Shoreline City Council Meeting June 25, 2012

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Notes from Shoreline City Council Meeting June 25, 2012

By  Devon Vose Rickabaugh

The Shoreline City Council voted to sign the animal control agreement with King County rather than form their own animal control unit. Deputy Mayor Eggen said that King County has made an effort to improve service and control costs. Also the city will have an animal control officer stationed in the city to cover the northern part of the county which should benefit service to the city.  

A preliminary discussion of the 2012-2013 city budget was presented by Robert Hartwig, Administrative Services Director. He warned that there is “no authoritative source for the information” and that the numbers are subject to change. He anticipated the council may provide additional budget direction to the City Manager as result of this review. Hartwig anticipated a gap in funding in 2013 of perhaps $135,000 which he suggested could be addressed with cuts across the board, cutting specific programs, using stabilization funds set aside for unanticipated costs, or finding new sources of revenue.

Hartwig pointed out that unaddressed and unfunded demands include providing public defense to those arraigned before the district court who don’t have the knowledge to represent their best interests. Also providing legal defense for homeless and indigent. City Manager Julie Underwood said that the city’s Human Services  Department lacked funds to provide  counseling in recent situations where children attempted and in some cases committed suicide.

Councilmember Roberts said he would like to see investment in sidewalks since many people have complained about their lack. He said he’d like to see a program to help homeowners put in sidewalks and spread the cost over several years. City Manager Underwood said  “on July 21 there will be a tour for the  City Council of sidewalk needs to see what kind of things could be funded in a sidewalk program.”

Councilmember McConnell said if matching funds could be found for sidewalks she would support that, but “ it enhances the lifestyle of everyone when our human service needs are taken care of. We still need to tighten our belts more and more.”

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Anonymous,  June 26, 2012 at 7:57 AM  

2012-2013 city budget was presented by Robert Hartwig, Administrative Services Director. He warned that there is “no authoritative source for the information” -- if the city has no authoritative source for the information contained in its own budget, how can we expect any of the information they have presented in the financials for the SPU acquistion as being any more reliable?

Susan Will June 27, 2012 at 3:38 PM  

I'm not surprised the comment about there being “no authoritative source for the information” causes concern. It's confusing. Sounds a bit like the preliminary budget was created out of air! Since I know that's not the case, my guess is that it means the prelim budget doesn't include Council direction yet -- Council direction is the "authoritative source." It would be better, though, if someone from the City sees this and clarifies rather than relying on my guess!

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