Shoreline Police Blotter 10-6 to 10-20

Monday, October 25, 2010

By Diane Hettrick. Categories and Trends are mine. Reports are from the police. Who could make this stuff up?

Trends: Juvenile runaways have been increasing since school started. It could be that the marginal kids are finding each other at school, or it could be that school is the final stresser to push them over the edge and out of the door. In any event, it certainly helps explain part of the school drop-out rates. More shoplifting than usual this week.

10-15…190xx 15 NW. Juvenile runaway.
10-16…188xx Aurora. Cop spotted two kids going behind closed business. Boy needed to use the bushes. Girl, 18, has a warrant and is listed as runaway.
10-16…16xx N 183. Juvenile runaway.
10-16…198xx Bagley N. Juvenile runaway.
10-17…1xx NE 159. Juvenile runaway.
10-17…3xx NW 178. Juvenile runaway. (That’s once)
10-17…3xx NW 178. Juvenile runaway. (That’s twice)
10-18…3xx NW 178. Juvenile runaway. (Three times)
10-18…198xx Phinney N. Juvenile runaway.
10-19…155xx 27 NE. Juvenile runaway. Dropped son at school, he didn’t come home.
10-19…14xx NE 155. Juvenile runaway.

Other kid problems
10-11…N 145. Parents took 3 year old to Children’s. They suspect child abuse.
10-15…19343 3 NW, Einstein middle school. Kid 1 knocked hat off Kid 2. Kid 2 swung around and hit Kid 1. Kid 2 had an arm cast, so Kid 1 has a bloody nose.
10-15…19343 3 NW, Einstein. Girl’s cell phone stolen at school.
10-18…198xx Bagley Pl. Juvenile booked after displaying a BB gun in his waistband.
10-18…173xx Fremont, Shorewood. Student reported other student with marijuana in backpack. Found scales, papers, marijuana, and lighter.
10-18…19343 3 NW, Einstein. Gang graffiti spray painted on school.

Empty houses – may as well paint a bulls-eye on the front door
10-12…10xx NW 190. House burglarized while owners on vacation. Forced window.
10-16…178xx 24 NE. Squatters in house for sale.
10-19…18xx NE Perkins Wy. Owners suspect squatters are using vacant rental property.

Being occupied didn’t stop this activity
10-12…192xx 12 NE. Burglars attempted to pry open apartment door.
10-15…152xx 8 NE. Burglary. Entry through unlocked side door. Took 2 TVs.
10-16…21xx N 185. Someone broke into house to smoke crack, left pipe behind.

This seems personal
10-15…13xx N 152, apartments. Jewelry stolen from box in apartment.
10-15…195xx 2 NW. 6-7 albums of stamp collection stolen from home.
10-18…1140 N 192, The Blakeley. Someone using woman’s cell phone to make calls.
10-19…200xx 20 NW. Allegations of elder financial abuse.

This is personal
10-15…178xx 3 NE. Family fight.
10-16…145xx Stone. Roommates fight. When police arrive one of them fights the police.
10-16…145xx Fremont. Argument. One person swung a kitchen knife at the other.
10-17…175xx Linden. Domestic partners, drunk, fought. One pushed other to floor.

Something for nothing
10-12…17202 15 NE, Safeway. Person went through check-out line and paid for groceries, then went back in store and added items to cart.
10-12…15711 Aurora, Sears. Took a comforter to the return desk and tried to cash it in without paying for it first.
10-12…1125 N 175, TOP Foods. Took beer out back door.
10-12…15332 Aurora, Safeway. Took beer
10-13…15332 Aurora, Safeway. Employee spotted shoplifter from previous occasion.
10-16…13xx N 205, Home Depot. Shoplifter.
10-16…1335 N 205, Home Depot. Shoplifter.
10-17…18420 Aurora, Bartells. Shoplifter, foot pursuit.
10-17…20003 Aurora, Village Mart. Shoplifter.
10-17…20305 Aurora, Super Pawn. Shoplifted air compressor.
10-19…15700 Aurora, Sears. Shoplifter got nine Carhart jackets.

Cars, Cars, Cars, Cars
10-12…181xx N 183. Abandoned vehicle.
10-13…6xx NW 185. License plate stolen.
10-14…1175 N 205, Costco parking lot. Car stolen.
10-16…162xx 12 NE. Car prowl.
10-16…157xx 1 NW. Abandoned vehicle.
10-16…181xx 15 NE, apartments. Car stolen.
10-18…14xx N 200, condos. Car prowl.
10-18…NE 177/15 NE. Abandoned vehicle.
10-18…145xx 30 NE. Abandoned vehicle.
10-19…6 NE/NE 145. Abandoned vehicle.

Drugs, legal and otherwise
10-6….182xx Linden, group home. Employee reported resident’s prescription meds stolen from locked cabinet.
10-13…16101 Greenwood, SCC. Campus security traffic stop; driver had marijuana.
10-13…15332 Aurora, Safeway. Drunk, has been Trespassed, keeps returning.
10-15…17545 Aurora, Doug’s Northwest Cadillac. Man left Therapeutic Health Services, overdosed on methadone, and stumbled into Doug’s. Taken for detox.
10-16…172xx 12 NE. Woman passed out from alcohol and marijuana. Guy she was with called 911. Aid took her to hospital. Police took him to jail on warrants.
10-16…152xx Aurora. Traffic accident, DUI.
10-17…166xx NW Innis Arden Rd. Reckless driving, collision, DUI.
10-17…15424 N 200, Aurora Village Transit Station. Two drunks passed out on bus.
10-18…13xx N 165. Drug dealing on street.
10-19…170xx Aurora. Drug party behind Baro Grocery, fighting.

10-12…16716 Aurora, Club Hollywood. Hit and run.
10-13…201xx Ballinger. Driving with suspended license.
10-14…NE 155/1 NE, Twin Ponds Park. Guy in park had felony warrants.
10-14…NE 147/Aurora. Guy walking in street. Warrants.
10-14…15221 Aurora, Taqueria el Sabor. Rock through window.
10-16…176xx 6 NW. Death.
10-16…15xx NE 172. Mail theft.
10-18…1202 N 155, Aurora Maytag Cleaners. Purse stolen from laundry basket.
10-18…20202 Ballinger, 24 Hr Fitness. Phone threats.
10-18…16xx N 183. Prowler.
10-18…16300 Aurora, Salon Stephen Craig. Hole shot in window.
10-18…105xx 32 NE. Suicide threat.
10-19…175xx Aurora. Driving with revoked license.
10-19…25xx NE 195, condos. Victim punched in face, no warning.
10-19…1145 N 205, Fedex. Trespasser.


Anonymous,  October 25, 2010 at 6:26 PM  

Good point on the "trend" about runaways, and juveniles getting in trouble.

It's a sad fact that the "Great Shoreline School District" with all of it's legendary "quality educational" reputation, can't seem to come up with a plan to help kids who are the "square pegs" or just can't cope with the WASL style stress. The "fuzzy math" concepts and high pressure, is just not conducive to learning for all types of kids.

Many kids these days would benefit from more hands-on types of learning, such as shop, auto repair, music, art, theater, cooking or other tangible types of learning. And yet, those kinds of classes always get short shrift in funding.

You'd think with the HUGE school levy and $150 MILLION Bond elections that the District pulled of (some say fraudulently), there would be plenty of money for all educational styles.

But sadly, if you don't fit the mold in this district, you are out of luck.

Shoreline should be finding every possible tool to help these kids, instead of just shoving these "drop out rates" under the rug. This has been going on in Shoreline School District for many years.

Graduation rates have been a dirty little secret here. Building huge new edifices to attract rich kids won't cut it. It takes more than just fancy new buildings to make a quality education that speaks to every child and family.

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