Shoreline Police Blotter July 14-25, 2011 - many odd things this week

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

By Diane Hettrick - categories are mine - reports are police

Shoplifting plus
7-14 Costco. 7-16 Home Depot. 7-16 Central Market. 7-18 Home Depot. 7-19 Aurora Village. Toshiba Tablet stolen from display. Left the back with the security device. 7-19 Marshalls. Took underwear, socks, and duffel bag. 7-19 Costco. Conceals crab meat and chicken, eats it in men's bathroom stall, leaves without paying.
7-20 Alive Juice Bar, Ballinger Village. Three juveniles stole money from the tip jar. 7-21 Top Foods. 7-21 Ballinger Rite Aid. 7-21 Fred Meyer. Suspect with unpurchased clothing in back pack admits stealing to sell goods for marijuana.
7-23 Fred Meyer. 7-23 Goodwill. Suspect possesses possible narcotics. 7-24 Goodwill.

7-22 Shoreline. 54 year old male found dead two days after having gastric bypass surgery.

DUI / Sleeping UI / Urinating UI
7-16 NE 185/9 NE. DUI.
7-21 N 160/Linden N. Found subject passed out behind an abandoned Thai restaurant with an empty mouthwash bottle nearby. During a similar contact two weeks ago, he admitted he likes to put a rock of heroin in mouthwash and drink it.
7-21 184xx Aurora. 12:30pm Subject urinating in public. Drunk.
7-22 165xx Aurora. Suspect asleep at the wheel, disregards red light and hits victim vehicle.
7-22 Fred Meyer. Subject who has been Trespassed from store found sleeping by the dumpsters.

Weird car stuff
7-18 188xx 5 NE. Unoccupied Jeep ran off the roadway into drainage ditch. Driver gone, parents don't know where she is.
7-18 YMCA. Over the weekend someone drained over 40 gallons of unleaded gas out of two YMCA busses parked on site.
7-24 Victim had his vehicle stolen in Seattle. A friend in Shoreline found it parked around corner from his house.

Party Hearty
7-16 18xx N 200. Party complaint at almost 1am. Loud party, disturbance, alcohol, provided false information to officer.

Funny money in Shoreline
7-16 QFC. Customer used counterfeit $100 bill.
7-17 Ballinger O'Reillys. Customer tried to use a counterfeit $50 bill. Hispanic male, about 35.

Vehicle theft
7-16 Walgreens at 145/Aurora. Recovered stolen vehicle out of Seattle.  7-20 14711 5 NE, N Jackson Park and Ride. 1994 Pathfinder stolen.  7-21 Aegis Living 15100 1 NE. Vehicle stolen while victim was at work.  7-22 Goodwill. Car stolen from Everett dumped in Goodwill parking lot.  7-23 173xx Ashworth. King flatbed trailed stolen.

Mail boxes
7-17 204xx 13 NW. Fireworks set off in mailbox.
7-23 NE 163 to NE 170. Suspects knocked over some of the mailbox posts and bent up mailboxes along Linden N

Car prowl
7-17 Meridian Park Elementary. Event parking. Car broken into.
7-18 Pioneer Food Svcs, 1206 N 155. Employee's vehicle.
7-19 169xx Stone. Arrested person who attempted to open at least six vehicles.
7-20 7xx N 148/ Two unlocked cars parked in driveway prowled. Got computer, merchandise and bank bag containing $4000 cash.
7-20 Shoreline Library. Stole camera from trunk.
7-21 155xx 26 NE Wheel cap stolen from 1981 Trans Am, trim and door mechanism broken.

Vandalism (other than blowing up mail boxes)
7-20 3xx NW 193 Ct Unknown suspect vandalized home and car overnight.
7-20 Innis Arden Community Center. Windows smashed out with rocks.
7-21 14xx NW 191. Unknown suspect threw a softball sized rock and broke truck window damaging frame.
7-21 14xx NW 191. House vandalized while owner is out of town.

7-18 Rodeway Inn. Officers go to serve warrant on individual. Associate let them in the door and the individual with the warrant jumped out the second story window and fled the scene.

Angry Birds
7-19 5xx NE 180. Large bird feeder stolen from front yard.

When I get old, I hope people are kind
7-19 NE 190/10 NE. Elderly male sitting on the side of the road in his bathrobe. He said he has memory problems but was trying to get to church at Woodland Presbyterian in Seattle.

7-19 4xx NE 156. Came in through unlocked back door. Stole laptop.
7-20 23xx NW 204. Stole jewelry.
7-22 Public Storage, 14900 Aurora. Missing items from locked storage unit.
7-24 1700 NE 146. Contacted suspicious male going through mail boxes. He was in possession of stolen cheese, shaved key and other burglary tools.
7-24 6xx NW RB Rd, Richmond Market. Big rock used to smash front door.

7-20 Days Inn Motel. Suspect assaulted victim, causing interruption in breathing; stole victim's money. Aggravated assault
7-22 76 Gas, N 205/Aurora. Individual struck in the face and vehicle window broken

Fraud, slightly out of the ordinary
7-20 Shoreline. Victim was mailed a card from the bank that he didn't know was being sent, so he didn't know it never arrived. Whoever got the card was using it.
7-22 Shoreline. Sister steals brother's ID, opens accounts in his name, including one at the US Dept of Education for $18,000.

7-20 192xx 17 NE. Police investigating possible prowlers, find suspects skulking around house. They run from police. Turns out they are juveniles smoking weed.
7-21 1436 NW RB Rd, Classic Framing. Juveniles climbed onto rooftop patio area at night.
7-22 6xx NE 165. Subject unzipped his pants and pulled out his penis in front of woman.
7-22 Living Wisely Thrift Shop, 15 NE. Suspect stole wallet from behind front desk and used card to purchase puppy from pet store.
7-24 Aurora Village Transit Center. Man yelling, threatening and harassing other riders.
7-24 N 155/Densmore N. Unidentified male drives through area, winking and blowing kisses at 10 and 15 year old girls.
7-24 148xx Evanston N. Person reported witnessing a drug deal.

Hey neighbors - watch the parks, please
7-21 Echo Lake Park. People in park after hours of darkness. Suspect was drinking alcohol and in possession of a sling shot. Booked into Sno Co jail.


Anonymous,  August 24, 2011 at 11:39 AM  

Your crime posts are quite funny. Thanks for making them interesting.

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