Shoreline Police Blotter 7-13 to 7-20-2010

Monday, July 26, 2010

By Diane Hettrick
Categories and Comments are mine

Petty thievery
7-13….RB Rd, south side. Backpack on sidewalk, someone took an electronic book read and clothes. (no, I have no idea why it was left on the sidewalk. Bus stop? Library? Pizza?)
7-18….18325 Aurora, Fred Meyer. Shoplifted clothing.
7-20….12xx N 205, AV Radio Shack. Shoplifted a voice recorder.
7-20….15332 Aurora, Safeway. Thief put seven steaks in his/her basket, moved to aisle 16 and transferred the steaks to… (I hate it when the reports break off mid-sentence. Where did s/he put seven steaks? Did the packages leak and leave a trail on the floor? What was s/he wearing? How big were the steaks? Oh the images that keep forming…)

Grand thievery (Good grief. We must have every cop on robbery detail this week.)
7-15….13xx N 1788. Car stolen from residence.
7-16….518 NE 165, Camera Clinic. A guy came in to sell Hasselblad camera equipment. Sold it cheaply, but it’s worth thousands. Owner bought it and called police. (Do you know this shop? One of Shoreline’s secrets. He repairs cameras, sells cameras, lenses, accessories. He’s been there for years. Ridgecrest across from the police station, and near the Crest, another one of Shoreline’s secrets.)
7-19….178xx 5 NW. Guy tried to steal canoe from residence. Owner confronted thief, who fled on foot. (He was planning to paddle away. Ok, it’s a cheap shot, but someone had to say it.)
7-19….190xx 20 NW. Stole bicycle from open garage. 2007 Bianchi Volpe Road Bike, green with leopard print seat and combo lock around seat.
7-19….7xx N 161 Pl. Forest Villa Apartments. Two men were seen cutting the lock on the storage shed and taking a blower and compressor.
7-20….177xx 17 NW. Unoccupied house being extensively remodeled. Thief used combination keybox to enter main house and took $1000 work of tools from different contractors.
7-20….3xx NW 177. Stole chainsaw from shed in backyard.

Creepy thievery (probably burglary but then my categories wouldn’t match)
7-19….148xx Whitman, apartments. Victim was home with slider open. Someone came in and stole cell phone.

7-20….N 152 Aurora, Safeway. Guy arrested for assaulting an employee. Had a backpack with possible explosive device. Homemade with cell phone, wires, battery.

I’m not keeping up with the latest scams
7-13….23xx N 161. Victim reported that someone opened a USAA Federal Savings Bank account in his name. (Not sure why, maybe to establish credit for some nefarious purpose).
7-15….152xx Densmore. Caller reported receiving two money orders in the mail. (Maybe a set up? Some of this stuff is just too weird.)
7-15….1524 N 200, AV Transit Center. Lost wallet, then cards and ID were used. (Ok, I get this one. But I’ll bet the wallet wasn’t lost, but was stolen.)

The Nigerian Scam (but this one I know)
7-19….150xx Greenwood. Victim got an email promising him money if he would help the writer get it out of his country. The perp wired $28,000 to the victim, who then wired $8,000 back for "expenses." The $28,000 check bounced. (This one has been around the internet for so long that I thought everyone knew about it. Apparently not.)

Punks and Property Damage
7-13….197xx 6 Pl NW. Rock was thrown through a very large glass window in a residence. (Does anyone call them “plate glass” windows anymore? I never know when I’m out of date.)
7-18….183xx Stone. Mother and son left house for two hours and returned to find their front door broken.

7-20….168xx 16 NE. Sally Granger, died at home. (Sally was a wonderful person and she will be missed. Obituary.)

Taking it to the streets
7-13….145xx 15 NE. Driving with license suspended. Actually no license at all. Arrested.
7-13….14xx N 200 by Costco gas. Traffic stop. Found marijuana and later discovered the driver dumped a pill bottle.
7-18….176xx Meridian. Traffic stop. Couple returning from a concert at The Gorge. Marijuana, marijuana brownies, hash pipe. (and they made it all the way to Shoreline before someone stopped them? Yikes.)
7-19….NE 180/14 NE. Driving with licenses suspended for second time in same night. Impounded car. (Slow learner.)

Geriatrics and marginal people
7-19….192xx 15 NW, RB Rehabilitation. Two patients got in an argument and it escalated with both parties kicking the other in the shin. (I’m so impressed that they could balance on one foot and kick with the other. Must be all those exercise classes.)
7-19….1259 N 205, AV Starbucks. Trespassed someone. (This is about the 83rd time they have Trespassed someone. Ok, I exaggerate. There are at least three guys that are not welcome at Starbucks, so I don’t know if this is a new guy or a repeater.)

Just darned annoying
7-16….145xx 28 NE. Car parked in front of mailboxes. (My neighbor’s house guests did this for years. The post office will not deliver your mail if the boxes are blocked. He finally just moved the boxes. Ok by me, I just wanted my darned mail! Ok, I’m done now. Letting go…)


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