Continuing Education Classes at Shoreline CC Summer Quarter

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Summer 2016
We've added to our Continuing Education program! 
Along with our new, Bridges to Shoreline offerings (formerly Plus 50: computer training, and business and professional development offerings), we’ve launched courses to hone writing skills, improve and maintain mental and physical health, reveal lesser known regional history, and lots more. Browse the Summer schedule and stay tuned in coming weeks for added courses and more details!
Bridges to Shoreline
Are you an older adult with a passion for learning? Whether it’s for personal interest, to build new skills, to make new social connections, or to remain active and engaged in your retirement, you may find what you’re looking for through Bridges to Shoreline. Bridges offers non-credit classes and workshops to stimulate your personal enrichment, inspire self-actualization, and maintain connections to a community of like-minded people. Expand your learning, redefine your retirement, or simply be engaged as an adult learner.
Computing and Technology

Design and Publish Your Home Business Website                                                                                $24.28
Everyone knows a successful business starts with a sharp and navigable website. Students will design a basic, fully-finished, business site starting from scratch using Wordpress.  Pick and purchase a domain. Set up hosting, install Wordpress and a theme.  Add content and set up your site! Upon completion of a basic Wordpress website, you will learn how to market it on social media.  Requirements: Registration with Hostgator. Plan on investing approximately $100 for a year of hosting, domain registration, and other incidental costs of maintaining a website.
10:00am—1:00pm Saturdays
Start date: 7/16/16 | End date: 7/30/16
Building 1300, Room 1308
Instructor:  Ikuseghan, J. | P-CMP 103 | Item 0817
Getting Started with Computers                                                                                                             $24.28
For many of us the mere thought of learning the basics of computer use can be uncomfortable, even overwhelming. This is a beginning level class designed to help you overcome these common anxieties, and get you emailing, researching, and working right away! Achieve a range of basics and practical applications for personal or business use. Topics include:  Overview of PC hardware and software concepts, Windows 8, word processing and spreadsheets, printing and  Internet browsing, email use, and computer and Internet safety. No previous experience required.
Text: Welcome to the World of Computers, 3rd Ed, 2010, Labyrinth Learning Publishers,

available in bookstore. ISBN 978-1-59136-332-3
6:00-9:00pm Mondays
Start date: 7/11/16 | End date: 7/25/16
Building 1300, Room 1308
Instructor: Berkley, W. | P-CMP 102 | Item 0815
Type Faster and with More Accuracy: Quick Keyboarding with Keytimer                                       $39.46  
Learn to type by touch using all your fingers and/or increase your speed and accuracy.  At the end of the first session, you will be able to type all the letters of the alphabet, the horizontal numbers, comma and period on the keyboard without looking at your fingers.  Using a scientifically designed book, you will see quick results.
Required text (with software): KEYTIME® Skillbuilder© Learning Kit and KEYtimer© Software CD, available in bookstore. ISBN 978-0-9627395-0-7
8:00am-12:00pm MTWTh
Start date: 7/25/16 | End date: 7/28/16
Building 5000 |Room 5116
Instructor: Lewis, L. | P-CMP 100 | Item 0811
 PowerPoint 2013 Essentials                                                                                                                   $24.28
PowerPoint is like an electronic slide show, but with a nearly endless choice of colors, fonts, and presentation styles.  Create text animations to make pictures appear and move, add impressive backgrounds, charts and tables, different kinds of art and graphics, and much more.  Learn the skills to create a slide show of any kind, with tips on integrating your oral presentation. Additionally, with PowerPoint, you will gain intuition and insights for other graphics programs. Note: Previous experience with Microsoft Word and familiarity with a Windows environment are recommended. 

Textbook:  FastCourse Microsoft PowerPoint 2013: Level 1, ISBN-13: 978-1-59136-506-8,
Labyrinth Learning Publishers.  Continuing Education books are no longer available from the Shoreline Community College Bookstore.  Most textbooks are now ordered online from the University Bookstore, or by visiting: UW Bookstore, 4328 University Way, Seattle, WA  98105. For assistance, please call: 206-634-3400 x331.

6:00-9:00pm. Mondays
Start date: 8/1/16 | End date: 8/15/16
Building 1300, Room 1308
Instructor: Berkley, W. | P-CMP 113 | Item 6911
Word 2013 Essentials in Action!                                                                                                            $36.42
A serious introduction to the basics and beyond of this robust word processing program. You will create, edit, and proofread documents, change the look of text and the document, present information in columns and tabs and work with graphics, symbols, and diagrams. Prerequisites: Familiarity with the Windows environment and working with a mouse and keyboard. 

Step by Step Microsoft Office Word 2013ISBN: 978-0-7356-6912-3.
Continuing Education books are no longer available from the Shoreline Community College Bookstore.  Most textbooks are now ordered online from the University Bookstore, or by visiting: UW Bookstore, 4328 University Way, Seattle, WA  98105. For assistance, please call: 206-634-3400 x331.

6:00-9:00 p.m. Mondays and Wednesdays
(Class does not meet on Wednesday, 6/29 or Monday, 7/4)
Start date: 6/20/16 | End date: 7/11/16
Building 1300, Room 1304
Instructor: Aldrich, M. | P-CMP 129 | Item 6908
Excel 2013 Essentials in Action!                                                                                                              $36.42
Get the basics and beyond for creating spreadsheets. You will create, edit and format a worksheet, perform calculations, print workbook contents, filter and sort data, and work with charts. You'll learn to use the Help and other built-in tools. And here’s the exciting part! You will apply your newly learned Excel skills in practical activities, such as creating a household budget, creating a household inventory, etc.
Prerequisites: Familiarity with the Windows environment, or Getting Started with Computers, or Integrated, Self-Paced Computer Lab. A memory stick or thumb drive is required for this class. Word experience is helpful but not required.
Textbook:  Mastery Series: Microsoft Excel 2013 Introductory Skills, ISBN: 978-1-59136-521-1. Continuing Education books are no longer available from the Shoreline Community College Bookstore.  Most textbooks are now ordered online from the University Bookstore, or by visiting: UW Bookstore, 4328 University Way, Seattle, WA  98105. For assistance, please call:
206-634-3400 x331.
6:00-9:00 p.m. Mondays and Wednesdays
Start date: 7/13/16 | End date: 7/27/16
Building 1400, Room 1401
Instructor:  Aldrich, M. | P-CMP 132 | Item 6909
Life Skills and Enrichment

Get Rich, Stay Rich!                                                                                                                                 $24.28
One of Ariele Huff’s most popular courses!
Make money your friend and servant. This workshop is a step-by-step guide to bettering your life and your circumstances: A money makeover! Wealth is within your grasp. Participants will leave with increased confidence and wealth awareness, a game plan, a treasure map, and step-by-step guidance, which has helped many become wealthy.

6:00-8:30pm Tuesdays
Start date: 7/12/16| End date: 8/2/16
Building 1400, Room 1402
Instructor:  Huff, A. | P-SKL 106 | Item 6925

NEW! Make the Right Medical Decisions—Med Advocacy 101

Everyone needs a Medical Advocate—another pair of ears to listen, someone who is calm and knowledgeable during stressful times, another pair of feet to get a warm blanket, another voice to question or demand in critical moments. Prepare for this role, learn strategies, set an action plan. Advocate for loved ones, clients or yourself. Teacher has advocating background.

10:00am—2:00pm Saturday
Start date: 7/30/16| End date: 7/30/16
Building 1400, Room 1402
Instructor:  Huff, A. | P-SKL 115 | Item 6988

Birding for Beginners                                                                                                                              $15.75
Introduced for Spring Quarter, this class went full capacity!
Students will learn field identification skills and the natural history of birds in the Pacific Northwest through indoor lectures and field trips. This class will prepare students to enjoy a rewarding hobby in bird watching, meet and network with other birders, and provide foundational skills for a career in wildlife management. Please bring binoculars. And sign up soon, this will probably fill up!

8:00-10:00am Saturdays
Start date: 7/9/16 | End date: 7/23/16
Building 1800, Room 1802
Instructor:  Furbush, R. | P-SKL 131 | Item 6999

Success! Buy and Sell on the Internet                                                                                                    $16.00
Learn how to create eBay, Amazon, and other seller accounts, create successful listings, load pictures, and accept credit card payment with PayPal. the course covers selling tips, tricks and traps, market analyses, and best ways to determine shipping costs. Also, discover where to get free shipping supplies, how to print shipping labels from your home computer, and get free home pickup. Please have at least a year experience navigating the web and a functional home operating system. A home printer/scanner is an added advantage, but not necessary. Lecture only.
6:00-900pm Wednesdays
Start date: 7/13/16 | End date: 7/20/16
Building 1300, Room 1305
Instructor: Ikuseghan, J. | P-BUS 101 | Item 0803

QuickBooks: A Serious Introduction for General Use                                                                        
Get started with this valuable accounting software that is used by more than 80% of small to mid-sized businesses. You will learn the basics of how QuickBooks can aid you in performing daily, weekly, and monthly bookkeeping and accounting operations for a business. This one fills up fast, so register early!  Prerequisites: Familiarity with the Windows environment and working with a mouse and keyboard. A memory stick or thumb drive is required for this class.
6:00-9:00 p.m. Tuesdays
Start date: 7/5/16 | End date: 7/19/16
Building 1300, Room 1308
Instructor: Hudson, J.R. | P-CMP 104 | Item 6906
Online Learning
Ed2go provides the highest-quality online continuing education courses that are affordable and easy to use through a network of more than 2,100 top colleges and universities. As a virtual online college, we offer the latest instructor-led online courses from the top professionals in their field. Start your online training program today!
Browse the Instructor-Led Courses and Career Training Programs:
Professional and Business Development

Introduction to Project Management Certifications
PMI certification is the most essential project management professional designation. This class is an introduction to certification based on the global industry leader, the Project Management Institute. Students will also gain insight into a variety of professional project management certificates. With a PMI certification behind your name, you can work in virtually any industry, anywhere in the world, and with any project management methodology.
Instructor, Dr. Larry Adeyemi, Ph.D., PMP has over 20 years of project management experience in both the private and public sectors along with his experience designing customized professional courses and instruction. While bringing his work experience to the sessions to clarify topics, Larry assists his participants to look at their own experiences and make the connection to the material and topics. Dr. Adeyemi was also Project Management Certification Program VP for Project Management Institute (PMI), Puget Sound Chapter, as well as a PMP exam item writer for the PMI.  
6:00-8:00pm Thursdays
Start date: 7/7/16 | End date: 7/28/16
Building 1400, Room 1402
Instructor: Adeyemi, L. | CEBUS 105 | Item 6565
Writing, Language Arts and Literature

Writing and Selling Magazine Articles                                                                                                  $64.00
The ins-and-outs of nonfiction magazine article writing: Ideas, research, marketing, writing, building your platform, and more. Instructor Christine Dubois is an award-winning writer who has published more than 400 magazine articles in 45 different magazines and newspapers. She teaches writing workshops at local community colleges as well as for local businesses. Her warmth, knowledge, and enthusiasm make her a popular instructor.

6:00-8:30pm Wednesdays
Start date: 6/22/16 | End date: 6/29/16
Building 1400, Room 1402
Instructor: Dubois, C | CEWRT 200 | Item 6560
Free Your Creativity, Bring Your Writing to Life!
Bring your writing to life by tapping into your hidden creativity! This workshop covers what creative people have in common, how to ward off negative influences, and how to listen to and trust your creative instincts. Through a variety of fun writing exercises, you'll learn to nurture your creative side and use it to enrich all your writing projects. Instructor Christine Dubois is a widely published writer.
10:00am-2:30pm Saturday
Start date: 7/16/16 | End date: 7/16/16
Building 1400, Room 1402
Instructor: Dubois, C. | CEWRT 210 | Item 6575

Private Instruction Music Lessons
Voice • Guitar • Piano • Drums & Percussion • Brass & Woodwinds • Production
Shoreline Continuing Education now offers private instruction music lessons from our faculty at the SCC Music Building (Building 800). Lessons are offered in piano, voice, guitar, bass, percussion, brass and woodwinds.
Ten lessons of 30 minutes each are offered during the Summer Quarter, June 20 through August 10.
These weekly lessons are arranged between student and teacher, with a consistent agreed upon day and time.  
Students study technique, sight-reading, rhythm, literature, and artistry, always at their own level, beginner through advanced.  Beginning pianists and singers are encouraged to take the class piano and class voice courses at the college to gain some experience before private instruction lessons, but some beginners will be accepted for lessons when space is available.
Tuition for 10, 30-minute lessons for all disciplines: $349 + $5 tuning fee for piano lessons. 
Enrolling is easy:
1Register and pay tuition: Please contact Ron Carnell: (206) 533-6706
Arrange your meeting days, times, and classroom with your instructor.

 • Voice with Meg Stecker-Thorsen | Item 6510 (206) 546-4617
Morning and afternoon weekly lesson times, Mondays through Thursdays.
Please contact instructor for more information about available time slots.
• Guitar with Andy Ferguson | Item 6511 (425) 941-5327
• Piano with Helena Azevedo, Charles Enlow, Jensina Oliver | 6512           
Helena Azevedo: 533-6608
Charles Enlow: (206) 546-4524
Jensina Oliver: (206) 546-4618

• Drums and Percussion with Don Dietrich | 6514 (206) 782-3942
• Brass & Woodwinds • Coordinators, Doug Reid and Karl Fagerstrom | Item 6513 (206) 546-4759 (206) 792-6837
 • Music Production & Recording Techniques • Bahaa Sadak | Item 6515 (206) 920-8063 
Logic, Bitwig, Ableton, Reason and Hardware Workstation
 This course will introduce the students to digital audio recording and midi sequencing using the most common DAWs ( Digital Audio Workstations) such as Logic, Ableton Live, Bitwig, Reason and commonly used hardware such as Korg Kronos, Yamaha Motif , and Roland Fantom series. Classes will also include advanced tips and tricks in recording and mixing.
• • •
Although it happens infrequently, there is a possibility that times, dates, and classroom locations may change. For the most current information on Bridges to Shoreline and other SCC Continuing Ed courses, please visit call 206-533-6706


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