Letter to the Editor: Ethical integrity is the priority in selecting leadership

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

To the Editor:

Ethical integrity is the number one priority in selecting leadership. As a lifelong Democrat I have looked to the character of candidates, and I endorse Art Coday because of his integrity. As a physician he has applied the principle that doctors must “do no harm” and will bring that principle to the State House of Representatives.

As a teen Art lost his father, and this caused great emotional and financial hardship for him and his family. Nevertheless, he excelled by graduating from Lakeside School, UW (honors, magnum cum laude), and Harvard Medical School. During his school years Art worked hard to pay his own way and help support his family. Now, Art Coday brings empathy to the disadvantaged and he brings zeal to the constitutionally mandated public school system. He will demand that the state provide the very best for our children and teachers.

Dr. Coday sees mainly Medicare and Medicaid patients, providing loving care to our most fragile and vulnerable citizens. He is a man of compassion and integrity that we can trust, and he brings a depth of understanding to the legislative debate that no other candidate has.

The PDC filings clearly show Art’s ability to manage money responsibly. Some people attempt to buy political power, but Art has proven that he will serve the general public, not special interests, with his scholarship and skills.

All members of the 32nd Legislative District will be well served by Art, including seniors, children, the poor, working people, businesses, and new immigrants looking for opportunity. Art will do this with fairness for everyone, attention to detail, care in spending our tax dollars, and concern for the environment.

I urge Democrats and Independents to join me on the team to elect Dr. Art Coday. He is the kind of leader we need.

La Nita Jordan Wacker


Anonymous,  September 22, 2010 at 9:00 AM  

It is quite obvious that Ms Wacker has no integrity left herself.

She obviously has such personal animosity towards Cindy Ryu, a committed Democrat, that she is jumping parties in her endorsement.

Cindy Ryu has stood up for what's right and fought for the underdog as an elected official and as a person. She has spent many years in public and community service and has many accomplishments to her credit.
She has 4 years of elected experience, which Dr Coday does not. She holds an MBA and is a successful business owner.

She is the embodiment of the American Dream, having achieved success in multiple cultural arenas.

Dr Coday has close ties to the TEA party and earlier this year, started off running against Patty Murray.

Ms Wacker is making a big mistake, just as she made a big mistake in endorsing Doris McConnell. It is sad to see her abandoning the Democratic party yet again.

Anonymous,  September 22, 2010 at 2:43 PM  

It's about time we stopped pledging allegiance to any political party, rather than choosing the right person for the job, based upon their character and abilities. I don't know Cindy Ryu, and I have nothing against her. But I do know Dr. Coday, and I've found him to be a refreshing alternative to the 'career politicians' that we seem to have in Olympia now.

Kevin B.,  September 22, 2010 at 5:28 PM  

I don't see someone who is "jumping parties" as necessarily bad. In fact, it shows that the person is willing to not just look at the "D" or "R" after a name but at what that candidate can bring to office. It's refreshing that Coday does NOT have political experience, since it's the "politicians" who have messed up our state budget.

JEDH September 25, 2010 at 12:07 AM  

More people had jobs, and more money was available for taxes, before the last economic bubble burst. And it sure would help a lot if the wealthiest class would pitch it the same percentage as the middle income folks did.

Thank you growth economy and untrustworthy, greedy BIG banksters. And, thank you Bush and Cheney for dragging us into more BIG OIL wars that have indebted us for generations.

And, yes, thank you the BIG Corporate/politician revolving door/back and forth situation that leaves us with very few politicians that are doing what they were meant to do FOR us-and that is: GOVERN, rather than open the floodgates of profit for Corporate "Persons" who steal from the entire country and leave them with a "messed up" budget.

I have no clue how this Medical Doctor can help cure us of this huge wound any more than a small-moderate size business owner can, but if he thinks he can pull this off. I love to hear what his plan is.

Anonymous,  October 7, 2010 at 9:24 AM  

Dr. Coday did not pay his own way through school. If he is telling people that he is not telling the truth.

Also, all "politicians" are just people who have decided to run for office. Dr. Coday is no different (better or worse)than any of them. Anybody who derides "politicians" just because they ran for office should never vote for anyone again because by definition, they are all politicians.

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