18th annual Shoreline Math Olympiad

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Photo by Kristi Lin and
Shoreline Public Schools
The 18th annual Shoreline Math Olympiad was on Saturday March 12th on the campus of Shoreline Community College. SCC has hosted this event on campus for five years as a partnership with the Shoreline School district.

Over 600+ students participated this year from 18 public and private schools in Shoreline and Lake Forest Park. It is a free event open to all 4th – 8th grade students who want to challenge themselves with fun individual and team tests. Over 900 people attended the awards ceremony!

Event sponsors, city and college dignitaries helped hand out medals including: Bob Francis, SCC VP Academic Affairs, Shoreline Schools Superintendent Rebecca Minor, School Board members David Wilson and Dick Potter, Shoreline Mayor Chris Roberts, and Shoreline Public Schools Foundation Board Members Ken and Jennifer Altena. Next year the 19th annual Shoreline Math Olympiad will be at SCC on Saturday March 11th, 2017.

In alphabetical order by ranking

4th grade individual: 
  • 1st Evergreen Ian Stolt, Meridian Park Luke Gillingham,
  • 2nd Briarcrest Lexi Sauceda, King's Elementary Jonathon Chu, Ridgecrest Esher Crawford
  • 3rd King's Elementary Halle Hagos, Ridgecrest Brendan Rudberg, St. Luke Trevor Abramson,
  • 4th Briarcrest Hassnain Javid, Briarcrest Ivy Lorimer, Evergreen Esme Dirks, Evergree Cameron Patrick, Ridgecrest Drew Bladek , Ridgecrest Jack Smevik,  Ridgecrest Anna Schmidt
  • 5th Evergreen Talia Willson, King's Elementary Mica White, Lake Forest Park Gus Hamilton, Ridgecrest Thomas Linville
  • 6th Evergreen Ella Ong, Evergreen Madelyn Takamiya, Evergreen Rin Talwar, Highland Terrace Olivia Sismaet, King's Elementary Elliot Miller, Lake Forest Park Calvin Giampino, Meridian Park Andrew Yao, Syre Wesley Stubbs
  • 7th Briarcrest Nadine Aettalman, Evergreen Addie Streidel, Highland Terrace Owen Mulder, Meridian Park Charlie Frye, Meridian Park Larson Bucholz, Meridian Park Cole Davis, Meridian Park Maren Goracke, Meridian Park Mary Walker, Ridgecrest Kenna Stallings, Ridgecrest Elijah Glesener, Ridgecrest Ameli Graff, Syre Reese Johnson
Echo Lake
Photo by Kristi Lin and Shoreline Public Schools
5th grade individual:
  • 1st Meridian Park Bell Chen
  • 2nd Meridian Park Evan Austin
  • 3rd Meridian Park Ameena Majeed
  • 4th Ridgecrest Lucas Onstad-Hargrove
  • 5th Evergreen Kevin Huang , Evergreen Taran Kaylor, Evergreen Eashan Vagish,
  • 6th Evergreen Vivek Pall-Pareek, Ridgecrest Justin Sun, Syre Riley Wheaton,
  • 7th Evergreen Orion Aungst, Ridgecrest Celeste Cheltiar, St. Mark Patrick Monahan, St. Mark Noah Tran
  • 8th  Briarcrest Natalie Senn, Evergreen Joshua Koch, Meridian Park Kevin Peng, Meridian Park Daisy Cui, St. Mark Amber Calderon
  • 9th Briarcrest Jacob Rodriguez,  Meridian Park Kai Green, Meridian Park Hazel Beatty-Witt,
  • 10th Echo Lake Prayug Sigdel, Meridian Park Kayla Simerson, Ridgecrest Adam Liu, Syre Eyob Gtsadik, Syre Charlie Kosten, Syre Addison Trull
  • 11th Briarcrest Tyler Wunder, Evergreen Luca Mevawalla, Meridian Park Yukine Barber, Meridian Park Evan Colando, Ridgecrest James Lewis,
  • 12th Echo Lake Isaac Van Horn, Meridian Park Brandon Lu, Meridian Park Emily Wang, Syre Catherine Wheaton
6th grade individual:
  • 1st Ridgecrest Matthew Gardiner
  • 2nd Highland Terrace Colin Dao, HEE (Home Education Exch) Aidan McFarland
  • 3rd HEE (Home Education Exch) Henry Kreemer
  • 4th King's Elementary May Choi, Ridgecrest Sienna Mikesell, Ridgecrest Ronin Crawford, Ridgecrest Thaddeus Knowles, Ridgecrest Alyosha Patwa
  • 5th Ridgecrest David Concepcion
  • 6th Echo Lake Halina Polit, Evergreen Nicholas Vlahos-Sten, Highland Terrace Henry Sheffield, Ridgecrest Jens Christian Hoffmann, St. Mark Tommy Stratton
  • 7th Evergreen Alexander Capestany, Highland Terrace Isaac Keen, Ridgecrest Alec Lewis, Meridian Park Kai Poffenbarger,
  • 8th Briarcrest Nina Vo, Ridgecrest Lyla Higgins,
  • 9th Echo Lake Lizzy Kanzler, Evergreen Brooklin Sachs, Highland Terrace Lydia Brown, King's Elementary Lincoln Going, King's Elementary Eli Holt, Parkwood D'Artagnan Ducharnie, Syre Morgan Manalili
  • 10th Briarcrest Langley Wong, Evergreen Melissa Lin, Meridian Park Jillian McRae, Syre Katelyn Manalili,
  • 11th Evergreen Eliza Williams-Derry, Highland Terrace Noelle Grant, Lake Forest Park Ayden Tuttle, Lake Forest Park George Davis, Meridian Park Aaron Lee, Syre David Lin
  • 12th Evergreen Mariah Pntchard, Evergreen Gabby Best, Highland Terrace Victoria Zhang, Lake Forest Park Connor Dow, Parkwood Jessy Ly, St. Luke Lulia Tesfamariam, Meridian Park Will Hiett, Syre Fiona Taylor
Photo by Kristi Lin and Shoreline Public Schools

7th grade individual: 
  • 1st Evergreen Charlie Anderson, King's Jr High Ray Li
  • 2nd Evergreen Nayan Birnbach
  • 3rd Evergreen  Zubin Birnbach
  • 4th Evergreen Joe Miller
  • 5th Evergreen Kuran Pettiross, Evergreen Sam Schorsch
  • 6th Evergreen Solomey Alemseged
  • 7th King's Jr High Alex Buntaran
  • 8th Evergreen Lucian Fox, Evergreen Rohan Rajvanshi
8th grade individual: 
  • 1st St Luke Phillicia Tjandra , St Luke Derick Han
  • 2nd HEE (Home Education Exch) Sam McFarland
  • 3rd Evergreen Malachi Espinola, Evergreen Ari Webb
  • 4th Einstein MS  Julien Goldstick
  • 5th Einstein MS Ivan Yao
  • 6th Einstein MS  Arjun Thomas, Evergreen Stella Horns, Kellogg MS  Elizabeth Yang,
  • 7th St Luke Benhur Tesfamariam
  • 8th St. Luke Julia Brajcich
Photo by Kristi Lin and Shoreline Public Schools
Team awards: 

4th grade:
  • 1st Briarcrest 4-3, Evergreen 4-1, Ridgecrest 4-3
  • 2nd Meridian Park 4-1, Meridian Park 4-2, Meridian Park 4-3,
  • 3rd Briarcrest 4-7, Highland Terrace 4-2, Ridgecrest 4-5
  • 4th Evergreen 4-2, Evergreen 4-4, King's Elementary 4-1, Lake Forest Park 4-5, St. Luke 4-2, Syre 4-2, Syre 4-3,
  • 5th Evergreen 4-3, Parkwood 4-2, Ridgecrest 4-1, St. Luke 4-1,
  • 6th Briarcrest 4-5, Highland Terrace 4-1, Home Education Exch 4-1, Lake Forest Park 4-7, Ridgecrest 4-2, Ridgecrest 4-4
Photo by Kristi Lin and Shoreline Public Schools
5th grade:
  • 1st Evergreen 5-1, Meridian Park 5-2
  • 2nd Meridian Park 5-3
  • 3rd Meridian Park 5-1
  • 4th Evergreen 5-4
  • 5th Echo Lake 5-2, Evergreen 5-2, Evergreen 5-3, Ridgecrest 5-4,  St. Mark 5-1, Syre 5-7,
  • 6th Highland Terrace 5-1, Meridian Park 5-4, Ridgecrest 5-2, Syre 5-2,
  • 7th Briarcrest 5-4, King's Elementary 5-1, Ridgecrest 5-3, St. Mark 5-2, Syre 5-4, Syre 5-6,
  • 8th Briarcrest 5-1, Echo Lake 5-3, Highland Terrace 5-10, Syre 5-5
6th grade:
  • 1st Ridgecrest 6-3
  • 2nd Highland Terrace 6-3, Ridgecrest 6-2
  • 3rd Evergreen 6-2
  • 4th Evergreen 6-1, Home Education Exch 6-1, Ridgecrest 6-1, Meridian Park 6-2
  • 5th Meridian Park 6-1
  • 6th King's Elementary 6-1, St. Luke 6-2,  Syre 6-5, Syre 6-6
  • 7th Echo Lake 6-2, Evergreen 6-4, Highland Terrace 6-4, King's Elementary 6-3,  St. Mark 6-2,  Syre 6-4, Syre 6-8,
  • 8th Briarcrest 6-4, Evergreen 6-3 , Lake Forest Park 6-6, St. Luke 6-1
7th grade: 
  • 1st  Evergreen 7-1
  • 2nd King's Jr. High 7-1
  • 3rd Einstein MS 7-1 , Evergreen 7-2
8th grade: 
  • 1st Evergreen 8-1
  • 2nd Einstein MS 8-2, Home Education Exch 8-1, St. Luke 8-2
  • 3rd Kellogg MS 8-3
School Participation Awards
Photo by Suzanne Gugger

2016 School Participation Results:

1st Place: St. Mark Catholic School K-8th

2nd Place:  Highland Terrace K-6

3rd Place:  Syre Elementary K-6

Trophies are awarded to the top 3 schools with the highest participation of eligible students in their school in 4th-8th grade. They get current enrollment numbers from schools the week of SMO and compare to the confirmed, registered Mathletes on event day.

More details and information here.

Updated 3-21-2016


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