Shoreline Police Blotter 5-13 to 5-25-2010

Monday, May 31, 2010

By Diane Hettrick
(Categories and Comments are mine)

Liquid Sunshine (Moonshine?)
5-13…..N 185/Aurora, Darrell’s. DUI.
5-23…..146xx 17th NE. Drinking beer on public street. Outstanding warrant for child support.
5-24…..148xx Aurora. Passerby called to report transient individual stumbling along Aurora.
5-24…..191xx Aurora. Stopped for seat belt violation, arrested for DUI.

5-14…..22xx NE 197th. Level 2 sex offender in possession of child porn.

5-14…..170xx 12th NE. Check scam sent to elderly woman. (Publisher’s Clearinghouse?)
5-19…..145xx Whitman. Resident received phone call with phishing scheme.
5-23…..157xx 2nd NW. Someone tried to open a Charles Schwab and then a Bank of America account in victim’s name.

You try to raise them right
5-18…..16268 5th NE, Jim Adams Auto Repair. Friend of owner’s son steals tools from employee.
5-17…..19343 3rd NW, Einstein. Student brought Airsoft pistol to school
5-20…..15343 25th NE. Shorecrest students went to one student’s home for lunch. Two of them took another student’s computer out of his back pack and demanded $50 to return it.
5-21…..15343 25th NE, Shorecrest. Stole trumpet and case from band room before school. (The instrument room is inside the band room and is locked off hours, but opened in the morning so the kids can get their instruments.)
5-21…..15343 25th NE, Shorecrest. Stole laptop from backpack student left at cafeteria table when she went to get food.
5-21…..15343 25th NE, Shorecrest. Student left her computer in her gym locker. Someone unlocked it, stole the computer, and relocked the locker. (What happened to the SRO – the school cops? They used to have the crimes solved before they happened.)

Must have been a full moon (or maybe the rain)
5-17…..148xx Densmore. Bipolar individual threatened suicide to parents.
5-18…..151xx Stone. Individual with Asperger’s and Paranoid Schizophrenic threatens to kill himself.
5-19…..16526 Aurora, Shoreline Motel. Woman hears voices, is suicidal.
5-19…..16xx N 175th. Involuntary commitment at Harborview.

It fell off a truck
5-18…..15711 Aurora, Sears. Shoplift of clothing.
5-21…..Top Foods. Woman in mobility scooter shoplifting.
5-24…..17212 Aurora, MJD Garden Center. Stole tree.

Family drama
5-18…..17202 15th, Safeway parking lot. Family disturbance in car. H doesn’t approve that his cousin T is dating her baby daddy E. H thinks they are using meth. (I’m with H)
5-22…..The Blakeley, Senior Apts, South Echo Lake. He broke up with her. Verbal altercation.
5-23…..14622 15th Ave NE, Zaika’s Bar. Bartender called cops when a male slapped his female companion. (Good for the bartender.)
5-23…..167xx 2nd NE. Roommates can’t get along over house rules and call 911. One roommate has confrontation with deputy. (Also filed under “Not the Sharpest Knife”)
5-24…..195xx 21st Pl NW. Long on-going dispute between brothers over their elderly mother. One brother alleges that the other brother has been unlawfully taking money form the mother. (I was sure this was the same family that came to blows over helping Mom with her bath. But it’s a different family. Make a note: have daughters.)
5-24…..155xx 27th NE. Runaway juvenile.
5-25…..174xx 12th NE. Runaway juvenile.
5-25…..155xx 27th NE. Runaway juvenile. (No, I don’t know what’s happening here.)

Something strange / in the neighborhood
5-18…..5xx N 181st. Owner discovered that the vacant house he has for sale was burglarized. Neighbor saw two men loading items from the house. Burglars used a bolt cutter and sawz-all to get in. (Wish the neighbor had called 911 when he saw the guys)
5-22…..14xx NW 198th. Professional firm was setting up estate sale in unoccupied house. Someone broke in through rear slider and burglarized house.

Don’t come around here no more
5-18…..18325 Aurora, Fred Meyer. Robert and friend causing a ruckus in grocery.
5-19…..1295 N 205th, Starbucks. Individual has been Trespassed but came back.
5-21…..Home Depot, Aurora Village. Aggressive petitioners for state initiatives.
5-21…..10xx NW 175th. Stalking / harassment.
5-24…..15252 Aurora, Shari’s Restaurant. Ordered food, couldn’t pay for it. No charges, but Trespassed from restaurant.

Vroom vroom
5-19…..165th/Aurora. Abandoned car.
5-20…..145xx Stone, Linden Apts. Driving While License Revoked.
5-20…..12xx N 178, Newcastle Apts. Car in parking lot. Someone attempted to steal bicycle and other items from car.
5-21…..198xx Ashworth N. Car prowl. Car parked in home driveway.
5-21…..17xx N 204th. Stole locked bike from in front of house.
5-22….14xx RB Rd, Meadowbrook Apts. Car stolen from parking lot. (I think if I lived in the Meadowbrook, I’d arrange to park my car elsewhere.)

5-22…..The Highlands. Natural death.
5-23…..10x N 178th. Victim drove motorized wheelchair into ditch, was pinned underneath, and died.

1-800-222-TIPS – Report Taggers
5-19….19601 21st NW, RB Library. Tagger spray painted PAC and pictures of Pac-Man in white paint on the exterior walls of Richmond Beach library. (Someone turn these guys in – there’s even a reward.)

Not the sharpest knife in the drawer
5-20…..18030 Meridian, Shoreline District Court. In-custody defendant spit in attorney’s face. Charged with assault.

5-20…..Drift On Inn. Angry customer started throwing glasses.

Sticky Fingers
5-23…..Top Foods Café. Wallet stolen from open backpack while sitting at table at café. (Are you sure you didn’t go for the free coffee refill and leave your backpack at the table?)
5-25…..17935 Aurora, Deseret. Stole purse from shopping cart. Victim had put clothes on top of it (but it just kept her from noticing it was gone. Strap it into the baby straps – that way they have to take the whole cart.)

The end of the bus line can be an odd place
5-17…..1524 N 200th, AV Transit Center. Arrested for drugs out of Portland and probation violation from Pierce County. Fugitive from justice. (Love that phrase – so dramatic. Dum, dum-dum Dum)

5-19…..SCC Lobby. Woman was up for 3-4 days speedballing on crack cocaine and this morning she had taken the bus to “sleep it off” at a house near NW 85th/3rd NW in Seattle. She fell asleep and wound up getting off the bus at SCC. Took her crack pipe and walked into the lobby. Taken in for an overdose. (It’s a long walk from the bus to the lobby, so I suspect she was smoking on the way.)


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