Letter to the Editor: More density means more cars

Monday, October 10, 2016

To the Editor:

This is in response to the letters written about “More density is unavoidable “  I ask the homeowners do you want more density in our Shoreline and Lake Forest Park area?  The infrastructure can’t always take care of the growth in the areas that the politicians want to increase. For example,  My sewer bill for the actual sewer is around $34.00 and because of growth we needed the new treatment plant which cost an additional $84.00.  Now, the Senior Citizens that have lived here all their life and living on Social Security find it difficult to pay these increases.  These citizens do not make the 6 figure salaries that these young people make and can afford.  I know most of these politicians want people to get out of their cars and ride public transportation, but they need to drive to the place to obtain the transportation, and when they get there, there is no parking.  The parking is taken up with expensive property that we could be building housing on.  More density in the area means more cars than the roads can handle.  Many are unable to get out of their cars if they are in sales. Look how the density has ruined Phinney Ridge, Greenwood and the quaint Ballard area. How about more smaller buses going into the neighborhoods so the passengers just get on the bus and leave the car at home.

Mention of the homeless, these people come from out of the area, they have heard "go to Seattle and they will take care of you."  While on vacation I heard areas are giving bus tickets to the homeless to go to Seattle. They said the homeless hurts the tourist trade. I don’t think I have heard this mentioned about Seattle tourism. The homeless don’t want to follow rules and regulations like the rest of us do, they want their drugs and liquor. I understand Missions have empty beds for the homeless, but they don’t want to abide by their rules. My life hasn’t always been easy, I had a drunk for a father who became homeless, his choice! I survived living in a house with 3 generations and 3 families, so don’t think I’m talking from a rich point of view. I was grateful for the roof over my head and we had strict rules to follow.

Enough said for now, I understand that Lake Forest Park will be going through this same problem, increasing density, and we will be ready to fight again.

Lorraine  Bjorklund


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