Lake Forest Park Police Blotter July 25-31, 2011 - There's a naked man in the compost pile

Saturday, August 27, 2011

By Diane Hettrick - categories are mine - reports are police

7-25 Lk Washington. Reports of men with gas can near lake and Bothell Way. Several men from boat which ran out of gas and had been drifting, docked in LFP and took gas can to station on Bothell Way. KCSO had been looking for a drifting boat.

On the home front
7-25 LFP, woman slept badly, woke up late, stomping around house, pounding things and yelling. Officer on street went to investigate. Male in house was still in bed.
7-25 LFP Medication and coins taken from locked bedroom. Subject suspects daughter, daughter's boyfriend, or perhaps the homeless man she took in for a while.
7-25 Group Home. Resident on rampage, throwing food. Promised officer he would clean up the food mess and obey the caretakers.
7-27 30xx NE 176. Mother of bipolar, legally disabled son said he went to meet someone about selling his car and hasn't returned. Has been gone for 20 hours.
7-27 Son located at in Edmonds, staying with a friend.

7-25 25xx NE 191 Golf clubs stolen from open garage.
7-26 LFP. Woman said it sounded like someone was walking around on her porch. Police found no sign. Her 87 year old husband says she was just being paranoid.
7-27 30xx NE 203rd. Car prowl. House keys taken, 40 CDs, and merchant club cards.

7-31 33NE/Hillside. Bike rider caught a hole in edge of roadway and tipped over his bike. Put foot out to stop the tip over and broke his ankle.

Juveniles on parade
7-25 170xx 37 NE. 20 year old rented a vacation rental for a birthday party and neighbor complained. Officer explained to host that the best way to avoid arrest for Minor in Possession was to have a "pour party," sober everyone up, and keep the party inside.
7-28 160xx 30 NE. Kids running from police and tossing beer cars. Caught them. Then stopped a car that kept driving slowly through the area. All kids had been in car, previously were at a party. DUI. Registered owner of car not present.
7-29 LFP. Reported daughter as missing. Then found out she snuck out of the house to go drinking.

7-25 26xx NE 195, apartments. Two women in dispute over borrowed bathing suit. Borrower went to Lender's apartment and either knocked politely or kicked the door in (depending which side you believe). The Lender chased the Borrower down the hall, spraying pepper spray at her. When police arrived, multiple fire trucks and personnel were on the scene treating tenants for pepper spray. Three floors of the building were being vented by the Fire Department. The Borrower returned the top half of the suit.
7-27 26xx NE 195, apartments. Borrower's car was keyed and she is accusing the Lender. She received a text message "Did you learn your lessons?"

Quick change
7-26 Great Harvest Bread. Customer paid with $100 bill. Cashier left bill on till and went to talk to manager. Returned to find customer and bill missing.

7-26 Towne Centre. Graffiti in the men's bathroom.
7-30 NE 156 /37 NE BASK on cleaned, previously tagged metal utility box.
7-30 158xx 37 NE BASK, AAUM inside a house under construction.

We've got eyes on you
7-30 153xx Bothell Wy. Police interrupted a possible drug deal near Woodland N. Apartments.

uh, fraud?
7-26 LFP Man gave his credit card number over the phone and now $600 is "missing" from his account.
7-26 LFP. Man reported fraud on his debit card. He got a telephone sales call for car insurance and gave them his debit card number. Now he says it isn't valid because he didn't sign anything.

7-26 LFP Library. Man from group home left a suicide note in the men's bathroom at the library.

Found - was it the tiny casket?
7-26 14951 Bothell Way, Acacia. Employee found property reported as stolen from geo-caching site at cemetery.

7-27 25xx NE 178 Burglary. Came in through kitchen window. Two laptops, iPad with charger.

And your first clue that something was wrong?
7-27 Acacia. Male pedestrian pulled a knife on construction workers.
7-31 170xx 44 NE. Caller says there's a naked man in his back yard, sitting by the compost pile. Police contacted man, who said he has been using narcotics. Shoreline Police had contact with him in June for mental complaint at the Richmond Beach condos. Has been out of Fairfax seven days, might have taken PCP, has been on a binge for a week. Said he had a car and a backpack full of cash. Could not locate. Sent to Harborview for involuntary commitment.

The new Ross store is on two levels
7-27 Towne Centre. Car theft reported.
7-27 Towne Centre. Car found at other entrance to Ross. Driver didn't know there were two entrances to Ross

Don't come round here no more
7-28 Towne Centre. Store employee caught a "scruffy-looking" guy shoplifting, called police and had him trespassed.

Be on the look out
7-31 157xx Beach Dr NE. 20 year old male taking pictures of houses. Area check negative.

We Don't Like Noise!
7-29 170xx Brookside Blvd. Barking dog. Dog not barking when police arrived.
7-29 190xx 33 NE. Noisy party. BBQ in yard. Asked them to turn down the music.
7-29 30xx NE 203. Explosions. Fireworks? Area check negative but police found a small brush fire, possibly caused by fireworks.
7-30 72 NE / NE 197. Fireworks in the ravine. Caller yelled at them to stop. Police found no evidence of fireworks or people.
7-30 192xx FP Dr NE. Fireworks. Area check negative, no sign.
7-30 165xx 41 NE. Fireworks heard and caller saw some people. Area check negative.

What we have here is a failure to communicate
7-30 LFP  Cab driver got lost and female passenger was yelling at him to turn around. He called the police.


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