Lake Forest Park Police Blotter 9-27 to 10-3-2010

Saturday, October 16, 2010

By Diane Hettrick - categories and Trends are mine. Reports are from the police. Who could make this stuff up?

Trends this week: more burglaries, particularly of vacant houses for sale. Mental illnesses and suicide attempts – and this is when the sun is shining – wait until the winter cloud cover turns everything gray. Summer parties are over, so noise complaints are down. Even though vacations are over and housesitters, neighbors, dog sitters, and plant waterers are not wandering through homes, we still manage to have false alarms.

Neighbors from Hell
9-27…36xx NE 155, apartments. Caller complains about noise from unit above. Also complained on 9-10 when a warning was given to upstairs tenants. Police spoke to tenant who has lived there one month. He was warned and turned off his music. Spoke to caller who said upstairs neighbor is now stomping on the floor. Police advised caller to report to manager. Caller has made other police reports about noise complaints from previous tenants in that unit.
9-30…34xx NE 190. Neighbor has a bunch of cars parked on city street. Cars tagged for 72 hour removal.
10-2…155xx Bothell Wy, apartments. Man and woman yelling, throwing things. Cops found they were having a verbal argument which upset the dog, who was running around the room and knocked over a lamp.

The Watercrest Apartments
9-27…148xx Bothell Wy, Watercrest Apts. Caller says that male neighbor swears and yells. Didn’t call when it was happening, so cops heard nothing. A pool of liquid was poured in front of her door, probably Pine-Sol. Cops said not to wait, but call 911 when things happen.
10-3…148xx Bothell Wy, Watercrest Apts. Subject banging on wall and yelling. Caller is frightened. Cops found the guy was drunk. Advised caller to continue to file complaints with manager.

Car talk
9-27…49xx NE 184. Car prowl.
9-29…26xx NE 195. Car prowl.
9-30…46xx NE 203 Ct. Abandoned vehicle.

Bumper cars and dicey drivers
9-27…NE 175/Ballinger. Traffic accident. One driver in custody, cars towed.
9-29…168xx Bothell Wy. Traffic stop. Found marijuana, crystal meth, and evidence of sales and distribution. Driver arrested, car impounded.
9-30…17xx Bothell Wy. Driving with license suspended.
10-2…170xx Bothell. Traffic accident. Took two males to Lynnwood jail, towed cars.
10-2…193xx 55 NE. 80 year old male driver got lost, confused, didn’t see the curb.
10-3…38 NE/Bothell Wy. Driving with suspended license.

I have no idea
9-27…174xx Ballinger. Subject sleeping on ramp. Told to move along.

Can OnStar shut off the car when the driver’s testosterone level gets too high?
10-3…Cedarbrook Elementary grounds. Caught guys driving on school lawn. They said it seemed ok because it was abandoned. Driver said they wanted to have fun but it might have been stupid.
10-3…195xx 35 NE. Road rage. Driver followed caller too closely, then made all the same turns with the caller. When driver passed him, caller started following until dispatch told him not to.

9-27…160xx 38 NE. Alarm set off by housekeeper. Homeowner didn’t tell her company the alarm would be on. Police note that this has happened before.
9-27…166xx 35 NE. Landscapers set off alarm when equipment tapped a window.
9-28…174xx Beach Dr NE. 3rd false alarm in a week.
10-2…40xx NE 174. Alarm. Son is taking care of house but too drunk to get the codes in right.

911 on Speed Dial
9-28…189xx 40 Pl NE. 911 call from cell phone. Line open, no one on. Can hear voices. Voice were AID workers, it was a medical call.
10-1…182xx 30 NE. 911 misdial.

9-27…51xx NE 184. House for sale was burglarized.
9-27…184xx 47 Pl NE. House for sale was burglarized.
9-28…189xx Forest Pk Dr NE. Shop vac and two cases of beer stolen from unlocked shed.

High Anxiety
9-27…190xx 33 NE. Caller heard breaking glass across street at apartments. Cops found nothing out of the ordinary.
10-1…36xx NE 155, apartments. Someone is banging at neighbor’s door. Cops found they were installing a door latch.
10-2…165xx 35 NE. Report of suspicious male pacing up and down the street. Cops found a father looking for his daughter on her bicycle.

Fantasies and nightmares
9-28…38xx NE 155. Woman reported that she lost her car keys two months ago and someone is getting in her car. There’s a stain in the back seat and the steering wheel was moved into a different position. A woman who works for her drives the car but denies the stain and the wheel change.
9-28…LFP. Woman threatened suicide. Told her husband to take the kids because she was “done.” Husband said this was an ongoing issue.
9-29…LFP, 4:30 am. Woman concerned because husband and children are not home. Advised to wait a few hours and start contacting schools and friends. She said he has no right to the oldest child because he’s not the father. Said she had been seen by a doctor and discharged.
9-29…LFP, 7:30 am. Woman said her husband has taken the children to Iowa where he has family. Police advised her it was a civil matter, that no crime had been committed.
9-29…LFP. 11:23 am. Woman has talked to an attorney and now she’s mad. Said the police should have stopped her husband from leaving the state. Police requested the name and phone number of her attorney and repeated that police do not get involved in custody disputes.
9-28…LFP. Woman called police for assistance with suicidal friend. She tried to get him to go to the hospital but he drove away. Police tried to track him, notified north end jurisdictions.
10-1…LFP. Woman from Wisconsin was talking to her friend in LFP when friend said she had taken pills and quit talking. Police found her semi-conscious. Called Aid who took her to Northwest Hospital.
10-1…196xx 30 NE. Woman, home alone, said a woman has been knocking on her door for 5 minutes, asking to be let in. Said this happened a month ago, but she didn’t report it. Cops went to check and found extensive, undisturbed spider webs in front of the door.

Remember how cute they were as babies?
9-28…169xx 32 Pl NE. Aid and police were called for a suicide attempt of a female trying to jump off a balcony. Parents of female contacted her therapist who came to the house. Subject not suicidal. Had a fight with her mother and shook the balcony rail until it broke.
9-28…169xx 32 Pl NE. Aid requested police assistance with 14 year old.
10-3…29xx NE 182. Caller said her mother’s granddaughter was evicted but crawled in the window and took things.

Don’t take it out on the kids
9-28…198xx 30 NE. Ex-husband and boyfriend are yelling at each other. Ex took their daughter shopping, dropped her back at Mom’s. Called later and found her in tears over comments the BF made about her dad, said he was “spineless.” Dad went back to house to confront BF. Mom called cops.

Dogs don’t like to be tied up
9-28…34xx NE 193. Man has pit bull tethered outside and it barks constantly. Neighbor called police to take care of it and was very upset when told he had to call King County Animal Control and file a complaint.
9-28…NE 187/35 NE. Dog tied outside and barks for hours at a time. Numerous complaints from neighbors.

Group Homes
10-1…30xx NE 203, group home. Resident was combative with staff, yelling, swearing, slamming doors and trying to leave. Police advised that this is not against the law. This is the third time they have been called to do a job that staff should have, and questioned why there was only one staff member in the house. Staff person said his boss said to call 911 when residents acted up and was evasive about where the other two staff members were. Police advised that if they were called on the same issue they would report the group home to the state to assess the resident’s placement.

I think I’ll have a contest to name this category
10-2…Ballinger/Bothell Wy. Protesters with signs, in traffic, creating a hazard. Cops told them to stay on sidewalk. “Honk for Peace” sign is illegal, not ok to encourage honking. Sign-holder said he’d use the other side. His companions were videotaping the officer, and pointing cell phones at him.

Call of the Week
9-27…174xx Ballinger. Report of naked bike rider on path from golf course. No luck in area search.


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