Lake Forest Park Police Blotter 10-11 to 10-17

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Photo by Steven H. Robinson
By Diane Hettrick. Categories are mine, reports are from the police. Who could make this stuff up?

Trends? Nope. It’s a totally random week.

This week at the Watercrest
10-11…14806 Bothell Wy. Caller cannot reach 95 year old friend, busy signal for 4 days. Police went to apartment, friend was fine, something wrong with land line – and the caller was there already.
10-14….14812 Bothell Wy. Stolen car found.
10-14….14812 Bothell Wy. Stolen car stolen again.

Honest, officer, I didn’t mean to call 911 – or set off the alarm
10-11…192xx 53 Ct. 911 hang up. Police contacted caller who said he thought he had been poisoned by his coffee but changed his mind. Call transferred to Aid; caller annoyed.
10-11….53 NE/NE 180. Norcom reports a 911 possible disturbance. Police called the number, could hear muffled voices. Girl said “hello” and hung up.
10-11….Towne Centre. Cleaning crew set off alarm in the old SCC space.
10-12….190xx 34 NE. Dialing 206-914-xxxx and got 911.
10-14….201xx 53 NE. False alarm – bad battery.
10-15….168xx Beach Dr NE. 9 year old dialed 911.
10-16….177xx Beach Dr NE. Alarm. Owner changing settings on panel.
10-16….165xx Shore Dr. False alarm.
10-17….39xx NE 185 Ln. Alarm. Woman came home, heard the alarm and sound of breaking glass. Police checked and everything was ok.

Breaking up is hard to do
10-8…..updated report. Woman called to report that her husband, whom she is divorcing, has been making suicidal statements by text, on Facebook, to her. He has missed work and family events, no one knows where he is.
10-11....Missing husband has been found, is ok, in good health.

Burglars, family, it’s all the same
10-11….35xx NE 147. Homeowners back from out of town to find firearms and musical instruments missing. They suspect a family member.

Parenting classes should be required
10-11….NE 195/35. Shoreline teenage driver told mom her car was hit in LFP by someone who left the scene. She filed a report with SL police, then recanted her story. Mother now in charge of the case.
10-12….198xx 31 NE. 6 and 8 year old boys were rowdy so parents went to bedroom to escape. Kids said they’d call the police if parents didn’t play with them. Parents stayed put. Kids called 911. Parents asked police to come lecture the kids.
10-13….167xx 39 NE. Juvenile runaway, chronic. Girl came home 7 minutes later.
10-14….167xx 39 NE. Juvenile runaway.

This week’s group home drama
10-13….187xx 35 NE. Resident called police because other residents hurt her feelings.
10-15….187xx 35 NE. Woman said that another resident scratched and hit her. He said she hit him with the phone. She did it again while he was on the phone with police. Staff tried to intervene and got hit with the phone, too. Police arrested the one throwing the phone and booked her in KC Jail.

The usual ID fraud
10-13….149xx 37 NE. Bank account on hold because of fraud charges from Georgia.
10-14….165xx 37 NE. Contacted for an outstanding bill that's not his.

You can understand why people would be concerned
10-12….17181 Bothell Wy, bank. Person wearing a gas mask and wielding a sword entered the bank. Police found kids making a film for school project.
10-14….36xx NE 155, apartments. Suspicious car near C/D building. Driver defecated behind dumpster. Caller sure he was there to do drug deals with tenants.

10-12…45xx NE 204. Guy standing at end of shared driveway. Told caller he was “with the City.” Police found he was a process server waiting for the neighbor and warned against impersonating a City worker.
10-13…160xx 32 NE. Man in car parked on street. Got out of car. When caller approached, man got back in his car so fast he set off his car alarm.
10-14….184xx 40 Pl NE. Report of people removing furniture from vacant house. Police found a hired clean-up crew.
10-15….17071 Bothell Wy, Report of suspicious activity. Police found contractors working at Starbucks.
10-15….145xx 37 NE. Report of suspicious male. Police found homeowner’s son, doing yard work.

People who shouldn’t be driving
10-11….NE 178/Ballinger. Report of an erratic driver who hit a dog. He did get out of the car to look for the dog. Caller said he smells like gasoline. Police found no dog and no driver.
10-12….2500 NE Perkins. Two drivers racing, nearly sideswiped school bus, then one went into ditch.
10-16….164/Bothell Wy. Driving with license suspended for no insurance. Cited and released, car impounded.

…or walking
10-12….153/Bothell Wy. Jaywalker has warrant from Federal Way. Unable to arrange a meet with Federal Way because of staffing so police so turned him loose.
10-16…182xx Ballinger. Report of male pedestrian staggering and falling into traffic. Police found Husky fan, walking home from game. Gave him a courtesy ride home.

…or sleeping
10-11…Towne Centre, by Avid Angler. Guy hanging out in mall, sleeping on bench, no shoes, towel on head. Police woke him up and he left.
10-16. 159xx 41 NE. Caller wants help with suicidal friend. Police called and woke up the friend, who was sleepy but ok.

…or making noise
10-15….148xx Bothell Wy. Complaint of loud party with live band. Police found a pre-wedding party – they agreed to quiet down.
10-16….33xx NE 185. Complaint of loud party, music, cooking pig in ground. Police found they were not very loud but asked them to turn down music anyway.

And don’t hit people, either
10-15….26xx NE 195. Caller saw man strike a woman when they were on their balcony – they had previously been fighting loudly. Woman climbed down the balcony. Police arrested male for 4th degree assault and booked him in KC Jail.

Oh heck, just stop what you’re doing
10-13….174xx Ballinger. Warned four subjects playing tag not to be in park after dark.
10-15….187xx 35 NE, apartments. Woman made threats to two other tenants.
10-17….Towne Centre. Vendor reported man who was leering at women and saying they were “scantily clad.” Police unable to locate him.
10-17….167xx 30 NE. Son and girlfriend smoking marijuana in car. Contacted mother who showed up inebriated. Warned everyone.
10-17….67xx NE 165. Bipolar son destroying house, smashed computer. Angry at mother over money issues. Son disconnected phone while mother was talking to police, then fled on foot. He was picked up a few blocks away, booked KC Jail.

10-13….38xx NE 155. Car stolen from underground garage.
10-17….184xx Ballinger. Car prowl.
10-17….35xx NE 147. Car prowl, broke car window.
10-17….160xx 33 NE. Car prowler set off car alarm. Police found him on street, arrested for violation of restraining order.

Here, puppy
10-12….189xx Lago Pl NE. Stray dog, yellow lab mix, no tabs. Couldn’t get him, even with doggie treats.

Wait ‘til she wants to get rid of the dandelions
10-16….42xx NE 203 Pl. Complaint of noxious fumes. Police found that neighbor had poured bleach all over driveway to get rid of moss and left it there, foaming. Fire department called to hose it off and caller advised to stay inside until fumes dissipate.

Training in customer service needed
10-16….17001 Bothell Wy. Caller said he gave gas attendant $20 and attendant won’t give him change. Police talked to owner, who said they would balance the till Monday and give the caller change if the count was over.
10-17….184xx 40 Pl NE. Man called prostitute. They got in a fight about services and fees. She claimed assault, but she was drunk and changed her story many times. Scene doesn’t support her story. No charges.


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