Op-Ed: Honor the legacy of Joe and Jennie Ching by preserving their garden

Sunday, April 18, 2021

A magnificent fig tree
Photo by Kathleen Lumiere

A little known and currently neglected historical property is on Greenwood Avenue in Shoreline, directly across the street from Shoreline Community College.

It belonged to the Ching family, among the first Asian American residents in the area. They wanted to raise their three children in Shoreline because of the excellent schools. In 1957 red-lining had made property ownership by Asian and Black people impossible here. 

Joe Ching’s employer, Peter Canlis, bought the property and went door to door asking if the neighbors would mind living next to an Asian family. They all said that would be fine, and Peter eventually sold the property to the Chings.

Joe Ching was the first head chef at Canlis, a world-class restaurant and Seattle institution. A Chinese American veteran from Hawaii (he joined up after Pearl Harbor), Joe came to the Northwest with his wife, Jennie, a Japanese American from Arizona who spent WWII in an internment camp. 

After helping Peter Canlis launch the restaurant, Joe was one of only two chefs to work there for the next 50 years.

Joe Ching also achieved fame as a pioneer of organic gardening. His lush fruit trees: hearty apple varieties, figs, Asian pears, and persimmons were nourished by rich black soil --- the product of decades of coffee grounds compost from the Canlis restaurant. 

The fruit trees remain but the property is overgrown
Photo by Kathleen Lumiere

He had a vast vegetable garden, and let neighbors garden there when he became too infirm to work the beds himself. Before then, he and Jennie threw parties for the neighborhood, cooking salmon and the vegetables they grew themselves. 

Ed Hume, an educator and promoter of organic farming, met Joe when he and his wife drove by his house one day, and stopped because of the beautiful garden. Joe became a regular visitor on Hume's television program "Gardening in America."

Here is an article from The Seattle Times with more information about Joe Ching, and his home here in Shoreline: Chef Joe Ching shared passion for food and gardening

Now the Ching home is returning to the earth. The many fruit trees are still lush, but wild. Unbelievably tasty grapes climb to the north side of the property, and stands of black bamboo flank parts of the east and south. Also to the east, 40-60 foot Doug firs mark the boundary line. They seem to be magnets for migrating birds.

I live close to this property, and so have had a chance to see its seasons over years.

This seems like an opportunity to preserve a spot of great historical value. If the property were to be used as something like a city garden and pea patch, it could best honor Joe and Jennie Ching's legacy, and show our appreciation, joy and pride in Asian American community heritage.

With enough support, this lovely and significant site may be protected as a shared treasure.

Kathleen Lumiere is a Shoreline resident


Cartoon by Whitney Potter: Shoreline Parks Bond


Previous cartoons by Whitney Potter here


Vulpine Taproom opens in Town Center this week with beer, food, and board games

*Vulpine: relating to a fox or foxes
Story and photos by Cynthia Sheridan

Vulpine* Taproom is officially opening on Thursday, April 22, 2021 in a brand new establishment on the upper level of Lake Forest Park Town Center.

Town Center is located at the intersection of Bothell and Ballinger Way.

The Taproom mission is to give customers a locally focused space to explore beer and wine culture in a friendly, welcoming environment.

They are providing a variety of board games and a selection of local art from Red Sky Gallery (located next door to Vulpine Taproom). 

Furnishings and designs have been specially crafted / sourced from the local community.

Pub owner Joshua Anderson graduated from Cascade High School, and studied fire science at Everett Community College. Most recently he was employed by Granite Falls as an EMT.

According to the website “This is a great place to socialize and enjoy longer visits.” Dogs welcome.

Vulpine Taproom offers 12 beers on tap as well as a good selection of wine. Food menu includes excellent pairings from cheeses, sandwiches, and other light snacks.

  • Sandwiches: Grilled cheese and reuben 
  • Plates: barbeque pork, garden salad, hummus
  • Snacks: Tim’s chips, Uncle Bud’s deep-fried peanuts
  • Refreshing Waters: Milla (watermelon water), Kimino (sparkling water)


Tues- Fri: 3pm - 10pm 
Saturday: Noon-10pm 
Sunday: 11am - 8pm
Closed Monday


Flags at half-staff for victims of shooting in Indianapolis, Indiana

Pursuant to Presidential Proclamation, Governor Inslee hereby directs that Washington State and United States flags at all state agency facilities be lowered to half-staff immediately, in honor of the victims who tragically lost their lives on April 15, 2021, in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Flags should remain at half-staff until close of business or sunset on Tuesday, April 20, 2021.

Other government entities, citizens and businesses are encouraged to join this recognition.

Please call (360) 902-0383 if you have any questions about this flag lowering.


Gloria's Birds: No lie, photog, that fish was this big!

Photo copyright Gloria Z Nagler

(Mallard bearing witness to the one that got away:)
--Gloria Z Nagler


Coming up at King County Council, April 19-23

Next week is packed with action at council, including committee action on the next emergency COVID budget ($600M), a proposal to ban the use of facial recognition software countywide, and the Strategic Climate Action Plan, while full council will take up sending the renewal of the Best Starts for Kids levy to voters.

Here’s what’s coming up at King County Council:

The $600 million emergency supplemental COVID budget is the seventh supplemental since the pandemic began, and will spend money across a variety of services, including vaccination efforts, community supports, public health response, economic recovery and more. 

This represents the largest appropriation by far and is likely to warrant a robust discussion at the Budget and Fiscal Management Committee. Once approved by committee, the measure will go to full council by May 11. The committee meets at 9:30am on Tuesday, April 20.

Full council is set to vote on legislation to renew the Best Starts for Kids levy for another six years. The new proposal would set a first-year levy rate of $0.19 per $1,000 of assessed property value with annual growth capped at 3%. If approved, the proposal will appear on the August 3 primary ballot. Council meets at 1pm on Tuesday, April 20.

A proposal that would ban county government use of facial recognition software will be the focus of the Committee of the Whole on Wednesday. The proposal, sponsored by Councilmember Jeanne Kohl-Welles, would include prohibiting use of such software by the King County Sheriff. The committee meets at 9:30pm on Wednesday, April 21.

Legislation to formally adopt the Strategic Climate Action Plan could move out of the Mobility and Environment Committee on Thursday (which is also Earth Day). It would implement a five-year strategic plan of strategies, targets and priority actions to address climate change. The committee meets at 9:30 a.m. on Thursday, April 22.

All meetings continue to be held virtually to help reduce the spread of COVID-19. Meetings can be livestreamed on KCTV unless otherwise stated. View meeting agendas and legislation here.


Case updates April 16, 2021 - case numbers continue to climb

King county case numbers continue to climb

 Vaccine Locations
Case updates April 16, 2021

United States 
  • Total cases 31,382,266 - 76,629 in one day
  • Total deaths 563,216 - 901 in one day

Washington state  
  • Total cases 385,549 -  1,655 new cases in a day  
  • Total hospitalizations 21,434 - 66 in a day 
  • Total deaths 5,380 - 0 in a day 

King county 
  • Total cases 93,510 - 464 in a day  
  • Total hospitalizations 5,569 - 37 in a day  
  • Total deaths 1,493 - 0 in a day  

Seattle - population 744,995 (2018) 
  • Total cases 23,037 - 127 in a day
  • Total hospitalizations 1,296 - 17 in a day
  • Total deaths 384 - 1 in a day

Shoreline - population 56,752 (2018) 
  • Total cases 2,208 -  9 in a day 
  • Total hospitalizations 193 - 2 in a day
  • Total deaths 92 - no change

Lake Forest Park - 13,569 (2018) 
  • cases 302 - 4 since yesterday
  • hospitalizations 17 - 0 since yesterday
  • deaths 4 - no change


Shorecrest girls varsity tennis 4-15-21 vs Archbishop Murphy

Claire Mitchell
Photo by Michael Davis

Shorecrest varsity girls tennis
Thursday, 4-15-20
Home game at Shoreview Park
Shorecrest 7 - Archbishop Murphy 0
Shorecrest overall record 2-1
Coach Rob Mann

The team won every match.

Flora Cummings
Photo by Michael Davis

The next match is Tuesday, April 20, 2021 - 3:30pm at Shoreview Park - vs Mountlake Terrace.


Friday Night Live with "The Good Ideas"

Saturday, April 17, 2021

The Good Ideas play a driveway concert
Photo by Cynthia Sheridan

By Cynthia Sheridan

Friends and families of this North City teen band gather occasionally on a front lawn to hear "The Good Ideas" knock out their favorite tunes.

Three of the boys have been friends since meeting in the second grade and have since added another boy and a girl to their group.

Several of the parents are also musicians and encourage the band to perform as often as possible. 

Most of the band members are freshmen at Shorecrest High School, with one 8th grader from Einstein Middle School.



Case updates April 15, 2021 - it still is not safe to return to your old life

Positive cases climb in King county 4-16-21

  Vaccine Locations
Vaccine eligibility is open everyone in Washington state. See the article here. Case numbers continue to rise and there is talk of a Fourth Wave. You are not fully protected until two weeks after the second shot and even then there have been around 200 cases in the state of "break-through" where fully vaccinated people still got COVID-19.

Case updates April 15, 2021

United States 
  • Total cases 31,306,928 - 74,834 in one day
  • Total deaths 562,296 - 834 in one day

Washington state  
  • Total cases 383,894 -  2,169 new cases in a day  
  • Total hospitalizations 21,368 - 76 in a day 
  • Total deaths 5,380 - 18 in a day 

King county 
  • Total cases 93,046 - 447 in a day  
  • Total hospitalizations 5,532 - 29 in a day  
  • Total deaths 1,493 - 1 in a day  

Seattle - population 744,995 (2018) 
  • Total cases 22,910 - 100 in a day
  • Total hospitalizations 1,279 - 3 in a day
  • Total deaths 383 - 1 in a day

Shoreline - population 56,752 (2018) 
  • Total cases 2,199 -  13 in a day 
  • Total hospitalizations 191 - 0 in a day
  • Total deaths 92 - no change

Lake Forest Park - 13,569 (2018) 
  • cases 298 - 0 since yesterday
  • hospitalizations 17 - 0 since yesterday
  • deaths 4 - no change


UPDATE: The differences among Prop 1 and Prop 1 and Prop 1

Shoreline Fire Chief Matt Cowan issued a short statement to let voters know the Shoreline Fire Prop 1 has nothing to do with the other Prop 1 measures

By Diane Hettrick

Considering that both Shoreline and Lake Forest Park have Prop 1 on their ballots, it's understandable that there is some confusion. To add to the confusion, Shoreline Fire has a measure on the Shoreline ballot to renew their benefit charge.

AND Shoreline Fire Chief Matt Cowan has reminded me that their renewal measure is ALSO CALLED PROP 1

Shoreline Fire benefit charge

This is a reauthorization of charges that Shoreline residents pay for fire protection and emergency services. 

There is no organized opposition.

Only Shoreline residents vote on this measure.

Northshore Fire measure
Photo by Diane Hettrick
Red signs

Lake Forest Park / Kenmore Prop 1 is about the proposed merger of two fire departments - Northshore, which serves LFP and Kenmore and Woodinville Fire and Rescue, which serves Woodinville.

The Northshore firefighters' union is strongly opposed and is placing red No signs all over both cities.

The city councils of Lake Forest Park and Kenmore voted unanimously to oppose the measure.

Only Lake Forest Park and Kenmore residents vote on this measure.

20 years of park improvements in Shoreline

Green signs

Shoreline Prop 1 is about a 20 year plan for major improvements on five existing parks and acquisition of new land for green spaces as the city fills up with multifamily buildings.

It is a renewal of an existing, expiring charge and will add a monthly amount of around $5 a month, depending on the value of your property. (see article on how to find out what you would pay)

There are Yes yard signs and people on corners waving Yes signs to support the parks proposition.

There is no organized opposition.

Only Shoreline residents vote on the Parks measure.

Turn in ALL ballots by Tuesday, April 27, 2021

You can take your ballot to any King county drop box. They all get sent to the same place.
  • 192nd and Aurora Park n Ride in the corner with the rain garden
  • Shoreline Library parking lot on the corner of NE 175th and 5th NE (remember you can't turn across 175th when you are headed west)
  • Lake Forest Park City Hall in the northeast corner of Town Center at the intersection of Bothell and Ballinger Way
  • You can also mail your ballot with no postage required.

There is a high validation requirement because of the turnout for the Presidential election, so voting - whether Yes or No - is important if you want your opinion heard.


Video Tours of Einstein and Kellogg Middle Schools are online

Community Connections Presentation and Video Tours of Einstein and Kellogg Middle Schools

Did you miss our Community Connections presentations this week on the rebuilding of Einstein and Kellogg Middle Schools? 

You can watch a recording of the presentation and discussion of the design and construction process, as well as standalone video tours of each school at the links below.

Community Connections Presentation https://vimeo.com/537731668 - 58 minutes

Einstein Middle School photo courtesy Shoreline Schools

Einstein Video Tour https://vimeo.com/537070671 - 12 minutes

Kellogg Middle School photo courtesy Shoreline Schools

Kellogg Video Tour https://vimeo.com/537072716 - 10 minutes

Shoreline Public Schools are divided into two "corridors" east and west and cover two cities - Shoreline and Lake Forest Park. I-5 is the dividing line.

Students in the west corridor attend elementary school at Syre, Echo Lake, Meridian Park, Highland Terrace, and Parkwood. Then they move on to Einstein Middle School and Shorewood High School.

Students in the east corridor attend elementary school at Lake Forest Park, Brookside, Ridgecrest,  Briarcrest, as well as Cascade K-8, and the Home Exchange Network. They move to Kellogg Middle School and Shorecrest High School.


Grace Cole work party Saturday will use a motorized wheelbarrow to get wood chips to the upper reaches of the park

Photo by Diane Hettrick

Lake Forest Park
Saturday, April 17, 2021 9am

This is a reminder about the Grace Cole Work Party tomorrow, April 17, 2021. It will be a glorious day weather-wise, so I hope to see you there. We will begin at 9am for a gathering at the kiosk to list all of the goals for the day. 

Some of these are listed below:
  • We are renting a motorized wheelbarrow to allow us to haul wood chips up to the upper reaches of the park.
  • Clean up and wood chip spreading at the front entrance, and several other prominent locations.
  • Some potted plants to distribute and plant
  • Instruction and use of weed wrenches to remove small holly and laurel trees
  • Ivy removal from the upper hillsides
We still are not out of the pandemic so social distancing and PPE should be practiced. Many have received vaccinations, but to ease concerns of others, those folks still need to wear PPE when near others.

Even though it will be warm tomorrow, I recommend long pants and gloves. The nettles and berry vines will remind you of that suggestion should you forget. We have many of the tools at the shed, but if you have a favorite one, bring it along.

I saw the city pressure washing the boardwalk yesterday. Thanks to them for getting that done. The lower reaches of the park are still wetlands, so most of the work will be concentrated in the upper areas and along the main footpath.

Thanks for your participation and Happy Spring!

James Mead


Inebriated driver didn't appreciate the rescue

From the King County Sheriff's Office (KCSO)

Chugging Vodka straight from the bottle is your prerogative. Might we suggest you do it at home instead of in front of a deputy who has just responded to your DUI crash?
The driver took out the stop sign, the pole and street name sign, and made a serious dent in the fence around the Seattle Golf Club. Photo courtesy KCSO

On April 1, 2021 at 6:00pm, our 9-1-1 communications center received a call regarding an accident in the 14500 block of Greenwood Ave N in Shoreline.
Responding deputies arrived and observed a female sitting in the driver's seat with her seatbelt on and a vodka bottle in her right hand. The deputies could smell the strong odor of alcohol coming from the driver.

The driver then became belligerent, insulted the deputies, and then "chugged" the rest of the bottle, which was approximately half full.

As the woman reached for a cigarette and lighter, deputies asked her not to smoke due to the smell of leaking gas from the accident. The woman replied by telling the deputies to "shut up." To ensure her safety, and those around her, deputies took the woman out of the vehicle.
Once out of the car, the female was unable to stand. Fire personnel checked her for injuries. To thank them, the driver assaulted a firefighter by smacking him with an open hand.

Due to her uncooperative nature, the female was taken to a local hospital for a blood draw. Again, the female was extremely combative, this time with hospital staff. After the blood draw, a deputy stayed with her until she sobered up enough to calm down.
The woman was then transported to the SCORE (South Correctional Entity) jail and booked for DUI.


Shoreline Caring mobilizing support for 45 residents displaced by the Linden Highlands fire

Friday, April 16, 2021

Shoreline Caring is mobilizing community support for food, clothing, and other donations for our 45 neighbors who have been displaced by the fire at the Linden Highlands apartments at 175th and Linden by Shorewood High School. (see previous article)

If you are able to contribute to the community fund supporting them it would be a huge help - every little bit makes a difference:

Shoreline Caring was already running a fund drive this month, but it is even more important now as they are mobilizing to help the 45 people who have lost everything.

The page to donate (PayPal) is here


Gloria's Birds: Get hip to the jive, photog!

Photo copyright Gloria Z Nagler

This look will get more "likes" than the stodgy portrait you think you want…

(And Pied-billed Grebes are most definitely hip:)

--Gloria Z Nagler


Case updates April 14, 2021

 Vaccine Locations
Vaccine eligibility is open everyone in Washington state. See the article here. Case numbers continue to rise.

Case updates April 14, 2021

United States 
  • Total cases 31,231,869 - 73,622 in one day
  • Total deaths 561,356 - 831 in one day

Washington state  
  • Total cases 381,725 -  1,386 new cases in a day  
  • Total hospitalizations 21,292 - 53 in a day 
  • Total deaths 5,362 -  5 in a day 

King county 
  • Total cases 92,599 - 441 in a day  
  • Total hospitalizations 5,503 - 13 in a day  
  • Total deaths 1,491 - 2 in a day  

Seattle - population 744,995 (2018) 
  • Total cases 22,810 - 22 in a day
  • Total hospitalizations 1,276 -   -3 in a day
  • Total deaths 382 -  -1 in a day

Shoreline - population 56,752 (2018) 
  • Total cases 2,186 -  3 in a day 
  • Total hospitalizations 191 -   -1 in a day
  • Total deaths 92 - no change

Lake Forest Park - 13,569 (2018) 
  • cases 298 -   -1 since yesterday
  • hospitalizations 17 -  0 since yesterday
  • deaths 4 - no change


Facing dwindling revenues, Sound Transit considers delaying or scaling back BRT Stride SR 522 - give them feedback

One of the projects that may be reduced is the Bus Rapid Transit Stride SR 522

How should Sound Transit respond to lower revenues and higher costs?

Help Sound Transit understand which future Link light rail, Sounder and bus projects are most important to you! 

In response to an "affordability gap," the Sound Transit Board is considering changes to schedules and plans for transit expansions that are not yet under construction.

One of the projects on the chopping block is the Bus Rapid Transit Stride SR 522, which may be delayed from its original schedules, phased, or scaled back - unless ST hears from customers.

Bus rapid transit

Share your input by April 30 and take the survey here.

More project information here: soundtransit.org/RealignmentPriorities.

Questions: realignment@soundtransit.org or 206-553-3400


Call for photographers for the 8X8Photo exhibit

An online exhibit and sale featuring hundreds of photographs

Deadline: May 9, 2021

ShoreLake Arts is currently accepting submissions for the 8X8Photo exhibit and sale. Registration and participation is open to all - no photography background required. We have everyone from youth to adult - mixture of professional and amateur photographers!

8X8Photo is now in its second year, and presented by ShoreLake Arts, a nonprofit organization dedicated to cultivating creativity and inspiring our community through the arts. The proceeds from this event work to keep the arts thriving in our region.

The purpose of this event is to showcase a sample of your work, and give photographers a chance to present work to a mass audience. Each photo must be sized to 8x8" or square.

We print them for you, you just submit your photos when registering.

You can submit a maximum of 10 photos - series welcome and encouraged! There is a $6 fee to register (free for students pre-K to grade 12).

We only print what sells, so no need to pick up unsold photographs.

Commission: Artists have the choice of the following:
  • Sale money from any art becomes a 100% donation to ShoreLake Arts – Thank You!!
  • Artist receives 40% commission on any works sold.

Cash prizes will be awarded for People’s Choice, Sponsor's Choice and Director’s Choice Awards! Awards are for the photographers' work (1 photo or 10).

Schedule for Photographers
  • May 9: Deadline to register your photos online
  • May 20-27: Exhibition is live and all photos on sale for $36 each

Thank you to our event sponsor Jack Malek | Windermere Broker and Realtor!

Questions? Email Terri Price at programs@shorelinearts.net

ShoreLake Arts is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to cultivate creativity and inspire our community through the arts. Established in 1989.


Applications now open for RNA Scholarship

$1,500 award available to qualifying high school seniors

The Ridgecrest Neighborhood Association (RNA) is pleased to announce one $1,500 scholarship, available to eligible students who will be continuing their education in the 2021-2022 school year. 

Applicants will be judged on the strength of a couple short essay questions, based on a theme pertaining to community and the RNA mission to “...promote projects that benefit and enhance the quality of life in the Ridgecrest neighborhood.”

Applications are now available at Shoreline area high schools, and online here: www.ridgecrestneighborhood.org/scholarship

Entries must be postmarked or submitted via email by Monday, May 31, 2021. Award recipient will be notified before June 11, 2021.

Eligible applicants include high school seniors planning to pursue continuing education through a technical program, community college or a university. 

Applicants must currently live in, or have previously lived in, the Ridgecrest neighborhood as defined by the area contained by: NE 175th Street to NE 145th Street; and 15th Avenue NE to the I-5 freeway.

Scholarships may cover the cost of tuition and fees, books or supplies required for courses of instruction at the educational institution of your choice. Each scholarship will be paid by the RNA directly to the educational institution, for the use of the scholarship recipient once enrolled.

About Ridgecrest Neighborhood Association (RNA): The RNA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable and educational organization. 

Our mission is to inform and educate the public on matters relating to the community, and promote projects that benefit and enhance the quality of life in the Ridgecrest neighborhood. 

The neighborhood of Ridgecrest is just north of Seattle and just east of I-5. Its north border is NE 175th Street and its east border is 15th Avenue NE.

RNA hosts monthly board meetings which are open to the public. 

They are held on the second Tuesdays of the month from 7-9pm. Meeting dates and locations are available online at www.ridgecrestneighborhood.org.

Questions or more information: Scholarship@ridgecrestneighborhood.org


Spring cleaning at Echo Lake

Photo by Greg Haughian

The Dale Turner YMCA had their landscaping crew hard at work on a sunny day at South Echo Lake, removing blackberries and trimming overgrown bushes.

The Boardwalk runs from Aurora to the Interurban Trail
Google earth photo

The boardwalk allows pedestrians to get close to the lake and the native plants without harming them. It runs from a stairway by the Y across the south end of Echo Lake to a stairway up to the Interurban Trail.

Executive Director Carolan Cross notes that "There is significant overgrowth of blackberry bushes in that area that we have to cut back. This also helps open the view of the lake."


Shorewood graduate wins prestigious Goldwater scholarship

2018 Shorewood grad Mark Yamane
Mark Yamane graduated from Shorewood HS in 2018 and is a junior at Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, Florida on the Gulf Coast.

In March, he was notified that he had won the 2021 Barry J. Goldwater Scholarship, a selective $7,500 award given to sophomores and juniors who obtain a 3.0 grade point average, plan to have careers in the natural sciences, and present a rigorous application that includes an original research paper.

The Goldwater averages eight awards per state each year for students from all fields of science, engineering and mathematics.

He is working on a double major in marine science and computer engineering. He spends his summers in internships running research projects: population modeling for fish types off the coast of California to determine harvest patterns, and studying energy occurrences in the Mediterranean.

This summer he will be in Seattle, collecting data from sail drones charting the atmospheric conditions of the Arctic.

In 2020 he won a NASA Hollings $9,500 scholarship. He plans on getting a doctorate in computer science. "I want to use deep learning algorithms to simplify marine science data collection and processes.”

At Shorewood he was a varsity wrestler, on the robotics team, and on the drumline in the marching band.

He is an Eagle Scout with Shoreline Boy Scout Troop 325.


Shoreline School Board announces three finalist candidates for the next Superintendent of Shoreline Schools

After a nationwide search, the Shoreline School Board has announced three finalist candidates for the next Superintendent of Shoreline Schools.

School Board President Meghan Jernigan said, 
“We are incredibly excited to bring forward three outstanding candidates for Shoreline Superintendent, each of whom are student-centered leaders committed to equity and academic excellence. 
"We look forward to the upcoming candidate forums, and want to thank the community for participating in this process.”

The three finalists are:

Dr. Kristina Bellamy
Director of K-12 Teaching and Learning
Anchorage School District
Anchorage, AK

Dr. Concie Pedroza
Chief of Support Services
Seattle Public Schools
Seattle, WA

Dr. Susana Reyes
Assistant Superintendent of Operations
Pasco School District
Pasco, WA

Dr. Kristina Bellamy
Since 2018, Dr. Kristina Bellamy has served as Director of K-12 Teaching and Learning in the Anchorage School District in Alaska. As Alaska's largest school system, it serves 48,000 students. 

Over the last 20+ years, Dr. Bellamy has served public school systems in several capacities to include: substitute, classified staff member, teacher, principal and district administrator. She holds two Masters degrees (Elementary Education and Educational Leadership), and a Doctorate of Education Leadership and Policy Studies, from the University of Washington.

Widely regarded as a tenacious advocate for students, and a culturally responsive leader who motivates and inspires others to action, Dr. Bellamy has been actively engaged in helping to shape policy, practice and culture through her various roles. As a systems-thinker, she is committed to her charge of expanding adult capacity to handle adaptive challenges, while driving equity-focused inquiry and action. Kristina is the proud mommy of a 5-year-old son. They reside in Anchorage, Alaska.

Dr. Concie Pedroza
Dr. Concie Pedroza began her career as a classroom teacher over 25 years ago and later served as an elementary, K-8, and high school principal. She currently serves as the Chief of Student Support Services in Seattle Public Schools, the largest district in Washington State, leading the departments of Advanced Learning, Admissions, Enrollment Planning, Athletics, Special Education and 504. A commitment to racial equity and educational excellence for all students center her leadership and instructional approach. Under her leadership, Orca K-8 in Seattle Public Schools earned three consecutive School of Distinction awards for student growth and performance. Dr. Pedroza was later selected as the first principal of Seattle World School supporting immigrant and refugee students representing over 35 languages. During her principal tenure, the school celebrated its first graduating class, high school accreditation, and she was recognized for her work with families and community partners. Dr. Pedroza is a former Principal Leadership Coach, supporting the professional growth of school leaders and served as the Director of the Department of Racial Equity Advancement overseeing professional development for culturally responsive practices and anti-racism at all levels of the system, including the school board to school-based racial equity teams. 

Dr. Pedroza is a state expert on all issues of PreK-12 education. She has served on OPSI’s Bilingual ESSA workgroup, Student Day Taskforce, Reopening Schools Washington Operations Taskforce and most recently as the Chair of the Bilingual Education Advisory Committee to Superintendent Reykdal. Her commitment to anti-racist actions with attention to centering family and student experiences are central to her work in schools and in every position that she has served. Dr. Pedroza earned her Master’s degree in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies and Doctorate in Education Leadership from the University of Washington.

Dr. Susana Reyes
Dr. Susana Reyes is the Assistant Superintendent of Operations for the Pasco School District. Previously, Dr. Reyes served as Assistant Superintendent of Special Services for the Mead School District and before that, was the Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning for the Pullman School District. Dr. Reyes’ experience in education includes principal, assistant principal, and bilingual elementary teacher for the Wapato School District. Dr. Reyes serves on the Washington State Board of Education. She is also a member of the board of the Washington Association of Latino Administrators and Superintendents and a member of the Board of Trustees of College Spark Washington. Dr. Reyes was born in Mexico City and is a first-generation college graduate. She attended Wapato Public Schools and graduated from Wapato High School. Dr. Reyes earned her doctorate in educational leadership from Washington State University as well as her bachelor’s degree in elementary education and master’s degree in education administration. She holds the Principal Certificate and Superintendent Credential also from WSU.

The three finalists will be interviewed by the School Board on April 27-28. Each finalist will also hold an open community forum via Zoom webinar. 

You can submit questions for the finalists’ community forums here. Questions must be submitted by Monday, April 26 at 5:00pm.

The open community forums are limited to 500 attendees each and will be recorded and posted to the school district website the day following each forum. 

Below is the schedule of open community forum webinars, log in information and a link to submit questions.

Dr. Kristina Bellamy
Tuesday, April 27 – 8:00-9:00 pm

Zoom link: 

Webinar ID: 842 0949 7964
Passcode: 348357

Dr. Susana Reyes
Wednesday, April 28 – 5:45-6:45 pm

Zoom link:

Webinar ID: 826 3069 7118
Passcode: 780241

Dr. Concie Pedroza
Wednesday, April 28 – 6:45-7:45 pm

Zoom link:

Webinar ID: 879 5975 3654
Passcode: 447667

You can find information on the superintendent search process here.


Gov. Inslee signs bill to put statue of Billy Frank Jr. in U.S. Capitol

Thursday, April 15, 2021

Gov. Jay Inslee signed HB 1372 today, which will place a statue of tribal leader Billy Frank Jr. in the National Statuary Hall. 

Inslee was joined by members of Frank’s family, tribal and community members, Lt. Gov. Denny Heck and Rep. Debra Lekanoff when he signed the bill in a ceremony at Wa He Lut Indian School in Olympia.

“Billy Frank Jr.’s legacy should inspire Washingtonians to have open discussions about our place in the world, both what we take from the earth and what we give back. And it reaffirms certain truths as old as the Nisqually Tribe itself: That the environment is not just a resource; it is our home, and we must protect it,” Inslee said.

Read the rest of the story on the governor's Medium page

Information about Billy Frank, Jr HERE


Shorecrest varsity girls tennis 4-13-21

Shorecrest varsity girls tennis
4-13-21 at Lynnwood
Shorecrest 5 - Lynnwood 2
SC overall 1-1 
Coach Rob Mann


Case updates April 13, 2021

 Vaccine Locations
Vaccine eligibility is open everyone in Washington state but vaccine supplies are limited. See the article here. Case numbers continue to rise.

Case updates April 13, 2021

United States 
  • Total cases 31,158,087 - 76,120 in one day
  • Total deaths 560,576 - 769 in one day

Washington state  
  • Total cases 380,339 -  1,283 new cases in a day  
  • Total hospitalizations 21,239 - 54 in a day 
  • Total deaths 5,357 -  17 in a day 

King county 
  • Total cases 92,158 - 356 in a day  
  • Total hospitalizations 5,490 - 32 in a day  
  • Total deaths 1,489 - 4 in a day  

Seattle - population 744,995 (2018) 
  • Total cases 22,739 - 148 in a day
  • Total hospitalizations 1,279 - 22 in a day
  • Total deaths 383 - 2 in a day

Shoreline - population 56,752 (2018) 
  • Total cases 2,183 -  14 in a day 
  • Total hospitalizations 192 - 1 in a day
  • Total deaths 92 - no change

Lake Forest Park - 13,569 (2018) 
  • cases 299 - 1 since yesterday
  • hospitalizations 17 -  0 since yesterday
  • deaths 4 - no change

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