Lake Forest Park Police Blotter 7-19 to 7-25-2010

Sunday, August 1, 2010

By Diane Hettrick (Categories are my creation)

Bothell Way
7-19….153/Bothell Wy. Subject arrested for criminal trafficking.
7-21….153/Bothell Way. Car running down Bothell Way at 70 mph, ran red light. Rear-ended other vehicle but neither stopped. Seattle Police report subject has hit a car in Seattle and is headed back toward LFP.

Eventually they’ll run out of 4th of July
7-19….30xx NE 185. Subject heard firecrackers. Next day discovered damage to his mailbox. His morning paper was wrapped around a metal can full of nails. Police say it’s just garbage.
7-20….178xx 40 NE. Subject heard shots, scream. Police can smell fireworks, no one around.
7-24….179/28 NE. Two people called in report of shots heard. Aerial fireworks from Shoreline.

It’s illegal to steal, damage, tamper with political signs
7-19….51xx NE 187. White males in four-door sedan smashed a Yes Prop 1 sign.
7-20….165xx 39 NE. Half a dozen Yes on Prop 1 signs were pulled from the right-of-way and dumped in yard. Signs are stored at police station for pickup by campaign.
7-20….51xx NE 187. Attempted theft of YesProp1 political sign. White sedan similar to Dodge Spirit. White male, slender, black hair, in his 20s. A sign was taken from this address the day before, this one was present, but tipped over.
7-24….174xx Ballinger. Illegal sign removal.

Rite Aid really needs to sponsor a driving school
7-19….Towne Centre. Report of a DUI, a Cadillac weaving down the road, went to Bank of America. Police: male driver in his 70’s, not under the influence.

Domestic dramas
7-19….184xx 24 Pl NE. Citizen needs police report so phone company will block harassing calls from bill collectors looking for his son.
7-20….33xx NE 156. Subject looked at bank account online and found someone had cashed a check from subject’s account. Checks kept in drawer at home. Two actual checks were missing. Babysitter only non-family member in house. Froze accounts.
7-20….192xx Forest Park Dr, condos. Subject is in California on vacation but received a $2,000 bill from Sears and a receipt for Western Union. Had locks changed on condo so son and suspect girlfriend can’t get in.
7-24….16xx NE 195. Man came to get his roommate’s belonging from previous living space. Caller wouldn’t let him have them. Roommate appeared and verified permission.
7-24….16xx NE 195. Caller mad at roommate, wanted police intervention. Police say it’s a civil matter.

Alarms and Fumble fingers
7-20….171xx Hamlin Rd NE. Audible alarm. Person in house couldn’t find codes for a while, so police were dispatched. Found codes, call cancelled.
7-21….32xx NE 204. Alarm going on and off for 3-4 days. 3 different calls about alarm, but it’s off when police arrive and no one can tell where it comes from.
7-22….145xx Bothell Wy, Lake City Kidney Center. 911 hang up. Called back, got voice mail for “Jennifer.” Called main number downtown Seattle, don’t know Jennifer.
7-22….192xx 51 NE. Two alarms same location. Homeowner forgot to secure the door.
7-23….182xx 30 NE, group home. 911. Accidental call.
7-23….157xx 38 NE. Alarm. Owner accidentally used remote activation. Reset but alarm company wouldn’t cancel police call due to hold-up status.
7-23….Towne Center. Fire alarm at mall. Assist Fire to clear building.
7-23….169xx 33. Alarm. Unknown cause.
7-25….38xx NE 150. 911. Trying for husband’s cell phone number.

Good deed
7-23….Albertson’s. Shopper found envelope with $30, turned it in. Shopper who lost the money correctly described the envelope, got money back.

School’s out for summer
7-20….174xx 44 NE. Noise complaint, underage juveniles having a beer party. Some ran from police. Police talked to the teen-aged girl who lived there.
7-24….148xx Bothell, Waterfront apartments. Loud party. Second call 45 minutes later. Police explained consequences to party-goers.
7-25….33xx NE 182. Loud juveniles, music. Police told them to close windows and keep noise down.

Mental, drugs, alcohol
7-20….44xx NE 187. Female left suicide voice mail with her doctor. Doctor called police for welfare check. Found woman alive but groggy from pills. Took to Virginia Mason.
7-22….183xx 28 NE. Alcoholic, adult son threatened suicide with kitchen knife. Father was able to take it away from him. Involuntary commitment at Northwest.
7-25….173xx Beach Dr NE. Mother high on prescription meds trying to drive to Ballard for her “drug issues.” Son tried to stop her by letting air out of tires, but she drove off anyway. Thinks she’s headed to buy street drugs.

7-24….173xx Ballinger. Spray paint in fire hydrant.
7-24….46xx NE 175. Marked up street sign.
7-25….172xx 37 NE. Tagged street signs and mailbox.

Car prowls and other theft
7-22….187xx 50 NE. Car prowl. Took wallet from unlocked car.
7-24….168xx Bothell Wy, Shell Gas. Left without paying for gas.
7-25….191xx Ballinger. Car prowl. Broke back passenger side window. Nothing taken.
7-25…..192xx Forest Park Dr NE, condos. Car prowl. Broke side window. Took Zune, clothes.
7-25….197xx 40 Pl NE. Car egged. Has been going on for two months.

Traffic stops
7-22….33 NE/NE 155. Juvenile on bicycle. King County interested, may have outstanding warrant on him. LFP transported home and turned him over to his father.
7-22….NE 178/25 NE. Tabs don’t match vehicle. Owner has two cars and put tabs on wrong car.

7-22….Burke Gilman Trail. Elderly male fell on trail. Transported to his vehicle. Private transport to hospital.

Love your neighbor
7-19….30xx NE 193. Mentally disabled 10 year old got away from grandma and pulled all the mail from the neighbors’ boxes. Mother came home from work and put the mail back. Police: get locking mailboxes.
7-20….191xx Ballinger, condos. Neighbor B doesn’t want Neighbor A’s dog to potty on common area grass. Threatened to poison dog. Police advised Neighbor A to go to homeowners’ association, consider a harassment order, and call 911 if altercation occurs – and be careful with the dog.
7-21….30xx NE 182. Neighbor’s car parked so it blocks line of sight when subject pulls out of driveway. Plus their dog barks all day. Police: Put 72 hour removal notice on car and left note for resident to talk to police about barking dog.
7-24….193xx 46 NE. Complaint about barking dogs. Police couldn’t locate.

Help! (LFP) Police!
7-19….Station. Guy was involved in a road rage incident on I-5 and the other party took pictures of him. He called 911. Advised to talk to Washington State Patrol because they have jurisdiction.
7-22….Station. Two guys live in same apartment building in Kenmore. Neighbor A called Kenmore police to complain about Neighbor B. Now Neighbor B is following Neighbor A down the road, tailgating. Neighbor A pulled into LFP police station for help. Issue is apparently smoke from one apartment going into the other apartment. Police say don’t follow, don’t intimidate, talk to building manager.
7-24….171xx Bothell. Road rage. Subject was at stop sign and other driver was honking and tailgating. Police contacted other driver who said he honked when other car cut him off in Kenmore but didn’t pay further attention.
7-24….174xx Ballinger. Subject got beat up in Kenmore the day before. Kenmore police told him if he pressed charges they’d all go to jail. Wants help from LFP. Police said sorry, back to Kenmore, their jurisdiction.

Suspicious, maybe
7-20….174xx 32 NE. Guy stopped to talk to teenager mowing lawn about buying the car in the driveway, which was not posted for sale.
7-20….167xx 37 NE. Subject came home to find two people in his carport, a male and female, teen to 20’s in age, black. They said they were selling magazines. Police contacted couple who said they had just knocked on subject’s door and were throwing away their trash in his garbage can when he drove up. Informed them there is no soliciting in LFP.
7-21….167xx 32 NE. Suspicious person asking questions of 15-year-old son. Police could not locate. Callback from original caller - now think it’s a census worker.
7-22….145xx Bothell Wy, Déjà vu. Subject drinking beer and tossing cans in parking lot. Made him pick up the cans.
7-25….29xx NE 178. Caller heard crying and yelling from house. Police found it’s a group home and young female resident doesn’t like to wake up and get dressed.

7-20….19651 47 NE, park. Tennis players nearly got their car locked inside the park.
7-22….Towne Centre. Window, broken from inside. Worker cleaning ducts at Honey Bear accidentally broke a window.


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