Crime in Shoreline week ending 5-30-17 - Costco had a rough week

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Selected items from the Shoreline Police blotter week ending May 30, 2017

Trending: vehicle prowls, both with and without breaking windows. Domestic violence assaults. Trespasses for shoplifting, public drunkenness. Ballinger McDonalds Trespassed multiple people.

05-20  Mail theft 145xx block Dayton N.
05-20  Caught someone trying to steal a backpack at the Y. Trespassed.
05-20  Heroin users caught shooting up near where kids were playing baseball, 7xx N 167th.
05-22  Woman parked RV on side of road and when she returned later in the day, someone was sleeping in it. N 165th and Aurora.
05-22  Storage locker burglarized at Ballinger Commons.
05-22  Shoplifter at Home Depot was booked on an outstanding felony warrant.
05-22  Someone shoplifted underwear from Lovers Package store.
05-22  Bicycle stolen from trailhead while owner hiked. NW 188th and 15th NW.
05-23  Person caught prowling around the police station was Trespassed.
05-23  Person in neighborhood on 25th NE was drunk - assaultive and combative - taken for detox.
05-23  Body found by Costco loading dock - being investigated by Major Crimes unit.
05-23  Juvenile female attempted suicide at school, but friend stopped her and got help.
05-23  Person Trespassed from Costco after urinating and drinking alcohol on their property.
05-23  Person arrested for disorderly conduct after using hostile and abusive language to customers and staff in Costco parking lot.
05-23  Laptop stolen from Cash America
05-23  Shoes stolen from locker at Y.
05-23  Subject left a welfare check in Ballinger Subway parking lot by backing into a police vehicle and other vehicle and fleeing the scene.
05-24  Copper theft from Northwest Mechanical.
05-24  Suspect arrested on Aurora after foot chase and Taser deployment. Possession of heroin.
05-24  Family members physically assaulted each other in fight over mother's estate.
05-25  Front door smashed in and cash register taken from Pho 99 on Aurora.
05-25  NW 195th Ct - mailbox pried open and mail taken.
05-25  Unknown male exposed himself inside JoAnn Fabric store.
05-25  Victim was in her front yard when a robber forced her into the house at gunpoint and stole her diamonds.
05-25  During area check at Echo Lake Park two people were found and one was Trespassed.
05-25  Vehicle prowled and wallet taken outside of 24 Hour Fitness on Ballinger.
05-26  Theft from apartment at The Blakeley at South Echo Lake.
05-28  Costco display vehicle vandalized.


Anonymous,  June 12, 2017 at 12:09 AM  

Heroin junkies shooting up in our parks. And King County want to further normalize injecting heroin in their proposed heroin lounges for people to shoot up in.

Stop this failed program in its tracks:

Katemac June 12, 2017 at 2:49 PM  

Safe injection sites are intended to eliminate this behavior. If people have somewhere safe and clean to go, they won't be shooting heroin in the park.

Anonymous,  June 12, 2017 at 9:34 PM  

The safe injection site in Vancouver, BC is a complete failure with abysmally low rates of referral to rehab and recovery. There are still people shooting up on sidewalks and littering needles for blocks and blocks around Gastown/Hastings. The assumption that addicts are going to be "reasonable" and go to the shooting-up lounge every time they get high is laughable. It only works if it's mandatory and the sites are used every single time they use. You can't reason with this level of addiction.

Anonymous,  June 12, 2017 at 10:26 PM  

It's not normalizing it so much as it is just accepting that there ARE drug users - that they exist anyway and are humans entitled to a certain amount of consideration, regardless of anyone's personal prejudices. So given that they exist and obviously will use drugs in public amenities ANYWAY (because they already do), maybe we'd prefer to just offer someplace specifically FOR drug use, instead of parks and restrooms? And while we're at it, we can make sure they don't die and provide an access point for services. Seems like a win-win. Drug users get safety and privacy, everyone else gets to enjoy seeing fewer users getting high in public places and losing fewer loved ones to ODs. It seems like a big improvement to me.

Anonymous,  June 13, 2017 at 3:43 PM  

Currently using heroin addicts are not a “protected class” and therefore, are not subject to the concept of prejudice. The level of denial and delusion that proponents of these sites employ is mystifying. They deny that these individuals are suffering from a horrific addiction that forces them to behave and exist in a subhuman state. This suffering compels them to engage in crime and demoralizing behavior that they otherwise would not have done. The stigma is justified, the stigma is what keeps kids off drugs in the first place, the stigma is never going away.

This idea that nannying language and word policing is going to fix the crisis we're in is ludicrous. The county has had to “rebrand” the names for these heroin lounges several times to not draw attention to the proposal. They call them safe, but there's nothing safe about enabling the slow suicide via renal failure or a myriad of other deadly health issues. It's the opposite of “harm reduction”.

I find it so perverse, so disgusting that our local politicians and policy makers would rather enable the slow suicide of those suffering from heroin addiction instead of passing some public health policies to force these people into treatment. These sick, sadistic politicians have no qualms about prolonging and encouraging these people's suffering when they could be supporting policy decisions that could give them some quality of life. There's no reason why the county can't set up a rapid placement program at police stations and hospitals for people willing to submit and be referred to a rehab program. This just shows you the level of fear-mongering and disinformation the county is pushing. Perhaps if that suffering is happening behind closed doors of these lounges and not in plain site it will make the extreme-left pearl clutchers more comfortable if they don't have to see the reality of these lost souls roaming the streets in their drug-addled states.

If Washington state is one of the few places where hard drug use is decriminalized, what does common sense tell you is going to happen? Every junkie from all over the country is going to flock here. We have an estimated 10,000 homeless people on the streets of Seattle this year, more than double compared to the previous year. If these policies continue, that number will double again by next year. Unless the public is willing to push back on the ACLU, homeless "rights" institutes, addict rights groups which all want to give addicts and homeless more rights and privileges than the rest of are entitled to, this is only going to get worse. These people need treatment. You can't reason with heroin addiction, if there are not mandatory, long-term treatment rules enacted, this problem will never get better.

Know this: These "experts'" public funding and professions depend on people staying addicted, staying sick, having no quality of life, and no hope. The selfish, greedy, sick, malevolence of all parties pushing these policies is now being exposed for what it is.

I find a profound lack of human compassion and basic human decency in anyone who supports these lounges, in anyone who has fooled themselves into the sheer delusion that these sites are actually going help, when in reality, they're going to harm and enable and hasten the sad, tragic deaths of these afflicted persons.

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