Dragon v2 in place for Halloween

Thursday, October 31, 2019

Shanna and Randy replaced the stolen dragon

Ridgecrest neighbors Shanna and Randy collected money, ordered a replacement dragon, and installed it place of the one that was stolen. It was there for Halloween.

The family is happy to have a dragon again. 

Look for it at NE 155th and 5th NE.

Thanks to Patty Hale for this story.


Heads up! and clocks back this weekend

Sorry folks - we have to change our clocks this weekend.

Washington state voted to remain on Daylight Saving Time but it has to be approved by congress...

Spring ahead - Fall back.

Saturday before you go to bed, set your manual clocks back an hour.

We'll tell you again on Sunday morning but you will already be at church at the wrong time.


Local students named to Dean's List at University of Washington for Spring quarter

Drumheller Fountain
Photo by Wayne Pridemore
Students from Shoreline and Lake Forest Park have been named to the Dean's List at the University of Washington for Spring 2019 Quarter.

To qualify for the Dean's List, a student must have completed at least 12 graded credits and have a grade point average of at least 3.50 (out of 4). Students are notified that they have achieved this distinction when they receive their grades for the quarter.

The students are listed alphabetically by zip code.

STUDENT NAME                                  SCHOOL YEAR

Zip Code:       98133

Raiye Assaye Abunie                                            junior
Leul Anteneh Amare                                             senior
Denise Jasmine Aragon                                         senior
Micaela Atherly                                                   junior
Temesgen Baye                                                  junior
Vladimira Behrova                                               senior
Connor Benjamin Browne                                      senior
Abigail Healani Canete-Brescia                                junior
Nuo Chen                                                         senior
Orion Daokang Chen                                            junior
Zimiao Chen                                                      junior
Ziqi Chen                                                         senior
Ziyin Chen                                                        junior
Roger Yungchuan Cheng                                       senior
Tina Vicky Chi                                                    senior
Britnie Chin                                                       junior
Cameron K Chin                                                 senior
Ainan Hugh Condez                                             sophomore
Philip A Cupat                                                    junior
Brian Dang                                                        senior
Tyler Matthew Del Rosso                                       senior
Clara Marie Dixon                                                senior
Adam Fink                                                        junior
Jamie Forschmiedt                                              junior
Henry Z Fulghum                                                senior
Logan Gnanapragasam                                         junior
Connor Goldstick                                                senior
Jessica Marie Gray                                              senior
Roisin L Halley                                                   senior
Corwin Akeru Hansen                                           senior
Johnathan A Hewit                                               junior
Noah C Hoppis                                                   senior
Margaret Hsiao                                                   sophomore
Yuyi Huang                                                       sophomore
Eric Lucas Huynh                                                senior
Franklin Huynh                                                   senior
Vy Yen Huynh                                                    senior
Santino V Iannone                                               junior
Benjamin Eugene Jenne                                        senior
Lia Kauanoeanuhea Kaluna                                    sophomore
Minji Kang                                                        senior
Micah David Ketola                                              senior
Christos Kokkovas                                               senior
Benjamin Michael Korn                                         sophomore
Ilya D Kucherov                                                  junior
Pearl Lam                                                         senior
Eunmin Lee                                                       junior
Belinda Zou Li                                                    senior
Keong Mu Lim                                                    junior
Yara Hussam Marouf                                            freshman
Carley Kiku Matsumoto                                         sophomore
Katelyn Noel Medalia                                            sophomore
Elliot K Min                                                        junior
Brandon Mochizuki                                              sophomore
Georges Camille Motchoffo Simo                              senior
Hannah G Murray                                                sophomore
Joely Jene Nelson                                               senior
Germaine Ng                                                     senior
Daniel Sy Nguyen                                                junior
Hienschi V Nguyen                                              junior
Teresa Thanh Thanh Nguyen                                  junior
Aubree D Nichols                                                senior
Haley Taylor Osborn                                            freshman
Carissa Nicole Osborne                                         junior
Sheela Pandey                                                   junior
Isaac Yubeen Pang                                              senior
Joshua Park                                                      sophomore
Stephen A Phillips                                               senior
Connor James Poe                                              senior
Janos Ing-Shau Pollak                                          sophomore
James Qiu                                                        junior
Benjamin R Ramsay                                             sophomore
Philip Francisco Rodriguez                                     senior
Erin Roque                                                        junior
Allen Saewong                                                   sophomore
Hannah M Saito                                                  sophomore
Nathan Neil Samuelson                                         senior
Mykalena C Sheldon                                            sophomore
Benjamin Smith                                                  junior
Ryan L Sodora                                                   senior
Stefani Stefanova Stefanova                                   junior
Briana Kelly Stokes                                              senior
Miranda Rosemarie Sullivan                                    junior
Nikol Marguerite Sundquist                                     junior
Hudson Kiyoaki Sylte                                            senior
Kqeziah Rehd Ignacio Tegelan                                senior
Misrak Tekeste                                                   senior
Quynh-Mi Hope To                                              junior
Hoi Man Tsang                                                   senior
Paloma Marisol Vazquez                                       freshman
Joy Marley Wellington                                           senior
Sheila Freya Williams                                           junior
Natania Wollman                                                 senior
Elson Wong                                                      sophomore
Tyler Abram Wong                                               sophomore
Nektaryos Michael Xenos                                       senior
Amanda X Yang                                                  senior
Gary Yuen                                                        sophomore
Jessica Sze Yuen                                                senior
Borui Zhang                                                      junior
Zhuojun Zhao                                                    junior

Zip Code:       98155

William Ackerman                                                junior
Shalman U Ahmed                                              sophomore
Rose Marie Amlin                                                sophomore
Qasim Anjum                                                     senior
Fatemeh Ozra Athari Nikoonejad                              freshman
Brandon T Barkauskas                                          senior
Samantha Bowles                                               sophomore
Anna Michelle Boyle                                             junior
Chase William Kenneth Brandon                              senior
Shurlon E Brathwaite                                            sophomore
John D Brown                                                    senior
Thanh-Thao Thi Bui                                             senior
Maria Butiu                                                        senior
Herman Man-Kit Chan                                          senior
Yuan Yuan Cheng                                               senior
Olga S Cherepakhin                                             senior
Hannah F Cheung                                               junior
Amos Hangyul Chi                                               sophomore
Seoyoung Cho                                                   sophomore
Josephine Ye-Eun Choi                                         freshman
Serina Shiao-Shien Chou                                       senior
Brennan Dane Colberg                                          junior
Camden B Correos                                              sophomore
Nick James David Cowan                                      senior
Olivia Opal Crum                                                 sophomore
Tracy L Dang                                                     sophomore
Megan Rose Darby                                              freshman
Evan Deiparine                                                   junior
Aaron Brian Ellsworth                                           sophomore
Jaimie Ryan Frost                                               senior
Mikhail Petrovich Gaburak                                      senior
Jacob Z Goldstein-Street                                       junior
Xinfeng Guo                                                      sophomore
Christine E Hahn                                                 junior
Kyle Tianen Haining                                             sophomore
Ryan Hallgrimson                                                sophomore
Dylan G Hayre                                                   senior
Paul Oliver Heffner                                              senior
Kayla J Holland                                                  senior
Isabelle Marie Iuliano                                            freshman
Hana Jakubowski                                                junior
Katherine Suzanne Jerauld                                     sophomore
Chakhim Kam                                                    junior
Emma E Kamb                                                    freshman
Mason Daniel Kamb                                             senior
Gary L H Kuo                                                     freshman
Sebastian Kurniawan                                            senior
Kelvin Law                                                        freshman
Justina M Le                                                      sophomore
Christopher Ryan Lee                                           sophomore
Sydney E Leek                                                   sophomore
Owen M Leupold                                                 sophomore
Shiyao Li                                                          senior
Shoaib Liaqat                                                     junior
Richmon Lin                                                      junior
Leo A Linder                                                      junior
Thanh Chi Mac                                                   senior
Forrest Taylor Martin                                            junior
Alexis Taylor Martin-Entler                                      senior
Kathryn May McCaffrey                                         senior
Delancey Rose Miller                                            senior
Veronica Jade Mitchell                                          junior
Eric Kyle Moldskred                                             senior
Emela V Moreyra                                                junior
Sophie Claire Morse                                             senior
Vanessa Lea Murakami                                         junior
Analisa Nicole Murray                                           senior
Samantha Jo Murray                                            senior
Xuemeng Nan                                                    junior
Esther Wambui Ndungu                                         senior
Travis M Neils                                                    junior
Nick Ryan North                                                 senior
Cole Norton                                                       junior
Asha M Nuh                                                       junior
Shane Edward Peterson                                        senior
Sunnah Ayeshah Rasheed                                     junior
Mirabelle Joy Roa                                                freshman
Kristen Jayne Rudnick                                          senior
Ricardo Antonio Ruiz                                            freshman
Mikyla Joan Sakurai                                             senior
Rebecca Samuel                                                 junior
Eduardo Daniel Sanchez                                       senior
Racheal Sauceda                                                junior
Alexander Michael Saunders                                   sophomore
Elliot Lavassar Schumacher                                    sophomore
Simon Lavassar Schumacher                                  sophomore
Mariama D Sidibe                                                junior
Laurel Palmer Slazinik                                          junior
Mikayla Sullivan                                                  junior
Ardelle Sidney Swank                                           senior
Sosina T Tadesse                                               junior
Karla Maria Trofin                                                freshman
Kenneth Hoang Truong                                         junior
Sommer Ullrich                                                   sophomore
Kendall Shay Upton                                             senior
Arben Vogli                                                       sophomore
Briggan O'Connor Weaver                                      junior
Makenzie Paige Wilkinson                                      sophomore
James Alexander Williamson                                   junior
Katie Kha Wong                                                  freshman
Marie Kha Wong                                                 senior
Kristina Wright                                                    senior
Naomi Yohannes                                                sophomore
Shahrukh M Yousuf                                             senior
Steven Zhu                                                       junior

Zip Code:       98177

Angela Michelle Birchman                                      senior
Benjamin Birchman                                              junior
Anais Bourgon                                                   senior
Ian E Callender                                                  senior
Aria Y Cha                                                        senior
Jonas Lino Chen                                                 senior
Audrey J Ching                                                   junior
Wallis Lillian Cole                                                sophomore
Morea Frances Daley                                           junior
Owen Fredrick Daley                                            sophomore
Samuel Dedinsky
Eleanor Jane Dillard                                             junior
Lucia Maria Dorantes                                            senior
John Walter Ehni                                                 senior
Colin Patrick Eoff                                                senior
Colin P Fallon                                                    junior
Riccardo Gately                                                  senior
Maria Magdalena Genis                                         junior
Javad Ali Goudarzi                                              senior
Pooya Gozlo                                                      junior
Drew T Gustafson                                               junior
Erin M Hansen                                                   junior
Siena Lynn Helland                                              senior
Brittany A Hermansen                                           senior
Meghan R Kearney                                              senior
Minsu Kim                                                         junior
Annika Grace Knapp                                            senior
Maximilian Lee Landa                                           senior
Anna Marie Lank                                                 senior
Jocelyn Kin Yee Lee                                             senior
Renee Charlene Lee                                            junior
Michelle Kwok Leung                                            sophomore
Briana Kirsten Lincoln                                           senior
Robert P Lorentzen                                              junior
Esaac E Mazengia                                               junior
Aaron James McCrackin                                        freshman
Analise McKisson                                                junior
Dylan David McMurtry                                           senior
Evangeline Sophia Munson                                    senior
Nicholas Vincent Nagy                                          senior
Rachel Neroutsos                                                freshman
Andre Nicolov                                                    senior
Ethan Kolokoff Nowack                                         sophomore
Melissa Maura Nunez Abreu                                   sophomore
Aaron Yoshio Okamura                                         sophomore
Charles K A Ostrem                                             freshman
Magdalyn Abigael Paige                                        senior
Sophia Wai Peng                                                sophomore
Michelle L Pennington                                           junior
Christian Vasily Phillips                                         senior
Megan Louise Pitts                                              sophomore
David Richard Reardon                                         junior
Elias Augustus Ricord                                           junior
Samuel Sanders Ricord                                         senior
Jad Sarieddine                                                   sophomore
Oleh O Shcherban                                               senior
Matthew Stoebe                                                  junior
Omar Tabuni                                                     senior
Kamil Tarnawczyk                                               sophomore
Brannan M Widdis                                               junior
Sophie Morgan Wolfson                                        freshman
Bradley Wong                                                    sophomore
Marie Antoinette Zapanta                                       junior


Cartoon by Whitney Potter: Halloween - and an Irish Halloween blessing

An Irish Halloween blessing:

At all Hallow's Tide, may God keep you safe

From goblin and pooka and black-hearted stranger,

From harm of the water and hurt of the fire,

From thorns of the bramble, from all other danger,

From Will O' The Wisp haunting the mire;

From stumbles and tumbles and tricksters to vex you,

May God in His mercy, this week protect you.


Halloween indoor playground party at Spartan Gym

On Halloween, October 31, 2019 from 9:30am to 12:00pm there will be a special Indoor Playground Halloween at the Spartan Recreational Center for children ages 1-5.

They are invited to arrive in costume and join games and activities. $3 per child.

The Spartan Gym is located between the Shoreline Conference Center and the Shoreline Stadium. Entrance off NE 185th.


Letter to the Editor: Sound Generations weighs in on Senior Center

Sound Generations is the parent company of the Shoreline - Lake Forest Park Senior Center as well as five other senior centers.

To the Editor:

The model that is being embraced by communities (geographic or ethnic) that don’t have an existing senior center that owns the property and building they are in is to integrate senior programming into a community center operated by parks and recreation or develop a multi-cultural community center that provides space for a number of immigrant/refugee groups.

Since the Shoreline-LFP Senior Center doesn’t own property, the option of being able to offer their programming in an intergenerational community center is very appealing from a financial sustainability stand point.

It is also an option that is appealing for Boomers and future generations of seniors, which are less interested in segregating by age. It is the reason that Edmonds Senior Center which actually owns its building (city owns the land) is rebranding themselves to Edmonds Water Front Center.

The seniors will have most of the space until 4:30pm and then the space becomes available to younger generations.

Stand-alone senior centers were a good model when land and construction costs were affordable, but now this option is in the rear view mirror. The Shoreline-LFP Senior Center does not own property. It rents space from the School District. The senior center has a home as long as the school district decides it is in the best interest of the school district to rent to the senior center. I would go with the bird in the hand, which is supporting Prop 1, which will give the bird a long term home.

Joanne Donohue
Sound Generations
Chief Operating Officer


Restoration work party at 5 Acre Woods Saturday

Making headway in 5 Acre Woods

Restoration Volunteer Work Party @ 5 Acre Woods
November 2, 2019 from 9:00am – 12:00noon
LFP's new park "5 Acre Woods" 40th Pl NE near 45th Pl NE

Join us! Help us take back the forest from Invasive Plants. Join the Stewardship Foundation's volunteer restoration work party to remove ivy and restore forest health at Lake Forest Park’s new park.

What to bring: Come dressed for all weather – rain or shine. Wear sturdy shoes and be prepared for uneven terrain/mountain beaver holes.


Shoreline City Council Position 6 Candidate statement

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

In Shoreline City Council, Position 6, Betsy Robertson is running to win the seat she was appointed to in January. She is being challenged by Luis Berbesi, who did not respond.

Betsy Robertson
Betsy Robertson

It was an honor to be appointed to Shoreline’s City Council in January and I have been working hard to represent our city since. My background is in journalism and community relations for humanitarian and philanthropic organizations. I have championed causes including civic engagement, hunger, and large-scale disaster relief, and now I love being able to serve the community my family calls home.

My involvement in Shoreline began as a volunteer with the Parks Board, protecting the green spaces, programs, and resources our city offers. I co-chair the multicultural family event at Ridgecrest Elementary School and regularly volunteer with our PTA.

As a councilmember I continue to advocate for green spaces and was instrumental in giving voters a choice for parks this November. It will always be a top priority for me to protect access to parks and outdoor recreation for generations to come.

As the only council member living East of I-5, development is impacting my neighborhood. I am an advocate for smart growth and transit-oriented development. As density increases around current and future transit hubs, we should build walkable neighborhoods with easy access to restaurants and services. With careful and proper planning, I believe we can create affordable housing, provide safe access to transit, protect our single-family neighborhoods and preserve the tree canopy.

It has been a challenging and exciting experience serving the people of Shoreline and I would be honored to serve you for another four years. I humbly ask for your vote.

ENDORSEMENTS: 32nd District Democrats; Shoreline Firefighters; King County Young Democrats; Sierra Club; National Women’s Political Caucus; Aerospace Machinists; Democratic Municipals Officials; Rep. Lauren Davis, King County Council Member Rod Dembowski; Shoreline Council Members Chang, McConnell, McGlashan, Roberts, and Scully; Snohomish City Councilmember Jason Sanders, Burien Mayor Jimmy Matta and many more!


Notes from Shoreline council meeting Oct 28, 2019

Shoreline City Hall and Council Chamber
Shoreline City Council Meeting
October 28, 2019
Notes by Pam Cross

Deputy Mayor McConnell called the meeting to order at 7:00pm
Mayor Hall was excused for personal reasons

Deputy Mayor McConnell proclaimed November 15, 2019, as America Recycles Day in the City of Shoreline. America Recycles Day encourages everyone in our community to conserve resources and protect our environment by reducing waste; recycling and reusing materials; and purchasing items made from recycled materials. Stephanie Henry from Ronald United Methodist Church accepted this proclamation.

Ronald United Methodist Church is one example of how local organizations can provide leadership in waste reduction. They recently established the Shoreline Flatware Lending Library. The lending library makes reusable supplies available for free to anyone in the community, with an associated Facebook page and Google Form for submitting requests.

Report of the City Manager Debbie Tarry.

Oct 31st from 9:30am to 12:00pm Indoor Playground Halloween at the Spartan Recreational Center. Children ages 1-5 are invited to arrive in costume and join games and activities. $3 per child.

Nov 2nd Día de Muertos Celebration at the Spartan Recreational Center from 6:00pm to 9:00pm. A night of live music, traditional dance, and you can bring a picture of a loved one to put on the community altar. Food is available for purchase. Admission price is based on a sliding scale of $0 to $25 per person. This event is co-sponsored by Shoreline/LFP Arts Council and the City of Shoreline.

Nov 2nd, 11:30am is the Million Stair Challenge Closing Event at the Richmond Beach Library. Celebrate all of the participants and winners at this celebration. Bring a lunch dish to share for a potluck.

Additional details of all events available online.

Public Reminders

The Shoreline Pool, Spartan Recreation Center, and Richmond Highlands Recreation Center will be closed on Nov 7th for a department retreat. Evening programs for Nov 7th will not be available. Regular programming will resume on Friday Nov 8th.

Council Reports

Councilmember Robertson attended the King County Cities Climate Collaboration (K4C). This group includes King County and 17 partners in Washington. The presentation by the Clean Energy Transition Institute focused on required steep reductions in energy-related CO2 emissions, a process frequently referred to as “deep decarbonization.” Efficient use of “electrification,” (powering as much of our economy with electricity as we can), will help us get to deep decarbonization.

Robertson also attended the Animal Medical Center ribbon cutting event at the corner of 175th and 15th (the former Walgreens site). This facility will be open on Oct 30th. In addition to all of their other services, they are creating an animal blood bank for dogs. Donations welcome.

Councilmember Scully spoke about the Continuum of Care (homelessness) general meeting where different cities could send representatives to ask questions. There were some concerns about parts of it. But the system that we have now isn’t working and that should be kept in mind. This will add accountability by combining Seattle, King County and others. 

Public Comment

There was no public comment.

The agenda was approved unanimously.
The Consent Calendar was adopted, without discussion, unanimously.

Discussion/Action items

8(a) Adopting Resolution No. 448 - Declaring the City Council’s Intent to Adopt Legislation to Authorize the Maximum Capacity of a Sales and Use Tax for Affordable and Supportive Housing in Accordance with Substitute House Bill 1406

8(b) Adopting Ordinance No. 869 - Authorizing the Maximum Capacity of Local Sales and Use Tax to Fund Investments in Affordable and Supportive Housing Pursuant to SHB 1406 and Establishing a New Chapter, Chapter 3.17 of the Shoreline Municipal Code

In order to receive the sales tax credit the City must pass 8(a) a Resolution of Intent no later than January 27, 2020 and then an Authorizing Ordinance no later than July 27, 2020.

Colleen Kelly, Community Services Manager, did the staff report for both (a) and (b).

This was last discussed at the October 14th Council meeting. SHB 1406 authorizes Shoreline to impose a local sales tax, credited against the state sales tax. The maximum sales tax credit is estimated to be $81,700 and is available for up to 20 years. This is not a new tax or an increased sales tax.

The terminology “impose the tax” is confusing because it sounds like something new. But these are sales tax dollars that the state is already collecting and they have essentially carved out part of those sales tax dollars for the City to use in Shoreline. Shoreline wants to accept this opportunity to take local control over the portion of the taxes that is allowed for the Affordable and Supportive Housing. Purposes allowed by this tax are: acquiring, rehabilitating, or constructing affordable housing; operations and maintenance costs of new units of affordable or supportive housing; rental assistance; all uses must serve those at 60% area median income (AMI) or below.

There was no discussion

Motion to approve (a) was approved unanimously.
Motion to approve (b) was also approved unanimously.

8(c) Adopting the Preferred Option for the 185th Street Multimodal Corridor Strategy

Council previously discussed and selected the Preferred Option of mid-block cross sections along the corridor at their July 22, 2019 Council meeting. The 185th Street Corridor has distinct characteristics throughout. No “One Size Fits All” design can work along the entire corridor. The study team divided the corridor into five segments. Since the July 22nd Council Meeting, the study team has modified the extents of Segments B and C to better accommodate future traffic movements. Staff is seeking Council’s adoption of the Preferred Option as modified in order to prepare the final report and begin the next step in the process.

Nora Daley-Peng, Senior Transportation Planner, presented the staff report
and was supported by Kendra Dedinsky, City Traffic Engineer

The presentation focused on refinements to the mid-block cross sections, with a summary of supporting analysis, project delivery approach, and funding strategy

Note: This quite detailed analysis, including diagrams, is available in the staff report that is attached to the meeting agenda. For each segment there are changes to sidewalk widths, bike lane locations, curb to curb width and so forth.

During summer 2019, the team analyzed the Preferred Option in respect to transit speed and reliability, traffic level of service, preliminary roadway design, intersection control (2 scenarios have been considered), incremental redevelopment coordination, including a Standard Plan for the Engineering Development Manual for off-street bike path adjacent to a sidewalk since this configuration is new for Shoreline, right-of-way needs and planning-level cost estimate, SEPA non-project review (The State Environmental Policies Act (SEPA) process identifies and analyzes environmental impacts associated with governmental decisions), project delivery approach, and funding strategy.

The Preferred Option supports future frequent transit service by proposing corridor improvements that would optimize the speed and reliability of transit service, as well as strengthen pedestrian and bicycle access to/from transit stops. In particular, the Preferred Option provides a minimum of 11-foot wide lanes for buses (Segment B provides 12-foot wide BAT lanes, Segment C, D, and E provides 11-foot wide lanes), accommodates bus turning movements at intersections, and allows adequate room for future bus stops.

The Project delivery approach implements the corridor vision in logical, incremental, and strategic steps in the near term (zero to five years), midterm (five to 10 years), and long term (10+ years).

The fundamental Funding Strategy to implementing the 185th Street Multimodal Corridor Strategy is to avoid competing with resources needed to deliver the City’s obligated corridor improvement projects by utilizing a schedule that will follow behind them. Some notable planned corridor improvement projects include the 145th Street Corridor, the 145th Street / I-5 Interchange, and the 175th Street Corridor.


There was a motion and second to approve adoption Preferred Option as modified for the 185th Street Multimodal Corridor Strategy

Council expressed appreciation for including the option of underground utilities and for retaining the mature trees on the north side of 185th.

Question: Capacity is a problem along parts of the project due to narrow roadway and desire to not encroach on current housing. But on D, 10th Ave NE, why are we saving parking even on one side of the road?

Answer: The curb to curb is somewhat flexible so some parking space can be used for driveways if necessary. It is such a short area, there’s not a lot of room to get much use out of a third lane. And it’s important to have the intersections working well. Parking is important to pause traffic making future retail visible. They will continue to look into this.

Question: Aren’t the intersections too small for roundabouts? Especially the multilane traffic circle?

Answer: Yes. But the intersections will have to be modified even with signalized control, especially when considering the space needed for u-turns. So they’re fairly comparable in size.

Question: On D / E, between the traffic and the bike lane there’s a two foot buffer. What is that exactly?

Answer: It’s a painted zone with “cross hatching” instead of just a single stripe separating the bike lane from the traffic lane. And the space provides an opportunity to create something different in a few years.

Question: What about biking alongside parking cars. Couldn’t the bike lane along 10th move to the other side of the trees.

Answer: We looked at it, but envisioned this five block segment as a mixed business zone with sidewalk cafes and slower traffic. There is quite a lot of space. 7’ bike lane. Also they wanted to maintain a consistent way of bike travel rather than up on the curb, but then you have to be pushed out into the street in the next block. That can be another conflict zone.

Comment: Downtown Seattle has travel lanes, then parking, then the buffer and then the bike lanes - all on the street. Something that can be considered as this moves along, maybe. 

Question: Roundabouts, how does that work with transit? Is it possible to use a single lane roundabout?

Answer: A single lane will not be able to handle the projected traffic. It would need to be two lanes around and out. We also looked at maintaining BAT lanes, where buses travel through, or no BAT at the intersections.

Comment: We are expanding lanes in Segment B while we’re using road diets elsewhere in the City. 4 lanes are more threatening for pedestrian crossing.

Response: Traffic won’t be as heavy all day. And the BAT lanes will not be utilized much of the day because you won’t have a constant stream of transit traffic.

Comment: However, we don’t have good enforcement of BAT lanes now and some people like to speed down them to bypass stopped or slowed traffic. Worse yet, the car may be following a bus and the pedestrian will see the bus, but not necessarily the car behind it. We don’t know how effective the BAT lanes will be and it is the most costly alternative. The three lane road seems a better option.

Response: The type of volume projections that we’re talking about here are greater than we currently see on Aurora. As development comes along we will have to rethink a lot of this, especially pedestrian crossings.

Comment: Traffic volumes greater than Aurora adds perspective to what we are trying to accomplish here.

Question: Please clarify the sidewalk width requirements in Segment B.

Response: We are trying to build the sidewalks just once. 6’ is the minimum. But if it’s next to an MUR 70, code requirement is 8’. Or next to a multi-unit project, the requirement might be 8’. So we don’t want a developer to put in an 8’ sidewalk, then have to rip it out because we need 6’ sidewalk and 6’ bike-path. We settled on a 12’ dedication as the least restrictive choice.

Question: There is a plan for a bike path from Richmond Beach to the transit station. The bike lane has a gap from Dayton to Aurora, west of segment A.

Comment: This needs more study because we really need to address it. But it can be done as a separate process. We don’t want to force that process on top of this 185th corridor project. The Engineering Development Manual matrix includes this bike route completion but it has been put on a back burner until we know how Point Wells will come into play on RBR.

Deputy Mayor McConnell characterized this as an awesome scary study. So much going on and we need the public to know. This is a whole different look from what is there now. 4 lanes is a lot of traffic and there are concerns about the accessibility for pedestrian crossing.

There are more improvements to be made. Increased traffic will make crossing so difficult at legal but unmarked intersections. So many things based on projections because we don’t know how this will play out - how many people will take transit, use the bike lanes or walk to the station. No hurry to adopt this today.

Question: What is the downside to waiting?

Answer: Redevelopment is happening right now, so it’s possible that changes to curbs and sidewalks will need to be redone to be compatible with this project. We have to consider the budget, timing of development and light rail. This is a high level concept to find a place for everything: buses, cars, bicycles and pedestrians. We will need design engineering. The question is how much more fine tuning can we do before we start design engineering. And we need 4 lanes to move transit and keep it from getting stuck in traffic.

Vote to adopt passes 5 to 1, with Councilmember Roberts dissenting.

Study Item 9(a) Discussion of the Light Rail Station Subareas Parking Study

Kendra Dedinsky, City Traffic Engineer, provided the staff report

Anticipating the increased demand for on-street parking resulting from the completion of light rail stations and from increased density around the light rail stations, the Shoreline City Council allocated $25,000 annually from 2018 through 2021 to obtain baseline parking utilization information, identify current and anticipated future on-street parking capacity challenges, and discuss tools to manage parking now and into the future within the light rail subareas.

Subareas Parking Study purpose

Shoreline parking codes are generally covered by SMC 10.05 - Model Traffic Ordinance, which includes only a few minor amendments to State laws. For example, Shoreline prohibits parking in front of mailboxes during certain times of the day which is not covered by State law. Shoreline’s law does not update the monetary penalty for parking violations, which leaves the cost of ticket fees lower than the City’s cost of processing them.

Multiple groups oversee elements of on-street parking: Code Enforcement & Customer Response Team (CECRT) handles abandoned or junk vehicles; Shoreline Police Department is responsible for all parking related enforcement actions (ticketing and impounds); Traffic Services takes care of all right of way signed parking restrictions and management of parking related permits.

Common parking management tools include signage for time of day/day of week restrictions, load zones, and restricted parking zones. Shoreline uses restricted parking zones signage around Shoreline Community College. They will also be used around the light rail because they normally prioritize residential and short term parking over commuter parking.

Shoreline does not currently use the following tools but likely will in the future:
  • dedicated enforcement staff, max time ordinances (e.g., 4 hour parking) will help retail, metered parking, special use zones (taxi, car hailing parking), and real time information and emerging tech.
Over the last few years Shoreline has increased parking restriction signs in response to complaints, but enforcing parking violations is a low priority due to other needs. This illustrates the need for a dedicated staff.

Thorough on-street parking capacity and utilization data collection and analysis was performed for the 145th and 185th Light Rail Station Subareas, extending approximately 1⁄4 mile beyond the rezoned boundaries. 

For context, the target for on-street occupancy is set at 70-85% consistent with industry standards. The current subarea parking supply shows a significant surplus of parking on the vast majority of streets within and surrounding the subareas. 

Even in the more conservative scenarios, occupancy is not expected to exceed 70% in the next 10 years.These projections do not account for the parking demand that will be generated by the start of light rail service. 

To deter “hide-and-ride” parking, which should be discouraged given negative environmental and community impacts, significant expansion to the City’s Restricted Parking Zone (RPZ) program is likely needed prior to the start of service. Most changes unlikely until 5-10 years.

The following represent some basic near-term (0-5 year) recommendations staff will pursue:
  1. Continue to utilize basic time of day and load zone parking restrictions as needed.
  2. Update Restricted Parking Zones (RPZ) policies, procedures and fees to prepare for anticipated new RPZ’s surrounding the two light rail stations.
  3. Use existing study data to inform the Engineering Development Manual Street Matrix update process.
  4. Explore potential development code updates to encourage or incentivize reduced car ownership.
  5. Consider updating Transportation Master Plan policies around parking specific to land use context.
Staff is also seeking Council direction on two recommendations for which additional in-depth discussion would occur at a later date
  • 6. Monetary Penalty Code Updates
Parking violations currently represent a cost to the City as monetary penalties are lower than the cost of processing the tickets through King County District Court. At a minimum, staff recommends setting City-specific monetary penalties to offset the cost of processing tickets.
  • 7. Dedicated Enforcement Staff
Based on existing shortages in enforcement resource in comparison to current demand, and in anticipating future demand, staff recommends funding a part-time parking enforcement position in the 2021-2022 biennium budget. A dedicated parking position would help to address current demand and would prepare the City for major impacts anticipated with the start of light rail service. Funding for this position could be offset by monetary penalty code updates, if adopted.

In the five to 10 year range, staff recommends:
  1. Potential implementation of special use zones for ride-share and ride-hail services.
  2. Establishing basic real time parking information technology at light rail stations.
  3. Dependent on actual growth, performing a feasibility analysis of metered parking in key locations.
In 10 or more years, staff recommends:
  1. Implementing metered parking in key locations, dependent on growth and feasibility/financial analysis.
  2. Expanding real time parking information systems, depending on market demand.

Interesting reports and it is obvious we are poised for major growth. Signs and meters in Shoreline? A little sad but a reflection of the growth that is heading here. Time limitations are fine (2 or 4 hour) but hopefully we can put off meters for a long time so as not to discourage visitors to our City. This is a lot of information and includes background information as well.

Question: Where are these resident requested parking signs being put in?

Answer: Generally all over the place, as higher use of on-street parking increases so concern about sight lines around intersections (e.g., no parking north of here)

The State hasn’t updated fines, some more rural areas don’t need to worry so much about parking but other more urban areas have updated their fines so we can see what they are charging when we decide to go down this path.
In the SE corner of the City, there is multifamily construction on both Seattle and Shoreline sides of 145th. The multifamily projects have dedicated parking for the tenants/owners but not enough so they move out into the single family residence zones which are just packed. Hope we can pay some attention to that area, and get it cleaned up before we have to address the light rail subareas.

High parking fees can be very regressive. We don’t need to be revenue neutral and don’t need to make a profit on it, but fees should be high enough to be a deterrent. If there is available legal parking within 1/4 mile, then there’s no reason to park illegally.

The sooner we can do real time parking information, the better. It will discourage circling the block or driving up to a full garage to see signage “parking lot full”. These signs are necessary far enough away that you will know there is no parking. If you’re taking a freeway exit, and think there may be a spot, a real time sign saying the lot is full will save time. Staff plans to work with Sound Transit on this.

Changes are coming to our City. But since these are long term plans, we will have time to adjust to the changes as they occur.

Meeting adjourned at 9:43pm


Lake Forest Park City Council Position 6 Candidate statements

Lake Forest Park City Council Pos #6 Incumbent Tom French and his challenger Tracy Furutani submitted these statements.

Tom French
Tom French

Dear Neighbors,

I have been here in LFP for more than 50 years- I grew up here and attended Brookside, Kellogg and Shorecrest, and then off to the UW. I deeply value the character of LFP and our small town way of life.

My position on growth, and particularly Town Center, is that I do not support anything close to what is allowed under the current 2005 code. If housing were to be in the mix I would only consider up to 150-300 units, if and only if, there is considerable public benefit, including a permanent home for the Commons and the Farmer’s Market.

Further, I sponsored and guided passage in September of the moratorium on development at Town Center to ensure the community and the Planning Commission had adequate time to weigh in and to help revise the existing code.

I am extremely outspoken about the safety issues on our streets. I advocated for and was successful in getting the first new sidewalk in more than 30 years in LFP built 2015 between the bus stops at Town Center.

This fall I have introduced comprehensive examination of our local speed limit laws to help ensure additional safety for all pedestrians and cyclists. The proposal includes several key measures, including a reduction of speed limits throughout the city.

I wrote and passed our comprehensive plastics ordinance, which has been labeled the “best in the state” by Zero Waste Washington. I care deeply for the environment and have supported as a top priority many other environmental measures to help keep LFP green and reverse decades of environmental decline.

If you have any questions about my position on any issue facing our community please feel free to reach out to me and I would be happy to meet.

With respect,
Tom French

Tracy Furutani

Tracy Furutani

I want to thank all of the Lake Forest Park residents who reached out and talked to me over the course of this campaign. It's proven to me that there are caring and passionate people throughout our city, and this can only bode well for the future.

I'm running because I want to see more resident involvement and representation in city issues for this is the only way we will build a city that represents us, the people who live here. 

I believe I can accomplish this through regularly scheduled office hours, reinstitution of the Citizen Academy, and the resurrection of resident-based city commissions. 

I've gotten a strong sense of Lake Forest Park values that I would represent. To put it simply, we care about the environment and each other. 

We have some major events coming, such as the new parking garage and the Town Center redevelopment. We can either let those things happen to us, or take a more active hand in it -- together. The first step is to vote on or by Tuesday, November 5. Again, a sincere thank you!


Letter to the Editor: How can I afford to turn this opportunity down?

To the Editor:

It is my hope to offer an authentic snapshot of my experience living in Shoreline and my hopes for how we may grow as a community in the future. When our family moved from Seattle to Shoreline in 2011 we weren’t sure what we would find. As a two-Dad family we were fortunate to receive an outpouring of welcome from civic-minded and socially aware neighbors as well as from an engaged and vibrant, public school community. My favorite surprise benefit of living in Shoreline has been the gentle slope along the Interurban Trail for my bike commute to work.

Now and then I think of the future when our son will no longer be attending Shoreline Schools and when my partner and I begin to enjoy retirement. I imagine how I will most certainly want to live in this place we have come to call home, exercising and connecting with the members of this community. I believe that the proposed pool with indoor walking and jogging track and the loop paths at nearby parks will allow me to remain healthy and vital as well as socially engaged when my school volunteering and bike commuting are behind me. The question I pose to myself right now, at this critical time of decision making and investment is this: How can I afford to turn this opportunity down? The answer is, I cannot.

I am voting Yes on Proposition 1.

Scott Shiebler
Highland Terrace neighborhood of Shoreline

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