Lake Forest Park Police Blotter 7-6 to 7-12-2010

Sunday, July 18, 2010

By Diane Hettrick
The Categories are my Creation

Neighbor of the week awards
7-6…..195xx 38 NE. Party, racing cars on street. Quiet when police arrived.
7-6…..160xx 30 NE. Party, backyard bonfire. Warned.
7-6…..185xx 30 NE. Juveniles playing paintball in backyard. Next-door neighbor worried about his pregnant wife and 3-year-old son being hit in their backyard. Juveniles promised not to play when 3 year old is outside, but neighbor not satisfied.
7-6..…181xx 33 NE. Caller said van had been parked on street for five weeks. Owner said they move it every day but neighbor just doesn’t want it parked there even though it’s not in front of his house.
7-8…..181xx 33 NE. Neighbor called again about van on street. This time claimed it was blocking his visibility.
7-11….40xx NE 195. Loud music.
7-12….174xx 47. Caller captured neighbor’s peacock in caller’s back yard. Said it is noisy and messy. Owner told to contain it or it has to go.

People who are glad we don’t put names in the police blotter
7-6…..17000 Bothell Wy, Arco. Welfare check requested for Arco station. No one at station and cars are lining up. Apparently evening manager locked up and left early.
7-6…..36xx NE 155. Person cut himself with samurai sword while training. Not pleased that police responded with aid workers.
7-9…..40xx NE 178. Teenaged girl, home alone, parents on vacation. Neighbor heard her screaming, and slapping sounds. Police found that her boyfriend was there and they were playing. Girl very embarrassed.

Here’s a clue: if you give someone access to your house, either turn off the alarm or give them the code
7-6…..187xx 23 NE. Alarm. Police and fire responded. House is empty and for sale. Real estate agent tripped the motion sensor.
7-6…..189xx Forest Park Dr NE. Alarm. Houseguest didn’t have codes.
7-8…..180xx 28 NE. Alarm. Worker had key to house but not the alarm code.
7-11….148xx 37 NE. Alarm. Son’s home.
7-12….202xx 33 NE. Came home with Russian caretaker, who set off the alarm.

Fumble fingers and more false alarms
7-6…..45xx NE 203 Pl. 911. Meant to dial 411. Caller gave his name; has outstanding assault warrant; but address with number is someone else.
7-6…..160xx 34 NE. 911. Checking voice mail.
7-6…..156xx 36 NE. Alarm. Motion sensor. Can’t contact homeowner, no sign forced entry.
7-8…..191xx Ballinger. Alarm.
7-11…167xx 45 NE. Alarm. Homeowner mistyped, manual alarm.
7-12….Woman has panic alarm on key fob. 4 year old set it off by mistake.

Worthy of Sherlock Holmes
7-6…..50xx NE 188. Theft of garden art. Two cement plaques worth $200.
7-6…..204xx 55th Pl NE. $1903 missing from purse and locked drawer as well as business account paperwork. No suspects. No relatives or visitors have been in house.

On the road again…
7-6…..187xx 50 NE. Found, mountain bike. Abandoned one week.
7-6…..174xx Ballinger. Traffic stop. Driver has warrant for DUI. Was in custody but was bailed out of Seattle. County advising that as of July 1 there are no more meets with LFP. Booking to King Co jail.
7-9…..149xx Bothell. Driving With License Suspended.
7-10....168xx Bothell. Driving With License Suspended. Trip permit violation. Interlock devise required. No insurance. Cited, released, car towed.
7-12….NE 170/Beach Dr. Driving With License Suspended.

Teenagers – just remember how cute they were when they were babies
7-6…..34xx NE 184.  Father and 16 year-old son fight over chores.  Son says he’s leaving and takes off. Does not drive or take the bus. Advised father to call back if son did not return. Father did not call back.
7-6…..Towne Centre, Sally Beauty. Two girls, repeat shoplifters. Gone when police arrive. Advised staff to call as soon as they show up so they can be caught or Trespassed.
7-10….193xx 35 NE. 10-12 year olds. Girl and two male friends. One boy screaming obscenities. Police told them to stop.
7-10…..Towne Centre. Man asked for help with 15 year old son. Disrespectful. Attitude. In counseling and on meds for bipolar. Police took him home.
7-12….45xx Shore Dr. Skateboarders.

And you thought soap operas were far-fetched?
7-6…..190xx Lago Pl NE. Caller reports suspicious vehicle parked with people in it smoking. It left, then returned. Police found scantily clad woman walking up street toward vehicle. She has a warrant for prostitution. Driver is Driving With License Suspended. Male passenger is owner of vehicle, drunk. Gave permission to search vehicle. Found crack cocaine pipe. Citations for DWLS and drug paraphernalia. Seattle police arrived and took custody.
7-7…..202xx 33 NE. 911 call with screaming in background, woman yelling “I’m going to knock you out.” Hung up phone. History of domestic violence at address. Police call back, spoke to woman who said that 20 year old daughter was “out of control.” 4 adults and 2 grandchildren in home. Daughter has one month old baby and may have post partum. Daughter threw a bottle of water on her father and alleged he hit her and the baby. No signs of trauma. Daughter changed story.
7-10…..174xx Brookside. Two people stole Boston Terrier and drove off. Husband in pursuit. Driver said she was taking dog to vet because she found it running in the road with no collar.

7-9…..54xx NE 198 Pl. 18 year old, brain-injured child out of control. Helped parents restrain daughter and took her and mom to Evergreen.
7-9…..50xx NE 197. Assist with aggressive and agitated 80 year old patient. She bites. Dual call to fire and police. Fire had her under control, so no assist needed.

Still the 4th of July for some
7-7… Police station. Citizen brought in a baggie of model car rockets. He was escorted outside and King County Sheriff’s Office explosives unit called in.
7-9…..35xx NE 190 Pl. 8 people with fireworks. Warned.

Not quite right
7-7…..169xx Bothell Wy. Suspicious female in bushes. She took a short-cut.
7-7…..167xx 32 NE. Shots heard at Grace Cole Park. Told to call 911 the next time.
7-8…..182xx Ballinger. Man and dog at vacant home. Man hired by realtor to clean the house.
7-10….190xx 35 NE. Citizen asked for welfare check for elderly woman who appeared to be lost. Police couldn’t find her.
7-11…..145xx Edgewater Ln. Man screaming on Burke-Gilman Trail.

Officer Friendly
7-8…..Police station. Visitor got lost and ended up in Briar. Briar police gave him courtesy ride to LFP. LFP police took him to the house where he was visiting.
7-8…..26xx NE 195. Police standby while woman, recently separated from husband, picks up kids and moves her things out of the house.

Officer Unfriendly
7-11….170xx 25 NE. Citizen called for police to pick up dead cat on city easement. Not happy when told that it would have to be Public Works on a weekday. Told he could pick it up. Not happy.

Crash bang
7-8…..Ballinger/Bothell Wy. Traffic accident. One driver has head and neck injuries.

Rite-Aid should sell driver training
7-8…..Towne Centre. Possible DUI. Woman driving erratically, not staying in lane, backed up and nearly hit things. Police stopped her. She had just dropped husband at Rite Aid and was driving around, trying to quiet infant grandchild.
7-12….Police station. Citizen followed driver to Rite Aid, then reported a possible DUI. Police found she was not drunk just a really bad driver.

Inter-jurisdictional departmental reciprocity
7-8…..145/Bothell. Seattle had a DUI but got a pursuit call. Asked LFP to take over the DUI. Returned from pursuit and took him back.
7-9…..Aurora Village, Office Max. Assist Shoreline. Driver is huffing cans of air. Followed to location in Mountlake Terrace.

7-9…..170xx 37 NE. Car stolen.
7-9…..Towne Centre. Shoreline man parked on upper level had tires slashed.
7-12….160xx Beach Dr. Opened Comcast account under caller’s name,  different address.

Maybe crime
7-9…..167xx 45 NE. Mail box lid open and no mail in box.
7-11….204xx 33 NE. Pen, ink graffiti.
7-11….47xx NE 204. Woman called about two men on the street checking out the cars. Husband went to chase them off. Police picked up adult males and one juvenile.
7-11….36xx NE 155. Fired employee still returns to see friends. May be responsible for malicious mischief damages. Told to call when she returns and they will Trespass her.

Car prowls
7-11….47xx NE 203. Car prowl. Unlocked car. Took notebook.
7-11….203xx 54 NE. Car prowl. Took sunglasses, case, $2.
7-11….47xx NE 203. Car prowl. Got speaker box, gym bag, clothes. Police found shoes in bushes.

Beware the full moon
7-12….168xx Bothell. Dog running loose, no collar. Looks like a wolf.


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