Shoreline Police blotter 4-7 to 4-14-2010

Monday, April 19, 2010

By Diane Hettrick
(The categories and comments are mine.)
One week in the life of Shoreline police officers.

This is just cruel

4-7……167xx 8th NE. Car parked in front of house. Someone used a screwdriver to pry off the side window, then removed the steering column to take the stereo plus an iPod. They left the screwdriver on the passenger’s seat. (Not much of a trade)

People who are poor and hungry will risk their freedom for…

4-7……15332 Aurora, Safeway. Stole beer.

4-9……17545 Aurora, Doug’s Cadillac. Someone went through a hole in the fence and used a jack and cement blocks to hold the car so s/he could steal all four tires. (Probably a guy, but I was having an attack of political correctness.)

4-9……2xx N 171st , auto supply store. “Suspicious circumstances.” (Probably nothing. Auto supply stores don’t carry beer, cigarettes, or tires. Wait! Tires! Wonder if they were packing cement blocks?)

4-10…..17028 Aurora, Taboo Video. Customer stole a pocket massager. (Probably had a headache)

4-12…..17202 15th NE, Safeway. Uniformed cap was entering the store and saw a juvenile and then an adult leaving in a hurry. They stole a can of Redi-Whip.

Poor impulse control

4-8……15230 15th NE, Fircrest. Someone pulled the fire alarm.

4-10…..8xx N 161st Pl, Forest Villa. Neighbor dispute. “Made gesture” (Ah, the old one-finger salute. Now that’s worth calling the cops for.)

4-10.....19303 Fremont, Cristwood. Employee’s jacket stolen. (tsk. Can’t trust anyone.)

4-12…..23xx NW 197th. Duplex. Landlord occupies one unit. Fought with tenant and tenant threatened him. (Sounds more serious than the one-fingered salute.)

What part of “No” do you not understand?

4-8……172xx Aurora. Guy was bailed out of Sno County jail. Within an hour he had called and gone to the home of a woman who had a restraining order against him. (which was probably why he was in jail in the first place)

They know if you’ve been bad or good

4-8……192xx 15th NW. Traffic stop. Driving With License Revoked.

4-8……153xx 15th NE. No ID, no valid license, served with warrant.

4-9……N 192nd and Aurora. Traffic stop. Heroin.

4-10…..N 155th and Wallingford. Traffic stop. Marijuana and pills.

4-12…..N 205th and Fremont. Bike violation; driver arrested on outstanding warrant.

4-12…..N 175th and Ronald Pl. Stopped driver who wasn’t wearing seat belt. Driving With License Revoked.

4-12…..170xx Aurora. Car with tabs that expired 9/26/2008 and an expired trip permit. (Eventually you have to license the vehicle. Reminds me of all those people I worked with who continued to drive with out of state plates. At least they were paid up somewhere.)

4-13…..179xx Fremont. Driving With License Revoked.

Falling down drunk

4-8……N 200th / Ashworth, transit center. Incoherent drunk, unable to stand.

4-9……154xx Aurora. Drunkenness.

White collar

4-8……145xx Greenwood, Wells Fargo. Check forgery.

4-8……16015 Aurora, European Auto. Used a bad check to buy a car. (Car lots are getting desperate to make sales)

4-9……150xx Westminster. Bad check.

4-10…..158xx 11th NE. Fraud.

4-13…..14500 15th NE, Goodwill. Someone passed a fake $100 bill.

Not even safe to cross the street

4-8……N 160th / Aurora. Driver took corner so fast, he nearly hit people in the crosswalk. Words were exchanged and driver pointed a gun at the pedestrians.

Good Job!

4-9……Shoreline police station. Citizen turned in old ammo for disposal.

Cars, cars, cars … bikes

4-10…..15030 Aurora, Goldie’s. Someone broke into parked car, stole money.

4-10……16505 5th NE, Crest Theatre. Parking lot. Went through many of the cars, broke windows, stole iPod. (You know, you may as well leave your car unlocked. It’s really a hassle to replace those windows.)

4-12…..12xx N 157th. Car prowl, window smashed, took headphones.

4-12…..Shorewood student parking lot. Hit and run to parked car.

4-12…..N 163rd and Meridian. Abandoned car.

4-13…..191xx 3rd NW. Motorcycle parked in driveway. Stole license plate.

4-13…..170xx 13th NE. Car prowl. Parked in driveway. Took things from car. (I just checked my glove box for the first time in years and they’d be doing me a favor if they took a few things. What are these people keeping in their cars that thieves would want, besides iPods and GPS?)

Family drama

4-11…..193xx 2nd NW. Brother takes care of elderly mom. Other brother came over and custodial brother asked him to help give mom a bath. They got in a fistfight.

I believe the children are our future…

4-8……173xx Fremont. Shorewood student on lunch break, coming back from store, was knocked down to steal his $3.

4-12…..153xx Interlake N. Kellogg student was reported to have a gun. Report was made by the parent of another student who had been in a fight with that student.

4-12…..Einstein principal reported that a student said he was punched while riding his bike home from school.

4-12…..145xx 30th NE. Grandma reported that granddaughter stole her prescription medicines.

Bold thieves

4-12…..146xx 9th NE. Even though the mom, a domestic engineer, is usally home with two kids, someone entered the home through an unlocked door and stole things.

4-12…..157xx Wallingford. Burglar came in at night through an unlocked garage door and stole items from home.

4-13…..15507 Westminster, Midnight Sun Tan. Two Black males entered shop. One distracted the manager while the other took the till and the manager’s wallet. (And your first clue that something wasn’t quite right was…?)


4-13…..148xx Interlake. Woman threatening to hurt herself with a knife. (How do the cops handle something like this? Unpredictable, unstable person with knife in hand. Do they teach that at the Police Academy?)

4-14…..17001 Aurora, Parker’s. Guy brought a backpack into the casino. When he was told that was not allowed, he told them there was a bomb in the backpack. (Now there's an adrenalin rush.)


Anonymous,  April 24, 2010 at 7:48 AM  

"4-13…..15507 Westminster, Midnight Sun Tan. Two Black males entered shop. One distracted the manager while the other took the till and the manager’s wallet. (And your first clue that something wasn’t quite right was…?)"

So, this is the first time that I've read this, and have to admit I'm a little surprised to find race mentioned, then the last line. Are you kidding me with this? Am I missing something?

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