Shoreline Police Blotter 3-4 to 3-23-2010

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

By Diane Hettrick,

This Blotter is long because it's almost three weeks worth - please don't think that the crime rate has increased. It does catch us up to life in the fast lane, so starting next week we'll do one week at a time. I'll bet you've figured out by now that the cops don't write the headers for these, although I'm sure they are tempted sometimes. And now for the police activity:

Mental and/or Homeless

3-8      Shoreline Library. “Floyd” has been banished from the library for one year. (As soon as we changed the involuntary commitment laws, the downtown library became a very scary place. Suburban cities aren’t immune.)

3-9      Top Foods, 175th and Midvale. “Dale” was arrested for trespass when he refused to leave the store. (Wonder if he lived there when it was open 24 hours?)

3-9      Starbucks Gateway, 18336 Midvale. Removed person and filed trespass charges.

3-10    Shoreline Community College. Edmonds Police notified Shoreline that a mentally ill man was making threats against his mother who works at SCC.

3-12     24xx NW 197th. Indecent phone calls to man, his sister, and his friend.

3-13     Aurora Village parking lot. A bunch of guys were moved out for trespass and loitering.

3-17     Shoreline Bank employees frightened by man’s loud, angry yelling – in person and on the phone.

3-18     Liquor store at Gateway, 183xx Aurora. Robbery with a knife, stole alcohol. (See full article in the ShorelineAreaNews)

Twilight Zone

3-9      King County 911 Dispatch got a cell phone call. A woman was moaning, then the call was disconnected. Police used mapping systems, IRIS, and Linx to identify the owner of the number and the owner’s address at 25x NW 194th Pl. Police arrived but no one was found.

3-11    Calvary Mission, 15211 15th NE. Someone called 911 and hung up. Police call back got voice mail.

3-11    180xx Aurora. Driver was southbound on Aurora. Heard a loud noise and his windshield cracked.


3-11     Highland Ice Arena, 18005 Aurora, discovered new graffiti tags. The tagger used a signature he had used in the past, when he was arrested and charged by police. Police arrested him again and filed new charges. He was apparently accompanied by other taggers, including one not yet caught who uses the tag “Alter” or “HBC”.

3-13     Richmond Beach Park and Ride. Spray paint and paint pen graffiti.

3-14     185xx 3rd NW. BMW in owner’s driveway. Windshield shattered.

3-16     Hamlin Park. Public art work (brand new!) vandalized.

3-17     Paramount Park skateboard park. Tagger got sign and other places. “Alter”, “Sound” “211PK”.

3-18     Top Foods, 175th & Midvale N. Cut fence wire to get through, apparently just to cover the wall with graffiti, but while they were there, decided to cut the above ground Comcast cable.

3-18     Shorecrest High School. Backpack with laptop computer stolen from classroom while victim was working at the student store.

3-19     11xx NE 155th. Someone threw water bottles through the rear windows of car.

3-19     167xx Burke N. Someone used a BB gun to blow out the windshield of a car parked in the owner’s driveway.

3-20     Rosemont Apartments, 20x Whitman N. Front door vandalized.

The usual

3-11     13xx N 152nd. Car parked at triplex. Someone broke driver’s window and rifled through the glove box.

3-13     Deseret, 17935 Aurora. Purse stolen from shopping cart. (Usually this happens in grocery stores, but apparently thrift stores work just as well. Hint: lock your purse into the basket with the baby strap).

3-18     2xx NW 196th. Mail stolen from mail box with flag up, included bill payments with check enclosed. (Repeat after me: I will take my mail to a post office mailbox.)

3-22     Bus stop by Shoreline Library. Teen-aged girl waiting for bus with purse on bench next to her. Purse stolen by teen-aged boy at same stop.

3-23     183xx Dayton. Car prowls.

The used car lot

3-11     176xx Meridian N. Citizen reported an abandoned car via the hotline.

3-15     25x NW 194th Pl. Abandoned vehicle.

3-17     20xx NW 195th. Car stolen from apartment complex.

3-20     NE 169th and 18th NE. Resident called about car which had been parked a long time. It turned out to be a stolen vehicle.

Cops can spot ‘em

3-11     17xx NE 150th. Cops were on stake-out and ran the plates on a vehicle parked nearby. It came back as a vehicle stolen in Seattle.

3-15     11xx N 185th. Driving While License Revoked.

3-16     145xx 15th NE. Cop ran plate of car ahead of him at stop light. Registered owner had an outstanding warrant.

3-20     Wallingford and N 175th. Driving While License Revoked.

3-20     198xx Aurora. Brake light out. Suspended license. Drugs.

3-22     155xx Aurora. Driving While License Revoked, no vehicle insurance, car impounded.

3-22     170xx Aurora. Ran plates (for no good reason other than something about the car or the driver or the behavior raised the cop’s hackles – and guess what!) Driver had a felony warrant.

3-22     145xx Aurora. Driving While License Suspended.

Relationship therapy by cop

3-12     11xx N 198th. Ex-boyfriend threw a beer bottle at the TV and broke it, then threw it in the dumpster. Followed up by burning ex-girlfriend’s shirt in the fireplace.

3-14     13xx N 150th. Husband threw household items at his wife, and slapped her arm.

3-14     3xx NW 185th. Son arguing with mother. Grabs her by arms and pushes her into the wall.

3-15     201xx Whitman. “Robert” assaulted by two males who punched and kicked him.

3-19     18xx NE 172nd. 18 year old male and father get in argument. 18 year-old arrested and booked for 4th degree assault, malicious mischief 3, and resisting arrest.

3-22     Bank of America. Daughter stole checks from her mother, forged mother’s name and tried to cash them at the bank.

3-22     147xx Brisa Apartments. Ex-boyfriend calls and texts girlfriend with messages meant to harass, intimidate, and annoy.

Just fed up

3-12     NW Richmond Beach Rd. Citizen reported stop light and cross-walk violators, every day, all times.

3-13     148xx Wallingford. High school students using caller’s yard as a shortcut. Damage to the yard. They take down part of the fence to get through more easily.

Drugs, Sex, Rock and Roll –- no, just drugs

3-4       145xx 31st NE. While arresting person on a warrant, police discovered he had marijuana in his pocket. (So why didn’t he keep it in the spice rack like everyone else?)

3-12     195xx Aurora #2. Drunk, fell down stairs, broke out front teeth.

3-16     N 205th & Aurora. Drunk driver collided with other vehicle.

3-22     3xx NW Richmond Beach Rd. Drunk driving. Car impounded.

Petty scams

3-13     Goodwill, 145th and 15th NE. Client returned purchases but forged the receipt to get more money back.

3-15     Sears, 15711 Aurora. Shoplifted $554 worth of merchandise.

3-16     158xx 27th NE. Discovered $873.36 worth of fraudulent charges on credit card.

3-18     Safeway, 153xx Aurora. Stealing beer.

3-19     Shoreline Motel, 157xx Aurora. Manager reported that a guest stayed two days longer than they paid for.

3-19     Radio Shack, 1235 N 205th. Someone opened a packing box with a box cutter and shoplifted items out of the box.

3-21     18xxx Aurora. Metro bus fare evasion.

3-22     165xx Ashworth Ave N. Used forged checks at grocery store.

3-23     Richmond Beach Grill. Customer, a young woman accompanied by an elderly woman in her 80s, skipped without paying for the meal.

Who knows? (Well, someone does and they’re not telling so far)

3-17     18xx NE 170th. Homeowner found garage window broken.

3-22     7xx N 204th. Wife has dementia. Husband is caretaker and sleep deprived. He was napping in front of the TV when someone walked into his house and “obtained money from him via deception.”

Not so good

3-16     195xx Aurora. Molotov cocktail (gasoline in a bottle, then lit) thrown under box van. Van not damaged but visible burn marks on pavement.

3-21     Paramount Park skate park. Young male robbed of iPod nano and cell phone by suspect who lifted his shirt to show a gun in his waistband.

3-21     Kellogg student has been receiving threatening and harassing messages via phone, text, and MySpace page.

A little more serious

3-22     12xx N 155th. Rock through glass front door of laundry and pet care store. Took laptop and tools.


joel March 30, 2010 at 8:59 AM  

There was major police activity on March 6 in Shoreline that I didn't see here, so I'm hoping you might be able to help me find out more about the activity.

After midnight the night of March 5, morning of March 6, there were 5 police cars responded to something on 12th Ave NE just south of my house. There was a lot of yelling and cars revving their engines, then one car, then two, then the rest showed up.

I figured with 5 cars responding, there should have been something in the blotter for this, maybe not?

DKH March 31, 2010 at 11:29 PM  

The blotter only contains actions where someone was arrested or charged.

Here's the answer to your question about the police action:

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