Good beak hygiene means gargling beakwash every morning, thought Julian

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Photo by Gloria Z Nagler

(I think Julian's a juvenile jay, with smaller crest and grey rather than black plumage) 
--Gloria Z Nagler


Stormwater runoff system being installed at new Einstein

Photos by Steven H. Robinson

The large orange pipes collect stormwater runoff in a modular chamber system.

At the downstream end of this system, a riser with small openings will slowly release water to Boeing Creek – at the same rate as if the site were forested instead of covered with impervious surfaces, such as asphalt and concrete.

This system is large enough to hold stormwater from this site after a 50-year storm event. After several days without rainfall, this system will empty and be ready for the next rainfall. 

The boulders will be saved and used in the landscaping for the school.


Lake Forest Park Rotary welcomes JP Mahar as new president at meeting Wednesday

Dr JP Mahar, President
Rotary Club of Lake Forest Park

You are invited...
Lake Forest Park Rotary Zoom Meeting
This is a recurring meeting every Wednesday after 7:45 AM

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 225 797 7384

Lake Forest Park Rotary welcomes its new president, Dr. JP Mahar. Dr. Mahar has run Kenmore chiropractic since 1994. His University background includes the US Naval Academy, UC Berkeley, and finally at the University of Oregon. His passions include rugby, gardening, and barbecue! He is often likened to another beloved local denizen, JP Patches, as they both have focused their Lifeskills on Family, Friends, and Fun.

Dr. Mahar takes over from the previous president, and a fabulous one she was, Robin Roat. A commonality they both share is the healing power of laughter.

As JP takes over, Robin Roat steps in to lead the membership committee, aided by Ben Clough.

The Board of Directors is also staffed with other extremely intelligent and generous Rotarians: 
  • Heidi Shepherd and Christy Piscitelli are the youth service chair. 
  • Karen Edwardsen and Claire Conway are the Ed./Vocational service chair. 
  • Linda Holman and Judy Altman co-chair the community service committee. 
  • Ed Sterner and Larry French are the International chairs, 
  • Alan Merry is the district events coordinator, and 
  • the club treasurer is Ed Belcher, and 
  • the club secretary is Larry French.

Dr. Mahar recognizes the fact that without the support of the above-mentioned people, his job would be impossible. JP is delighted to have them in his life. Dr. Mahar would welcome you to join us for a fun and stimulating weekly meeting... you are sure to be entertained.

Go to for information on meeting schedules, project updates, and service experiences. This is also a great place to learn about the Rotary Club of Lake Forest Park’s membership opportunities.


Letter to the Editor: Dancing with Death

To the Editor:

Unfortunately, too many folks in Shoreline are going out and about, and into stores without wearing a mask. This puts others at risk.

Even if a person is asymptomatic, they can transmit this virus, and most people do not know if they are asymptomatically ill with COVID.

This is a deadly virus, much more serious than the 1918-19 Spanish fly, transmitted very easily to other people, with viral droplets lasting three hours minimally in indoor spaces, and permeating the air even outside. It is expensive to treat, with no guarantee that an individual will survive.

It is likely to last a long time, perhaps until next summer.

People who do not acknowledge the lethality of this pandemic are dancing with Death, who is wearing a corona. Please practice protective strategies for yourself and others.

Gini Paulsen


Case updates July 13, 2020; COVID-19 cases in State Veterans' Homes

State Veterans Home in Port Orchard
Photo courtesy WA State Veterans Affairs

The state Department of Veterans Affairs announced this weekend that an employee at the Washington Veterans Home in Port Orchard and an employee at the Washington Soldiers Home in Orting were diagnosed with COVID-19. The homes are taking additional precautions regarding screening, testing and cleaning. More information as well as updated test numbers for staff and residents at all four DVA facilities on DVA’s COVID-19 web page.

Case updates July 13, 2020

United States
  • cases 3,296,599 including 60,469 new cases
  • deaths 134,884 including 312 new deaths
Washington state
  • cases 41757 - 1101 new cases
  • hospitalizations 4778 - 27 new
  • deaths 1399 reflects -39 (*see below)
King county
  • cases 12099 - 155 new
  • hospitalizations 1,698 - 5 new
  • deaths 604 - 0 new
  • cases 421 - 4 new
  • hospitalizations 92 - 0 new
  • deaths 57 - 0 new
Lake Forest Park
  • cases 44 - 1 new
  • hospitalizations 3 - 0 new
  • deaths 0



Personal voter guides available online

Evan Smith
Politics Reporter

By Evan Smith

Voters in Shoreline, Lake Forest Park and around King County and the rest of Washington state can read personal voters’ guides for the Tuesday, Aug. 4, primary election online.

Voters can read about candidates on their ballots without wading through material from other congressional and legislative districts and can get the online voter guides now, rather than waiting for the King County local voters’ pamphlets to arrive after being sent Tuesday, July 14, by bulk mail from Renton.

While the mailed pamphlets will have information on contests from all over King County, online guides are individualized for each voter. 

So instead of looking at information for 17 legislative districts in a pamphlet, a voter in Shoreline would find material only about the 32nd Legislative District along with other items on his or her ballot, while a voter in Lake Forest Park would find material about the 46th Legislative District.

Every voter can find a personalized state voters’ guide by logging in HERE

Then the voter enters his or her name, date of birth and house or apartment number (If you live at 17098 10th Ave N, you just write 17098.) Next, the voter needs to click on “submit.” Then, scroll down to see your sample ballot. 

You can learn about any of the candidates for congress, governor, eight other statewide offices or state legislature by clicking on candidate names.

King County voters can find the same candidates HERE

The state elections office and King County elections office will send pamphlets by bulk mail to all residential addresses.

Ballots go to registered voters by a faster form of mail Wednesday, July 15.

Evan Smith can be reached at


Father and son in canoe capsize off Saltwater Park

Richmond Beach Saltwater Park
Photo by Diane Hettrick

Monday night July 13, 2020, Shoreline Fire responded to a call of a father and son who were canoeing by Saltwater Park and fell into the water.

Nearby boats quickly responded and helped get them to shore before Fire arrived.

The fire crew warmed them up in the back of the aid car. No further treatment was necessary. Names were not released.

The story has a happy ending because both father and son were wearing life vests.

Shoreline Fire says: Always be prepared near water!


Bothell police officer killed after traffic stop in Bothell

Police search for shooter in Bothell
Photo courtesy David Rose Crime Stoppers of Puget Sound

UPDATE: 3:27am Subject suspected of fatally shooting Bothell Police Officer has been taken into custody without incident. Subject was located hiding on a rooftop near the scene.

Original story:

According to reporting in The Seattle Times, a traffic stop in Bothell on Monday night turned deadly, with one Bothell police officer dead and another wounded and transported to Harborview, where he was said to be in satisfactory condition.

The shooting and chase began when Bothell officers responded to a traffic stop on Bothell Way Northeast around 9:40 p.m., said Everett police spokesperson Aaron Snell...

Police set up roadblocks and conducted an extensive search of the area.

Many streets in downtown Bothell were blocked off by various law enforcement agencies, including Bothell police and fire department, the King County Sheriff’s Office, Kirkland Police Department and Northshore Fire Department.

The suspect is at large. He is described as a black male with an Afro hair style who is armed with a handgun. He is wearing a gray tank top, baggy sweatpants. Please call 911 with any information or sightings.

Police do not know if the shooter is still in the area but advised residents to stay inside and lock their doors.

If you wish to remain anonymous, submit a tip to Crime Stoppers of Puget Sound through the P3 Tips App on your cell phone.

There are reports that a pedestrian was also injured in the crossfire and taken to Harborview.

Read the story in The Times HERE


Oak leaf hydrangea

Monday, July 13, 2020

Oak Leaf hydrangea - photographed by Judith Muilenburg in Lake Forest Park.


Cross stolen from church rooftop in Shoreline

Cross stolen from St. Dunstan's

Sometime around Wednesday, July 8, 2020, the cross was stolen from the roof of St. Dunstan's Episcopal Church at 722 N 145th St in Shoreline.

The beautiful brass Celtic cross measures 5 feet by 2 1/2 feet. It is a custom-made work of art.

The cross was given to the church by parish members, in memory of their two children who died at a young age.

Parishioners of St. Dunstan’s Episcopal Church are heartbroken. This cross is very important to the St. Dunstan’s community; we hold it dear.

Any information from the public regarding the cross can be directed to the church at 206-363-4319 or by email at A Police Report has been filed with the Shoreline Police Department.


Case updates July 12, 2020; FDA recall on methanol hand sanitizer

FDA is warning consumers and health care providers that the agency has seen a sharp increase in hand sanitizer products that are labeled to contain ethanol (also known as ethyl alcohol) but that have tested positive for methanol contamination. 

Methanol, or wood alcohol, is a substance that can be toxic when absorbed through the skin or ingested and can be life-threatening when ingested.

View the press release and list of recalled products here.

Case updates July 12, 2020

United States
  • cases 3,236,130 including 62,918 new cases
  • deaths 134,572 including 906 new deaths
Washington state
  • cases 40,656
  • hospitalizations 4,751
  • deaths 1,438
King county
  • cases 11,945 - 174 new
  • hospitalizations 1,693 - 6 new
  • deaths 604 - 1 new
  • cases 417 - 4 new
  • hospitalizations 92 - 0 new
  • deaths 57 - 0 new
Lake Forest Park
  • cases 43 - 0 new
  • hospitalizations 3 - 0 new
  • deaths 0


Shoreline elementary students selected for 2020 AAA School Safety Patrol Hall of Fame and honored with a parade

Cameron Cook (Syre) and Elana Bronsther (Echo Lake) hold their award certificates and Hall of Fame shirts after an outdoor award ceremony at Shoreview Park July 7, 2020

COVID-19 cancelled AAA Washington’s annual award ceremony and celebration of the 2020 AAA School Safety Patrol Hall of Fame at a Seattle Mariners game.

So AAA Washington honored each of these ten outstanding patrollers from across the state with a parade of recognition.

Two Shoreline elementary students were among the 10 so honored.

Celebrating 2020 AAA Hall of Fame inductees, Shoreline School District students Elana Bronsther (Echo Lake Elementary) and Cameron Cook (Syre Elementary)

In recognition of their dedication to traffic safety, community stewardship and leadership, students Elana Bronsther (Echo Lake Elementary) and Cameron Cook (Syre Elementary) were recently chosen for induction into the 2020 AAA School Safety Patrol Hall of Fame.

As a long-standing tradition, a panel of judges from AAA Washington, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction and the Washington Traffic Safety Commission chooses ten top patrollers for induction into the AAA Washington School Safety Patrol Hall of Fame. 

Nominations require input from both the patroller and their advisor, including responses to a series of essay questions. This year, the panel received nearly 45 nominations from across the state to review and evaluate.

Elana Bronsther 2020
Safety Patrol Hall of Fame

Elana Bronsther – Echo Lake Elementary

Bronsther took action when she spotted safety issues at her school, creating a new patroller post in a hallway where unsafe and loud first graders waited for classes to begin. 

Patrol advisor, Joe Wack says she found a way to reassign four patrollers to that area without affecting the other posts. He calls it a wonderful improvement for the school.

As instructed, Bronsther notified Wack when she saw a parent driving while talking or texting on a cell phone.

The advisor says one parent, initially angry about her report, later thanked Bronsther for doing her job. 

“This parent finally realized the bigger picture of student safety,” Wack said. 

“She was very apologetic and complemented Bronsther for having the courage to speak up about her dangerous driving habit.”

Cameron Cook 2020
Safety Patrol Hall of Fame

Cameron Cook – Syre Elementary

Cook’s nomination centered on his drive towards making things better. The patrol captain consistently led by example, jumping in where needed, demonstrating the proper management of each post. 

It is an intimidating task for any sixth-grader, telling fellow students how to behave. 

Cook’s ability for speaking up and enforcing the rules impressed patrol advisor Jenny Hodgen. 

She is a big fan of his new program, rewarding students who obey the rules with positive behavior slips. 

“Cook’s idea of using positive reinforcements for students in order to encourage the desired behavior is exactly what we were looking for,” Hodgen said. 

“He is always seeking ways to improve the system and make the job safer for students.”

On Tuesday, July 7 at 2:30pm at Shoreview Park, 700 NW Innis Arden Way, these two were presented with their certificates and honored with a parade.

Screenshot from parade video

The link to a parade video posted on AAA Washington’s Facebook and Twitter sites is HERE (2 min 6 sec). It included a tow truck and two Shoreline Police vehicles with lights flashing!

The 2020 AAA Washington School Safety Patrol Hall of Fame class includes seven girls and three boys from rural and urban communities across Washington.

2020 AAA School Safety Patrol Hall of Fame Inductees

Cameron Boness, Ritzville Grade School - Ritzville
Elana Bronsther, Echo Lake Elementary - Shoreline
Brooke Chisholm, Moran Prairie Elementary - Spokane
Cameron Cook, Syre Elementary - Shoreline
Isabelle Crochet, Carson Elementary - Puyallup
Adelyn Etzel, Marcus Whitman Elementary - Richland
Brian McGann, Hamblen Elementary - Spokane
Victoria Ngo, Tiffany Park Elementary - Renton
Sabine Pasinetti, Forest View Elementary - Everett
Arielle Valencia, Allen Creek Elementary - Marysville

In addition to naming the 2020 AAA School Safety Patrol Hall of Fame class, AAA Washington is honoring one member of an Everett patrol with a AAA Lifesaver Award. While on patrol in January, Garfield Elementary student, Morgan deLeur, saved the life of a peer, pulling her out of the path of a car driven through a crosswalk.

Patricia Boudreaux is the 2020 AAA School Safety Patrol Advisor of the Year for her 26 years advising and leading student patrollers at Adams Elementary in Spokane.

AAA created the School Safety Patrol 100 years ago, and has been inducting outstanding patrollers into the local Hall of Fame for 29 years, and partners with local agencies to bring the program to elementary schools across Washington.

AAA Washington has been serving members and the traveling public since 1904. The organization provides a variety of exclusive benefits, including roadside assistance, discounts, maps and personalized trip planning, to its 1.2 million members. 1-800-562-2582.


Flowers in Richmond Beach

Photos by Lee Lageschulte in Richmond Beach

These tiny yellow flowers (will someone identify please?) are perfect companions for the rocks, spreading around them to fill in the empty spaces. 

Lee Lageschulte walks almost every day, if not every day.

One of her favorite haunts is Richmond Beach with its beautiful flowers and stunning views of Puget Sound.


Now that I know what these red flowers are, I see them everywhere. Favorites of hummingbirds and bees, they practically glow in the sunshine.


These roses are a beautiful and unusual color.

With all the time at home, yards are beautifully groomed and the landscaping is gorgeous and there's hardly a weed in sight.


195th pedestrian bridge closed for Lynnwood Link work

West side of the bridge
Photo by Diane Hettrick

As planned, the 195th pedestrian bridge over I-5 has been closed while Sound Transit contractors work on the east side of the freeway.

East side of the bridge
Photo by Carl Dinse

It will be closed for approximately six weeks while Sound Transit contractors install underground utilities on the east side of the pedestrian bridge, and build the abutment for the future light rail underneath the bridge.

The bridge has become very popular for walkers and bicyclists since the 195th Trail was completed from 5th NE to the Interurban Trail by Echo Lake.


Shoreline man rescued after two days in an Edmonds ravine

Edmonds police officers Dietrich Borst, Kristian Gonzalez, Lou Daniels and Trevor Mitzui cut through thick vegetation to rescue a 57-year-old Shoreline man stuck for two days. Photo courtesy Edmonds Police Department

Around 11:30pm Sunday, July 12, 2020 Edmonds police officers responded to a citizen report of someone calling for help in the woods east of Marina Beach Off-leash Park.

After searching for an extended time and cutting through dense vegetation on a steep hillside, officers located a man who had slid down the hillside and became injured and stuck in the heavy stickers and brush.

The man had been trapped for two days before officers and South County Fire were able to help free him. The 57 year old Shoreline man was transported to Swedish Hospital for treatment for hypothermia.

The Shoreline man was not named.


Third Place Books Virtual Event! Ashleigh Bryant Phillips, in conversation with Richard Chiem - Sleepovers

Ashleigh Bryant Phillips, in conversation with Richard Chiem - Sleepovers

Thursday, July 16, 2020 - 7:00pm
Virtual Event presented by Third Place Books

This is a virtual event! Register for this Livestream Event Here!

"There's some kind of crazy magic at work here-- the way that Ashleigh Bryant Phillips takes all the little pieces of daily life that are there in plain sight just laying around and when she gathers them together they become holy, hilarious, transcendent, and unspeakably beautiful. 
"Her style is utterly her own, with wonderful echoes of Carson McCullers, Flannery O'Connor and Larry Brown mixed in. Ashleigh Bryant Phillips is shockingly talented. I don't think the voices of her characters will ever leave my head." --Mesha Maren, author of Sugar Run

Hailed by Lauren Groff as "fully committed to the truth no matter how dark or difficult or complicated it may be," Sleepovers, the debut short story collection by Ashleigh Bryant Phillips, takes us to a forgotten corner of the rural South, full of cemeteries, soybean fields, fishing holes, and Duck Thru gas stations. 

We meet a runaway teen, a mattress salesman, feral kittens, an elderly bachelorette wearing a horsehair locket, and a little girl named after Shania Twain. Here, time and memory circle above Phillips' characters like vultures and angels, as they navigate the only landscape they've ever known. 

Corn reaches for rain, deer run blindly, and no matter how hungry or hurt, some forgotten hymn is always remembered. "The literary love child of Carson McCullers and John the Baptist, Ashleigh Bryant Phillips' imagination is profoundly original and private," writes Rebecca Lee. Sleepovers marks the debut of a fearless new voice in fiction.

Ashleigh Bryant Phillips is from rural Woodland, North Carolina. She's a graduate of Meredith College and earned an MFA from the University of North Carolina, Wilmington. Her stories have appeared in The Oxford American, The Paris Review and others

Richard Chiem is the author of You Private Person (Sorry House Classics, 2017), and the novel, King of Joy (Soft Skull, 2019), which was long listed for the 2020 PEN Open Book Award. He was named a 2019 Writer to Watch by the Los Angeles Times. He has taught at Hugo House, Catapult, and at the University of Washington Bothell. He lives in Seattle.

Third Place Books is located in Town Center, upper level, intersection of Bothell and Ballinger Way in Lake Forest Park. They can be reached at 206-366-3333.


Shoreline isolation and recovery center being dismantled

By Diane Hettrick
Photos by Steven H. Robinson

As promised, the Shoreline AC/RC (assessment center/ recovery center) is being removed from the Shoreline soccer field north of the Shoreline Center on 1st Ave NE.

King county has determined that even with a spike in cases, this facility will not be needed.

It was planned as a versatile facility that could be used however it was needed. The expectation was that it would be available in the case of a large number of COVID-19 infections among homeless people and for large group exposures such as the cruise ship passengers who were unexpectedly landed in California.

Or perhaps it would have been needed for people who needed to self-isolate away from family.

It was never intended to be a hospital for seriously ill patients.

There were 49 people there in April and May and it was decommissioned in June.

Now it is being dismantled and removed and the soccer fields will be restored.


Destinations: Lavender in Sequim

Sunday, July 12, 2020

Photo by Lee Lageschulte

The big lavender festival will not be taking place in Sequim this year, but the fields are still full of the fragrant purple flowers.

Photo by Lee Lageschulte

The farms themselves are open and the Lavender Growers Association is promoting a driving map of the farms.

You can download it HERE


King county to create pandemic response plans for future events

King County’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic has been lauded across the nation for being speedy and effective. 

While that success was guided by past planning, much was learned along the way, and it’s that new information that will help drive even better preparation for future outbreaks.

It’s with that in mind that the King County Council voted unanimously to create a new county-wide pandemic response plan to guide the County’s response to any future viral outbreaks.

The County will also update all relevant emergency plans to include a pandemic response plan incorporates new information from the COVID-19 outbreak. The legislation creating these pandemic response plans was sponsored by Vice Chair Reagan Dunn.

“I hope King County will never see another viral outbreak like COVID-19, but we should absolutely be prepared for one,” Dunn said. “By working now to preserve the lessons of our COVID-19 response, we’re ensuring that we are poised to fight a viral outbreak in the future and get our County back on its feet as soon as possible.”

Dunn’s legislation tasks Public Health – Seattle & King County with creating a new pandemic response plan that builds on the existing Pandemic Influenza Response Plan. In addition, King County’s Office of Emergency Management will update all other emergency plans that touch on pandemic response, including the Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan, Regional Hazard Mitigation Plan, Regional Coordination Framework, Regional Recovery Plan, and the King County Continuity of Operations Plan.

The updated plans will include an outline of options for keeping King County operations and services active throughout various phases of these pandemics, and identification of infrastructure or resources needed to respond to various pandemics.

An interim report will be presented to the King County Council by September 1, 2021, and the pandemic response plans are due by September 1, 2022.


Case updates July 11, 2020; Friends don’t let friends spread COVID-19

as a result of COVID-19

COVID-19 in Washington is now spreading faster among young people and communities of color. While people in this age group are generally less likely to become seriously ill from the virus, they can still spread it to friends, family and neighbors— without even knowing they have it.

Contact tracing is one of the most effective ways health experts can track community spread. It also serves as a way to help you not spread it if you’ve been exposed. The Washington State Department of Health explains contact tracing and what to expect if a contact tracer contacts you.

Case updates July 11, 2020

United States
  • cases 3,173,212 including 66,281 new cases
  • deaths 133,666 including 811 new deaths
Washington state - dashboard down for maintenance

King county
  • cases 11,711 - 139 new
  • hospitalizations 1,687 - 13 new
  • deaths 603 - 0 new
  • cases 413 - -1 new (data adjustment)
  • hospitalizations 92 - 0 new
  • deaths 57 - -1 new (data adjustment)
Lake Forest Park
  • cases 43 - -1 new (data adjustment)
  • hospitalizations 3 - 0 new
  • deaths 0


Thought she was a fly, but no;

Photo by Gloria Z Nagler

a Blue Orchard Bee, best I can i.d. her. I never tire of watching bees ply their trade, burying themselves in blossoms, benefiting themselves, the plants, and us! Would that humans were as harmlessly productive:)

--Gloria Z Nagler


Free webinar: Bradley Method for Managing Forest Weeds - July 15

Photo courtesy KCD
Free webinar from the King Conservation District: 

Learn tips and techniques for controlling weeds common to the forests of King County.

Wednesday, July 15, 2020, 6 - 8pm. Register here

**6:00 - 6:50 pm

Bradley Method for Managing Forest Weeds
Steve Burke, Program Manager, King County Noxious Weed Control Program

Learn about the Bradley Method of weeding in natural areas and how it applies to managing noxious weeds in forestland in King County. This method of minimal disturbance weeding without replanting involves selecting small areas of vegetation in such a manner that after weeding each area will be promptly re-inhabited and stabilized by the regeneration of native plants.

It prioritizes weed control first in areas that are least infested with weeds and moves methodically towards the most infested areas. By encouraging the regeneration of native plants in the newly weed-free areas, gains in control can be maintained.

**7:00-7:50 pm

Forest Weed Control: Tools and Techniques
Dan Sorensen, Healthy Lands Project Manager, King County Noxious Weed Control Program

Learn about the most effective methods of controlling common noxious weeds found in King County’s forests, including holly, ivy, scotch broom and butterfly bush. Safe and effective methods of manual, mechanical and chemical weed control with be discussed in detail.

All attendees will receive a link to access the free Zoom webinar platform.


Livestream author event Tuesday: How Trump Stole 2020

Tuesday, July 14, 2020 - 4:00pm
Virtual Event presented by Third Place Books

Tickets are required to attend this livestream event! 
Purchase your tickets here! (Ticket includes 1 copy of Greg Palast's new book, How Trump Stole 2020).

Join Third Place Books, in partnership with Book Passage (Corte Madera, California), Word Up Community Bookshop (Washington Heights, NYC), and Seven Stories Press, for an afternoon with Greg Palast and Noam Chomsky (moderated by Amy Goodman of Democracy Now!).

Vote theft is the key issue to the 2020 Election and Palast is the expert to explain why....

Has Trump already stolen the 2020 election? Vote theft was once considered to be a marginal issue that no one wanted to talk about, but as the stakes have risen and the facts have become known-- in large part thanks to this author-- it is now recognized as one of the central issues deciding our presidential elections.

The scope is staggering. In the Georgia 2018 midterm election alone-- the testing ground-- Republican voting officials quietly removed half a million voters from the voter rolls-- including Martin Luther King's ninety-two-year-old cousin Christine Jordan. How Trump Stole 2020 is the story of the racially poisonous schemes to steal the 2020 election, the political operatives behind the trickery-- and the hard right billionaires funding it all, written by the investigative reporter who has been covering this story from the outset.

Greg Palast regularly contributes original reporting to the BBC, The Guardian, Democracy Now, The Young Turks, and other progressive media. He has been featured recently on among others MSNBC's Joy Reid show and in Salon, and in the New York Times and Washington Post for successfully suing the state of Georgia with Stacey Abrams to release voter rolls after she lost a congressional seat to Brian Kemp who was at the time also the overseer of the voter rolls. 

Palast's two-decade hunt of elections chicanery are detailed in his books, The Best Democracy Money Can Buy (2002), Armed Madhouse (2006), and Billionaires and Ballot Bandits (2012) -- all New York Times bestsellers. 

In 2000, his investigation for the BBC and the Guardian uncovered how the Bush family purged thousands of Black men from Florida voter rolls, falsely labeling them felons, the scheme that won Bush the White House. In 2016, Palast predicted Trump's "surprise" election months earlier in a Rolling Stone exposé detailing exactly how Trump's operatives, in control of voting offices in key states, would bend the election results. Palast lives in Los Angeles, CA.

Noam Chomsky is Professor, Department of Linguistics and Philosophy, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Amy Goodman is the host and executive producer of Democracy Now! An acclaimed international journalist, she has won the Right Livelihood Award, widely known as the Alternative Nobel Prize; a lifetime achievement award from Harvard's Nieman Foundation for Journalism; the George Polk Award; Robert F. Kennedy Prize for International Reporting; and the Alfred I. duPont-Columbia Award. 

Amy is the New York Times bestselling author, with Denis Moynihan, of The Silenced Majority and Breaking the Sound Barrier; and with David Goodman, of Democracy Now!, Exception to the Rulers, Static, and Standing Up to the Madness. She is a syndicated columnist for King Features.


Cartoon by Whitney Potter: Zoom meeting

You have to be aware of what or who is in the background
and whether the camera is pointed toward the half of you
that's not wearing business casual


Scene on the Sound: support vessel for a super yacht

Hodor, a 66 meter vessel in the background
Photo by Jan Hansen

By Jan Hansen

My eye caught a strange new vessel this afternoon. Of course, I wanted to know more than my marine app was showing: Hodor, a 66 meter vessel. 

I’ve learned much more. 

This is a brilliant idea, like the ultimate trailer, a support vessel for a super yacht.

The Hodor
Photo by Clint Jenkins

On board is a recreational wonderland with tenders, a chase craft, jet skis, small boats, a fully equipped dive center (including Nitrox and oxygen compression facilities), a submarine, an Airbus 145 helicopter and its certified landing pad, and more recreational supplies and equipment for its owner and guests.

The crew can be up to 29 members including the helicopter pilot.

The Hodor was launched in 2019 as a grand support vessel for the super yacht, Lonian, 285 feet in length and was built in 2018. At this time the Lonian is at anchor in Elliot Bay.


Wildfire season begins: State mobilization for Road 11 wildfire in Douglas county

Mansfield, Douglas county WA is the scene of the
Road 11 wildfire

Update: July 13. #Road11Fire Final Update: Fire Crews are mopping up and all evacuation notifications have been removed. Thank you to all agencies and crews who worked on the Road 11 Fire. Stay safe and stay healthy.

Original story:

For the first time this season, State fire assistance has been mobilized under the Washington State Fire Services Resource Mobilization Plan in support of local firefighters working to contain the Road 11 Fire located in Douglas County, near Mansfield.

The Road 11 Fire is currently burning in grass, sage and wheat crops. It started on July 11, 2020, at approximately 12:47pm. This fire is estimated at 2,000 acres and growing. It is threatening homes and crops. Level 3 evacuations are in effect at this time. The fire cause is under investigation.

Mobilization specialists from the Fire Protection Bureau have ordered a Type 3 team, one bulldozer, two helicopters and three task forces at this time. The fire will be managed by a Type 3 Incident Management team.

The State Emergency Operations Center at Camp Murray in Tacoma is activated to Level 2 to coordinate state assistance for the Road II Fire. State Fire Marshal’s Office personnel are working remotely coordinating the dispatch of resources.

Shoreline Fire has firefighters who are trained to fight wildfires as well as provide support to wildfire crews. They are not mobilized at this stage


Jazz Vespers online Sunday 5pm

Paris - New York - Seattle

Lake Forest Park Presbyterian Church’s Jazz Vespers connects musicians from these cities in the free jazz performance Sunday evening July 12, from 5-6pm.
The evening’s program will provide some peaceful time to feed your soul, and enjoy world class jazz,

Watch on the Jazz Vespers LFP Facebook Page

And read our previous article Jazz Vespers Sunday with Jean Chaumont: the unknown, world-renowned jazz guitarist in Lake Forest Park


Candidate Forum: Daranciang, Valdez, comment on education

Daranciang - Valdez
LD 46, Pos 2
By Evan Smith

In an earlier post showing candidate comments on education, I left out part of the comments from Republican 46th Legislative District challenger Beth Daranciang. She is running against incumbent Democratic State Rep. Javier Valdez in the Aug. 4 primary and Nov. 3 general election in the 46th Legislative District, which includes Lake Forest Park, Kenmore and northwest Seattle. With only two candidates on the primary ballot, both will qualify for the general-election ballot.

Here are their responses to the question, “How can legislators improve the way we pay for schools?”:

Legislative District 46, State Representative Pos. 2

Beth Daranciang (Prefers Republican Party)

State education funding should be focused on improving the education of all children. To that end, and to satisfy the McCleary decision, state spending on K-12 schools has doubled in the last eight years.

The COVID-19 crisis has reinforced the importance of directing education efforts and funding to the most effective ways of educating our children, including empowering teachers to improvise in ways that fit their particular students.

Javier Valdez (Prefers Democratic Party)

While the Legislature has made progress on the state's paramount duty to fund our public schools, we know we still need to make further investments to provide more nurses, counselors, social workers, and librarians in our schools. We need to look at new revenue policies that will shield our working-class families and focus on the wealthiest taxpayers that can pay more. It's also time to re-examine the over 700 tax exemptions our state allows.

This is part of a series of responses to questions we’re sending to candidates running in the Aug. 4 primary election. We will present responses to our questions from candidates for state representative positions in the 32nd and 46th legislative districts. This question came from a reader. Send future questions for the candidates to


This is what a small donation to the Senior Center looks like...

Saturday, July 11, 2020

Photo and flower from Jan Hansen

My little donation to the Senior Center grows on. 

--Jan Hansen


Exercise with online classes from the Senior Center

Toshiko is holding Zoom classes

Shoreline-Lake Forest Park Senior Center is excited to announce that some of your favorite instructors are back and offering several online Zoom classes for the community.

What a great way to get active, stay motivated and share smiles with familiar classroom friends! 

If you require assistance in downloading the Zoom program, please contact as we have individuals available to walk you through the steps. 

For further information and registration, email Jarrod Wright at

Payments can be made at time of registration with a debit/credit card. 

Watch for additional classes beginning August 1, 2020!

Class Name
Aging Well w/ Toshiko
Toshiko A
Mon, Wed 11:15am-12:15am
$4 members, $6 nonmembers
Keep Your Balance
Toshiko A
Wed, Fri 9:00am-10:00am
Free (limited space)
Chair Yoga
Heidi M
Fri 10:45am-11:45am
$6 members, $9 nonmembers
Mat Yoga
Heidi M
$6 members, $9 nonmembers
CeCe’s Classic
CeCe R.
Mon, Thurs 10:00am-11:00am
$4 members, $6 nonmembers


All Levels Tai Chi
Mary N.
$6 members, $9 nonmembers
iPhone Tutoring
Jacqueline C.
4 sessions: $20 members, $25 nonmembers


Shoreline Rotary welcomes Robert Brouillard- 2020-21 President

Robert Brouillard 2020-21 President
Shoreline Rotary

At its annual Club celebration (conducted by Zoom) earlier this month Shoreline Rotary thanked President Andrew Thurman for his leadership during this past Rotary year and welcomed Robert Brouillard as the 2020-21 Club President

Robert was born and raised in the Tacoma area. He attended the University of Washington and Willamette University College of Law. From 1990 to 2012, he served as an attorney in the United States Department of Justice in Washington, D.C.; Syracuse, New York; and Seattle.

He opened a solo law practice in Shoreline and joined Rotary in 2013. He resides in Richmond Beach with his wife, Liza Ragan, their daughter Madeleine, and a moody gray Persian named Sparkle Furpant.

As part of the evening's events a number of Rotarians were awarded Paul Harris Awards recognizing their contribution to the Rotary International Foundation which transforms financial gifts into service projects that change lives both close to home and around the world.

In addition, Rotarian Judy MacCully was honored as Shoreline Rotary 2019-20 Rotarian of the Year

Rotary is an inclusive, fun, loving, and caring group of community leaders who come together to share a common sense of service and ethics to positively impact lives locally and abroad. To learn more visit Shoreline Rotary website


Governor's task force on independent investigations of police use of force holds first meeting

Gov. Jay Inslee
The first meeting of the governor’s Task Force on Independent Investigations of Police Use of Force was held Thursday.

The governor’s task force is a part of a coordinated effort with legislators to develop a comprehensive set of reforms to address systemic racism.

Task force members will provide insight and feedback, review I-940 structure and investigative protocol, other independent investigation models, and provide input that will help inform legislation for the upcoming legislative session.

The task force includes many community members and families who have lost loved ones.

 “We must listen to the voices of impacted communities and families to hear their experiences with policing.” Inslee said. “This work will inform legislation and help chart a path towards addressing some of these systemic and extremely harmful practices and policies that have impacted communities of color for generations.”

The work of the task force will join with the efforts of the Legislature.

More information about task force members and advisory groups can be found here.


Case updates July 10, 2020; waivers for WIC remote services

Deaths by county - Washington State DOH

Congress has extended waivers allowing the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women Infants and Children to offer services remotely until Sept. 30. In lieu of in-person visits, the wavers let WIC enroll new applicants, provide nutrition education and breastfeeding support and issue food benefits by phone or video chat.

United States
  • cases 3,106,931 including 59,260 new cases
  • deaths 132,855 including 799 new deaths
Washington state
  • cases 39,218 including 637 new
  • hospitalizations 4,662 - minus 3 new (data update)
  • deaths 1,424 - 15 new
King county
  • cases 11,632 - 146 new
  • deaths 603 - 1 new
  • cases 414 - 2 new
  • hospitalizations 92 - 1 new
  • deaths 58 - 1 new
Lake Forest Park
  • cases 44 - 0 new
  • hospitalizations 3 - 0 new
  • deaths 0


Shoreline Elks drive-thru dinner Saturday

Elks dinner line
Photo by Steven H. Robinson

The Shoreline Elks is hosting another drive-thru dinner on Saturday, July 11, 2020.

Menu is fried-chicken with sides of greens, macaroni and cheese, and possibly cornbread.

$15 a dinner supports The Elks Therapy Program for Children.

Dinners will be served from 5pm - 6:30pm on a first come first served basis.

The Shoreline Emblem Club will also be selling desserts to support their programs.

The Elks is located at 14625 15th Ave NE, Shoreline 98155.


Curses! said Cory

Photo by Gloria Z Nagler

I could swear I had at least 12 tail feathers when I left the nest this morning... 
--Gloria Z Nagler

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