LFP) volunteers at Grace Cole Nature Park in June

Northlake Windermere agents at Grace Cole Nature Park
photo courtesy LFP Stewardship Foundation
The Lake Forest Park Stewardship Foundation reports that on June 4, 2021 a hearty group of volunteers from the Windermere Northlake (LFP) office spent four hours removing invasive plants at Grace Cole Nature Park. 

What a wonderful way to give back to the community! 
Thank you to our restoration leader Jim Mead and Board member Jean Robbins for coordinating this effort.

The Stewardship Foundation holds monthly work parties at Grace Cole Nature Park in conjunction with their new Restoration Stewards trainings.

Teen volunteers (over 16) at Grace Cole Nature Park
Photo courtesy LFPSF
You are welcome to join the fun at the next work party on the third Saturday of each month, (next session on August 21) from 9am - 12noon.

  • What to bring: Please dress for the weather, bring proper PPE and stay socially distant when you are here. We have tools to lend or bring your own. We are asking for volunteers over age 16 for this work party.
  • Where to Meet: GC Nature Park is located at 30th Ave NE and NE 166th St. in Lake Forest Park (from 178th turn south on 28th Ave NE).
Questions? Email Jim Mead or Jean Robbins


Case updates July 24, 2021 - King county health says to wear masks in indoor public settings

With the rise in COVID-19 cases in King County,
 Public Health – Seattle and King County now recommends that all residents five years of age and older, regardless of vaccination status, wear face coverings in indoor public settings.

"This extra layer of protection will help us all stay safer, including those who are unvaccinated, such as the 300,000 children in King County who aren’t able to get vaccinated yet, and the many thousands of people who have immune systems that are weakened or suppressed."

More information here:

Case updates July 24, 2021 

None of the agencies are reporting on weekends.


Best Starts for Kids Community Event - find out what King County Prop. 1 is all about

Have you opened your ballot? Do you know what Best Starts for Kids King County Prop. 1 is all about? 

Consider joining a Zoom event on Wednesday, July 28, 2021 from 5:30 - 6:15pm so you can be an informed voter!

Find out what the levy has funded and what renewing it will mean. With an impressive lineup of speakers, you will get the facts on the impact this funding has had, including right here in North King County

Since it launched in 2016, Best Starts of Kids has served 490,000 of King County's youngest children and their families, and 400,000 youth and young adults, delivering on its mission to support the healthy development of children, youth and families in King County.

Best Starts for Kids focuses on five strategy areas that prioritize promoting positive outcomes for kids, preventing negative outcomes, intervening early when kids and families need support, and building on community strengths. 

Data shows these investments and strategies are working. Join us to learn how! 

Two North King County providers currently receiving funding - Center for Human Services in Shoreline and Kindering in Bothell - will share how the levy has impacted the children and families they serve.

Special guests include King County Executive Dow Constantine and King County Councilmember Rod Dembowski, along with Shoreline City Councilmember Betsy Robertson, Kenmore City Councilmember Nigel Herbig and Northshore School Board Director Sandy Hayes.

Register now and join us on Wednesday, July 28th from 5:30 - 6:15pm over Zoom!


Scene on the Sound: Icebreaker Polar Star

The Polar Star photo by Jan Hansen

USCGC Polar Star (WAGB-10) is a United States Coast Guard heavy icebreaker. Commissioned in 1976, the ship was built by Lockheed Shipbuilding and Construction Company of Seattle, Washington along with sister ship, USCGC Polar Sea.[4]

Homeported in Seattle, Polar Star operates under the control of Coast Guard Pacific Area and coordinates her operations through the Ice Operations Section of the United States Coast Guard. 

After Polar Sea was deactivated in 2010, Polar Star became the US's only heavy icebreaker. The Coast Guard's other icebreaker, USCGC Healy, is classified as a medium icebreaker.



Shoreline Rotary to learn about Shoreline's film industry

Tony Doupé
Shoreline Rotary will hold a Zoom meeting Wednesday morning, July 28, 2021. The meeting starts at 7:30am with President Debbie Tarry. 

E-mail for information.

Get ready for an incredible opportunity to hear from two of the Pacific Northwest’s most inspiring and creative people. 

Stage and screen are alive and well in Shoreline, especially at Shoreline Community College where Tony Doupé is the Program Lead for Film and Theatre Arts. 

Tony is a SAG-AFTRA actor with an MFA from California Institute of the Arts. His credits include both leading roles and supporting roles in a variety of films, and he has appeared in shows such as “Z Nation,” “Northern Exposure,” “Unsolved Mysteries,” and “The Fugitive.”

(See the first of several of our articles about Tony Doupé - and this article about the creation of the Shoreline Film Office.)

Also joining the Rotary meeting is Bao Tran, director of the film “Paper Tigers,” some of which was shot right here in Shoreline. The martial arts comedy-drama is Bao Tran’s directorial debut, and has received critical acclaim. (see our previous article on the film)

Together, they will explore the filmmaking industry in Shoreline, and the challenges of making local films. 


ICHS Pop up vaccine clinic Saturday July 31 at the Shoreline Farmers Market

Photo courtesy ICHS
International Community Health Services (ICHS) will offer a pop-up COVID-19 vaccine clinic on Saturday, July 31, 2021 at the Shoreline Farmers Market which is held at 15415 Westminster Way N, Shoreline 98133 in Shoreline Place.10am to 2pm

Anyone is welcome.

ICHS will be hosting a COVID-19 vaccine pop-up clinic at the Shoreline Farmers Market in Shoreline Place, Shoreline on Saturday July 31 from 10am to 2pm.

ICHS staff will offer the Pfizer-BioNTech (12+) and Johnson and Johnson (18+) vaccines. Minors must be accompanied by their parents or legal guardian.

Language support in Cantonese, Korean, Mandarin, and Vietnamese will be available.

For questions contact ICHS at 206-462-7166

The Shoreline Farmers Market offers a variety of fresh Washington produce and organic meats. We showcase local artisan crafts, food trucks, kids programming, and live music. Open seasonally: Saturdays, June-October.


Photo: Eyes on the Prize

Sunday, July 25, 2021

Photo by Mike Lawson

"Eye on the Prize" photo was taken by Mike Lawson of Shoreline at Richmond Beach at dusk.


Online and mail voter registration deadline -- Monday, July 26 for Primary Election

Photo by GM Wiegand
Those who wish to vote in the August 3 Primary election have until Monday, July 26, 2021 to register online or have their mailed registration form received by King County Elections.

In-person registration will continue through 8pm on Election Day, August 3. Eligible voters can register in person at the King County Elections headquarters in Renton or at a Vote Center. 

King County Elections mailed Primary election ballots to registered voters on July 14. Any voter who has not received their ballot should request a replacement ballot online or call King County Elections at 206-296-VOTE (8683) for immediate assistance.

To be eligible to register to vote, you must be:
  • A citizen of the United States
  • A legal resident of Washington state
  • At least 18 years old by Election Day
  • Not under the authority of the Department of Corrections
  • Not disqualified from voting due to a court order

Voters can visit the Elections website or contact the Elections office for assistance and information

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