Gloria's Birds: When she heard the hawk shriek, Sidney nearly lost her head...

Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Photo copyright Gloria Z Nagler

(Young sparrow, freaked out)

--Gloria Z Nagler


Northshore firefighter completes year-long probation

Kevin Schneider, Northshore firefighter
Join the Northshore Fire Department in congratulating Kevin Schneider on successfully completing his year-long probation. 

In a ceremony August 24, 2021, he was commended on his excellent performance on his final practical testing process. 

Kevin is assigned to B-shift, and we look forward to the many accomplishments that lay ahead of him !!


Case updates August 29, 2021 - 73.3% of Washington state eligible population vaccinated

Washington state %
Vaccination clinics at Shoreline Community College - details here

Case updates August 29, 2021 - no Washington updates on weekends; otherwise "new" numbers represent one day's results

United States 
  • Total cases  38,852,582 - 42,329 new
  • Total deaths 636,015 - 231 new

Washington state 
  • Total confirmed cases 502,924 - 7,396 new  
  • Probable (additional) cases 56,838 - 1,378 new 
  • Total hospitalizations 30,899 - 416 new   
  • Total deaths 6,534 - 27 new 

King county 
  • Total confirmed cases 127,952 -  1,362 new 
  • Total hospitalizations 7,325 - 36 new 
  • Total deaths 1,757 -  4 new

  • Total confirmed cases 31,454  - 407 new 
  • Total hospitalizations 1,596  - 8 new 
  • Total deaths 440 -  0 new

  • Total confirmed cases 2,890 - 27 new
  • Total hospitalizations 226 -   3 new
  • Total deaths 105 - 0 new

Lake Forest Park 
  • Total confirmed cases 401 - 4 new 
  • Total hospitalizations 19 -    0 new
  • Total deaths 4  - 0 new


SKÖG Haus Coffee is ready to wake up your day in Lake Forest Park

SKÖG Haus Coffee family
By Cynthia Sheridan

Heather and Dave Skogerson, with sons Vaughn and Finn and nephew Caen, are the family behind SKÖG Haus Coffee, which is open for business on Ballinger Way in Lake Forest Park. 

They had a dream to build a coffee house, and began by ordering a vintage Airstream replica trailer as their place of business. Although the original purchase pre-dated any hint of a national pandemic, actual delivery of their trailer occurred well after the onset of materials, production and shipping delays due to COVID-19. 

Upon arrival in Shoreline, the vehicle then needed endless changes and upgrades to satisfy local code regulations. Meanwhile there was an on-going search for just the right space to rent, buy or lease a parking space.

Throughout the process, Heather and Dave received great on-line support from Instagram members, who have since become customers and friends.

SKÖG Haus is open mornings at 35th NE and Ballinger Way in the parking lot of the Local 104

Finally, on July 28, 2021, with the blessing of a perfect location, Skog Haus opened in the parking lot of the Local 104 restaurant at 18496 Ballinger Way NE 98155 (corner of 35th Ave NE).

SKÖG Haus is open mornings from 6am to 1pm Monday thru Thursday offering espresso/coffee, tea, smoothies, baked goods and amazing customer service all in a drive through, walk up style vintage Airstream replica trailer. Closed Friday, Saturday, Sunday (Check their Facebook page or website for events and time changes.)

SKÖG Haus product partners are Bellingham Coffee Roasters, Metolius Tea, Elli-vated Goods, and Holy Kakow.

We wanted to create something we could be proud of that included all the things that are meaningful to us… family, friends and community, the Pacific Northwest, intentional kindness, love, and compassion, local, sustainable and ethical with an emphasis on a passion for going above and beyond people’s expectations.

What grew from this dream was the idea for SKÖG Haus Coffee, a mobile, specialty coffee business that could serve our wonderful North Seattle community of Shoreline and Lake Forest Park and its surrounding neighborhoods while highlighting local businesses (like Local 104) in the process. 

They offer gift cards on their website - popular for teacher gifts.


Photo: A basket of furry companionship

Sassy owns Cynthia Sheridan

It's no secret that the pandemic restrictions have been good for many pets. The shelters emptied as the number of people who were suddenly at home by themselves increased. Not wanting to be alone, they adopted furry companions.

Even without a pandemic, the Northwest has always boasted high numbers of pet adoptions. The Humane Society takes shelter animals from all over the country, particularly in times of crisis. Disaster areas empty out their shelters to make room for newly lost and displaced animals. Hurricanes in the Gulf, and wildfires in California see a lot of companion animals headed to Puget Sound.

Most recently, 100 shelter animals from Hawaii, which is dealing with a large COVID surge, arrived at the Bellevue headquarters of the Humane Society.

But Sassy has a home with Shoreline Area News reporter / photographer / poet Cynthia Sheridan.

--Diane Hettrick


Northgate Ped/Bike Bridge Project construction update

Looking over the marsh area west of I-5 from the west side of the bridge
Photo courtesy

With the span installations complete, crews have begun putting the final touches on the Northgate Ped/Bike Bridge. Crews have started installing signage and other amenities, leading up to the official completion and celebration.

Northgate Ped/Bike Bridge 101: Creating a sense of place through environmental features

They selected vegetation and greenery around the bridge with safety in mind. Creating park-like qualities on the trails and spaces near the bridge will provide a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere and a "sense of place" for all users. 

Examples of this can be seen on the west side with a wildlife overlook, and on the east side where they are installing a "gallery forest," or screen of tall and narrow trees between the bridge and the freeway, providing relief from views of the freeway as well as improving air quality.

Additional environmental features include:
  • Planting low-growing shrubs and bushes around the bridge
  • Trimming, thinning, or removing existing trees and undergrowth to create open sight lines
  • Carefully designed plantings on the west side of the bridge so that pedestrians on the landing will have a clearer view of North Seattle College (NSC), and those on the NSC playing field and in the parking lot will see bridge users approaching
Construction began early 2020, and is projected to be complete prior to the opening of the Northgate Link Light rail station in September 2021.


Shooting death in Kenmore Sunday

Photo courtesy Kenmore police
On Sunday, August 29, 2021, Kenmore officers responded to a shooting in a residence in the 7200 block of NE 149th Pl in Kenmore.

A male was located in the home with a gunshot wound and he was pronounced dead soon after.

The suspect fled from the scene. A K9 track was conducted with a King County Sheriff's Office K9 but the suspect was not located but is not believed to be in the area..

King County Sheriff's Office Major Crimes Detectives responded to the scene and are conducting the investigation.

A person of interest has been identified and there is no threat to the general public at this time.

If you have information regarding this incident- call 206-296-3311. 


Shoreline Fire holds push-in ceremony for new fire engine

Monday, August 30, 2021

Shiny new engine. Photo courtesy Shoreline Fire

Story and photos by Steven H. Robinson

The Shoreline Fire Department held a Push-in for their new fire truck (pumper) on Tuesday morning, August 17, 2021 at Station 65, 145 NE 155th St, Shoreline, WA 98155.

These are the people who can climb 69 flights of stairs wearing 50 pounds of gear

The ceremony is a tradition from the time when fire apparatus were horse drawn and the fire wagon was pushed into the fire station.  

This is the second fire engine to enter service this week. (see previous story) The fire trucks were custom built to Shoreline Fire’s specific needs and mutual aid agreements with other local departments (Northshore Fire Department and Woodinville Fire Department).

The engine purchase price was around $800,000 and purchased from Pierce Manufacturing of Appleton, Wisconsin. The purchase began with a process of determining the needs of fire crews and a design process. Then the manufacturing and review process happened. This process took about a year which included some online virtual review of the ordered apparatus.

Engine 165 was received and thoroughly inspected prior to entering service. This engine has upgrades to assist firefighters respond to calls and assures reliability in service for many years to come.


REMINDER: Community Vaccine Clinic Tuesday at Center for Human Services in North City

REMINDER: Community Vaccine Clinic Tuesday August 31, 2021 from 1-7pm at Center for Human Services 17018 15th Ave NE Shoreline, WA 98155

Walk ups welcome and the first 50 attendees will receive a $10 gift card to Fred Meyer/QFC. 

Any youth 12-17 year olds will receive a gift card as well. If they are part of the first 50 they get 2 !!


Nevermind the calendar - it's Fall

Sorbus photo by Hitomi Dames

Sorbus photo by Hitomi Dames

I ignored the first photo that Lee Lageschulte sent a few weeks ago of her favorite trees with leaves turning gold.

On Linden near 200th. Photo by Lee Lageschulte

But today both Lee and Hitomi Dames sent photos of fall foliage. The plants don't lie. Welcome to Fall!



Jobs: Hall of Fame Team Camp counselors

Hall of Fame Team Camp is seeking engaged and active counselors to help organize, referee, lead, and participate in games, sports, tournaments, and activities for children.

Some of our most popular activities that you will lead are: Gaga Ball, 6-square-in-the-air, the Whiffleball World Series; castleball; tic-tac-toe relays and Pictionary relays; Tchoukball; Ultimate Handball; various soccer games…

Our main objective is for every child to have fun, and we know that children have fun when they feel safe and respected. To that end, our counselors are able to learn the names of each child quickly, and treat each of them with respect, kindness, and positivity. We talk about, reinforce, and demonstrate positive behaviors and good sportsmanship. We consistently enforce rules in a positive way. We introduce ourselves to parents and communicate with them regularly.

Candidates will be at least 16 years old and have relevant experience supervising and leading groups of children. It is very important that counselors are able to jump right in, show initiative and leadership with a strong voice, catch on quickly to new games, and actively problem-solve.

After-school programs will be located at Hazel Wolf K-8 in north Seattle 11530 12th Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98125. Counselors will be expected to be there from 3:30pm – 6:00pm to help with setup and breakdown. Programs will run from 3:45pm-5:45pm.

We expect a lot from our counselors, and we want the best. We also understand that you may have school and other activities to work around. That is why our starting pay is $20 per hour, and we will be flexible with the right candidates to customize a work schedule.

A bonus structure is being offered:
  • $500 bonus if you work 5 days/week, with good evaluations, until the end of Session 1 (Oct. 29)
  • $400 if you work 4 days per week, with good evaluations, until the end of Session 1
  • $300 if you work 3 days per week, with good evaluations, until the end of Session 1
  • $200 if you work 2 days per week, with good evaluations, until the end of Session 1
  • $100 if you work 1 day per week, with good evaluations, until the end of Session 1
After-school programs start September 7, 2021.

Please send a resume and contact information to Kelli ( and Sara ( if you are interested!


Gloria's Insects: No paltry Paper Wasp is gonna stop me!

Photo copyright Gloria Z Nagler

Mildred the Mason Bee was not a bee to fool with.
(Mason Bee flying reconnaissance over European Paper Wasp in the garden last week)

--Gloria Z Nagler


Shoreline Police: Drowsy driving is never a bright idea

Just before 3:00 AM Saturday morning, August 21, 2021, King County deputies in Shoreline responded to the 17000 block of Aurora Ave N to investigate this one-car collision. 

First responders arrived in minutes and discovered a 2007 Nissan SUV had struck a 50' light post that extends over Aurora Ave N.
Deputies interviewed the driver and learned he was drowsy, not drunk. The SUV had reportedly been purchased that day and was not insured. Both occupants were transported to the hospital with minor injuries. 

Deputies are recommending the driver be charged with driving this XTerra with a suspended license.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports drowsy driving claimed 697 lives in 2019. It takes only a moment, as this case shows, for fatigue to take the wheel. 

Damage, not death, was the result in this case but we know the next crash may be different.
Drunk or drowsy, the consequences are too often the same. Let's work together to keep King County roads safer.

--King county sheriff's office


Kenmore Air 75th anniversary bash

Story and photo by Cynthia Sheridan

Local bands, politicians, Northshore fire, several popular food vans - and, oh yes, float planes - gathered Saturday afternoon 11am to 3pm along the sunny shores of Lake Washington to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Kenmore Air.

Sea planes took off and landed throughout the event, ferrying sightseers all around the Puget Sound on pre-booked tours. Kenmore Air did a formation flyover.

The Lago Vista Social Club and Inglemoor High School band provided music and people danced in the sunlight.

Kenmore Air employees conducted free tours of the campus including a brief history of their seaplane operation.

A Kid Zone had a coloring table and ready to assembly Balsa airplanes - which were a big hit.

l-r (unidentified), Kenmore Air GM Todd Banks, 46th LD David Frockt, KC Councilmember Rod Dembowski, 46th LD Rep. Javier Valdez and Gerry Pollet

There were so many politicians present that the Kenmore City Council had to announce a potential quorum!

This fancy seaplane dropped in from their downtown Seattle Lake Union Seaport. The logo on the side is from King 5's Evening Magazine show.

The beer garden is always a hit. Food trucks included Dick's - who knew they had a food truck - Sweet Wheels ice cream, Vespucci wood-fired pizza, and Tacos el Guero.

The Kenmore waterfront has been home to Kenmore Air since its founding in 1946.


Meet the new Shoreline councilmembers at Chamber of Commerce meeting Sept 8

September ZOOM Luncheon Featuring Shoreline City Council Candidates John Ramsdell, Laura Mork and Eben Pobee

Wednesday, September 8, 2021
11:30am - 1:00pm

Meet the candidates running unopposed in the upcoming November election for Shoreline City Council Each candidate will have a chance to speak and will be taking questions from attendees.

John Ramsdell

(Learn More About John Ramsdell Here)

Laura Mork

(Learn More About Laura Mork Here)

Eben Pobee

(Learn More About Eben Pobee Here)


11:30am Introductions and Networking

12:00pm Speaker Presentation
12:55pm Announcements

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 818 4713 9067
Passcode: 967466

One tap mobile

+12532158782,,81847139067#,,,,*967466# US (Tacoma)
+17207072699,,81847139067#,,,,*967466# US (Denver)

Dial by your location

+1 253 215 8782 US (Tacoma)
+1 720 707 2699 US (Denver)
+1 346 248 7799 US (Houston)
+1 301 715 8592 US (Washington DC)
+1 312 626 6799 US (Chicago)
+1 646 558 8656 US (New York)

Meeting ID: 818 4713 9067
Passcode: 967466

Find your local number:


Vaccination clinics at the college are open to the public

The pop up clinics will be held in the PUB, Room 9215
Photo by Steven H. Robinson

Shoreline Fire will be holding Pop-Up COVID-19 vaccination clinics at Shoreline Community College three days a week starting Monday, August 30, 2021.

These clinics are open to the public. They will be held in the Pagoda Union Building (Building 9000), Room 9215 16101 Greenwood Ave. N., Shoreline, WA 98133. Free parking.

Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines will be available.

Vaccination Clinics
  • Mondays August 30 - October 4 from 9am - 5pm
    • (closed September 6 for Labor Day holiday)
  • Wednesdays September 1 - October 6 from 9am - 5pm
  • Fridays September 3 - October 8 from 9am - noon
Sign up in advance for guaranteed appointment time: 

More information here:

Some walk-up appointments will be accepted

  • Bring valid ID
  • Minors under age 18 must provide parental or guardian approval. 
  • Wear a mask and maintain a three-foot distance indoors
  • Visitors, students and employees will be directed to complete an online check in form before entering campus


Special school board meeting re K-5 online learning cooperation with PSE

The Shoreline School Board will hold a Special Board Meeting on Monday, August 30, 2021 at 7:00pm in the Shoreline Room, Shoreline Center (18560 1st Ave. NE). 

This meeting is also available via Zoom using the log-in information below. 

The topic for this meeting is a K-5 online learning cooperative with the Puget Sound Educational Service District.

Please note that due to updated guidance from the Department of Health, we will implement 6-foot distancing between those in attendance and all attendees must wear masks.
Attending the August 30 Special School Board Meeting Online:


Bee careful

Sunday, August 29, 2021

Photo by Jan Hansen

It really is important to land with precision - or as Jan Hansen says "Sometimes, more than others, it pays to bee careful."


Reminder: Kira Jane Buxton will be signing her new book noon Sunday at the LFP Farmers Market

Our first in-person author signing in over 16 months!

Come meet Kira Jane Buxton, the author of Hollow Kingdom and the new novel Feral Creatures, for a special outdoor book signing at the Lake Forest Park Farmers Market!

Stop by our booth on Sunday, August 29, 2021 from 12pm to 2pm. Copies of Feral Creatures will be available for purchase at the market. No registration required.

To celebrate the release of Feral Creatures, we're also thrilled to offer limited-edition, 11x17 art prints with every purchase you make on site! These prints portray a scene from Feral Creatures that takes place at — you guessed it! — our very own Third Place Books (albeit in a post-apocalyptic future). The print, designed by Stephen Crowe, will come signed by the artist and Kira Jane Buxton. While supplies last.

And in case you missed it, our recording of Kira's launch event with Book Riot's Liberty Hardy is now on YouTube. The conversation covers a range of topics, including: climate fiction! anthropomorphism! Cheetohs! and where in the world did Kira get that great shirt?

The Lake Forest Park Farmers Market is located near the south parking lot of the Town Center at Lake Forest Park. See the Third Place Commons website for instructions on how to get there.

--Third Place Books Lake Forest Park


Third Place Books author event with Megan Rapinoe - tickets include book

Megan Rapinoe with Dr. Ibram X. Kendi
Huge news! (Olympic gold medalist-sized news, in fact!) 

We're partnering with Loyalty Bookstore in DC and The Strand in New York to host two-time Women's World Cup champion Megan Rapinoe in conversation with Dr. Ibram X. Kendi on Tuesday, September 7, 2021 at 4:30pm PT

They'll be discussing the young readers edition of Rapinoe's memoir One Life. In other words: an evening for the whole family that promises to inspire!

Tickets are on sale NOW! The first 150 attendees will receive a bookplate signed by the author. All tickets come bundled with either a copy of One Life: Young Readers Edition or the paperback of One Life: A Memoir (for adults). Your choice!

Purchase tickets here

--Third Place Books


Photo: Toe tapping music at the Edmonds Arts Festival

Photo by Cynthia Sheridan

Festival goers take some time out to listen to the musical performances at the Edmonds Arts Festival. The final day is Sunday 10am to 5pm at the Frances Anderson Center in Edmonds, 700 Main St.


Case updates August 27, 2021

Washington state: 72.4% of eligible population vaccinated
27.6% of eligible population not vaccinated

Vaccination event Tuesday at Center for Human Services includes childcare and treats. Information here

Case updates August 27, 2021 - no Washington updates on weekends; otherwise "new" numbers represent one day's results

United States 
  • Total cases  38,709,295 - 176,742 new
  • Total deaths 634,157 - 1,329 new


Monka Brewery owner provides craft brews for customers and sometimes water for nearby fires

Monka Brewery is across the street from North City Safeway. Google maps.
By Cynthia Sheridan

Monka Brewery owner Devin Walker is a firm believer in neighbors helping neighbors. When Safeway’s parking strip caught on fire, Devin rushed across the street carrying two full buckets of water and immediately was able to douse the flames.
Art by Hannah Lynn on display
Photo by Cynthia Sheridan
Safeway employees on the scene were extremely grateful. Once the fire was out, Devin sheepishly admitted that in a panic over the fire, he ran right past the brand new fire extinguisher on his way to get the buckets.

And speaking of neighbors, Monka Brewery invites customers to order food from any restaurant and have it delivered right to their table on the patio. Suni’s and Icho Bento are just moments away for delivery. 

While you’re waiting for food, enjoy a delicious home brewed refreshment and friendly conversation from the owners.

Inside dining is not currently open but while ordering there is a wonderful art exhibit on display. Monka Brewery merchandise is also for sale.

Beer menu: All Cryo; Pilsner; Black IPA; Sabru Pale; American Brown Ale and Raspberry Sour Growlers to go (Fill or New)

Location 17211 15th Ave NE Shoreline 98155 (across from Safeway!)
Order in food to go with Monka's craft brews. Monka website.
  • Friday 4–10pm
  • Saturday 4–10pm
  • Sunday 4–7pm
  • Monday Closed
  • Tuesday Closed
  • Wednesday 4–9pm
  • Thursday 4–9pm


Letter to the Editor: The Aurora burglar was NOT from Camp United We Stand

To the Editor:

Thank you for your news coverage of the Shoreline and Lake Forest Park areas.

Your August 28 issue contained the news that Shoreline Police had arrested a person responsible for the series of burglaries along Aurora Avenue that have occurred during the past several months. 

The culprit was identified as being a resident of a north end homeless encampment. Lest there be any misinformation or confusion, it needs to be pointed out that this individual was not a resident of Camp United We Stand, a sanctioned homeless encampment that has been permitted in Shoreline and North Seattle for the past 8 years to use various church parking lots. 

Camp United We Stand works hard to maintain good relations with neighbors and host churches and does not want the activities of one (or more) homeless individuals to detract from its effort to provide shelter for its residents.

John Thielke


LFP Mayor's Corner - Events, Elections and Community

LFP Mayor Jeff Johnson
By Jeff Johnson, Mayor, Lake Forest Park

During August, we had a great time at the Battle of the Bands event at Pfingst Animal Acres Park. The turnout was fantastic — 1,300 community members came out and enjoyed the shows.

The economic impact on the Lake Forest Park community was $52,900, with $12,000 going to ShoreLake Arts and $31.47 spent in the community by each audience member beyond the cost of admission (source: Americans for the Arts: Arts and Economic Prosperity 5). 

Ten bands earned a combined total of over $7,800 in cash prices, plus time in two recording studios! ShoreLake Arts reported there was buzz from neighborhood dog walkers stopping to ask each other if they were going to the Battle! The City’s partnership with ShoreLake Arts for events like this is just one of the many ways our community partner relationships benefit our community.

I’d like to give a big thank you to the City’s events coordinator, Cory Roche. Cory wears many hats here at the City and is very dedicated to making sure our events are well organized and of interest to our community. Thank you, Cory!

Speaking of events, I want to get back to holding regular Coffee with the Mayor get-togethers as soon as we are safely able to do it. We’re not going in the pandemic direction we want right now, but if we all pull together and do what we need to do, we can get there and get back to our new normal.

This fall, we have four council seats up for election. Incumbents John Wright, John Resha, and Mark Phillips have decided not to seek reelection, so there will be three new Councilmembers come January, with Councilmember Semra Riddle running unopposed. 

It’s always a good idea to get to know the candidates for public office, and I encourage you to check out more information on the King County Elections candidate filing page. Candidates who will be on the November 2 General Election ballot will be posted here by September 7.

I am proud of the way Councilmembers and staff have stepped up to meet the challenges facing our community during the pandemic. I think the key to moving forward is to keep working together for the common good of the residents of Lake Forest Park.

Wishing you a safe and healthy fall season.

--Mayor Johnson


Wildfire update: 20 large uncontained fires and complexes in Washington and Oregon

According to the Northwest Interagency Coordination Center, as of Saturday, August 28, there are 506,605 acres of active uncontained in the Pacific Northwest.

Map courtesy Northwest Interagency Coordination Center

That's 20 large uncontained fires and complexes -- 7 in Oregon and 13 in Washington. Currently, there are 6,674 individuals out fighting fires. 

The Twentyfive Mile fire is 12 miles NW of Chelan

One of the large, uncontained fires is the Twentyfive Mile fire at Lake Chelan, 12 miles northwest of Chelan. It has burned 11,257 acres and is 31% contained. 

It has burned one residence and threatens 678 more. In addition, 10 Mixed commercial/residential, and 84 other minor structures are threatened and 10 other minor structures have been destroyed

It is burning in timber and the cause is unknown. The fire service, which has 11 crews, 7 helicopters, and 36 engines for a total of 516 personnel at the fire, estimates that it will be under control by the end of October 2021.


Shoreline Police: OUCH! This will definitely not buff out

Saturday, August 28, 2021

Around 1:30pm Monday afternoon, King County deputies in Shoreline responded to the 15300 block of 5th Ave NE after a suspect crashed into this 2019 Kia then fled. If you're that driver who avoids every scratch and ding, these photos are heartbreaking.
Hit and run collisions can be some of the most challenging cases for police to solve. Too often there is little evidence left behind. Even if the at-fault car is found, the driver is, too often, not insured. You are left holding the bag when your car and wallet are damaged because of insurance deductibles, diminished value and other costs.

Washington's laws are clear. If you hit someone else's unattended car you must stop and attempt to find the owner. If they cannot be found, leaving a note with your contact information is sufficient. Any motorist failing to do this is guilty of a misdemeanor punishable by a $1000 fine and 90-days in jail. Visit this link to read more:

If you're responsible for Monday's collision please call the King County Sheriff's non-emergency number (206-296-3311) and reference case C21026462. It is always the right time to do the right thing.

--King county sheriff's office


Case updates August 26, 2021 - Reminder - Vaccination event Tuesday at CHS

Vaccination event Tuesday at Center for Human Services includes childcare and treats. Information 

Case updates August 26, 2021 - no updates on weekends; otherwise "new" numbers represent one day's results

United States 
  • Total cases  38,527,411 - 165,870 new
  • Total deaths 632,786 - 1,222 new

Washington state 
  • Total confirmed cases 495,528 - 3,659 new  
  • Probable (additional) cases 55,460 - 608 new 
  • Total hospitalizations 30,483 - 31 new
  • Total deaths 6,507 - 36 new 

King county 
  • Total confirmed cases 126,590 -  908 new 
  • Total hospitalizations 7,289 - 30 new 
  • Total deaths 1,753 -  5 new

  • Total confirmed cases 31,047  - 209 new 
  • Total hospitalizations 1,588  - 5 new 
  • Total deaths 440 -  1 new

  • Total confirmed cases 2,863 - 14 new
  • Total hospitalizations 223 -   0 new
  • Total deaths 105 - 0 new

Lake Forest Park 
  • Total confirmed cases 397* -  new 
  • Total hospitalizations 19 -    0 new
  • Total deaths 4  - 0 new

*Correction: number originally reported was the number of Positives, not the number Confirmed

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