Lake Forest Park Police Blotter 12-06 to 12-19-2010 - two weeks and a storm, part 1

Saturday, January 1, 2011

by Diane Hettrick - captions are mine - reports are from police - who could make this stuff up?

This blotter has two weeks of police activity, but there were so many storm-related calls during this time that they get their own article.

Tales of the Watercrest
12-06...148xx Bothell Wy, Watercrest. 911 call from man with limited English saying he was locked in Apartment 4 and couldn't open the door. Disconnected. Called back to say he was in Unit 10199. Police surmise he is trapped in elevator and contact Fire. Fire contacted elevator company which got him out.
12-11...148xx Bothell Way, Watercrest. Caller hears screaming in the apartment above. Police know family. Daughter has been violent in the past.

Good Neighbor Sam
12-06...184xx 40 Pl NE. Caller angry that neighbor is pressure-washing his driveway. Neighbor has an easement to use the driveway and they have been fighting over the terms for a long time. Police forced them to talk to each other but they started yelling. Caller plans to get a restraining order on neighbor to keep him from maintaining driveway.

Good business for auto repair shops
12-06...17001 Bothell Wy, Arco. Car pulled out of gas station in front of oncoming vehicle.
12-09...191xx Ballinger. Three car accident. Driver was eating a sandwich and didn't see stopped cars. Rear-ended a stopped car which rammed into the car in front.
12-11...36xx NE 155. Woman going for cigarettes accidentally moved car into chain link fence, bending it. Waiting for tow.
12-11...153/Bothell Way. Traffic accident, non-injury.
12-12...Brookside Blvd/Bothell Way. Traffic accident. Two cars, both towed. One driver to Harborview for head and neck pain.
12-15...165xx Bothell. Traffic accident. Car made fast lane change in front of van. Van braked and car behind rear-ended van. First driver left the scene.
12-16...NE 186/40 Pl NE. Traffic accident. Someone hit a light pole hard enough that it is leaning into street. City Light says it is cracked and will have to be replaced. Driver and car left scene.

Probably someone you know
12-08...36xx NE 155. Someone, probably a tenant, took a crowbar to the coin machine in the apartment laundry room.
12-18...51xx NE 184. Son had a party last night and now Mom's credit cards are missing.

Non-storm related alarms
12-08...169xx 26 NE. Alarm. Police contacted homeowner about alarm. He's worried that his wife would be arriving at home soon and might run into whoever tripped the alarm. Police met her and cleared the house at her request.
12-08...145xx Bothell. Alarm at Northwest Kidney Center front entry. Last alarm was a hold-up. Checked building, all secure.
12-15...145xx 37 NE. Residential alarm.
12-17...16xx NE 195. Residential alarm. Police checked exterior. Large mastiff was inside house.

911 hang-ups
12-07...186xx 41st Pl. 911 - open line for a minute with nothing heard. Then caller said he dropped the phone and it was a misdial.
12-12...155xx Bothell Way. 911 call. Tried to call 411.
12-12...36xx NE 195. 911 hang up. Appears accidental.
12-19...35xx NE 182. 911. Caretaker trying to call east coast.

Domestic violence
12-08...195xx 38 NE. Neighbor said couple next door fight a lot and wife went to emergency room in the early morning hours. Police said to call next time they are fighting.
12-09...36xx NE 155, apartment. Caller in verbal dispute with ex-husband. He refuses to leave. She called 911. He left but told he she was dead. She's not worried.
12-11...145xx Bothell Way, group home. Caller says another resident is threatening to "kick his ass."
12-15...LFP. Juvenile removed by CPS because of assault. Arrest of adult pending.
12-17...187xx 35 NE. 911. Mom arguing with teenaged son over meds and his attendance at a Shoreline party which was broken up by SL police.
12-18...LFP. Domestic violence call. One person arrested.

12-09...26xx NE 195. Caller wants his counselor to leave his apartment. Says counselor is calling him names. Caller has medical and mental issues and has not been taking meds. He agreed to stay calm and go talk to the doctor about meds.
12-10...192xx 37. 911 call. 44 year old daughter in melt-down. Fought with hairdresser, called 911, broke the phone, got a knife. Going for voluntary mental evaluation.
12-18...LFP. Person upset over divorce, threatening suicide.

"We believe the children are the future...treat them well"
12-10...Towne Centre. Juvenile shoplifted in Ace Hardware. Staff followed him into Third Place and detained him. Mom will take care of situation.
12-11...37xx NE 188. 17:06 reported that daughter ran away. 20:03 daughter returned home.
12-12...174xx Ballinger. Juveniles playing by creek, unsupervised.
12-13...Towne Centre, Sally Beauty. Three female teens shoplift ear-piercing starter kit worth $99.99.
12-13...189xx FP Dr NE. Live band practice. Asked them to stop for the night.
12-14...Police station. Shoreline woman wants to know long-boarding regulations in LFP. Says her son was threatened by an LFP police officer.
12-14...175xx Ballinger. Found student backpack with ID but no local schools has heard of him.

Don't let that kid out of your sight
12-14...Towne Centre, Third Place. Father and toddler spend a lot of time at Third Place. Concerned about elderly man who is too interested in toddler daughter. Father talked privately with old guy who said he was a Christian who believed in the truth of children and referenced constitution freedom of speech. Police will follow up with Mall security.

Not what it seemed
12-10...Towne Centre. Report of two males and a dog in the construction zone where Gold's Gym used to be. Just a couple of guys who were curious.
12-13...167xx 32 NE. 911 call. Wife thought someone was in the house because the light was on. Found that husband left it on so she hung up.
12-14...37xx NE 188. Residential alarm. Man standing in driveway. Homeowner's son is checking on alarm, which has had several false trips lately.
12-16...40 Pl/NE 195. Man passed out in roadway. Up and walking away when police arrived.
12-18...192xx 32 NE. Call about three men on street, wearing hoodies and carrying rifles. Police used PA to order them to put weapons on ground, hands in air and move to center of street. Three guys playing with air-soft weapons. Promised to stay out of street.

Like a horror film
12-13...29xx NE 185. Woman thinks someone is breaking in - heard a rustle and thump. Left house, taking two year old and is calling from neighbor's. Police found a screwdriver in the screen door like someone was trying to pry it open.
12-13...29xx NE 185. Woman saw strange man in neighborhood. She is nervous because of attempted burglary this morning. Cops did not locate him and streets are clear.

Car and driver.. uh, and bike
12-13...169xx 26 NE. Car tagged for removal - parked over 72 hours.
12-13...45xx NE 170. Mountain bike left on caller's property.
12-14...37xx NE 153.. Abandoned car.
12-14...37xx NE 178. Traffic stop. Driver has criminal warrants from Bonney Lake but they were unable to meet to pick him up, so he was cited and released.
12-14...194xx Ballinger. Driving with suspended license.
12-15...201xx 53 NE. Parking complaints.
12-16...153xx Bothell. Driving with suspended license.
12-16...165xx Bothell Way. Stopped a bicyclist riding on road in dark with no light. Pointed him to Burke Gilman Trail and told him to get a helmet. Smelled of alcohol.
12-18...190xx FP Dr NE. Car theft.

Car prowls
12-08...31xx NE 192. Broke into car through door lock. Passed over expensive items and took garage door opener.

We're keeping an eye on you
12-07...Towne Centre. Report of three subjects panhandling at Albertson's but gone when cops arrived.
12-10...Towne Centre. Keeping an eye on 3 Crips gang members at the Mall.
12-15...Towne Centre. Shop employee detained shoplifter who was then arrested by police.
12-15...26xx NE 195. Two guys looking at cars in apartment parking lot. When questioned, one said he was looking for his girlfriend's car, then left.
12-17...204xx 55 Pl NE. Meat salesmen going door to door.

And in other news...
12-07...Bothell Wy/Ballinger. 9:53 pm. Deceased feline.
12-09...182xx Ballinger. Home for sale and vacant. Door to mother-in-law apartment is forced open and there is evidence of drug use. Will notify realtor.
12-10...189xx 40 Pl NE. Caller's fiance and his roommate haven't returned from trip to WalMart.
12-10...185xx 26 NE. Big rock through window of van.
12-11...197xx 42 NE. Dog barking all night. Police checked but did not hear anything.
12-17...17001 Bothell Wy. Assisted citizen whose credit card was stuck in slot at gas pump. Citizen took card and went elsewhere to buy gas.

Mail theft - some in Shoreline, too
12-17...175xx 33 NE. Mailbox damaged. Mail found from the next block.
12-18...182xx 29 Pl NE. Mail theft from boxes. One box had mail from Snohomish county left in it.

Toilet paper is too hard to deal with in this weather
12-19...190xx 34 NE. Man reported vandalism. Police found plastic knives, forks, spoons stuck all over his front lawn. Told him it was a kid prank. He wants cops to remove them. Not happening.


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