Shoreline Police Blotter: 3-26 to 4-6-2010

Sunday, April 11, 2010

By Diane Hettrick
(The comments and headers are mine. No matter what the officers think, they keep it professional.)

Can’t understand why it wasn’t claimed

3-26         1206 N 185th. Found unclaimed marijuana at Precinct 5 evidence room. (Hi Officer. I came to pick up my dope.)

Party hearty

3-26          12xx NE 148th. “Justin” had a loud drinking party. When the cops arrived, several guests went running out the doors. (and probably a few windows, too.)

Make ‘em scrape it off and repaint the wall (and pay for the paint and pick up litter on highways wearing pink jammies)

3-30          Paramount Park. Graffiti in men and women’s restrooms.

4-1            Ridgecrest Elementary. Black and red spray on a wall which was recently repainted after the last graffiti attack. Cost to repaint new damage about $100.

4-2            Ridgecrest Elementary. Repainted wall was spray-painted. (Maybe security cameras. Or German Shepherds.)

4-5            Ridgecrest Elementary. Vandalism to classroom window. (He ran out of spray paint).

4-5           18xx NE 169th. Someone unscrewed front and back security lights and used something like a key to scratch both the doors. (Still out of spray paint).

Crimes of opportunity

3-30            18110 Midvale, Fireisde Homes Real Estate. Broker and client went to look at a house and left the office open. Someone stole a laptop and a camera.

4-2            19804 Aurora, Delgri Auto. Burglary. (Too bad to think you have to sleep at your business. Maybe German Shepherds.)

4-2            18501 Westminster, Marshall’s. Shoplifter brought in a large empty purse and stuffed it with shirts. (Some of us make our own opportunities).

4-3            15230 Aurora, liquor store. A customer got a bottle of Bacardi 151 rum and announced to the clerk that he was going to open it and drink it. He opened it in the middle of the store and started drinking it. He had not paid for it. (You think maybe he started drinking before he came in the store?)

4-4            1306 N 175, Jersey’s. Attempted break-in. Smashed glass in ornamental door. (Darn! That was a gorgeous door.)

4-4            157xx Aurora, Sears. 28-year-old man stole a necklace from a display rack. (So. Here’s a present for ya, Mom.)

4-4            Top Foods. Kids shoplifting.

4-5            17935 Aurora, Deseret. Purse snatched.

4-6            1235 N 205th, Radio Shack. A couple in their 40s shoplifted.

4-6            Top Foods. Shoplifting.

White Collar

3-30            12xx NE 148th. Withdrew money from an ATM. Not their own account.

4-5              169xx 22nd NE. (Incoming) Mail stolen from stand-alone mailbox.

Car prowl

3-31            195x 27th NW. Stole items from car.
3-31            Home Depot. Stole iPod from car.
4-1              167xx 10th NE. Smashed passenger side window.

Cars in – Cars out

4-3            14817 Aurora, EconoLodge. Driver left car unlocked and spare key under the mat. Car stolen. (At least they didn’t break the window).

4-4            155xx 25 NE. Abandoned vehicle.

4-6            145xx 20th NE. Abandoned car, expired tabs.

Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean nobody’s out to get you

4-5            17x NE 145th, Paramount House. “Christina” says she is being stalked. She is mentally ill and on Seroquel. (And needs to have her medication adjusted.)

Good Samaritan           

3-31            Richmond Beach Saltwater Park. Found Jennifer’s wallet on the beach.  (Lucky Jennifer).

Public eyes are watching you.

4-1            155xx Aurora. Cop pulled over 1988 Caddy with huge horizontal windshield cracks. Driver had no license and no ID. (Who leaves the house with no ID on them?)

4-1            192xx 15th NW. Driving. In possession of minute amount of marijuana. (But the cops found it.)

4-3            145xx Aurora. Driving With License Revoked.

4-3            185xx Aurora. Driving With License Revoked.

4-4            179xx Aurora. Driving. DUI. Has concealed weapons permit for Glock 9mm. (Practically anyone can get a gun permit. But then practically anyone can have children. When I rule the world, things will be different.)

4-5            Marshall’s. Ran the plates of a car leaving Marshall’s. Driving With License Revoked.

4-6            Costco parking lot. Recovery of stolen plate from car parked at Costco. (Got to be more to this story.)


4-6            155xx Aurora, 3:54 am. Driving with no headlights in the dark, southbound in northbound lanes. Cocaine on person. (And in person, too, I’ll bet. So glad that no one was out but the cops who caught him.)

Anyone know a good divorce attorney?

4-5            174x 14th NW. Wife threatens husband with screwdriver, then grabs his glasses and breaks them.

4-5            7xx N 180th. 4th degree assault with hands.


4-1            19826 Aurora, Awa’s Beauty Supply. “Josephine” is banished for one year. (Begone!!)

Natural causes

4-2            17xx N 185ts Rima’s Family Home. Death.

4-3            350 N 190th, CRISTA. Widow attending husband’s memorial. Grandson who was seated next to her noticed that she had become very quiet. She died during her husband’s service. (Our sincere condolences to the extended family).

4-6            180xx Wallingford. Death.


4-5            Einstein Middle School. Teachers and counselors learned that a student had been raped (not on campus). Her injuries made gym class difficult and the teacher noticed.

4-6            145xx 30th NE. Juvenile runaway with serious health problems.

Expensive tantrum

4-6            18005 Aurora, Highland Ice. Suspect was angry and opened driver’s side door with force, causing a dent in the vehicle parked next to him. (I think I must have parked next to him a couple of times.)


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