Shoreline Police Blotter 5-11 to 5-19-2010

Monday, May 24, 2010

By Diane Hettrick (Categories and Comments are mine)

Cars, and Contents, and Crooks (Oh My!)

5-12…..20xx NW 196th. Stole ring from locked car.
5-12…..15xx NW 195. Stole golf clubs from unlocked car. (Wouldn’t really matter if it were locked, but you did make it tempting and easy. Fore!)
5-14…..13x NE 161st. Abandoned car.
5-14…..Whitman/N 167th. Abandoned car.
5-14…..Stone/N 165. Abandoned car.
5-15…..149xx 5th NE. Abandoned car.
5-17…..N 14th/Stone. Abandoned car.
5-19…..N 165th/Aurora. Abandoned car.


5-13…..3xx N 205th. Checked bank account online and found unauthorized charge on debit card. (Probably bought something on TV. We did once and the company enrolled us in a “Buyer’s Club” and months later put an annual fee of $98 on our account. By the time I got to them they had already been roughed up by the State Attorney General’s office so they removed the charges immediately. But what about people who are too busy to check their statements carefully?)

5-13…..Bank of America, Westminster Way. A patron was waiting in the outer lobby for the bank to open. He was first in line to try to cash a “washed” check for $400. (Thieves get your checks, usually because you put your outgoing mail in your home mail box. They wash the ink off the check, and change the amount and the pay to info, then cash the check.)

5-14…..17xx N 181st. Someone tried twice to open a Discover card in person’s name. The bank / card company contacted her both times to verify.

5-14…170xx 12th. Someone tried to run a check scam on an elderly woman and she turned them in. (Go Granny Go!)

5-15…..Wells Fargo Bank. “Known subject transferred funds into Responding Party’s bank account.” (Not sure what this is about, unless it’s the Nigerian Scam where you get suckered into thinking you are helping someone get money out of Africa. They give you what turns out to be a bad check, while you transfer your good money to a third party. If it sounds too good to be true, it is. And don’t send me any more of those good luck email threats either – “send this good luck email to ten people or your favorite body parts will shrivel up and fall off.”)

5-15…..N 198/Fremont. Mail taken from several mail boxes.

5-16…..4xx NW 197th. ID theft to open a Comcast cable account. (They used to just do illegal hookups to the local cable. Or, remember the Black Boxes for illegal long distance? Ah, the good old days.)


5-11…..2xx NW 196th Pl. Family on vacation, had someone taking care of house and pets, returned to find house burglarized. Entry was by key. (Ok, I know what you’re thinking. But what if they had a key hidden outside? Burglars can find those really fast – it’s the homeowners who can never remember where they hid the key.)

5-13…..3xx NE 170th. Family went out for a few hours, came back and found a pile of charred material on their porch.

5-15…..153xx Linden. Woman was outside working in the yard when she noticed the outside phone box was open and wiring pulled out. (Now there’s an argument for cell phones.)

5-16…..167xx 5th NE. Someone attempted to enter through bedroom window when people were in bed asleep. (I don’t know. Bad reconnaissance?)

5-18…..165xx 15th NE. Driver almost hit another car head on. Driving With License Suspended. No ID. No (required) interlock device (the thing you have your grandson blow into to check your blood alcohol level before you can drive your car the wrong way down the freeway.)


5-12…..SCC. Student of mixed ethnicity wrote threats on a written test and on the whiteboard in the classroom. Threats were against his own ethnic group.

5-19…..1295 N 205th, Starbucks. Man who had been previously trespassed came back. (Begone!)


5-12…..N 205th/Aurora, Union 76. Guy falling down drunk. (Do they sell booze at the gas station? Huffing gas fumes? Is the gas station a great place to knock back a bottle of wine?)

5-15…..N 185th/Midvale, police station. Liquor store clerk told cop that a guy who was falling down drunk had just left the store.

Jerry Springer

5-13…..N 145th/Greenwood. Former boyfriend / girlfriend decided to try to get back together and went on a date to a casino. The date involved drinking and they ended up in a fight on the street. (Started as Dr. Phil and ended up as Jerry Springer.)

5-13…..1554 NE 145th, U 76 station. N was shopping in the station mart when he was punched in the face by an unknown person. N had been previously trespassed from the station. (Told you not to come back here!)

5-14…..5xx N 169th. Family fight, fueled by alcohol.

Beer – worth going to jail for

5-14…..17202 15th NE, Safeway. White male, 30s, dark hat and clothing, stealing beer. Got away but dropped the beer. (Imagine the person who opens one of those bottles. Imagine a volcanic fountain of foam. Might not want to buy beer at Safeway for a while. Or maybe you would – the 4th of July is coming up and fireworks are banned almost everywhere.)

5-14…..15815 Westminster, ScrapBook Pad. Shoplifting. (Now, those cute little paper cutters that make tiny stars and hearts – that’s worth going to jail for.)

5-18…..204xx Aurora, U 76. Two guys shoplifted bottled water. (What is it about Union 76 stations this week?)

Civic Duty

5-14…..NE 155th/8th Ave NE. Complaint about crosswalk enforcement. (The more you complain, the higher things go on the list.)

You have to take it seriously

5-13…..Einstein principal reported that a current student received a threat on his Facebook page from a former student. Former student said he “had a gun and might hold it to your head.”

You don’t have to take it seriously

5-17…..N 170/Aurora. Someone in car threw turkey and cheese sandwich at a flagger. (Hold the mayo).


5-17…..15730 Aurora, Deals on Wheels. Tagger sprayed painted three cars for sale. Spray painted them with viper, blue2, and tear drop.

5-17…..345 NE 175th, Shoreline Library. Green spray paint on two walls.

Garden Variety

5-17…..7xx N 160. Driving While License Revoked. Speeding, no insurance.
5-17…..183xx 17th Pl NW. Theft from open garage.
5-17…..5xx N 172nd. Tried to get in house through rear slider. No one was home.
5-18…..195xx 27th NW. Empty home for sale was burglarized.
5-18…..NE 155/4th NE. Traffic stop. Passenger had warrant and marijuana.

No comment

5-14…..14711 5th NE, N. Jackson Park n Ride. Driver tried to start car and it sounded funny. Someone stole his catalytic converter.

5-17…..189xx 8th NW. Woman A sponsors Woman B in Narcotics Anonymous and hires B to clean A’s apartment. B lets her boyfriend into the apartment and he stole things.


Anonymous,  May 25, 2010 at 12:42 AM  

At first I thought the comments were ridiculous, then realized the comments weren't what was ridiculous.

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