Cruise the Ave Car Show Sunday in Shoreline 10:30-3:30 pm Sears Plaza (Aurora Square)

Saturday, April 30, 2011


Photo Essay: SW vs SC Soccer match April 29

Shorewood and Shorecrest soccer, Shoreline Stadium, Friday night April 29, 2011
Final score Shorecrest 1 Shorewood 0 in a shootout
Photo essay by Wayne Pridemore

Game captains meet at the start of game. Shorewood's Sahil Khan and Colin Wilkins meet with Shorecrest's Joe Schober, Ian Adams, and Glenn Paden.
Photo by Wayne Pridemore.

The Shorewood student section is in a good mood, well almost everyone !
Photo by Wayne Pridemore.

Shorewoods goal keeper, Simon Aspinall, blocks a kick by Shorecrest's Glenn Paden. Thunderbird Connor McKnight, number 18, assists in defense.
Photo by Wayne Pridemore.

Shorewood's number 16, Eugene Holley, and Shorecrest's number 9, Brennan Millea, fight for ball control in first half action.
Photo by Wayne Pridemore.

Thunderbird's Sahil Khan blocks Scorecrest's number 15, Ilan Adams, from the ball.
Photo by Wayne Pridemore. 

Shorewood's Colin Wilkins sets to send the ball deep as Shorecrest's Drew Beland defends. 
Photo by Wayne Pridemore. 

Shorewood's Jarren Petit controls the ball in second half action.
Photo by Wayne Pridemore.

Shorewood's Tanner Jones defends as Joe Schober, Shorecrest number 4, passes the ball.
Photo by Wayne Pridemore. 

The ball flies out of bounds as Shorecrest's Axel Wickstrom and Shorewood's Nick Shriner's feet become entangled.
Photo by Wayne Pridemore. 

Shorecrest goal keeper Sam Schober is mobbed by team mates after the 1 to 0 shoot-out victory.
Photo by Wayne Pridemore.  


Shorecrest scores shootout soccer win over Shorewood

Shorecrest scored a shootout soccer victory over Shorewood Friday.

It was the second meeting of the season between the two teams. Shorecrest defeated the Thunderbirds 2-1 March 30.

Shorecrest now has a 12-1 Wesco 3A record (14-1 overall), having lost only to division leader Glacier Peak. The Scots finish the regular season with a 7 p.m. Monday home game with Glacier Peak before the Northwest District 3A tournament.

Shorewood takes a 9-3 record (10-4 overall) into a game Monday at Oak Harbor and a home game with Glacier Peak Wednesday. The Thunderbirds lost to Glacier Peak in a shootout in early April.


2011 Summer of Fun Concerts in the Park June 19 to August 24

The Shoreline-Lake Forest Park Arts Council and Aljoya Present: The 2011 Summer of Fun Concerts in the Park Series June 19 – August 24, 2011

The Shoreline-Lake Forest Park Arts Council is pleased to announce the 2011 Summer of Fun Concerts in the Park line-up -- a wide, eclectic mix of performers that are sure to please even the pickiest music critics, from Caspar Babypants (children’s music), The Herding Cats and the Red Hot Blues Sisters to Handful of Luvin’, one of the hottest groups rockin’ the local Seattle music scene. Pack a picnic, grab some friends and come on down. Rain or shine, the entertainment will be fine! All performances, including Shakespeare, begin at 7 pm unless otherwise noted*.

2011 Concerts in the Parks schedule
including events and Shakespeare in the Park

Sunday June 19 * 12:15 p.m.
Lake Forest Park Commons Farmers Market
as part of the City of Lake Forest Park 50th Anniversary Celebration
Artist: Caspar Babypants – Children’s Music

Wed July 6 Animal Acres Park
Featuring: Massy Ferguson – Original Pop/Rock

Wed July 13
Richmond Beach Community Park Featuring: No Rules – RandB/Rock

Wed July 20
City of Shoreline’s Swingin’ Summer Eve
Cromwell Park
Featuring: Handful of Luvin’ – Folk/Rock Jam

Shakespeare in the Park:
Wed July 27
Comedy of Errors
Richmond Beach Community Park

Wed August 3
Animal Acres Park

Wed August 10
Richmond Beach Community Park
Featuring: Herding Cats – High Energy Pop/Rock

Tues August 16
Featuring: The Shoreline Jazz Camp Friends and Faculty All Star Band

Wednesday, August 24
Shoreline City Hall

  • Animal Acres Park: NE 178th St and Brookside Blvd in Lake Forest Park
  • Richmond Beach Community Park: Richmond Beach Rd. at 21st Ave NW in Shoreline
  • North City Jazz Walk Performance - 17739 15th Ave NE in Shoreline
  • Cromwell Park: Meridian Ave. at N 182nd St in Shoreline
  • Shoreline City Hall: 17500 Midvale Ave N in Shoreline
  • Lake Forest Park Commons: 17171 Bothell Way NE in Lake Forest Park
All concerts are free to the community. Information about these and other Arts Council events and programs is available at ShorelineArts, or by calling the SLFPAC at 206-417-4645. Events are sponsored by Aljoya Contemporary Senior Living, the cities of Lake Forest Park and Shoreline and 4Culture.

The Shoreline-Lake Forest Park Arts Council is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to nurture all of the arts in the community through programs and events, arts education, advocacy, and support for artists and arts organizations.


Shorecrest vs Shorewood girls tennis update April 30

By Arnie Moreno, Shorewood Coach
Shorewood Thunderbirds defeated the Shorecrest Scots, in a girls tennis match 5-2, to stay tied with Everett high school in first place and keep their hopes alive for a Wesco 3A league championship. Mackenzie Bang remained undefeated and improved her season record to 12-0. Lilly Adams and Pauline Douglass helped by winning a crucial match at number one doubles 6-3, 6-4 over their Shorecrest opponents. The T-birds improved their record to 9-1 in Wesco 3A and 9-3 overall.

1. Mackenzie Bang SW defeated Meera Limaya SC 6-4, 0-6, 6-1
2. Francesca O'Malley SW defeated Thea Henderson SC 6-1, 6-4
3. Daniella Brengelmann SW defeated Rahwah Gebremichael SC 6-1, 6-1
4. Sara Oh SW defeated Tiffany Kua 6-2, 6-1

1. Lilly Adams / Pauline Douglass SW defeated Jenny Sui / Keegan Monson SC 6-3, 6-4
2. Haley Monson / Janie Uppinghouse SC defeated Stephanie Ngy / Clara Lam Sw 6-1, 6-0
3. Narie Youn / Mariah Telstad SC defeated Mary Buswell / Abby Drake SW 6-2, 6-0


Shorecrest Track vs. Mountlake Terrace Varsity boys at Shoreline Stadium , Thursday, April 28

Varsity Boys: Shorecrest 81, Mountlake Terrace 64

100 meters- 1, Adrian Monroe, SC, 11.59. 2, Chris Uchytil, SC, 11.62. 3, Sean Dever SC, 11.89. 4, Dillon Baker, SC, 12.08. 5, Casey Sigelmann, SC, 12.13. 6, Jerrick, Sandico, SC, 12.32,,, 8, , Ryan Moratti, SC, 12.71. 9, David Ahern,SC, 12.72. 10, Connor Wingo, SC, 12.77. … 12, Cahlom McBride, ,SC 12.93. 13, Busayo Bolonduro, SC, 12.99. 14, Devi Klein, SC, 13.68. … 17, Jordan Banks, SC, 14.33. 18, Mark Saecho, SC, 15.07.
200 meters- 1, Dillon Baker, SC, 24.26. … 4, David Ahern, SC, 25.70. 5, Aaron Kelly, SC, 25.80. 6, Jerrick, Sandico, SC, 26.00. 7, Cahlom McBride, ,SC 26.19. ,,, 9, Busayo Bolonduro, SC, 27.13. 10, Sung Yoon Kim, SC, 27.19. … 12, , Jordan Banks, SC, 29.87.
400 meters- 1, Dick, MT, 54.51. 2, Nathan Gniffke, SC, 56.82. 3, Mark Officer, SC, 62.17. 4, Tuugii Bayarsaikhan, SC, 65.20.
800 meters - 1, , Carter Osborne, SC, 2:00.11. 2, Abiel Tekle, SC, 2:08.00. … 4, Steven Cleppe, SC, 2:10.53 … 6, Mark Officer, SC, 2:23.39. 7, Joseph Loiseau, SC, 2:26.66. 8, Nathan Gniffke, SC, 2:29.02. 9, Eric Fussell, SC, 2:31.12. 10, Lupe Carlos, SC, 2:33.31.
1600 meters- 1, Pearce, MT, 5:10.86. 2, Jack Weber, SC, 5:11.57. … 5, Brian Hoover, SC, 5:23.15. 6, Lupe Carlos, SC, 5:23.75… 9, Erik Fussell, SC, 5:31.84. 10, Joseph Loiseau, SC, 5:45.41. 11, Josh Dyck, SC, 6:03.25. 12, Nick Vederoff, SC, 6:15.54. 13, Erik Skamser, SC, 6:58.48.
3200 meters- 1, Frazier, MT, 11:00.72. 2, David Brzovic, SC, 11:46.14. … 4, Cory Henderson, SC, 12:30.35.
110m Hurdles- 1, Dillon Baker, SC, 15.75. 2, Aaron Kelly, SC, 16.52. … 4, Rotimi Bolonduro, SC, 17.84. 5, Marshall Riordan, SC, 19.34. 6, Casey Sigelmann, SC, 20.21. … 10, Kevin Chin, SC, 22.46.
300m Hurdles- 1, Breneman, MT, 44.18. 2 Rotimi Bolonduro, SC, 44.39. 3, , Marshall Riordan, SC, 50.48. 4, Kevin Chin, SC, 52.19.
4x100- 1, Shorecrest 'A' (Keegan Lockler, Chris Uchytil, Sean Dever Adrian Monroe), 44.01. … 3, Shorecrest 'B' (Tuugii Bayarsaikhan,
Jordan Banks, Devi Klein, Ryan Moratti), 52.08.
4x400- 1, Mountlake Terrace, 3:42.87. 2, Shorecrest 'A' (Rotimi Bolonduro, Steven Cleppe Jerrick, Sandico, , Casey Sigelmann), 3:50.21. 3, Shorecrest 'B' (Eric Fussell, Justin Hirayama, Marshall Riordan, Cahlom McBride) 4:07.73.
High Jump- 1, Breneman, MT, 5-7. 2, Sean Dever, SC, 5-6. 3, David Ahern,SC, 5-2.
Pole Vault- 1, Rook,, MT, 11-6. 2, Joe Dexter, SC,, 11-0. … 4, Jerrick, Sandico, SC, 9-0\6. 5, Joseph Loiseau, SC, 7-0. 6, Eric Fussell. SC,, 6-6.
Long Jump- 1, Sean Dever, SC, 20-9. 2, Keegan Lockler SC, 19-4.5
… 6, Hasnain Akund, SC, 16-11. 7, , Justin Hirayama,, SC, 16-10. … 10, Remy Golla, SC, 15-11.25. 11, , Busayo Bolonduro, SC, 15-7.5. …. 13, Tuugii, Bayarsaikhan, SC, 14-1.5
Triple Jump- 1, Esparza,, MT,35-5. 2, Aaron Kelly, SC, 38-4. … 5, David Ahern, SX, 34-06.50. 6, Akund, Hasnain, SC, 33-03. 7, Marshall Riordan, SC 31-10. 8, Busayo Bolonduro, SC, 29-9.5.
Shot Put 1, Cortedano, MT, 49-08. 2, Dominique Donaghy, SC, 45-8.25. … 7, Mingure Dorjee, SC, 40-9.25. … 10, Aaron Sears, SC, 34-6.25. … 13 Michael Larson, SC, 31-10.5. … 15, John Daniels, SC, 28-05. … 18. Austin Landis, SC, 26-4.
Discus Throw- 1, Connor Wingo, SC, 135-2. … 4, Curren Bengston, SC, 120-4, 6, Landon Elvig, SC, 106-3. … 9, Aaron Sears, SC, 100-0.
Javelin Throw- 1, Mingure Dorjee, SC, 155-1. … 3, Curren Bengston, SC, 136-0. … 5, Michael Larson, SC, 133-4. … 7 Dominique Donaghy, SC 117-05. … 9, Ian Atienza, SC, 101-1. 10, Aaron Sears, SC,, 98-8. … 14, John Daniels, SC, 74-06.


Shorecrest Track vs. Mountlake Terrace at Shoreline Stadium, Varsity girls, Thursday, April 28

Varsity Girls: Shorecrest 128, Mountlake Terrace 12

100 meters- 1, Amanda Banks, SC, 13.56. 2, Kathryn Andria-Habermann, SC, 13.67. 3, Lynleigh Oliver, SC, 13.72. 4, Annie Schlachter, SC, 14.88. 5, Skylar Sotelo, SC, 14.94. 6, Ashley Rimbakusumo, SC, 16.34. 7, Misty McElhany, SC, 16.42..
200 meters- 1, Kathryn Andria-Habermann, SC, 29.31; 2, Annie Schlachter, SC, 31.42; 3, Skylar Sotelo, SC, 32.51;. 4, Elizabeth Flume SC, 34.21. 5, Laurisa Coffee, SC, 34.50.
400 meters- 1, Penner, MT, 60.88. 2, Nicole Harris, SC, 61.12. 3, , Kathryn Andria-Habermann, SC, 61.53.
1600 meters- 1, Sowers, MT, 6:19.46. 2, Melissa Ruhlman, SC, 6:24.74 … 5, Sarah Murphy-Cook, SC, 7:48.85. … . 7, Kathryn Gregson, SC, 7:56.75. 8, Kaitlyn Franz, SC, 8:23.23.
3200 meters- 1, Kate Hildahl, SC, 13:14.23. 2, Kara Eckardt, SC, 13:32.14.
100m Hurdles- 1, Elisa Ahern, SC, 16.92. 2, Lindy Eaton, SC, 18.32. 3, Sarah Beland, SC, 18.69. 4, Quinn Sullivan, SC, 19.58.
300m Hurdles- 1, Elisa Ahern, SC, 51.83. 2, Lynleigh Oliver, SC 53.67. 3, Sarah Beland, SC, 54.66. 4, Lindy Eaton, SC,5, Quinn Sullivan, SC, 55.42.
4x100- 1, Shorecrest 'A' (Onyie Chibuogwu, Amanda Banks, Lynleigh Oliver, Nicole Harris), 52.01.
4x200- 1, Shorecrest (Liliya Kot, Sarah Beland, Emily Corona, Elisa Ahern) 1:55.76.
4x400- 1, Shorecrest (Lynleigh Oliver, Amanda Banks, Kathryn Andria-Habermann, Nicole Harris), 4:20.94.
High Jump- 1, Emily Corona. SC, 5-0. 2, Onyie Chibuogwu, SC, 4-6. … Allison Ezeonwu, SC, 4-2.
Pole Vault- 1, Nicole Harris, SC, 8-6. 2, Annie Schlachter, SC, 8-0. 3, Kathryn, Gregson SC, 6-0.
Long Jump- 1, Emily Corona. SC, 16-0.5. 2, Amanda Banks, SC, 14-11.5. 3, Liliya Kot, SC, 13-11.
Triple Jump- 1, Elisa Ahern, SC, 34-9. 2, Liliya Kot, SC,, 27-4.5. 3, Skylar Sotelo, SC, 26-6.
Shot Put- 1, Allison Ezeonwu,,SC, 33-4. 2, Madison Kowalski, SC, 30-11. 3, Mickey Greenburg, SC, 28-11. 4, Onyie Chibuogwu, SC, 28-9. 5, Aiko Mizumori-Canfield, SC, 25-4.25. 6, D'Angela Pritchett-Rowe, SC, 23-04.50. 7, Savannah Tidwell, SC, 23-2.5. 8, Sydney Landis, SC, 22-0.5.
Discus Throw- 1, India Matheson, SC, 114-4. 2, Allison Ezeonwu,,SC, 109-08. 3, Onyie Chibuogwu, SC, 107-5. 4, Savannah Tidwell, SC, 82-7. 5, Mickey Greenburg, SC, 79-10. … . 7, Aiko Mizumori-Canfield, SC, 73-10. … . 9 Madison Kowalski, SC, 63-11. 10,, Monica Telford, SC, 57-11. … 12, D'Angela Pritchett-Rowe, SC, 52-6. 13, Sydney Landis, SC, 49-6.
Javelin Throw- 1, Aiko Mizumori-Canfield, SC 100-6. 2, Emily Corona. SC, 99-10. 3, Annie Schlachter, SC 91-0. … . 5, Sydney Landis, SC, 71-3. 6, Monica Telford, SC, 71-1… 8, D'Angela Pritchett-Rowe, SC, 60-7. … 11 Madison Kowalski, SC, 54-5. 


Third Place Commons - May 2011 community events

Lake Forest Park Towne Centre
Where Ballinger Way meets Bothell Way
The Commons is in the upper level, with Third Place Books

African Choir Concert 2- 2:30 pm
Sunday, May 1

Composed of 7 men and 5 women, this choir represents a Protestant church in Lome, Togo. They will sing in French and Ewe, the local language, and will be the Commons for conversation following the concert.

Playtime! 10am-11:30am
Wednesday, May 4,11,18,25

Join other parents, grandparents, and caregivers with children ages birth to 5 in front of the stage for art, games, and conversation, sponsored and led by the Shoreline Family Support Center.

Knit Night in the Commons 6-9pm
Friday, May 6

Bring a project and knit with friends. And if you need to wind some wool while you are in the Commons, check out the new ball winder and swift from the Information counter at the bookstore.

LFP Youth Council Talent Show 3-5:30pm
Saturday, May 7

Come join the fun as Lake Forest Park youth take the stage and strut their stuff. Enjoy their talent and creativity. Who knows? Maybe the next American Idol lives next door to you.

LFP Garden Club Meeting 9:30-11:30am
Tuesday, May 10

The Lake Forest Park Garden Club holds its monthly business meeting at 9:30, and a public program at 10. This month, Mary Lou Sanelli will share entertaining readings from her recent book The Literary Gardener.

Jazz Factory 8-8:30pm
Tuesday, May 17

Marvel at the improvisational talents of director Dennis Ashcroft and his 6th grade beginning jazz players, representing all of the 9 elementary schools in the Shoreline District.

Shorewood African Art Show 6:30-8:30pm
Thursday, May 19

See dozens of the best African-themed art pieces created by Shorewood High School's 10th grade World Studies students. Come meet the artists, see their work, and celebrate meaningful education.

Choir of the Sound Concert Preview 4:30-5pm
Saturday, May 21

Join Choir of the Sound, directed by Jeremy Matheis, as they journey through the 'Good Ol' Summertime’, Americana-style.

Computer Q and A 2:30-4pm
Sunday, May 22

Ask questions and get user-friendly answers during this free workshop. This month’s topic is the world of home networking.

Caspar Babypants: More Please! 10:30-11:30am
Monday, May 23

What a way to start the week! Chris Ballew rocks the Commons with music for little ones and their parents. Please thank the King County Library System for jump-starting your Monday. Friendly folks from My ID will be on hand to make identification cards for children.

Big box:
The Lake Forest Park Farmers Market opens on Sunday, May 8, from 11 am to 4pm. Come celebrate the beginning of the fifth fabulous year of the market, buy spring produce and flowers from your favorite farmers, and see all your neighbors.

Mark your calendars! Tour the Secret Gardens of Lake Forest Park on Saturday, June 18. Shop for plants and garden art on the lower lever of the Lake Forest Park Towne Centre, and bring your toughest questions to stump Ciscoe Morris.


SCC Softball Sweeps Edmonds CC Faces #1 Bellevue College Sunday

Overlock-Pauley pitched a no-hitter.
Photo by Wilson Tsoi.
by Douglas Palmer, SCC Athletics Director

The Lady Dolphins of Shoreline Community College routed Edmonds Community College on Friday at Shoreview Park, 22-1 and 13-1 and now face the NWAACC’s number one ranked team in Bellevue College on Sunday at 1pm at Shoreview Park.

SCC is now 12-10-1 on the season, 12-4 in the NWAACC Northern Region, in second place behind Bellevue that leads SCC by four games in the “Loss” column. Bellevue is 14-0 in the region and 25-1 on the season.

Laice Dedrick: Homerun
Photo by Wilson Tsoi
On Friday, Shoreline pounded Edmonds pitching for 29 hits in the two games including 9 extra base hits led by Laice Dedrick with a homerun and a double. Sophie Overlock-Pauley tossed no hitter in the second game, holding ECC hitless over 5 innings.

Bellevue swept SCC early this season, 11-5, 7-2 at Bellevue and the Dolphins will be out looking for revenge on Sunday and to get back into in the region race, as SCC won the Northern Region in 2010.

Admission is free for Sunday’s doubleheader.

Bellevue 14-0 1.000 25-1
Shoreline 12-4 .750 12-11
Douglas 9-5 .643 10-10
Everett 7-5 .583 15-15
Olympic 6-8 .429 8-11
Skagit Valley 2-12 .143 3-15
Edmonds 0-16 .000 0-24


For the Birds: Kinglets

Ruby-crowned Kinglet
Photo by Doug Parrott
By Christine Southwick

What’s olive-green, has a crown patch, is constantly moving, and is only a little larger than our North American hummingbirds? If you said kinglets, you were right.

This area has both Ruby-crowned Kinglets and Golden-crowned Kinglets.

Golden-crowned have a striped face pattern. The Ruby-crowned has a plain face with a bold white eye-ring. Golden-crowned: both male and female have erectable yellow crowns, and males have an orange stripe in the center. 

Ruby-crowned: only the males have the usually hidden, erectable red crown. Both kinglets have two white wing bars, with a black smudge below the second bar. Did you know that both kinglets have black legs and yellow feet? Because they are so small, and flit around looking for their bug meals, that field mark isn’t always easy to see.

Red-crowned Kinglet with crest raised by Scott Ramos
Ruby-crowned Kinglets are often found with other small birds during winter, but are most obvious in the spring and fall when they migrate to/ from their higher elevation breeding grounds. While migrating they often search for bugs on lower branches than the rest of the year. During March-April, I listen for a “Cheebe cheebe che “ “Cheebe che”,

“Cheebe cheebe che “ “Cheebe che”.

This is what the Ruby–crowned call sounds like to me. The Golden-crowned Kinglets have a high-pitched single note, repeated. Listen to a CD of local birds, and create a reminder that makes sense to you, and you’ll be more likely to recognize the bird when you hear it.

The Golden–crowned Kinglets are year-round residents here, but because they stay high in the conifers, they are often overlooked during summer. In the winter they also forage lower, and this winter there were many reports of them feeding on the ground, perhaps seeking spiders in leaf litter.

Gold-crowned Kinglet. Photo by Craig Kerns
Both Ruby-crowned and Golden-crowned Kinglets are seasonally monogamous. Both species build their nests in tall trees, usually conifers, anywhere from 40-100 feet above the ground. Little is actually known about their nesting habits. These kinglets lay an unusually large number of eggs for their size, from 5-12 eggs. Large broods usually mean that there is high mortality. It is believed that most of the deaths are from exposure to cold temperature, although Golden-crowneds can tolerate temperatures of minus 30 F for short periods of time.

So, listen for the songs of these two kinglets. Usually you will hear a kinglet before you see it. Then look for a tiny bird flicking its wings, and a quick fluttery flight.

Christine Southwick is on the Board of the Puget Sound Bird Observatory and is their Winter Urban Color-banding Project Manager. She is a National Wildlife Federation Certified Wildlife Habitat Steward, having completed their forty hour class. We're happy that she's sharing her expertise with us about the birds in our backyards.


Gospel Concert to Benefit Ukraine Bible Camps, Saturday April 30

Friday, April 29, 2011

Saturday, April 30 at 7:00 pm the Holy Ghost Travelin Band, the Choralaires, and the vocal duo One Accord will present a gospel concert at Trinity Presbyterian Church, 1315 N 160th in Shoreline. 

The concert is jointly sponsored by Trinity and Calvin Presbyterian churches.
Admission is free; donations will be received to benefit work of the rural Ukraine Bible Camps.


Evan Smith: Shoreline Councilwoman Doris McConnell announces candidacy for re-election

Doris McConnell
By Evan Smith
ShorelineAreaNews Politics Writer

Shoreline City Councilwoman Doris McConnell announced Friday that she would run for re-election.

McConnell said she would register in a few days with the State Public Disclosure Commission, a step that will allow her to raise and spend money for the August 16 primary and November 8 general election.

Candidates file for ballot positions June 6-10.

McConnell is one of three Shoreline Council members whose terms expire this year. Councilman Chris Eggen announced his candidacy for re-election March 9. Councilman Terry Scott announced March 11 that he would not seek a second term.

McConnell said that she was late reaching her decision because she had been busy with Council business and with community and family commitments.

No challengers have announced their intentions to run against either McConnell or Eggen.

Former Shoreline Planning commissioner Robin McClelland and attorney Jesse Salomon have announced candidacies for the Scott seat.

Positions with three or more candidates appear on the August primary ballot. Positions with only one or two candidates appear only on the November ballot.

McConnell was first elected in 2007, when she defeated former Councilwoman Maggie Fimia.


Shorewood Girls tennis update

by Arnie Moreno, April 28, 2011
The Shorewood girls tennis team improved their record to 8-1 in Wesco 3A league to remain tied for first with Everett HS. The T-Birds defeated the Everett Seagulls 4-3 April 15. Mackenzie Bang, three time state competitor and 2010 Wesco 4A South singles champion, led the team with her 11th straight victory without a loss. Francesca O'Malley and Daniella Brengelmann teamed up at number one doubles for the first time this season to defeat their opponents 6-4, 6-1.

Prep girls tennis: Shorewood 6, Lynnwood 1
At Lynnwood H.S.

Singles--Mackenzie Bang (S) def. Hannah Ham 6-1, 6-0; Sara Oh (S) def. Rita Kong 6-0, 6-3; Pauline Douglass (S) def. Cristina Borsan 6-3, 6-4; Priscilla Young (L) def. Sarah Kim 6-4, 6-4. Doubles--Francesca O'Malley-Daniella Brengelmann (S) def. Grace Sim-Miranda Qassis 6-4, 6-1; Lilly Adams-Mary Buswell (S) def. Rozelle Zoleta-Dalica Tuy 6-2, 6-2; Stephanie Ngy-Clara Lam (S) def. Priscilla Vorng-Nasim Badrbigi 6-7, 6-2, 6-3. Records--Shorewood 8-1 league, 8-3 overall. Lynnwood 1-10, 1-12.


Shoreline Goodwill training classes now registering students

Shoreline Goodwill’s Job Training and Education Center, located at 14500 15th Ave NE, is now registering people for free classes in the eight-week session that runs from May 23 through July 15, 2011.

The staff expects classes to fill up fast and reminds prospective students that sign-up is on a first come, first served basis.

The center will offer the following classes:
  • Retail and Customer Service Training Program– Students learn retail and customer service skills and participate in two weeks of on-the-job training at a Goodwill store in order to prepare for jobs in a variety of industries.
  • English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)– These include basic and intermediate courses designed to accommodate a wide range of English skills.
  • Basic Computer Classes– Introductory courses for people with little or no computer experience:
                 Computer Fundamentals 
                 Microsoft Word 
                 Microsoft Excel
  • Cashiering and Customer Service –Teaches the fundamentals of operating a cash register in a retail environment.
  • Career Building Assistance –Instructors can help people with job searches, resume and cover letter writing, interview practice and more.
For class availability and enrollment information, call 206-631-8460.

Shoreline Goodwill is part of Seattle Goodwill Industries, a private, nonprofit organization that has served the central and northern Puget Sound since 1923. It provides free job training and education programs and services that help low-income and underserved people obtain the skills they need to secure employment so they may achieve economic self-sufficiency. For more information about Goodwill programs, please call toll free at1-877-GIVE4GOOD or visit the website.


24th Annual Shoreline Track and Field Invite Saturday, April 30

from Don Dalziel, Director of Athletics, Shoreline School District

83 schools, over 1,000 athletes set to compete in largest all-boys track invite in the Northwest on Saturday, April 30, 2011, 12 noon at the Shoreline Stadium, NE 185 and 1st NE.

Shoreline Stadium will again host many of the best boys track and field teams and individuals from around the state in the 24th Annual Shoreline Invitational. Field events are scheduled to begin at 12 noon, while the first running event is slated for 1 p.m. The 2011 version also features two schools from British Columbia. St. George’s and Sutherland School from Vancouver.

Although it is marked as the 24th annual meet, the Shoreline Invitational has been in existence for more than 30 years. The meet first began in 1972 and continued through the late 1970’s. With the closing of Shoreline High School, the meet shut down as well. In 1985, the meet started up again under the name Thunderbird Invitational, and barring a few missed years, it has been going strong since. The name was changed back to Shoreline Invitational in 1994, with both Shoreline high schools (Shorecrest and Shorewood) supporting the meet.

Ticket Prices: Adults $7, Students W/ASB $5, Seniors and Children $4

You Pick ‘em: It is not too difficult to find some key outstanding individuals that will compete on Saturday. Picking the team favorite might be a bit more challenging. A number of teams will have a chance at top honors, which include, but may not be limited to: Auburn, Bothell, Garfield, Liberty (Issaquah) North Central, Skyline, Wenatchee, and St. George’s from BC. It truly could be any team’s meet, as many teams have the potential of placing multiple athletes in the same event. Last year North Central and Skyline tied for top honors with 51 team points, edging out Federal Way (46) and Wenatchee (44). For North Central it was their second straight team title. All of last year’s top 10 teams return (North Central, Skyline, Federal Way, Wenatchee, Auburn Riverside, Tahoma, West Seattle, Woodinville, and Eastlake).

State’s Best Enter Here: Of the 17 events that exist on the state leader board, only three of the state leaders will be in attendance, however multiple events include 3 or more of the states top 10. The hot event to keep an eye on is the pole vault that includes six of the state’s top 10 participants, all with marks over 14 feet this season. Other events with three or more of the state’s top 10 are here: 4x400 relay (6,7,7,10), Javelin (4,7,10), Shot put (2,6,7), 100 Meters (2,6,8), 1,600 (1,2,5), 4x100 (3,5,6). In addition, the meet includes a few non-traditional events (Distance Medley, Sprint Medley), and adds its own flavor as the only meet in the area with a scored Frosh/Soph 1,600 meter run.


Pink Polka Dots 5th Anniversary Art Exhibition and Sale May 22

PPD Guild members selling their art cards
The Pink Polka Dots Junior Guild plans to celebrate five years of funding Seattle Children’s Hospital cancer research with a fundraiser featuring fine art, crafts, and specialties from local artists and guild members. This is scheduled for Sunday, May 22, at the Lake Forest Park Civic Club, 17301 Beach Drive NE, Lake Forest Park, from 2 to 6pm.

The Pink Polka Dots (PPD) was founded by then-sixth graders Sierra Alef-Defoe, Maddy Berkman, and Kelsey Josund after their friend Sydney succumbed to a brainstem glioma, an inoperable brain tumor. The girls created their guild, named after Sydney’s favorite pink polka dot motif, through the Seattle Children’s Hospital Guild Association and have been raising money for cancer research ever since.

The PPD, largely comprised of teens under 17, have a history of involving their community in their fundraising efforts. Their most prominent events have been the sale of art cards made by guild members online and at farmer’s markets, middle- and high-school dances, and benefit concerts, as well as their annual Sydney Coxon Memorial Golf Tournament, which is in partnership with Sydney’s family and local engineering and manufacturing company Intec. To date, the guild has raised over $330,000 for Dr. Jim Olson’s lab at the Fred Hutchinson Research Center.

PPD hopes their 5th Anniversary Art Sale will expand their community of supporters in the fight against pediatric brain cancer. 
“Any chance to reach out to the community is another chance to fund a cure for cancer,” says Josund. “Come, buy some beautiful art, and help us raise money for this important cause!” The May 22 event will feature PPD custom art cards, refreshments and music in addition to the wide variety donated of art, photography, crafts and art glass for sale.


Shoreline City Hall Gallery: Brush with Nature, May 4 - July 29

The Shoreline-Lake Forest Park Arts Council and the City of Shoreline present: Brush with Nature, May 4, 2011 – July 29, 2011, Open Monday-Friday 9 - 5.

The public is invited to an Open House to meet the artists on Tuesday May 17, 5:30-7:00 p.m. at Shoreline City Hall, N 175th St and Midvale Ave N. (date change)

The Shoreline-Lake Forest Park Arts Council and the City of Shoreline present a new exhibit, Brush with Nature, featuring paintings by Fran Holt, d’Elaine Johnson, Jan Pollard and photography by Ellen Witebsky.

Fran Holt
Holt’s paintings stem from a chance encounter with a book of carousel horse photos, discovered at a second hand store and have triggered a two-year art exploration about carousel horses. At first, the paintings were simply a celebration of my childhood spent in Maryland, where the carousel at Ocean City was a great treat. Later, the paintings evolved into imagining life from the horses’ point of view. More about her work can be found here  

d'Elaine Johnson
d’Elaine Johnson
Johnson’s paintings focus on the principals of water. They are concerned with the cycles of fortune, wheels of justice, departures or banishments and returns, regeneration and rebirth. She comments, "My art form ties all life on this planet together in a universal context through the seas, where life began and today connects all as one.” Website

Jan Pollard
Shoreline artist Jan Pollard, like Holt is also fascinated by horses. “I enjoy painting any subject matter that has a rhythm and flow. That is why horses and the human form are particular favorites of mine. Although my work is becoming more and more abstract, living things are still a basis for most of my paintings.”

Ellen Witebsky
Ellen Witebsky
Witebsky’s manipulated photographs of nature around us play into what she sees happening in the world. “We love nature. We revere nature. Yet we insist on tinkering with it, turning it into something not quite natural. This series explores — with a sense of fun and whimsy — our compulsion to make changes to the natural world and the objects in it.” Her work can be viewed here.

In addition, small works by local sculptors will be displayed on pedestals recently purchased with a generous grant from King County 4Culture and the City’s 1% for Art program.

This exhibit runs from May 4 through July 29, 2011 at the Shoreline City Hall Gallery. The Gallery at City Hall may be viewed any time during regular hours, Monday – Friday, 9am – 5 pm except holidays. The Shoreline City Hall is located at 17500 Midvale Ave. N, Shoreline, WA 98133. For more information please contact the Arts Council at 206-417-4645.

The Shoreline-Lake Forest Park Arts Council is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to nurture all of the arts in the community through programs and events, arts education, advocacy, and support for artists and arts organizations.


Shorewood tops Lynnwood 9-8 in rain-delayed baseball game April 27

The Shorewood baseball team came from behind Thursday to defeat Lynnwood in the continuation of a rain-stopped baseball game played at Lynnwood on Wednesday, April 27.

The game resumed at Shorewood Field Thursday, April 28, at the bottom of the third inning with two out and a Lynnwood runner on third base and the score Lynnwood 5, Shorewood 4.
The final score was Shorewood 9, Lynnwood 8.
The teams meet again at 4 p.m. Friday at Shorewood.
The victory over Lynnwood Thursday gave the Thunderbirds an 11-0 Wesco 3A record that clinched the division title for Shorewood, which has a 15-2 overall record.
Shorewood finishes regular-season play against Meadowdale. Monday, May 2, at Meadowdale. and Tuesday, May 3 at home, before starting Northwest District 3A tournament play.

Shorewood 9, Lynnwood 8, April 27-28
Shorewood 202 022 1--9 11 1
Lynnwood 212 000 3--8 10 2

Henry McAree, Connor McKeever (3) and Christian Heidegee. Jason Shaw, Jordan Silva (7) and Tyler Johnson. WP--McKeever.
Shorewood batting
Christian Heideger


Trevor Mitsui



At Shorewood 10, Everett 0, Tuesday, April 26
Everett 000 00 -- 0 0 2
Shorewood 063 01 --10 7 0
Armestad, Allen (3), Clemenson (4) and Elder, Brakke (5). Snell and Heidege.
Batting Highlights: Shorewood
Ben Duncan


Christian Heideger



Cameron Sterne



Blake Snell (W)

Shorewood 8, at Everett 1, Friday, April 22 Shorewood 103 000 4--8 9 1
Everett 010 000 0--1 7 1

Batting Highlights:
Henry McAree


Trevor Mitsui


Blake Snell


Henry McAree (W)

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