Crime in Shoreline week ending April 3

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Selected items from the Shoreline Police blotter, week ending April 3, 2017

Trespass - usually for causing a scene or shoplifting
03-25  America's Best Value motel
03-25  Viking Bar and Grill
03-27  National Electronics
03-27  Goodwill - with drugs and outstanding warrant
03-27  Walgreen's at 175th and Aurora
03-28  YMCA -man fights with staff
03-29  St. Dunstan's Episcopal Church
03-31  Cash America
03-31  Trespassed from Aurora Chevron, then arrested for theft.
04-02  Fred Meyer shopper found outside with stolen merchandise.
04-03  Ballinger McDonald's

Vehicle prowls
03-23  Sinclair Apts
03-23  Metro park n ride
03-26  Echo Lake Apartments - vehicle windows smashed
03-26  Locked garage at Polaris
03-26  Metro park n ride
03-28  Heatherwood Apartments parking lot

03-22  Vehicle egged in driveway 160xx 25th NE
03-25  Broke window and tore down American flag 145xx 17th
03-27  Tags on city signs at 195th and Richmond Beach Rd
03-29  Vandalism to lumber window at Home Depot
03-29  Racist graffiti at Einstein
03-30  Graffiti at Shell station N 175th
03-30  Graffiti at Hillwood park
03-31  Tire slashed on vehicle parked at Central Market
03-31  Graffiti on 76 station 204th and Aurora. One tagger tagged on a previous tag

Burglary - commercial and residential
03-23  Auto shop building at SCC
03-25  183xx 6th NE
03-25  21xx 15th NE
03-26  Pressure washer stolen from shed at vacant house under construction 158xx 14th NE
03-27  Resident returned home to see burglar running from his house on Forest Park Dr.
03-27  Owner on vacation 22xx NE 177th
03-27  Vacant house staged for sale 12xx NE 162nd
03-28  Storage shed at Forest Hill Apartments burglarized. Cat food and kitty litter stolen
03-28  196xx 30th Ave NE
03-28  Ballinger Commons
03-29  10xx NE 180th
03-29  166xx 15th NE
03-29  193xx Linden
03-30  16th Ave NE unoccupied house under construction. Took items, left their own clothes behind
03-31  Burglar at 171xx Dayton scared off by audible alarm
03-31  165xx 27th NE
03-31  185xx 7th NE
04-01  192xx 12th NE. Resident left garage door open for 30 minutes and bicycles were stolen

Domestic violence
03-24  DV rape reported
03-26  Couple get in physical fight and each claims the other assaulted him/her. Neither wants to prosecute
03-27  Disturbance between brothers
03-28  Man contacted on possible DV call was arrested on outstanding warrant
03-28  Man hits wife; arrested for assault
03-28  Ex-boyfriend damages ex-girlfriend's property - arrested
03-28  Disturbance between boyfriend and girlfriend - widely different stories - both had been drinking
04-02  Wife punches husband in nose, makes it bleed

Death investigations
03-26  Unexpected death of 44 year old woman
03-27  83 year old man
03-27  59 year old man in group home
03-29  Natural death at Good Shepherd home

03-24  Public drunkenness - by USBiotek on Linden
03-27  Public drunkenness - at Prince of Peace church
03-28  Male involuntary commitment for drunkenness - from his home
04-02  Drunk person sitting on sidewalk at 205th and Aurora transported to NW Hospital for detox

Other actions
03-23  License plates stolen and swapped out with other plates 148xx Interlake
03-24  Son charged thousands of dollars on his deceased parents' credit cards
03-24  93 year old woman who chronically calls 911 referred to Geriatric Regional Assessment Team for welfare check
03-27  Four students left campus and went to abandoned house. One cut himself on glass and had to have stitches. Parents and school notified
03-27  Autistic male "happily" assaulted a cashier at Sears
03-29  Stolen mail including prescriptions 4xx N 188th
03-30  Stopped for improper lane change then cited for driving without a license
03-30  Woman eats from deli at Central Market without paying, causes disturbance, rips up flowers, spits on employees, goes to jail
03-30  Welfare check on 93 year old man; officers force way into house, man not there
03-30  Robber jumped the counter at Walgreen's 145th and Aurora and stole drugs


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