Warm weather and bright flowers

Saturday, December 5, 2020


One of my rhododendrons is blooming. I seem to remember that it also bloomed at this time last year along with my loyal Christmas cactus.

My rhody isn't unique. Lee Lageschulte just sent in this batch of photos taken in the last couple of days.



WA Notify has 1.1 million users

Governor Jay Inslee announced on Friday that WA Notify now has more than 1.1 million users.

It is the anonymous, secure and free way to get alerts when you have spent time near another WA Notify user who tested positive for COVID-19. 

Join today: http://WANotify.org


AG Ferguson intends to file lawsuit against Trump Administration to prevent imminent sale of National Archives building in Seattle

The Region X National Archives has been located on Sand Point Way in Seattle since 1963

Attorney General Bob Ferguson announced today that his office recently uncovered a dramatic change in the timeline for the proposed sale of the National Archives building in Seattle buried in a 74-page meeting minutes document from October. 

In it, the Public Buildings Reform Board (PBRB) disclosed that it would move to immediately sell the National Archives and Records Administration’s (NARA) building in Seattle, along with a “portfolio” of other federal properties, in early 2021. It had planned on selling the properties individually over the next year.

PBRB officials claimed COVID-19’s effects on the commercial real estate market justified the expedited, bundled sale.

An assistant attorney general recently discovered the plan listed simply as an “update” on the PBRB website. No officials from PBRB, the General Services Administration (GSA), the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) or the U.S. Department of Justice notified the Attorney General’s Office about the October decision.

Ferguson intends to file a lawsuit against the Trump Administration to stop it from proceeding with an expedited sale of the National Archives and Records Administration’s (NARA) building in Seattle.

“The federal government is well aware of the intense public interest in the National Archives building,” Ferguson said. 
“Despite that, they chose to bury a dramatic change in the timeline for the sale. This is consistent with the utter lack of transparency demonstrated by the federal government since the start of this process. This is not how government should work.”

In light of the expedited sale schedule, Ferguson will also ask the court handling his Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuits against these agencies to expedite Washington’s motion for summary judgment, currently set for consideration in April 2021. 

The federal government has asked the court for permission to delay its response to Washington’s lawsuit until March — by which time it will have sold the building, according to the newly uncovered plans.

More information HERE


WSU Extension to offer Home Horticulture training

Learn to be a better home gardener and steward of the environment this winter with Washington State University's new online Home Horticulture Training program. Training is open to Washington state residents 18 years of age and older. No gardening experience is needed. 

This training focuses on a wide range of horticulture topics taught online by WSU faculty, staff, Master Gardeners, and other regional experts on Saturday mornings from 9 a.m. to noon starting January 9 and continuing weekly through April 24. See the Syllabus and the Topics and Schedule for more information.

Those wishing to earn a Certificate of Completion will need to participate in weekly online quizzes, a final, and attend most classes. Homework is expected to average 3-5 hours a week.

Tuition for this extensive training program is $300 and requires a computer with internet access, an email account, and a Zoom account since classes will be offered via this online webinar platform. See the FAQ for more information. Training also includes access to WSU Extension's online Master Gardener Training Modules and the extensive Master Gardener Manual.

Registration is opens now and closes December 18 unless the course slots fill before then. King County has been allotted 100 slots, so do not wait to register. The link to registration is available at http://mastergardener.wsu.edu/home-horticulture-training/.

For more information and to register, please visit http://mastergardener.wsu.edu/home-horticulture-training/ or contact the King County Master Gardener Program Office at king.mg@wsu.edu or call 206-543-0943.


Flags at half-staff Monday

Governor Inslee hereby directs that Washington State and United States flags at all state agency facilities be lowered to half-staff Monday, December 7, 2020, for National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day. 

National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day was created by Congress in 1994 in honor of those Americans killed or injured as a result of the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.

Other government entities, citizens and businesses are encouraged to join this recognition.

Please call (360) 902-0383 if you have any questions about this flag lowering.


Cartoon by Whitney Potter: Oops


Previous cartoons by Whitney Potter HERE


Classifieds: Ronald Wastewater Commissioners workshop

Special Meeting Notice
Ronald Wastewater District

Board of Commissioners Workshop

As required by RCW 42.30, the Open Public Meeting Act, NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Board of Commissioners of Ronald Wastewater District will hold a Commissioner Workshop to review and discuss the draft 2021 Comprehensive Sewer Plan.

Date: Tuesday, December 8, 2020
Time: 6:00 p.m.
Location: remotely (via Zoom)


1. Call to Order

2. Public Comment

3. 2021 Draft Comprehensive Sewer Plan: Discussion and Possible Decision(s)

4. Conclusion

Any member of the public wishing to join the Zoom special meeting, please email dwittinger@ronaldwastewater.org for a link to the meeting.


Case updates December 3, 2020

Case updates December 3, 2020

United States
  • cases 14,041,436 - 219,187 cases since yesterday
  • deaths 275,386 - 2,861 deaths since yesterday

Washington state
  • cases 174,290 - 1,853 since last report
  • hospitalizations 11,273 - 78 since last report
  • deaths 2,925 - 25 since last report

King county
  • cases 46,931 - 758 since yesterday
  • hospitalizations 3,347 - 42 since yesterday
  • deaths 894 - 8 since yesterday

Seattle - population 744,995 (2018)
  • cases 11,649 - 89 since yesterday
  • hospitalizations 784 - 7 since yesterday
  • deaths 209 - 4 since yesterday

Shoreline - population 56,752 (2018)
  • cases 1,192 - 2 since yesterday
  • hospitalizations 136 - 1 since yesterday
  • deaths 73 - 1 since yesterday

Lake Forest Park - 13,569 (2018)
  • cases 141 - 2 since yesterday
  • hospitalizations 9 - 2 since yesterday
  • deaths 2 - 0 since yesterday


Residential structure fire destroys garage contents and sends homeowner to hospital with minor burns

Photo by Steven H. Robinson
Just before 1pm on Friday, December 5, 2020, Shoreline Fire reported a residential structure fire in the 700 block of N 184th St in the Hillwood neighborhood, behind Fred Meyer.

The fire was kept away from the house and held to the attached garage. The fire was extinguished but the garage contents were a complete loss. 

The homeowner had a minor burn and was taken by Aid to local hospital. No other injuries were reported. 

South Snohomish County, Northshore and Bothell Fire assisted.


Public Hearing - Amendments to Proposed Development Regulations for the Point Wells Subarea

Point Wells from the north
Photo by Steven H. Robinson

Shoreline City Council Public Hearing
Monday, Dec. 14, 2020

Shoreline City Council will hold a second electronic public hearing to consider citizens’ comments on Proposed Ordinance No. 908 amending the Development Code to establish a “Point Wells – Planned Area 4” zone and regulations to implement the Point Wells Subarea Plan. 

The City’s Comprehensive Plan has designated the Point Wells Subarea as a Future Service and Annexation Area and this hearing is in accordance with RCW 35A.14.340.

All interested persons are encouraged to listen and/or attend the remote online public hearing and to provide oral and/or written comments. Information on how to join the meeting is posted at shorelinewa.gov/councilmeetings.

Written comments should be submitted to Andrew Bauer, Senior Planner, at abauer@shorelinewa.gov by no later than 4:00pm local time on the date of the hearing.

Any person wishing to provide oral testimony at the hearing should register via the Remote Public Comment Sign-in form on the City’s webpage at least thirty (30) minutes before the start of the meeting. A request to sign-up can also be made directly to the City Clerk at (206) 801-2230.

Any person requiring a disability accommodation should also contact the City Clerk in advance for more information. For TTY telephone services call 206-546-0457. Each Request will be considered individually according to the type of request, the availability of resources, and the financial ability of the City to provide the requested services or equipment.

Full public hearing notice [pdf]

--Information from City of Shoreline


Icy patches on the morning commute cause two crashes

Photo by Steven H. Robinson
Shoreline Fire responded to two single vehicle crashes Friday morning, December 4, 2020.

At 7am they reported a single vehicle collision in the 1300 block of N 155th St. Police were already on the scene. 

One person had minor injuries and was taken by Aid to local hospital.

At 8am Fire reported a single vehicle rollover at N 175th and Dayton Ave N. Fire and police responded and an alert was issued.

There were no injuries and fire issued a warning about icy spots in the road and advised drivers to drive slower than usual.


Secretary of State issues statement on Culp campaign claims of ‘anomalies’ in 2020 General Election

OLYMPIA — Following a Facebook Live video posted by gubernatorial candidate Loren Culp, in which attorney Stephen Pidgeon, Ph.D., alleged over 800,000 votes were tallied than eligible voters who appear in the voter registration database, Secretary of State Kim Wyman issued the following statement:

Secretary of State Kim Wyman 
answers allegations from failed
gubernatorial candidate Loren Culp
“Gubernatorial candidate Loren Culp, and now attorney Stephen Pidgeon, have made sweeping claims about alleged voter fraud committed in the 2020 General Election without providing any substantive evidence. 

"If Mr. Culp, his attorney, or anyone else believes they have evidence of fraud, I urge them to report their findings to their county election officials and the Secretary of State’s Office. As a member of law enforcement who purports to have evidence of felonies, Mr. Culp should be duty-bound to provide that evidence to the appropriate authorities so these cases can be investigated by county sheriffs and prosecutors, and possibly the FBI.

“Mr. Pidgeon’s claim that only 3.2 million people voted in the 2020 general election is false. Nearly 4.2 million people voted in the Nov. 3 election. No evidence has been presented to suggest that 10,000 ballots were cast for deceased voters, or 300,000 people who moved out of Washington state fraudulently voted as Mr. Pidgeon alleges.

“Voter-roll maintenance is conducted on an ongoing basis by county election officials. The Office of the Secretary of State works with county election officials, the Department of Licensing, the Department of Health, the Department of Corrections, the Office of the Administrator of the Courts, the Social Security Administration, and the Electronic Registration Information Center to improve the accuracy of voter registration data. 

"Each month, the Office of the Secretary of State receives a list of deceased people from the Department of Health and the Social Security Administration. These lists are compared to the voter registration list. Potential matches are flagged for research by the county elections offices and are removed if the person is found to be deceased. If evidence is found someone voted on behalf of a deceased person, county election officials forward that information to the county sheriff and prosecutor for further investigation and potential prosecution.

“County election officials work with their mailing vendors to modify the format of mailing addresses included in the voter registration database to ensure the U.S. Postal Service equipment can read and sort accurately using CASS-certified address validation software. This process ensures the ballots will be mailed to the proper address using the most efficient route, not that the addresses were invalid as claimed by the Culp campaign.

“We have safeguards in place before, during, and after each election, and conduct numerous audits throughout to ensure all election functions and processes are operating properly and accurately.

“Before any system can be certified for use, it must be tested by an Election Assistance Commission- accredited, independent testing authority. There are currently two laboratories that provide this testing at the federal level — Pro V&V, Inc. and SLI Compliance, a division of Gaming Laboratories International, LLC. Then, prior to use in Washington state, election systems undergo review by our independent state Election System Certification Board. All systems in use in Washington state have undergone this testing by both state and federal authorities.

“Also prior to every election, including the 2020 General Election, the Office of the Secretary of State presides over tests performed by county election offices to ensure the accuracy of the vote-counting equipment.

Loren Culp lost the gubernatorial
election and is alleging fraud.
“Franklin County is the only county in Washington state that uses a version of Dominion Voting Systems software and hardware. The system in use has been certified, and no issues have been identified.

“After an election, officials conduct rigorous post-election processes such as auditing voting machines and voting precincts to actual ballots cast. County election offices perform post-election audits during election week that are open to the public for observation. This is standard for all elections, and helps ensure the results they certify later in the month are accurate.

“Though election officials use tabulation equipment to count ballots, every ballot processed and tabulated is a paper ballot, which provides a verifiable paper trail for auditing purposes. After Election Day, counties conduct audits across multiple precincts, during which they confirm the manual tallies match the totals tabulated by the machine. In Franklin County, this confirmed the version of Dominion Voting Systems software they used functioned properly and accurately.

“Additionally, neither the Dominion software in use in Franklin County nor any software used throughout the state relies on any technology provided by Smartmatic. In fact, Smartmatic released information last month about its supposed connection to election systems throughout the country.

“The Office of the Secretary of State takes allegations of voter fraud seriously. If anyone has evidence of voter fraud being committed in Washington state, I implore you to provide that evidence to your county elections official and/or the Office of the Secretary of State.”


Scene on the Sound: Daybreak over Shoreline

Friday, December 4, 2020


Daybreak over Shoreline
Photo by Tim Davis

Tim Davis took this view of Shoreline from Kingston. Always interesting to see what the neighbors see!

Daybreak over Shoreline
From above President Point, Kingston
6:53am 11.29.20


Vehicle into tree on NE 165th

Photo by Steven H. Robinson

Around 11am Thursday morning, December 3, 2020, a Subaru ran into a tree on NE 165th at about 11th NE in Ridgecrest.

Shoreline Fire and police responded but left the scene after 15 minutes when it was clear that no human was injured.

Photo by Steven H. Robinson

The tree appears to have suffered less damage than the vehicle.


Letter to the Editor: Northshore - Woodinville fire department merger to be on April ballot

To the Editor:

The Board of Fire Commissioners for the Northshore Fire Department recently approved a resolution asking voters to merge with Woodinville Fire and Rescue. The merger request will be on the April 27, 2021 Special Election ballot for voters in the communities of Kenmore and Lake Forest Park.

Many fire districts are merging with other agencies to be more cost-effective for taxpayers. Northshore and Woodinville Fire currently share training programs for emergency personnel, administrative positions (fire chief, deputy chief, and a chief administrative officer) and finance, human resources and IT departments. Merging would make these cost efficiencies permanent. Costs for future capital items, (such as stations and apparatus) would be less for taxpayers as well because it is shared by more property owners.

Another issue driving this request is improving service. Merging would allow better deployment of emergency personnel, and sharing of specialized apparatus and equipment when responding to emergency calls. It also would provide better training opportunities for firefighters, stronger fire prevention programs in our local schools, and more community engagement.

More information can be found on our website at www.northshorefire.com/merger-updates We appreciate you considering our request, and welcome your questions.

Thank you,

Dave Maehren, Chairperson
Northshore Fire Department
425-354-1780 dmaehren@northshorefire.com


Case updates December 2, 2020

Case updates December 2, 2020

United States
  • cases 13,822,249 - 196,227 cases since yesterday
  • deaths 272,525 - 2,762 deaths since yesterday

Washington state
  • cases 172,437 - 2,095 since last report
  • hospitalizations 11,195 - 241 since last report
  • deaths 2,900 - 50 since last report

King county
  • cases 46,173 - 362 since yesterday
  • hospitalizations 3,305 - 58 since yesterday
  • deaths 886 - 8 since yesterday

  • cases 11,560 - 89 since yesterday
  • hospitalizations 777 - 20 since yesterday
  • deaths 205 - 1 since yesterday

Shoreline - population 56,752 (2018)
  • cases 1,190 - 9 since yesterday
  • hospitalizations 135 - 2 since yesterday
  • deaths 72 - 1 since yesterday

Lake Forest Park - 13,569 (2018)
  • cases 139 - 0 since yesterday
  • hospitalizations 7 - 1 since yesterday
  • deaths 2 - 0 since yesterday


Jobs: Sr. Parks Maintenance Worker

City of Shoreline
Sr. Parks Maintenance Worker - Urban Forestry

CLOSING DATE: 01/11/21 11:59 PM


Shoreline is an inclusive City that endeavors to build a work culture which embraces diversity, encourages participation, and promotes equity.

First review of applications is scheduled for December 21st. Precedence will be given to candidates who apply by that date.

Job offer to the most successful candidate is contingent upon verification of driving history and a successful passing of a criminal background check.


Under the direction of the Parks Superintendent, oversees the City's urban forestry management program designed to optimize the health, beauty and safety of parkway trees for the public through proper planning, planting, maintenance and care. 

Perform field inspection activities, contract and manage projects involving condition assessments and related maintenance along with capital improvement projects. 

To schedule and assign parks maintenance crews, equipment and materials for parks maintenance work projects; to coordinate, lead, oversee and participate in the more complex and difficult work of staff responsible for the City Urban Forestry program; to assume responsibility for various administrative tasks, including record keeping, purchasing and contracts; and to perform a variety of technical tasks relative to assigned areas of responsibility.

Job description and application


Jobs: Lead designer

Lead Designer (Transportation Engineer 2, In-Training)

The Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) is looking to hire a Lead Designer that will direct activities necessary for the successful delivery of AD-ready Preservation and Improvement projects. 

The responsibilities of a Lead Designer have a high impact to fulfill WSDOT’s mission of providing and supporting safe, reliable, and cost-effective transportation options to improve livable communities and economic vitality for the state of Washington.

Job description and application


Shoreline Community College free seminar: The African American Experience Through Film

Ben Abel-Bey
Join educator and filmmaker Ben Abel-Bey for a teaser or "snapshot" of his Shoreline Community College Continuing Education course, The African American Experience Through Film, on Wednesday, December 9, 2020 from 6 - 8pm. 

This two-hour Zoom class will examine the counter-narratives of Black filmmakers in the hopes of better understanding how cinema serves as an expression of humanity, and more importantly, a better understanding of the humanity within the African-American community.

This introductory glimpse into the longer course will include a brief lecture and discussion and is open to the community. Participants will learn how to "read" or break down a scene and explore some essential elements of film theory.
There is no cost for this event, but seats are limited. Register today using this link or contact continuing-ed@shoreline.edu for more information.


Rotary Sharing Tree at LFP Town Center

Rotary of Lake Forest Park Sharing Tree is in Town Center

This year is different, of course, but the Rotary Club is not about to stop their tradition of helping children during the holidays.

This year the Rotary Club will place a donation box on the lower level of the Lake Forest Park Mall to accept gift cards, cash, or checks.

The Donation Box will be in place from November 28 – December 20, 2020.

Here's what to put in the box: Gift cards focused on local stores that provide toys, clothing, electronics, etc. for children and teens.

The cards will be given to Center for Human Services, North Helpline, and Youth Gift Baskets.

By participating in The Sharing Tree, the community’s collective effort will make a substantial impact for children to experience the joy of the holidays!

Town Center is located at the intersection of Bothell and Ballinger Way NE. The tree is in the lower lobby.


Paul Lewing studio sale continues through this weekend

Darted vases

Paul Lewing will still be showing his tiles and acrylic paintings, along with Rupa Palasamudram’s functional pottery, through this weekend.

Like everything else this year, it’s different this time. It will be open every day from 10am till 5pm, but by appointment only, one party of any size at a time.


We’ll have the doors wide open and masks are required. To book your slot call or text 206-919-2664, or email pjlewing@comcast.net

We have lots of good work left and quite a few open slots. This year more than ever, everyone needs to shop local.

Paul Lewing



Agenda for Shoreline city council meeting Dec 7, 2020

The December 7, 2020 meeting of the Shoreline City Council includes one Action Item and Two Study Items.

Information on viewing and commenting is here: https://www.shorelinewa.gov/government/council-meetings

Action Item

8(a) Adopting Ordinance No. 907 - Amending Development Code Sections 20.20, 20.30, 20.40, 20.50, and 20.80

The Planning Commission held study sessions to discuss the proposed amendments and gave staff direction on the amendments on July 2 and August 20, 2020. The Commission then held the required public hearing on October 1, 2020. The Planning Commission recommended that the City Council adopt the proposed amendments as detailed in proposed Ordinance No. 907. The Council had the opportunity to study the Administrative and Clarifying Amendments on November 9 and the Policy Amendments on November 23.

The staff report and attachments for the Policy Amendments can be found at the following link:

Study Items

9(a) Discussing Park Improvements and Property Acquisition Priorities and Funding

On March 30, 2020, the City Council discussed whether to place a bond measure, ranging from $21.1M to $38.5M, for park property acquisition and park improvements on the August 2020 primary ballot or the November 2020 General Election Ballot. Due to the COVID-19 Health Emergency, Council determined the timing was not appropriate. Council will discuss if a measure should be placed on the April 2021 Special Election or a future election.

The staff report from the November 2 discussion can be found here: Discussing Park Improvements and Acquisition Priorities and Funding or

9(b) Discussion of Mandatory Fire Sprinklers for New Single Family/Duplex Residential Construction

The current residential sprinkler ordinance requires installation of a residential fire sprinkler system in new single-family and duplex home based on any of these factors
  • Size - Residences in excess of 4,800 square feet;
  • Low Fire Flow - Residences over 3,600 square feet require 1,750 gallons per minute (gpm) in flow and residences under 3,600 sf require 1,000 gpm; or
  • Distance to the Fire Hydrant – Residences over 500 feet away from the hydrant.
The issue with this current regulation is that fire does not care how big or small your residential structure is; fires happen in homes both big and small. In fact, 79% of the Shoreline structure fires from 2015 to 2019 occurred in homes under 3,000 sf.

--Pam Cross


Still impressive

Thursday, December 3, 2020


Photo by Victoria Gilleland

Hydrangea 'Pia' or 'Pink Elf', a Dwarf French Hydrangea, has been blooming since May.  

Her color is still impressive as Fall marches on!

--Victoria Gilleland


Sustainable Shoreline low-waste Gift Wrapping Raffle

Reducing waste during the holiday season is not only good for the earth, it can also be beautiful! 

From Furoshiki cloth art, to upcycled calendars or bows made from old magazines, there are many creative ways to wrap holiday gifts that create less waste. 

Do you have a favorite low-waste gift wrapping method? 

Share yours for a chance to win a prize. To enter the raffle, take a photo of your creative, low-waste gift wrapping and send it to creed@shorelinewa.gov, or submit on Instagram (@shorelinewagov) or Facebook (@ShorelineWA).

Submit your photo by Thursday, December 10 to be entered in the first drawing. A second drawing will occur on Thursday, December 24. Raffle prizes include a Liberty Bottles coffee thermos, a reusable metal straw, and a recycling tote bag.

Americans spend an estimated $7 billion per year on wrapping paper according to 2016 data from Sundale Research. Wrapping paper is not highly valued by recyclers due to ink and tape. Metallic wrapping paper can’t be recycled and must be thrown in the garbage.

Here’s a few ideas to make your holiday wrapping more sustainable and maybe even save some money:
  1. Up-cycle old calendars, gift bags, or newspaper for wrapping materials
  2. Make your own bows from magazines
  3. Try Furoshiki, the art of creating beautiful, reusable fabric wrapping. It’s not as hard as it looks!
  4. Avoid materials that can’t be recycled like metallic wrapping paper and plastic ribbon
  5. Save bows, ribbon, bags, twine and paper to use again next year!
Learn more about waste reduction and how you can help create a Sustainable Shoreline at www.shorelinewa.gov/sustainability


Red Cross and Shoreline Veterans Association sponsor Heros Cafe December 9 for local veterans

Join the American Red Cross and Shoreline Veterans Association for a virtual Heroes Café event on Wednesday, December 9, 2020!

The Heroes Café is a Veteran supportive services concept that leverages the resources and services of community partnerships to provide Veterans with comprehensive and value-based services.

The goal is to promote increased knowledge in Veteran services and resources, network development, economic stability, and individual self-sufficiency.

This event is specifically for Veterans in Shoreline and surrounding King County. Participation is free, but please register in advance.


Case updates December 1, 2020; Governor updates restrictions for religious and faith based organizations

Gov. Jay Inslee today updated restrictions for religious and faith based organizations.

The update clarifies that religious and faith-based organizations can hold outdoor services with up to 200 individuals, regardless of location, so long as physical distancing is followed and face coverings are worn.

This modification expands where outdoor services can be held, services are no longer limited to the organization’s property or an immediately adjacent property. Read the full guidance document here.

Case updates December 1, 2020

United States
  • cases 13,626,022 - 178,395 cases since yesterday
  • deaths 269,763 - 2,461 deaths since yesterday

Washington state
  • cases 170,342 - 3126 since last report
  • hospitalizations 10,954 - 34 since last report
  • deaths 2,850 - 45 since last report

King county
  • cases 45,811 - 673 since yesterday
  • hospitalizations 3,247 - 12 since yesterday
  • deaths 878 - 10 since yesterday

  • cases 11,471 - 166 since yesterday
  • hospitalizations 757 - 2 since yesterday
  • deaths 204 - 2 since yesterday

Shoreline - population 56,752 (2018)
  • cases 1,181 - 35 since yesterday
  • hospitalizations 133 - 1 since yesterday
  • deaths 71 - 0 since yesterday

Lake Forest Park - 13,569 (2018)
  • cases 139 - 4 since yesterday
  • hospitalizations 6 - 0 since yesterday
  • deaths 2 - 0 since yesterday


Mia imagined she was a submarine, submerging...

Photo by Gloria Z Nagler

The Mallards have begun pairing off on Lake Washington!

--Gloria Z Nagler


Chamber of Commerce welcomes speakers from the Small Business Association December 9

Shoreline Chamber of Commerce Free ZOOM Luncheon
Welcoming our Speaker Mark Costello and Janie Sacco, SBA

Wednesday, December 9, 2020 
11:30am - 1:00pm

Programs for COVID-19
Mark Costello

Sign up for this free Zoom lunch here: 


Reminder: Home For the Holidays concert tonight

The Seattle SeaChordsmen present their annual holiday concert tonight, Thursday, December 3, 2020 at 7pm.

The show will be broadcast on YouTube. The YouTube event is here: https://youtu.be/958Gj3R2AY8

The chorus web site is here: http://seachordsmen.org/. It has information on how to join. We already have Shoreline and Edmonds members!

Your generous donations will go to area food banks.


Shoreline Parks Board to discuss trees and interest in an Arts Commission

Hamlin Park - photo by Alice Lawson

The Shoreline Parks / Tree board meeting will discuss trees and consider the formation of a city arts commission at its meeting today - Thursday, December 3, 2020, 7pm online.

Meeting link:
Passcode: 843711

Agenda Highlights
  • Tree Board Overview
  • Parks Maintenance and Urban Forestry
  • Proposal to Form City Arts Commission
Link to Full Meeting Packet [PDF] (HERE)


Notes from Shoreline council meeting November 30, 2020

Pam Cross, reporter
Shoreline City Council Meeting
November 30, 2020

Notes by Pam Cross

The meeting was held remotely using the Zoom platform.

Mayor Hall called the meeting to order at 7:00pm.

All Councilmembers were present.

Report of the City Manager, Debbie Tarry

COVID-19 Update

A reminder that the new statewide restrictions remain in effect through December 14.

Remember to wear a mask when engaged in any sport, including pickleball.

The King County average over the past 14 days has grown to 383 new cases per 100,000 residents. Remember that the target is 25 per 100,000. Also in King County, the number of positive tests is 15.4% and the target for positive tests is 2%.

In Shoreline, we have had 236 new cases in the past two weeks. Hospitalizations have also increased.

Protect our community by taking prevention measures:
  • Wear a face covering, especially indoors in public settings regardless of the distance between people.
  • Wash or sanitize your hands regularly.
  • Maintain six (6) feet of distance, indoors and outdoors.
  • Gather ONLY outdoors with a limit of five (5) people.
  • Get tested at the first sign of illness. And then stay home! Do not go to work or to stores if you’re not feeling well.
Additional information shorelinewa.gov/covid

Public Reminders
  • The Planning Commission will hold a remote meeting on Thursday Dec 3 at 7:00pm
  • The PRCS/Tree Board will hold a remote meeting on Thursday Dec 3 at 7:00pm
Council Reports (all meetings were attended virtually)

Councilmember Chang attended a Special Meeting of the Regional Transit Committee. It was the first time Metro provided what the system might look like when equity, productivity and geographic diversity are implemented. They created three different maps. The current system is much sparser in South King County, but in looking at the proposed additions, there was virtually nothing in North King County. A lot of work still needs to be done to make a balance.

Public Comment

The following people spoke in opposition to the enhanced shelter:

Jackie Kurle, Shoreline
Diane Pfeil, Shoreline
Nathan Pfeil, Shoreline
Nancy Pfeil, Shoreline

Approval of the Agenda

Approval of the Agenda adopted by unanimous consent.

Approval of the Consent Calendar

The Consent Calendar approved unanimously by roll call vote.


Discussion of Resolution No. 467 - Declaring the City’s Commitment to Building an Anti-Racist Community - Sponsored by Councilmembers Roberts and Robertson

Christina Arcidy, Management Analyst, made the presentation

Tonight Council will consider adoption of Resolution 467, committing to Shoreline becoming an Anti-Racist Community, that was sponsored by Councilmembers Roberts and Robertson.

Draft wording was presented at the Nov 16 Council meeting. There have been no changes to the draft. Staff recommends adoption.


Move and second to adopt the resolution.

Councilmembers Robertson and Roberts thanked the members of the community who worked to bring this together, the City staff, and the thoughtful conversation at the Nov 16 Council meeting.

This is an ongoing commitment of the community and the Council. It’s going to take work. Shoreline has not been immune from racism. It’s in our City’s history and survives in different forms to this day.


Passed 7-0.

ACTION ITEM 8(b) Adopting the 2021 State Legislative Priorities

Jim Hammond, Intergovernmental Program Manager, made the presentation

Tonight we are looking at the final list of State Legislative priorities that adds two changes to the proposed list we discussed on Nov 16.


Move and second to adopt.

Does this motion include the two modifications made by staff? Yes.


Passed 7-0.

Study Item 9(a) 185th Street Station Subarea Plan Progress Report 2015-2020

Andrew Bauer, Senior Planner, made the staff report

In March 2015, the Shoreline City Council adopted the 185th Street Station Subarea Plan and area-wide rezoning. Rather than rezoning the entire subarea at once, it was broken into three distinct phases. Phase 1 of the rezone took effect immediately, while phase 2 goes into effect March 16, 2021, and phase 3 will become effective March 16, 2033.

Phase 2 is the smallest of the three phased areas, but it does include a substantial number of properties that have the MUR-70 zone. MUR-70 (mixed use - residential - allowing 70 dwelling units per acre) is intended to provide for more intense development.

A progress report of Phase 1 is required before moving to the next phase. The complete Progress Report 2015-2020 is available as an attachment to the staff report.

We haven’t seen any activity yet in the MUR-70 zones. This could be because of a variety of different factors, such as small lot sizes requiring aggregation of several properties for a larger scale development. Developers need to meet the density requirement in order to take advantage of the incentives offered. Other market factors could also be at play.

New units occupancy.

Most units are owner occupied which is similar to citywide data. Apartments are mostly 1 bedroom units. There have been no 3 bedroom units. But this was a small sample size.

No commercial development at this time.

There is the challenge of converting single family residences for commercial use. It is also the question of needing tenants and owners to support commercial enterprises before we see any development there. We would expect more commercial development when light rail is operating.

Utilities generally have the capacity to serve the growing population. Upgrades for water and sewer will be needed. Electrical lines on 185th are also being upgraded to serve the new demand.


The 185th street Multimodal Corridor Strategy completed by Sound Transit was a huge milestone in advancing the vision for the subarea plan, making a cohesive vision for the land use.


It is anticipated we will need 43 acres of new parks/open space to serve the subarea population. Areas have been identified so planning and acquisitions are underway.

Although we are early in the plan, growth is tracking with assumptions in the plan. We have to wait and see what COVID-19 means for development and how that plays out. Capital investments are keeping pace with the actual growth and development, and there are always opportunities for improvement.


I’m concerned about nothing happening in MUR 70. We knew it would be an issue but it’s tough when you see a very large development bringing in commercial to Mountlake Terrace station. What can we do to make things happen here? Staff will take a look at this to determine if we have to make some changes to our planning for MUR70.

As happened with Aurora Ave, we didn’t see the development that we had expected. But now it’s coming. The light rail station hasn’t even arrived so development will be down the road. It will be a year after light rail comes online before we see development in MUR70. We do need a complete sidewalk network by finding ways to encourage complete sidewalks to be built by the developers.

Still there should be more application activity. It can take several years to complete some of these projects. Staff needs to look at the regulations and incentives again with the goal of encouraging the kind of development we want. We could consider eliminating the development agreement process. It takes a lot of time and creates a lot of uncertainty. Maybe we should codify certain standards that we really want to see. Of course that would be less flexible but more predictable.

We need to encourage developers to build more efficient units if we want to keep rents affordable.

We may want to revisit charging for parking garages separate from rent. There is some incentive to not have a vehicle, but it also means they might park on the street. The multi-family tax exemption (MFTE) has turned out to really increase the City’s revenues to increase city services so we should think about expanding and extending it.

I don’t think there’s enough we can give in a development incentives that will result in a significant enough change. Are these artificial roadblocks? Are we hearing developers complaining that they’d do “this” if it weren’t for “that”? Need to focus on getting the infrastructure in place (sidewalks, parks, utilities) or at least planned out and ready to go.

One thought about sidewalks: when a new project is going up, they end up tearing up any sidewalk that was there and rebuilding it so I’m a little worried about the inefficient use of tax money if we build these sidewalks (that are expensive) and then the developer has to rebuild it after all the utilities are put in and all of their heavy equipment has moved from the site.

It can take up to 2 years to develop because we’re still 4 years off from light rail. Developers don’t want to build a large building without light rail being there. We should open phase 3 at same time as 2. It’s not that much more property. That seems to be where we are getting our general development right now.

I like seeing more apartments. Townhouses are nice but they are not “affordable.”

Why is there a void in the number of bedrooms? Why aren’t there 2 or 3 bedrooms?

Staff will be presenting to the planning commission on Thursday

We must have some facts. Is there historical information about property density like MUR70 starts moving? We must be proactive in determining why the development isn’t happening. It has taken a long time in other cities. Just zoning MUR70 will not bring development. We won’t see anything until the station opens.

End discussion. Will talk about it at their retreat.


Discussing the Addendum to the Feasibility Study for Transfer of Development Rights and the Landscape Conservation and Local Infrastructure Program (LCLIP) in Shoreline

Steven Szafran, AICP, Senior Planner, made the presentation

The presentation will move quickly from the basics from LCLIP, and focus on the scenario analysis that they asked us to do in July as the main part of the presentation. 

  • LCLIP = Landscape Conservation and Local Infrastructure Program (RCW39.108)
  • TDR = transfer of development rights
  • TIF = tax increment financing
Nick Bratton of Forterra

This tool is encouraged by the Growth Management Act to use the private market to encourage growth where we want it, while preserving those resource lands for forests and farming.

LCLIP is a combination of TDR and a form of tax increment financing to provide a financial incentive for cities to use TDR. The 2020 Feasibility Report has been updated and the report finds that the City stands to gain $8.3 to $12.8 million dollars for infrastructure improvements from revenue generated by new development over a 25-year period if all the City’s allocated TDR credits are placed.

To maximize the benefits of the program, Shoreline should commit to using its full allocation of TDR credits if it chooses to adopt LCLIP.

Morgan Shook from ECONorthwest

The three scales of implementation:
  1. Station area emphasis within the light rail subareas.
  2. The next scenario covers the light rail station areas and Town Center.
  3. The last scenario, or full utilization, covers light rail station area, Town Center and the business commercial district.
Mike Murphy available from Kingco to answer any questions


Is there a downside? I don’t see one. Should we open this to the widest area of Shoreline or should we stay in light rail zones?

Program is set up well, we take more density in exchange for TDR but also conserve open spaces and green spaces throughout King County, and we raise added revenue for the City.

The incentives go beyond what is available in our development code. It raises costs for developers to go above and beyond. We traded some maximizing of lot coverage for better design and more efficient uses during our townhome discussion. That is a new approach for zoning. We want developers to do things right, not just easy.

Parking reductions should be everywhere, not just in this program. We already have height incentives. Doesn’t incentivize the most efficient use of our land.

Since this development code regulations are included, do we remove the incentives that are there and replace with LCLIP incentives?

Reply: these would be new incentives and see how they interact with those we already have.

ABC areas, is there an order to them?

Can start with lower # credits and build up. But leaves a lot of money on the table so it’s best to take the full amount you need. It takes into account the amount of growth, the geography, and the number of TDR credits.

What if we don’t get the growth we planned on?

Can’t reduce it. So there are milestones, 50% of credits need to be placed by year 10.
There’s no financial punishment - you just don’t collect as much as you wanted.

Why is this so important.

To save farmland, forestry. Regionally this is really important to King County.

Prefer clustering of the taller buildings rather than spread out across the City

Overall agreement to move forward.

Meeting adjourned.

Correction: In the discussion on Study items 9(a) the sentence should have "without" instead of "with".

"It can take up to 2 years to develop because we’re still 4 years off from light rail. Developers don’t want to build a large building without light rail being there. We should open phase 3 at same time as 2. It’s not that much more property. That seems to be where we are getting our general development right now."


Strawberry tree flowers and fruits at Paramount School Park

Wednesday, December 2, 2020


Arbutus Fruits

Arbutus Flowers

Hitomi Dames found the Strawberry Tree in the Paramount School Park. According to the site Fine Dining Lovers, the plant is native to the Mediterranean. It's planted as an ornamental but the fruit is edible.


Call for Short Films: 2021 Shoreline Short Short Film Festival

Submission Deadline: February 15, 2021

The Shoreline-Lake Forest Park Arts Council is currently accepting submissions for the 2021 Shoreline Short Short Film Festival. Now celebrating its 5th year! 

This festival aims to support emerging and developing filmmakers in Washington State and encourage appreciation for the art of filmmaking in our community.

Entries of “short short” films must be between 3 and 13 minutes and will be judged by an esteemed jury of filmmakers and film advocates. 

Jurors include Tony Doupé, SAG/AFTRA Actor and Shoreline Community College Film Department Professor; Vivian Hua, Executive Director at the Northwest Film Forum; Amy Lillard, Executive Director at Washington Filmworks; and Zubi Mohammed, Supervising Producer for Magnussen Media Group. 

Accepted films will be screened on Saturday, April 24, 2021 in a pop-up drive-in style event, and the best of the best will take home an artsy Golden Sasquatch Award as well as cash prizes!

  • Best Picture – $500
  • Best General Category Film –$250
  • Best Music Video – $250
  • Best Animation – $250
  • Best Comedy – $250
  • Best Student Film – $250
  • People’s Choice Award – $250 
Entry fees for this year include a $15 standard fee for all categories except in the Student category. The Student category fee is $10. Thank you!

All winners will also receive a Golden Sasquatch Award that is sure to be the envy of any Pacific Northwest filmmaker!

Film Specifications

  • Films should be 3-13 minutes in length, including credits
  • Filmmakers must have proper license to all copyrighted music, video, and images included in the duration of their submission(s)
  • Films must have been completed after January 1, 2019
  • All non-English films must have English subtitles
  • Submissions must be made online. DVDs and Blu-Rays will not be accepted

Submission and Acceptance
  • There is a $10 entry fee for Students
  • There is a $15 entry fee for all other categories
  • Please submit to one category
  • Notification of acceptance will be sent via email by March 15, 2021
  • Filmmakers may submit only one film
  • Still shots and/or excerpts from selected films may be used by the Shoreline-Lake Forest Park Arts Council for publicity purposes
  • All entries are final and may not be withdrawn from the festival once submitted

By submitting an entry to the Shoreline Short Short Film Festival, you attest that all information provided is accurate and complete, that you have the authority to submit said entry for consideration, and that you have read, understand, and agree to all terms of entry.

Additional information on our website!

Sponsorship opportunities for this event are available! Feel free to email Kevin at film@shorelinearts.net

The Shoreline-Lake Forest Park Arts Council is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to cultivate creativity and inspire our community through the arts. Established in 1989.


Secretary of State’s Office certifies 2020 General Election

Kim Wyman,
Secretary of State
OLYMPIA — More Washingtonians voted in the 2020 General Election than in any election in the state’s history.

According to vote totals certified today by Secretary of State Kim Wyman, 4,116,894, or 84.14%, of Washington’s 4,892,871 registered voters made their voices heard Nov. 3. The 84.14% turnout rate is less than half a percent shy of the all-time record (84.61%, set in the 2008 General Election).

“Throughout this election season, voters were energized, engaged, and eager to make their voices heard,” said Wyman. “The nearly 4.2 million people who cast their ballots felt empowered to exercise their right to vote, and have a say in their future and the future of our country.”

Wyman thanked Washington’s election officials and the local, state, and federal agencies that helped ensure a safe and secure election that balanced better access and greater security.

“Our 39 county election officials worked tirelessly to process and count more ballots than this state has ever seen,” she said. “We believe this election’s success is also due to our strong relationships with the Department of Homeland Security, FBI, U.S. Postal Service, and Washington National Guard that helped secure our elections and earn voter confidence.”

Also contributing to this historic turnout was the state’s efforts to register more voters. In the two weeks leading up to Election Day, over 55,000 people registered to vote. Nearly 20% of them were able to register on Election Day, thanks to Washington’s same-day voter-registration laws.

Eligible Washingtonians can register to vote or update their registration online at VoteWA.gov, or by U.S. mail or in person at a county elections office.

For more election information, including results, statistics, and voter resources, visit sos.wa.gov/elections.


Case updates November 30, 2020; most COVID-19 exposures are in households and gatherings

The new report on outbreaks and exposure settings from Public Health—Seattle & King County describes where people may have become infected with the novel coronavirus.

The report finds King County’s most commonly reported sources of potential exposure in recent weeks are in households and in community or social gatherings. 

Gatherings include get-togethers with family and friends, house or dinner parties, larger celebrations such as weddings, activities at a place of worship, or visiting restaurants and other businesses. 

This is different from early in the pandemic, when most cases were concentrated in long-term care facilities

Case updates November 29, 2020

United States
  • cases 13,447,627 - 152,022 cases since yesterday
  • deaths 267,302 - 1,251 deaths since yesterday

Washington state
  • cases 167,216 - 2,197 since last report
  • hospitalizations 10,920 - 25 since last report
  • deaths 2,805 - 31 since last report

King county
  • cases 45,138 - 732 since yesterday
  • hospitalizations 3,235 - 8 since yesterday
  • deaths 868 - 9 since yesterday

  • cases 11,305 - 168 since yesterday
  • hospitalizations 755 - 0 since yesterday
  • deaths 202 - 3 since yesterday

Shoreline - population 56,752 (2018)
  • cases 1,146 - 17 since yesterday
  • hospitalizations 132 - 0 since yesterday
  • deaths 71 - 1 since yesterday

Lake Forest Park - 13,569 (2018)
  • cases 135 - 1 since yesterday
  • hospitalizations 6 - 0 since yesterday
  • deaths 2 - 0 since yesterday


Cartoon by Whitney Potter: Steve


Previous cartoons by Whitney Potter HERE


North City Tech Meetup: Plasma Physics for the Inquisitive Mind

Jay Bowles on Plasma Physics
Plasma Physics for the Inquisitive Mind with Jay Bowles

Monday, December 7 , 2020 from 7 to 9pm - Online Zoom meeting. Free and open to everyone

High voltage demonstrations, conceptual plasma physics, and real world applications, Jay from Plasma Channel shows it all. 

Dive deep into the world of Plasma Physics, in this 60 minute presentation involving Tesla coils, fire bending, and levitation. 

Plenty of time after the presentation will be available for Q and A.

Jay Bowles is a public educator on YouTube and television, sharing a passion for plasma physics and building a global community of backyard scientists and experimenters. Having built most high voltage devices, he finds enjoyment in DIY projects, and believes that the best way to learn is to use your hands.

FREE and Open to All! No RSVP required.

ZOOM Information:


Meeting ID: 839 8452 3484
Passcode: 860462

The North City Tech Meetup is a free meetup, usually the first Monday of each month at one of our local libraries: Lake Forest Park, Shoreline or Kenmore. People of all levels of interest and experience are encouraged to attend. There is always time for introductions and discussions. Skip the traffic and join with your fellow north-enders once a month for interesting presentations and discussions. For the time being all North City Tech Meetups will be online using Zoom.

Group site: https://www.meetup.com/northcitytech/

Upcoming Events for 2021
  • January 11th, Jarrod Kinsey: A real laser made from household scrap.
  • February 1st, Dave Gunderson: Managing Electricity and Water at a Massive Scale: Inside the Hoover Dam
  • March 1st – More lasers! (Details TDB)
  • April 5th – North End Makers – Working together on project XXX (Lasers? Plasma?)

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